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  1. Hey yo! It's been a few minutes lol
  2. that sux i thought it was funnier than the original series i figured they would be chomping at the bit for a 2nd season maybe they're just taking time or making even more eps for a new season
  3. seriously did you guys really expect that he would have the same ol look? of course it's going to be updated...i remember when i seen the first picks of the joker for the dark knight it thought it was terrible but the movie proved me wrong lets just see how it is before we pass judgement #US1#
  4. lol yeah we are old timers thats for sure someone get me a friggin wheelchair @firedevil@
  5. any luck? any ideas would be appreciated even if it's just a straight up superman theme #US1#
  6. i don't have the know how or the artistic ability to make a signature if anybody here could i would like a cool sig that uses the superman S shield in the scotty 26 name it would be very much appriciated thanx!!! #US1#
  7. the 26 is back jack!!!!!

  8. the 26 is back jack!!!!!

  9. arrow never mind the joint take a bong hit it's a little more potent that be a lotta sour puss to get through lol
  10. had to come out of retirement for this one lol scotty 26 supports legalization of course arrow is against it cuz other people like it lol arrow smoke a joint and calm down really maybe you wouldn't be such a sour puss all the time lmao don't criticize it just legalize it just becuz it's legal doesn't mean everyone will smoke it does everybody smoke tobacco? no does everybody drink? no dude all i know is is that if it is legal it'll be time to buy stock in doritos and taco bell lmao the economy needs it 1.8 BILLION in California alone if they legalize it it will be a snowball effect and then other states will adopt it just give it the same rules as alcohol got to be 21 can't drive intoxicated or in the workplace and still keep drug policies at work i see no problem with it and at the first sign of trouble i'd be the first to admit i'm wrong and thats a shoot BROTHER!!!!!
  11. hate much? lol i was a big fan of MJ when i was a kid. i never really believed the scandals much i just think it was the parents trying to score a payday and ultimately MJ was such a weirdo and a recluse that indeed to the untrained eye,he did it AND he may have but IMO he was innocent just a victim of his own tragic family life and in the end he tried to make up for it. his mind IMO was warped but a child molestor he wasn't. some may say well becuz he was famous he got off,the first time around i could see their point but when it happened again he wasn't nearly as popular as he was and yet he was aquited yet again if they really had anything on him they would have nailed his ass to the wall look at OJ he possibilly killed his wife and got off, he does years later an armed robbery now his ass is in prison they were going to put him there no matter what IMO i put the same logic to MJ he"did it" a second time they'd have put him away forever BUT DIDN"T cuz they had NOTHING but a wierdo RIP MJ
  12. I read years ago the second 45 year mission was going to be phase two before they made it into the movie I also learned in the novel for TMP that the Enterprise was bought into the orbital docks after her second 5 year mission which elevated Kirk to the Admiralcy yeah i read that too but the novels are not canon, not even the movie ones are considered canon unless it made it on screen which that part didn't when asked why kirk was usurping deckers command kirk said "my experience. 5 years dealing with unknowns like this,my familiarity with the enterprise,it's crew." basically stating there was only at the time one 5 year mission
  13. i consider it canon. tho not the second 5 year mission, ST:TMP is IMO considered the start of the second 5 year mission i think they should try a new animated series either based on the movie or the 24th century era
  14. i was thinking the same thing: a reimagining of space seed that could be cool i would put shatner in as another charater as well maybe as commander starfleet or maybe even robert april(not nessasarily the "1st" enterprise captain)
  15. So being gay is an automatic "tied to a fence and beat to death" risk? C'mon man, jeeeeez!! I think the world today is more dangerous for CHILDREN as it is, more dnagerous for them than it is for homosexuals. That was an incredible statement Nevermore and I can't believe you'd make it appear as though all this debate over a marriage issue is just the same as tying a gay person to a fence and beating them? Unless we STOP this marriage denying of homosexuals...the beating of them will NEVER stop??? wow! I suppose everytimne I jerk off a innocent little kitten dies? thats just worse case senario VH i don't think he meant that litterally and it's not the kittens...it's the puppies @firedevil@
  16. I have the strong belief that marriage is the most proper institution for which to raise children in..in the most NATURAL manner! Plan and simple and I want that union protected and maintained as being defined as the union of ONE MAN (the Husband and Father) and ONE WOMAN (the Wife and Mother) and that's all it is. No religious garbage (I follow none to speak of) just my own sense of what's normal and what's ideal for our society and our future society. I like having a solid concrete structured society and RULES of law and rules of nATURE to be appled appropriately. Just because we humans can invent and find all sorts of different ways to express ourselves and carry on in society doesn't mean it's the RIGHT thing to do nor something that everyone has to accept and go along with. Nope! If it were legal for them to get married in Ohio and they did get married, I would probably be asked to DJ their wedding reception (I do that on the side) and would do so gladly. They know my opinion on all of this and can ya hardly believe it, that they still LIKE ME??? Amazing that gay people would possess such tolerance and acceptance from such a mortal enemy as myself? What's this world coming to? @lol@ They know if the issue is put to the vote here in Ohio that I would not vote in it's favor, and AGAIN.....the CRAZY SOB's still love and care about as another human being despite my horrible attitude on this? SHOCKING!! My gay friends and family members are struggling with other issues in life right now, like unemployment, one is losing her home to foreclosure another is battling cancer and another just broke up with his 5 year relationship and is quite depressed. marriage rights are kinds the LEAST of their aggrevations right now..so I'm probably not getting condemned just yet. Hard to imagine ain't it...they should probably spit in my face and shun me all together? For starters, you have to drop the "anti-gay" allegation that's typical of those that want to vilify anyone that opposes of gay marriage or better yet..anyone that is PRO marriage being kept as being between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN like it is currently (in most states). I don't much care for the whole affirmative action thing nowadays, so would that single me out as an "anti-Black"? I've been accused of being a racist for merely stating I don't much care for our President. Can't say enough about all the liberal policies I've ALWAYS disagreed with to express I'm not, but calling me a racist makes them feel better I guess? So it's no surprise that the "anti-gay" thing is brought up to discredit my opinion. The Bible may claim that homosexuality is wrong or immoral (and that's only in ONE section, written by ONE person, who was INTERPRETING something else into English and had some other gloom and doomy writings to boot) so I don't necessarily adhere to that philosophy on it (as bible haters like to charge) but the relationship between man and woman IS clearly stated in not only the teachings of the Bible but just NATURE itself and that hardly takes much deep thought on the matter. I've always taken an interest in things that don't necessarily affect me DIRECTLY, but thank God that there's people like that or not much of anything would ever get done if we all just took a apathetic attitude and isolated ourselves form everything we didn't care about? If we didn't care about starving babies in Africa or the aids epidemic there or the Polar Bears in the North Pole, what a sad sad world this would be? I take an interest in social issues, at least I keep it a littleclsoer to home though? The easy route is to say "who cares..what's it hurtin'..so what?" Imagine if ALL White people took that attitude towards Blacks back in the day? How could such a minority of people EVER have achieved their civil rights if that had been the case? Their lack of rights didn't bother THEM (apathetic White people) any, so why fight it? being gay i'm sure goes all the way back to the caveman days so how can you say man/woman is so natural sure it might be more dominant i'll give ya that but being gay is no more unnatural haven't you ever seen male dogs hump each other? lol or female animals lick each other? lmao they don't care or even know whats "morally acceptable" or whats natural their just trying to get off LOL
  17. No..do YOU? Sounds like you're jealous? Nevermore and myself go back a ways...longer than you've been around. A person can change their sexual orientation just the same as they might change their underwear. Some people just do it ALL! Every hear of a bi-sexual? What should they expect for THEIR civil rights issue in all of this marriage crap...the right to marry one MAN and one WOMAN so they can have BOTH in case of a mid-marriage change of heart and sexual orientation? Stop playing the ignorant card already and act like you have some grasp of logic and comprehension beyond your own self-serving little world of the meaning of life. You're doing a damn good job of being a sore "winner" then? I mean..that's quite an accomplishment and rarely heard of, but there you are! You REALY think a person can change their sexual orientation just like that **snaps fingers**???? I've heard of this before I'm sad to say. I think Ted Haggared was the last poor fool who talked him self (and wife) in to thinking "as long as I don't touch all thoes yummy men, then I'm not gay" @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ What realy sad is the fact many of these poor fool harty men will live an entire life of opression and dening them self true happiness. Look at Luthor Vandros or worse yet Liberatchie (flameing piano player from the 50ies). they both died thinking they took their secreats to their graves...........NOT!!!!! All they did was trade a small degree of main stream society so called "normalcy" (who mocked them for being gay any way), for a life time of loneiness. i agree like i said you just can't turn it off just like i can't become gay i love women to much lol i have to say this tho as i have mentioned my grandfather was gay but unless he did it when he was young he to my knowledge never had a gay relationship and i was around him the majority of my life all my friends suspected he was gay and deep down i relized it but never admitted it to myself i used to just tell them he's just effeminate(i never took offence to they're suspitions)after i was told he was(by my grandmother she knew)i thought i'd be upset but was surprised that i wasn't and found i was saddened that he didn't tell me himself because he went to his grave thinking we all would look down on him and that simply wasn't true i love you granpa
  18. I don't think you're starting anything Scotty...we're on page 11 here! I would be very sad if my kids turned out to be gay. Not because I have a problem with homosexuality but because I know the life they would have would be that much more difficult. I want to go to my kids wedding. I don't want to worry about them being tied to a fence and beaten to death. I worry about enough with as is. If they are I imagine I will worry about them even more and I will become even more invested in this fight. amen to that bro i too will feel certain apprehension about it, but still it wouldn't change who they are contrary to what some think it's not somthing you can turn off. all we could hope for is a better world when it comes to that time...if it happens
  19. i think the rant hilton did was wrong the question..well it's a free country he or anybody else can ask what they want IMO her answer...again her right,her opinion nothing wrong with that do i think gay marriage is wrong...absolutely not everybody has the right to be as miserable as anybody else lol(zing) now i didn't read this whole deal and maybe you touched on it but just in case for us people just now joining this viper hunter why is it sooo wrong for homosexuals to get married? is it because of a 2000 year old morality play i call the bible? you said you have relatives who are gay,so are you saying that if they decided that they wanted to get married you would oppose it? even tho you profess so much love for your gay family members? would you not want them to be happy? i'm not trying to start anything i'm just trying to figure out the "anti-gay marriage" deal. i am VERY heterosexual, some in my family are gay. i found out after his death that my grandfather was gay and you know what? i have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH IT! i love him as if he were my father and he was the inspiration of my life,hell if my 3 children turned out gay i would love them no differant as i said before who cares if homosexuals get married more power to em just becuase some ancient text says it's wrong i believe it's time to move on people really... theres more things to worry about in the world
  20. hilarious and almost true to what trekkies really wanted lmao
  21. this is the most recent picure of me taken about 2 years ago
  22. andrew cuz it'd be a funny name for a chick
  23. LMAO that was the night vince mcmahon "died" in the limo explosion the dude is starting to get like jason vorhees he can't be killed!!!!! lol
  24. glad i could be of help next question?
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