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  1. Sharing! :)



    Base figure – Retaliation Firefly


    Vest – Renegades Ripcord


    Shipeshape was the first customizer I saw who used the Retaliation head part for a Punisher custom and I loved his take on the character. Recently I saw Vega’s Punisher and it was awesome. So I was really inspired to finish my own Punisher custom.


    I initially wanted the classic comic book Punisher look, but Hasbro has already released an awesome Punisher figure based on that version, so I’ve tried looking for other versions I could custom. I really loved Tim Bradstreet’s art renditions of the character in his Punisher comic book covers and I enjoyed watching the Punisher War Zone Movie. So I’ve combined the elements of the art and the movie to finally custom my own Punisher. Now here it is, hope you like it! :)







  2. Sharing! :)



    I love Batman the Animated Series. But two best things I love about it are Kevin Conroy as Batman (his voice is perfect!) and… Harleen “Harley Quinn” Quinzel! I just love the character. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm did a great job of creating her. Hope you puddin’ like my take on Harley. :)




    Head and body – MU Aurora







  3. Sharing! :)



    Now that I’m slowly learning to sculpt, I’m able to custom all those characters I wanted to. Hope you like my take on Marvel’s Black Cat. :)



    Head and body – MU Psylocke


    Hair and left ear – MU Aurora





  4. Sharing! :)


    Bilal Asselah aka Nightrunner is a French-Algerian Muslim Batman of France. He is one of the members of Batman’s international crime-fighters team called Batman Incorporated.


    Hope you like my take on the character! :)



    Head – MU Union Jack


    Torso and Arms – 25th G.I. Joe Trooper


    Hips – 25th CG


    Legs – Marauder Spirit






  5. Sharing! :)



    Head – POC Cobra Trooper, sculpted mask and hair


    Torso and upper arms – 25th G.I. Joe Trooper


    Lower arms – Resolute Cobra Commander


    Legs – 2th Steeler


    Trench coat – DCIH Commissioner Gordon


    The head part of my existing Grifter custom figure's really awful. I merely painted a 25th Rock and Roll head part and tried to make it look like its "wearing" Grifter's mask. I definitely wanted a better Grifter. There's an Angel Forge Grifter head part that customizers commonly use. But before I get one of that, I wanted to try if I could sculpt my own Grifter head part first. So I tried. I'm surprised I finally made it. At least now the head part looks better. I replaced the left hand with an open fisted Resolute Cobra Cammander hand, so Grifter can hold two guns like in the funny books. Sculpey is one of my best friends now, and hopefully my sculpey-ing skill would improve with every new custom figure I create.


    Hope you like it. ;)




  6. Sharing! :)



    The Black Bat who? Its okay guys, I don’t know him either! LOL I was just googling some non-DC/Marvel comics to buy and read. Checked on Dynamite Comics’ website and they are resurrecting Pulp heroes, one of which was the Black Bat. I love Batman-like characters and I wanted to custom the Black Bat. Found out that the Black Bat came out around Batman came out back in the 30’s. They had legal issues about design and who copied who.


    It’s just so cool to discover characters from the past. Hope you like my take on the Black Bat! :)


    Base figure – MU Capt. America








  7. Sharing! :)



    I wanted my 50th custom work for 2014 to be really special. Well, at least for myself. I wanted to custom Deathblow since I started with the hobby. What held me back was the fact that the only way I could custom him was for me to be able to sculpt his head scarf. Back then, I still don’t know how to. It was only a few weeks ago that I started to mold and use a sculpey. So I thought hell, I think I can finally custom Deathblow now.


    I love Lowlight_27’s Deathblow and Team 7 custom figures. They reminded me of how much I love the character. I really enjoyed reading Deathblow’s “Dark Angel” storyline back in the 90’s. Twas so cool to see Deathblow’s Team 7 friends, Cole Cash (Grifter), Marc Slayton (Backlash) and Jackson Dane come to his rescue. Deathblow died and came back to life again. Twas discovered that immortality was his Gen-Factor power.


    Here’s my take on Deathblow, my 50th custom figure for 2014, my favorite military character which happens to have a super power. Hope you like it! :)




    Base figure – Retaliation Roadblock










  8. Head – 25th Pilot Scarlett


    Body – MU Psylocke


    I really love that 25th Scarlett head part. I have customized plenty of figures using it. I had to choose which to custom first, this Fatal Fury Mai or Street Fighter Cammy. I chose the first because I like it more. When I saw Hard-Er Master’s take on Fatal Fury characters, I was really inspired to custom, well at least my favorite Fatal Fury character, and it’s the babe. I want a Princess Leia using the 25th Scarlett head part next, well after Cammy. I hope. :)



    Hope you guys like my take on Mai! :)








  9. Sharing! :)



    This is my third take on this version of Wild Bill. I used a 25th torso and a 25th Serpentor hands for my first and second, but those parts look too big for a 25th Wild Bill head part. Retaliation Flint’s torso looks just right for it, so I used it for this final version.


    The 90’s ARAH Wild Bill was my only Wild Bill figure back then. As a kid, I know It didn’t look like the cartoons Wild Bill but I loved it for the colors and gear. I no longer have it. Swapped my ARAHs for Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots cassette tapes back in high school! Darn it, I wish I didn't do that. Well, at least now I have a modern one.


    Hope you like my Wild Bill based on the 90's ARAH figure! :)


    Head – 25th Wild Bill


    Torso and upper arms – Retaliation Flint


    Lower arms and hips – Resolute Cobra Commander


    Legs – 25th Roadblock





  10. Head – ROC Breaker


    Body – ROC Zartan


    I love 80’s cartoons and I wanted to custom each and every cartoon characters from that era. But yeah, that would be impossible. So I wanted to at least custom the lead characters of those cartoons. I already have G.I. Joe’s Duke, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Leonardo, Spiral Zone’s Dirk Courage, and now Ghostbusters’ Egon Spengler. I want He-Man next, and Leorick of Visionaries, Jake Rockwell of Centurions and… Hahah I hope I could finish everything before I turn 50! LOL



    Hope you like it! :)




  11. Sharing an original character. Just bored and wanted something to do. Hope you like it! :)




    Kyoufuu (which translate to “strong wind” in the Japanese language) was an orphan adopted by the leader of the Nishida ninja clan of Japan. At the age of 16, he had already mastered the fighting skills of the clan and had become one of its finest students. Even though the Nishida clan is one of the most feared ninja clans in Japan, their priority is to protect the forest, farms and villages of the east. The clan acts as loyal guards of the goddess of the east wind.


    Kyoufuu grew up with the lovely Mai, daughter of the Nishida clan leader. Kyoufuu and Mai fell in love with each other and because Kyoufuu was a brave and honorable warrior, Mai’s father never questioned their relationship. But one day, Mai acquired a terrible disease. The clan asked the goddess of the east wind to cure her. But the law of nature requires balance. There had to be sacrifice in exchange for the return of Mai’s good health. Kyoufuu offered his life.


    Mai was cured. For the act of kindness that Kyoufuu had shown, balance was required by the law of nature once again. Thus, the goddess of the east wind blessed the soul of Kyoufuu, now dubbed as The Tempest, to return as a ghost to help the clan in times of peril each time the three gems of the goddess of the east wind, which were scattered in different parts of the world, are brought together as one.


    The mighty ghost ninja had become a hero to the people and lands the goddess of the east wind protects for generations. Until these modern times, when there is oppression, justice strikes hard like a tempest.


    Head – 25th Cobra trooper


    Torso and upper arms – 25th Storm Shadow


    Lower arms – 25th Viper


    Hips – 25th Sgt. Flash


    Legs – ROC figure




  12. This is my second try to use sculpey. My first, I just molded some hair. But this time I used it for an entire figure. Luckily, Leo is a ninja turtle and is supposed to look cartoony. That’s why I hope I could get away with less detailed muscle structure. :) I’m still learning to sculpt. I promise you'll see some improvement when I give you He-Man, Egon Spengler and Bravestarr. :)


    Michelangelo is my favorite turtle but I opted to custom Leonardo instead, as part of my personal “80’s Cartoon Leaders” project. Hope you like it! :)


    Head and katana – Lego TMNT Leo


    Torso and upper arms – ROC Snake Eyes


    Lower arms – 25th Duke


    Hands – 25th Deep Six


    Legs – ROC Elite Viper


    Feet – 25th Serpentor


    Belt and body strap – microwaveable food keeper


    Emblem – round Lego peg


    Turtle shell – lid of a plastic water tumbler






  13. Jumping on the TMNT bandwagon! LOL After April O' Neil and Shredder, I really wanted to custom my own Casey Jones. It took a while because I don't know how I could ever custom CJ's mask. But I wanted a CJ custom badly, so I've tried cutting microwavable food keeper and glued the pieces together and created CJ's mask. Hope I did well. :)



    Casey Jones


    Head and body – Marauder Spirit


    Now Splinter was a surprise. While cleaning some stuff, I saw a Stars Wars figure. I looked at it and wondered if I could custom it into something. I removed the Star Wars figure's coat and searched my fodder box for possible head part I could snap on it. A Lego-like TMNT Splinter head part (from China) fits perfectly well. So, here's my Splinter! Hope you like it! :)




    Head – Lego-like TMNT Splinter from China


    Body – Star Wars figure














  14. This is my second Wonder Woman custom, based on the classic 80's/90's Wonder Woman look, same as my first version. This new Wonder Woman is for a friend. This is my first time to custom for somebody else. Hope you like it! :)


    Base figure - MU Psylocke






  15. I was looking for a Marvel character to custom. I really like those masked characters with cape that hides in the shadows. I saw the Prowler in an action figure image gallery and decided to custom my own Prowler. Hope you like it. :)



    I think the Prowler is a cool character. Not sure if Marvel revived the character recently. If Marvel is planning to, I hope Mark Millar would write the book. :)



    Head – MU Black Spidey


    Body – MU Silver Surfer





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