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  1. Yes, of course! That's why I came me here in the first place, haha! We always have Toy Fair 2015 to look forward to as well, almost forgot about that.
  2. It was a great run in my opinion. To be honest, I was starting to lose interest around when the Classic characters where debuting, but I've gotta say: besides the Sonic Nenderoid, these are the best figures the franchise has been blessed with. Lots of diversity and posability too, with varying sizes to boot. I can't say much about Tomy's line since I don't own one of their products, but pictures tell me that they're gonna have to step up their game if they wanna catch up to Jazwares. Well, from here, I guess we could talk about Sonic gaming, or gaming in general, or just whatever we feel like talking about. Are we restricted by the rules of the forum on what we can discuss?
  3. The TNI gods have blessed me with a triple post... I gotta play the lotto or something
  4. I wholeheartedly reccomend Smash 4, such a great game. As for toy collecting, not much Sonic-wise. I've mostly been buying S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z figures and amiibo like Omnichronus. I also recently pre-ordered a Lucina Figma, from the Fire Emblem Awakening game. I really recommend that game, one of my all time favorites. And it's not that hard to find. I could use a Sonic Figma.
  5. Huh. Never thought I'd get a double post. First time for everything I suppose.
  6. Film? *looks up Sonic movie* Woah, I had no idea this was even being made! I hope it turns out well, it could be good marketing for the games too if the movie succeeds. I had a chance to play the Sonic Boom game on Wii U over at E3 this year, and it's polarizing to me to say the least. You can't go in expecting your traditional 3D Sonic game, it plays more like a beat-em-up. I didn't play enough to truly judge the game (I spent way too much time at the Smash booth), but over all it's decent. I'm more looking forward to the Sonjc game that's coming out from Sonic Team in 2015, which should be multiplatform. Nice, you're attending Sonic Boom! I wish I could go, but that's a cross-country plane trip in the middle school for me, and I don't have the cash either. I hope you enjoy yourself while you're there however, and tell us all about it!
  7. Thought if post a new toy. You get it from preordering Sonic Boom at GameStop. To me, it sorta looks like a cheap McDonald's toy, but a preorder gift is always nice. Fixed. Thanks Rockzilla.
  8. Just thought I'd pop in and see if all the cool people were still here. Sure enough, here they all are! It's been years. Not even sure if I'm remembered, but hello anyway. Not too interested in the new Sonic games, but we've got box art. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/07/sonic_boom_release_dates_are_confirmed_for_wii_u_and_3ds Release dates too, November 18th for Wii U, and November 11th for 3DS. There's gonna be some stiff competition between those games, the Pokemon remakes, and Smash Bros on Wii U.
  9. Comet, haven't heard from you in a while. Glad to have ya back. I would post a picture of my collection, but it's in storage until i finish moving. It's pretty small, but I will try and have a pic up soon. As for the upcoming Sonic game, I'm excited. I'm not sure if Sonic Adventure 3 would be a good name, like Super Chaos said. I know Sega's learned about the right Sonic games, but if SA3 isn't the best damn Sonic game there is, the "fans" are going to find something to complain about. Another thing is that it is going to be on the 3DS too, but in a Sonic Rush style. That's fine, but I would like a console perspective on the go too. While we're on the topic of 3DS and stuff, you guys have way too much in common with me. Not long ago I realized SuperChaos like KH like I do, but BOTH of you guys like Pokemon and Harvest Moon. I've been keeping up with Pokemon lately, with some of the earlier titles to almost all of them in recent years. Looking forward to X & Y too. Never liked the show, thought Ash was pretty oblivious about something he's been dong for 15 years. I used to collect the cards, but I stopped last year. I've got quite the number of good cards(value, anyway. Don't even know how to play competitive anyway). I have Harvest Moon for the 64 and DS, I think. 64 one was pretty fun, and the DS game was great to me. I need to pick up the 3DS release. And, Comet, would you like to exchange friend codes with me? Also, SuperChaos, I like Dream Drop Distance better than Birth By Sleep(have you played that one?), but mostly because of Sora and the new worlds.
  10. Wow, haven't been on here, or even a computer, in a while. Exams for going to college, all of the above. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Don't get me wrong, I love Jazwares and their, uh, wares(chuckles uncontrollably) but they've been holding back recently. Where's that Classic Knuckles that was confirmed for the 20th anniversary line for two years ago? The fans that have been clamoring for Rouge for the past few years? Quality control improved when I can't find a Blaze missing a limb in southern California? Seriously, every Blaze I have seen stores- which is around 8, by the way- has been missing an arm or a leg. It's crazy. And, to pull off the amazing Toy Fair 2013, we have Sonic masks, and more Racing vehicles. Now although the Super Poser Silver and the life size ring sound nice, they're not going to tend over the hungry Sonic fan/figure collector this year. I hope they have something up they're sleeves. Sorry if I'm ranting too hard, just had to give my opinion.
  11. I think I'm the only Sonic fan who actually likes Sonic the Fighters. Weird name aside, my uncle used to own an arcade, and he still has a Sonic the Fighters cabinet. I think it's a lot of fun. Dear God, that Metal Sonic's paint job is horrid. I ordered one like the Metal Sonic junkie I am, but it's so bad. I like the new accessories figures, very nice.
  12. DAAAYYYUUUM, Blaze looks amazing. I could make a meme photo for the Shadow plush, what should it say?
  13. Hello, Joe! I'm pretty sorry about this, but I don't think I know you, but maybe the others on the forum. I think I joined after you were here. Thanks for inching Charmy over the edge for us. The sculpt looks great, and will look nice to my others. And of course this thread is still going strong... when you have such great people here, you gotta keep coming back, right? Anyway, I'm going to buy that Excalibur Sonic, looks awesome to me.
  14. Hope the tattoo tuns out good, SC. My mom would kill me if I got one. So not yet. With the Archie figures, I personally could care less, but if so many people would like em, I'm all for it.
  15. More importantly, why the hell is it 30 bucks?
  16. Ah, PM, nice to see you again. How's everything been?
  17. Hahha ummm...methinks I'm even more confused. I reckon I'll get it after having hung around you guys for 6 months =P Ahh, don't worry. All this Dreamcast talk makes me want to play it. Time for Jet Set Radio and Sonic Adventure. Does anyone plan to buy All Stars Racing Transformed? Since it's a Sonic game, it's gonna have a price drop at my local Gamestop in a few weeks.
  18. Double post, sorry. I thought I was done with this.
  19. Uh... it's a long story. See, SC2585JAZHEADPINGASMASTOR's( or SuperChaos, what we call him) avatar is Chaos... he's um, yellow.... Eggman said he was a god... and it looks like pee..... this is so damn weird. Long story short, he looks like piss, and piss is funny. XD Anyway, Super Chaos, I think it was too ahead of it's time. So advanced, everyone was confused by it, and it being expensive at launch did no good. Thanks dad for being a Sega junkie. Ironic, since it was one of the only good systems that failed.
  20. The Dreamcast reminds me of the Wii U controller, with the VMU acting as a second screen. Maybe Nintendo had some inspiration? And also, welcome nickh, to the forum of guys who love video games, blue hedgehogs, and urine gods.
  21. I still personally like Sonic Adventure 1, just the nostalgia from growing up with it. SA2 is still one of the best Sonic titles of all time. What is your guys' favorite Sonic game of all time? For me, it would have to be Sonic CD. I aaaaaadore that game.
  22. If we could get a new entry, or some form of remake for Billy Hatcher on 3DS or even Wii U, figures could be possible if it's popular. Thank you Tigger, once I have enough, I will first try to order a Pit figure. The Scribblenauts figure looks great, and the accessories only add to the awesomeness. I do agree with ya, Comet, what Popco lacks in articulation, they make up for in pure sculpt. Mario and friends look like they've been ripped out of the game.(the 5 inch ones, at least)
  23. Not sure if I said this, but Jazwares has gotta license Nintendo. Popco doesn't do the Mario figures any good. They barely articulate. If I could get some fully articulate Mario, Link, Samus, Pit, and Kirby(not sure how that's gonna work out, haha) it would be amazing. SuperChaos, I'm just going to say Happy Birthday right now cause I may forget later in November, sorry. The 3DS has been hitting its stride lately. So many great games, so little time, so little money. (If you need 3DS game recommendations, I'm the guy) I'm getting the Wii U. I have $400 saved up for it(which was hard as hell to save) and I've seen pictures of a charging station, holds the GamePad(the tablet things) two remotes, and it's like a holding table for your system. Very cool if you ask me, no more AA batteries.
  24. Ahh... this generation's children.. what the hell happened. I volunteered to work at an elementary school for my aunt(who is a teacher) and I overhear some second graders cussing out loud at each other talking about Call of Duty or something. Not the damn or hell words, but (please excuse my language) #@$#@ and #$##. It's sad knowing that they know these words at such a young age. And they got 11 years before they should even play Call of Duty. Just thinking out loud. Oh, and I just ordered a Wave figure. Thanks PMS. I also ordered a Sonic night light. I couldn't resist. I gotta repel the "creepy critters of the dark", right? (creepy critters of the dark quoted by my little sister Candace.) It's actually for her, but I'm still gonna get a look at it. EDIT: Oh, it censors em by itself? That's good.
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