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  1. No thats is the batman from the 2 face pack. the one that comes with catwoman is the same except it's in navy blue.
  2. The face looks a little different but what are they supposed to do,he doesn't change costumes in this movie. They need to have a batman in the line. If by chance a kid sees these and wants them Batman and Bane will be his first pic.
  3. The only DCD figures I collect really.These all look awesome, and with the deluxe figures and them still having 2-3 more waves coming this could be the best Batman line that DCD has ever done,Can't wait for deluxe Croc,titan Joker and Freeze. Really hope they add Grundy and Clayface to the deluxe line. Also yojoe I am sure Nightwing is in the next wave. Mattel has one coming this month anyway.
  4. Pretty much. Take comfort in the fact that attaching a negative doesn't make it any less true. Anyway, yes, you shouldn't buy things you can't afford, but if you think "voting with your dollar" is gonna drop the price of these things you might wanna try another strategy, especially since Mattel has the full confidence of DC Comics and DC Universe Classics is a drop in the bucket to both of them. Actually not true seeing as mattel is dropping prices on the young justice line do to the price point being to much for collectors.
  5. it wasn't bragging at all. Bragging would be assuming nobody is getting anything and me holding what I bought my sons in there face. Not only do i spoil them,i spend time reading,coloring,playing video games,talking ,playing,ect,ect so you have no idea about my son at all and if you were face to face promise your tone would change dramatically. obviously nob obdy agrees with you so why don't you go troll somewhere else.
  6. So the same could be said for the all star line. if they are marking a 14.99 product up to 19.99 the DCUA should be a lot less since they are only 17.99.
  7. I heard that to. It makes since, just coming outta the gate you'd want to under-cut the competition. On BBTS some are listed as 19.99(certain characters.
  8. Actually wanted to know what everyone was expecting DC wise for christmas,and as i listed what I had got him it seemed a little overboard to me so i asked for some insight. You need to keep your mouth shut about my son though i can tell you that. making comments on how my son will be as a person because i spoiled him on Christmas is way out of line. Plus as many threads I have been in I have never seen anybody say they were having financial problems when it comes to collecting. i've been there myself. Just because people are having problems doesn't mean i am going to stop spending my money or posting new figures or anything else because others are having a rough time. not to mention this hobby is a bonding tool for me and my son which i think is another reason i go a little overboard. But don't ever bring up my son in that context again. Ifg i wanted to brag i would scan my pay check, I just thought I was around like minded people and could talk about this stuff. I forgot there were whiny little babies like you out there.
  9. I am not bragging,was looking for some insight,I decided to go my own way anyway but still was interested in what fellow collectors had to say. So the real problem is,is that you have money problems so it pisses you off that I bought a 5 yr old a bunch of figures that you are having problems buying yourself? Just curious. or does it bother you that a 5yr old has a bigger collection than you? It's my money,don't see why me investing in a future DC fans collection should have any affect on you.
  10. Wow 6 negatives because i told you not to buy them if they are too much? The whole point was for you to vote with your dollars,they will be forced to change their strategy . I am a completist I have to have them all so it doesn't matter to me.
  11. Here's a thought guys,if you can't afford them don't buy them,eventually Matell will either drop the price,drop the line or rethink the Build a figures coming back. Almost everyone is complaining about character selection anyway. I for one love everything they have shown except Plastic man,I will just get him and put him with my Crime syndicate figures anyway.
  12. No thats from the 4 inch comic Con Exlusive.
  13. It was just a fun little thread about about dc toys for christmas. It just ended up about me spoiling my child . It was such a waste of time that you found enough to post in it?
  14. Actually if you look closer you can see the details on the costume.
  15. I gave him all of it except the JLU 7 pack. I know I am weak. If anybody needs a 7 pack let me know. His favorite is the legion set,which he says he wants to leave in the box cuz they look so cool. Second favorite is plastic man followed by BL Flash and Black Hal.
  16. So I have decided to hold off on the JLU figures,wave 18 and maybe a couple others. It was just too much. Guess I just needed confirmation from everyone else.
  17. I got him some spiderman figures.Yeah. It is alot. Will have to figure out what i am going to do. I think i will atleast hang on to wave 18,still thinking about the others. I know he wants wave 17 and 19 more than 18.
  18. If you have to ask the question, then you already know the answer. @smilepunch@ I know but i want to give it to him. I kinda want the retro figures.
  19. So i've been buying like year round and just putting things in the closet,So i start going through there I find more stuff i. There is a SDCC Plasticman ,an Arkham City TRU Blue and gray Batman and Retro Dc figures Superman Lex GL Sinestro Kyle Rayner Shazam Black Adam Batman Aquaman Darkseid WW Cheeta What do you guys think too much for 1 kid. i think i will hold off on some stuff for maybe good grades or chores,etc,etc.
  20. I'm getting the CSA 5-pack as soon as it goes on clearance. Thankfully, my WM stupidly ordered a bunch of cases and they are clogging the risers. Suckas. Target had a 50% on DC items sale,I took the flier to wally and they gave it to me for 50% off. I might wait to give him some of this stuff though. It seems like a lot when I write it all down.Will have to wait and see.
  21. Also got him the Crime syndicate 5 pack, the JLU 7 pack and 2 3 packs,I'm gonna have to post a picture of his little haul before i wrap them up. Can't wait to see his face
  22. I went overboard on Christmas this year especially on the kids. As far as DC stuff goes this is what mine will be getting. I got my son caught up on DCUC with wave 17,18,19, all 4 YJ 6 inch figures. Both Batman Legacy Arkham City 2 packs.Also the legion 12 pack, loose for stocking he's getting Sportsmaster ,Superboy in white, recovery suit Superman, Silver Captain Atom, blue Sinestro, Guy Gardner, Tomar Re, DCSH Doomsday, and a couple others. New imaginext batcave and GL playset plus Clayface( he has the others). GL Moviemasters Maskless Hal and Sinestro. Also the big 12 light up Hal from Matty Collector, and the 4 inch Hal vs. Parallax set. A nintendo 3ds with Batman Brave and the Bold,and justice League Heroes and a couple more non DC games. My Daughter Is getting,Stargirl,Artemis,Supergirl Barbie,Batgirl with Batcycle Barbie,DCUC Harley Quinn,Polly Pocket Super girl and Wonder Woman. MOTUC Swiftwinf,BP She-Ra, and BG Teela. So i was wondering what every one here asked for or is expecting,or got for others. The stuff I got is the what you guys have been seeing me post. DCUC wave 20, all 5 waves of GL MM figures,Hot Toys Chris reeves,etc,etc.
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