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  1. I absolutely hate that Kevin Michael Richardson is frequently credited as being from American Dad/Clevland Show. He's probably one of the most accomplished voice actors since Frank Welker and has been in just about every cartoon anyone on this forum has seen since the early 90's. Everything from the new G.I. Joe and Transformers back to Rugrats, Pinky and the Brain, just about every superhero-related series that's been out in the last 14 years from both DC and Marvel. The guy's amazing, and to cut his accomplishments down to terrible shows like American Dad and The Clevland Show -- mind you, I love Family Guy -- is almost insulting. Anyhow, with him and Will Friedle (who also has a list of accomplishments) involved, I can't wait to see what other big names are attached to this. Really pulling for the new show to be stellar.
  2. God, I haven't posted here in a long time... Now while that's true, have you actually ever seen his Step Up films? Every aspect of those were bad, aside from the choreography, which he himself had nothing to do with. As far as my dream movie goes, I care less about the actors than I do the writers, director and producer(s). Director; Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone) Producer; Luc Besson (The Professional, The Fifth Element, Ong Bak, The Transporter 1-3, Taken) Writers; Paul Haggis (Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Letters from Iwo Jima) Neal Purvis (Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough) Robert Wade (Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough) With that sort of background shared amongst those guys, there's no way you wouldn't get an amazing action film packed with military/sci-fi elements. Just get some good actors, doesn't have to be A-listers but stay away from over-paid cardboard cutouts like Channing Tatum.
  3. $6.97 at my WalMart Picked up POC Firefly, Cobra Commander and Beachhead. Duke would make for a great Tunnel Rat, head is almost young Solid Snake-ish too. Storm Shadow, eh...huge pass for me.
  4. Gasp! Just as much as HTS.com charges for the two of them, those filthy scalpers!
  5. Sweet jeebus, those are sweet. Vile is still one of my favorite video game characters and you did a sweet job with him. Maybe for MKIII you could go with his cartoon appearance;
  6. I'll stick with my IMDB reviews, thank you very much. I'd say 90-95% of the reviews and messages on the individual forums are from actual people and not some paid shill-monkey, then after checking out what particular reviewers thought of other movies and how in line with my opinion they are, I might make a decision based off of that. Again, I reserve all damning comments until after I've seen the movie, but I fully expect this to be a huge pile. There's a reason I don't respect the Oscars; why do I care what the Academy likes? God only knows what sort of back stage politics are going on, I'll stick to things like People's Choice or even the MTV Movie awards...at least that's decided by regular Joe Schmoes. Same goes for these "professional critics." All garbage, I say.
  7. Ah, so rotten tomatoes likes it? That's all I need to know to stay away.
  8. They've finally expanded from the Michigan-Illinois-Indiana area and are stretching a little south now, even down in Kentucky I think. Its all good though, I remember maybe 10-12 years ago seeing a WalMart up here for the first time and asking myself what the heck that was. Second job I ever worked? Meijer toy department!
  9. Ha, sometimes I forget people outside of the tri-state area have never heard of Meijer. Oh the joys they've been deprived... Back in the late 80's and early 90's, Meijer was just about the only place I'd get G.I. Joes. For whatever reason, they stocked the hell out of them, moreso than any other action figure of the time and my mom would always take me grocery shopping with her there. TMNT and Transformers had a sizable section of shelf space, but G.I. Joe was their bread and butter, sometimes having as much as five-six feet of space across an aisle. It was ridiculous. Now, the most I've seen at any Meijer is two or three columns of pegs and that's it. Man, the good ol' days, Meijer and their "Toy City" promotion for the holidays...why'd I have to go and grow up? *grumble grumble grumble*
  10. Hmm, you know what, he would have worked out pretty well. Although he'll always remind me of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza place. Hey, what do you know, Ryan Reynolds connection!
  11. So Clam, who would have been your choice to play Hal Jordan. Anyone, anyone at all, not just from the "final three" list. I've actually got a hard time picturing anyone in the suit myself, but -- like I mentioned in the other thread -- I've got no problem with Ryan Reynolds taking it on. To me, Hal always looked like a clean-cut all American, that classic vision of the smart young son who played football in high school but left to fight in the war. Something you'd see on Nick at Nite, really. I can't think of anyone right now who would fit the bill, at least visually.
  12. Not necessarily, they could make this into a real scifi fan's wet dream. Even though I don't expect it to be some epic space opera, depending on what sort of budget they're working with, it could be pretty stellar (no pun intended). Being a mindless shoot 'em up movie aside, watch Smokin' Aces. Reynolds is perfectly capable of losing the humor and playing a serious role.
  13. Inevitably, the focus is going to shift from the movie line. When that time comes, what should we expect in the spotlight; the as-of-now unreleased Resolute figures and possibly more figures based on the animated short or the "classic" 25th line?
  14. I just got back from my local TRU, they definitely had the ROC figures and vehicles out. $100 for the PIT just doesn't seem worth it, I'd say $50 tops and I'd consider it. Anyhow, maybe one of you guys can clear this up for me; Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow, was he due out in these first two initial waves? If so, then they only had two of the three waves in stock, because he wasn't on the pegs and wasn't shown on any cardbacks. The masked SS was there in full force, but not maskless. So G.I. Joe-wise, I left empty handed. I did, however, score something that's going to make my drunken night of BBQ and fireworks even more fun; Mashoonga!
  15. There's a big misconception that if something is on the floor, it has to be sold to the customer. I'm not saying you believe that, I'm just talking from years of retail experience. Unfortunately for the collector, that isn't the case. If some stocker couldn't manage to notice the street date, that still doesn't mean the item -- whether it be a toy, video game or movie -- has to be sold. There's generally a fine for breaking a street date, and some companies even further punish the retailer by holding orders back, making them late to the party. Key example: GameStop breaks street date on Fight Night Round 4, so EA fines them and also pushes back their shipment of Madden 2010. The manager was just looking out for his store, more than likely. Now if he was throwing you attitude, that's a different story and he is an asshat.
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