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  1. Look back a couple of pages to see how they respond to genuine customer enquiries, when a customer asks about the Deathklok package a friend bought for him. Geoff's response says it all. No tact, no courtesy, just a basic 'screw you, we haz your moneyz'
  2. Nice. I doubt they'll come to Australia, so I hope BBTS or somewhere gets them in. It's a good opportunity for me to armybuild cost-effectively.
  3. l think that the rumor about Falcon tellin ppl not to license with Shocker is a rumor that Shockertoys created. A lie because that is so unporfessional of a toy company, especially one that has been around for a time. 2nd, the email that was goin around the net written by Toybiz, sayin how retrailers shouldn't carry the indy spotlight toys. However, the email was written poorly, as if it was written by Geoff. It is also not the last time emails with bad grammar went around the net. Recently, shockertoys wrote an email, claimin to be a customer who wants to buy shockertoys at his local comicbook store. Also, it was discovered that shockertoys did not get all the licenses they said they have gotten; I mean, this claim seems right since it explains why Marveltoys were able to have madman license even though ST said they had it first. It was Shocker Toys (Geoff Beckett) own stupidity in regards to the early licensing deals, they've got no-one to blame but themselves. They didn't want to pay to get the full rights to properties, so they went for cheaper non-exclusive licenses, IE Shocker cannot claim exclusive use of the property. Said creators then got a better deal with Marvel Toys, and went for it. Shocker's own fault. And well, that Toy Biz email WAS right. Shocker STILL has not bought product to market, the email was 100% correct. How dare retailers know the truth!
  4. Apparently 100 TRU stores will carry them for a trial. This already conflicts with other Shocker statements that they willl be at TRU worldwide. And I'm sure that part of that agreement included timeframes for delivery. So there may have been a deal before, but there may not be one now. And anyway, they've already decimated their most lucrative target market: comic shops. By pissing off the retailers, they've ensure their product won't be available at the stores where the relevant comics are bought, and where the fans of those comics can easily access them.
  5. Haha. The actual first proto of Maxx was shown at Toy Fair 2 or 3 years ago. It was.......a part of an arm. Seriously. They showed a part of an arm. And yes, there were protos done 2/3 years ago, shown at Toyfare, that were.......amateurish at best. These were handsculpted protos. Those were scrapped, they ended up going to Singapore as they couldn't get any sculptors in the States who would work with them (their reputation precedes them) and the Singapore team uses 3D sculpting/printing. It gives their protos quite a distinctive look as a result of the 3d printing, if you know what you're looking for. 3D printing generally needs some cleaning up, as facial details tend to look a bit.....I don't know how to descibe it, but they have a rather static look to them. Looks great on a screen, not so great in actual physical detail. Shocker hasn't really done that, style choice there I think, or its just Shocker not being familiar with the process. I hope the Singapore team is getting paid. As to the paints of the protos: in Kyle's defence, he only had a week to do them. He ended up getting help with them, to get them done in time. And again, 3d protos are a bit finnicky to work with, I'm told. And Shocker's claim that Toy Biz/Marvel Toys stole their idea is ludicrous (or as Geoff Beckett says: 'ludicrisp'). Toy Biz INVENTED the Legends formula. Shocker stole that format. Nothing wrong with that, but don't try and claim it as your own. Just like they claimed that STIKFAS stole their idea for Shockinis (no idea on how STIKFAS also invented that time machine)
  6. That's not right. The Universe G1 Legends are generally a little bit bigger than the old G1 minibots.
  7. I don't know if this helps or not, but Playmates has been re-using some of the Primal Rage molds for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. May be a cheap way to get a hold of some of them.
  8. I voted 'No.' If the O-Ring returned, I would stop buying. I love that they've taken a more traditional form of articulation finally. Less hassle for the average consumer, their figures will stay in a better condition longer.
  9. So, looks like all 3 males share the same body, with only GL having unique arms or hands, by the look of it. That makes these an easy pass for me, if I'm right.
  10. Again, look at the sellers recent feedback.........mostly Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts again! @loll@
  11. Uhh...I'm in Australia, where I am only has 1 con a year, and well, GIJOE's just aren't really available here, hence why I have to order over the net. Plus the strength of our dollar means the prices are still extremely reasonable. As to my credit card info, I work for a bank, so have access to some great resources if I ever have a problem. One of the reasons I post topics like this is to get a good idea from other customers about the best places to buy. Thanks for the replies all, I've managed to find a dealer on Ebay who sounds promising. I've ordered about a dozen figures, and we'll see things go from there. Thanks for your time, everyone I would imagine that Oz is far worse than Canada for brick & motar retail availability (which is pretty bad) Depends on the line, but yeah, a lot of the good stuff is either not available, or sparsely available and amazingly late.
  12. Where do you live? Sadly, you might get stuck with the "Have a friend in the US buy, and ship to you" etc.etc. -Kevin I'm in Australia.
  13. Okay, I'm getting the Joe bug again. I've just bought a Snake Eyes, off Amazon with an order, but I paid $20US plus shipping for him. Not ideal. Can anyone recommend a good online retailer for single figures, that ships internationally? I'm particularly after Lady Jaye, Crimson Guard, Storm Shadow, the new Cobra Viper.
  14. So you start a thread complaining about the company, and basically suggesting that people should avoid this figure, without first even LOOKING to see if they were the same? 0_o
  15. Based on his "John Byrne" thread, Evilstar appears to have some challenges with the visual comparison end of things. Link? And Evilstar, this may shock you, but slang has changed since the mid90's. And yeah, completely different sculpts. I'm sorry, but it's obvious they're different. Only similarity is that they're both Batman.
  16. I'm a massive Voltron fan, I have the singles and the digest trades, and was excited about the Omnibus. I was happy enough with it, it has bad gutter loss, but I was okay with that. BUT, unfortunately, issue 3 of series 2 is badly misprinted. The pages are in the wrong order. It's not a binding error either unfortunately, it's a misprint. I've emailed them, hopefully they'll do something about this, but for now, avoid!
  17. Barry's costume had wings on the boots, Wally's doesn't. Barry's belt was a lightning bolt in one continuous direction, Wally's has two facing in. (bad explanation, hope you understand what I mean)
  18. I've been wanting the masterpiece Voltron since it came out, and my LCS has had one since its release. Two weeks they clearanced it at a VERY good price, so of course I snapped it up. Went to set him up in the display with the original Lion and Vehicle Voltrons, and I've got a dud Blue Lion. He won't lock into place, no matter how hard I try. All I've managed to do is rub off chrome from the black lion's leg. I've since read that others had the same problem as me. I went to Toynami's site, and emailed their customer service people, who I have dealt with in the past (I asked them if they intended to do to the Pilots a while ago, and got an answer the next day) about the problem, and asked for assistance/advice. Never heard back from them. I've since sent multiple emails to both email addresses I could find listed on their site, and have yet to receive a reply. Disgusting. Even though I'm only one person, I won't buy anymore of their products.
  19. The Fallen was part of the follow-up War Within's that was never finished. He was one of the original 13 Transformers. The Fallen was in the second War Within series, which was finished, and was printed in a trade paperback. Obviously it's out of print at the moment, but you may still find one, if not, IDW will be reprinting it next year.
  20. These are also available through Previews now (first time I've noticed it at least) page 378. $12US each. First 4 are Black Panther, Wolverine, SPiderman, and Angel.
  21. Psylocke had the power to melt into shadows for a while, after her exposure to the Crimson Dawn. So yes, it was her.
  22. They tried to market substandard product to collectors, and it blew up in their faces. That extra profit they got from MK series 1 meant their margins for future lines have seriously diminished. It's their own fault.
  23. Sorry but at this stage we won't be getting the WM wave here in Australia, many have tried. Have you been to www.ozfigures.com ? It's an Aussie collecting group, heaps more info on there.
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