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  1. That's my exact same thought. So far, what TOMY has shown has looked pretty horrible IMO. 5 points of articulation just screams happy meal toy to me. That, on top of the fact that I don't like the Boom designs and prefer the older video game designs makes me think that my time as a Sonic figure collector is over. I loved the Jazwares figures, had every single one they made, but recently sold the whole collection. I lost interest knowing that we won't get to add any more figures to that collection. Unfortunately it seems that SEGA is only focused on media tie-ins and products that are of Sonic Boom. I really do hope another company picks up the Sonic license and is allowed to make figures from the older games but that would be a few years off at the soonest. A toy license is generally for either 3 or 5 years and the company always has the option to renew the license once it's about to be up as long as the IP holder (SEGA) allows it.
  2. Which line? TOMY's Sonic Boom line? Jazzy's Sonic line, it was de-listed from their site, honestly, I'm not upset nor surprised. The line has pretty much been put on a bus by the end of 2012 and we pretty much got nothing afterwards aside from more double dips which notably took a drop in quality (the paint errors and weird assembling is pretty jarring, I mean come on, a Super Silver with the colors of normal Silver? Seriously?). The minute they pretty much said they had no plans for Rouge and Classic Knuckles despite announcing them I pretty much gave up any hope I had for the future of the line. Either way, it was still a good run, I had fun spending my money on these figures. We got characters we wanted like the Chaotix and Metal Sonic, at least, and some actual Classic Sonic action figures. But it's pretty much time to move on, heck, maybe some better company will pick up Sonic in the future. Oh.. I thought that was a known fact. Once it was announced TOMY had the master Sonic toy license that means that other companies (aka Jazwares) can no longer create new product. They are still allowed to sell off the products they have already produced for a short time though. It does suck that they never got to make Rouge, Classic Knux, and Omega though! I'm sure they saw the writing on the wall and with supposed low sales of the later Sonic stuff, I'm sure they opted to not spend the money producing anything new.
  3. Which line? TOMY's Sonic Boom line?
  4. Well...Jazwares won't, so I will. Working with a buddy to make a custom Rouge figure. Head was a digital sculpt he did and the body I'm sculpting traditionally. Pics of the body coming soon.
  5. The brochure that was posted months ago showed the 5" scale classic Sonic with light up emeralds that came out recently, and had images from games or mock ups (not the actual figures) of more 5" Black Knight figures, 5" figures with light up emeralds, and the long rumored Shadow/Rouge pack. http://www.sonicstadium.org/2013/04/jazwares-announces-even-more-new-sonic-toys/ Some of this stuff has made it to stores since that was uncovered so hopefully the rest is not far from coming out also.
  6. It's the same molds that all the accessory pack figures had. The ones that didn't get updated articulation then still don't have it in this pack. It is nice to FINALLY see a correctly painted Silver (white gloves) and what looks to be a lighter yellow version of the brownish one from the accessory pack.
  7. Same with me! That's the last time new 3" figures were released and Jazwares needs to hurry up with more!
  8. Yeah, that is all the local TRU's around me have had in stock for months. EntertainmentEarth is really good about listing everything Jazwares has coming out and it seems that only the Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles figures from the most recent singles are currently shipping. I'd say that as of now, you have a good chance of possibly seeing those three in stores but not the other 3 figures from the series. http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=JZ65815A#.Ue9mWGRY6EI
  9. Did you get the 3" figures with badniks wave? The Classic 4 pack, Modern/Classic Eggman packs, Classic Amy/Sonic comic pack and the metallic Silver/Shadow comic pack came out at the same time. Then the 6 Free Riders figures, and then the most recent stuff which is the figure with accessories wave, the Chaotix 3 pack, and the Sonic/Blaze comic pack.
  10. Sorry guys, thats actually a custom pack I made. I posted it in the middle of the night and was so tired that I didn't even think to say that it was a custom I had made. I'm so used to posting mainly custom figures that it didn't even cross my mind. I wish Jazwares would make it a real comic pack though!
  11. Weird that only Amy is being sold in that slim packaging. Jazwares doesn't go to SDCC so don't expect to hear any news from the convention. Hopefully they'll announce things via their facebook for fans since most other companies will have news coming out due to SDCC.
  12. The new packaging is a smarter design choice if anything. They can now get more of these on the shelves at once since they don't have to be stacked like the last ones did. Still waiting for news or any info on the other planned Sonic things from Jazwares..... They've been quiet for months now, and all across the board. Not just for Sonic merch.
  13. Rouge was confirmed for (I believe) a fall release. She's definitely coming since the had the mock up in the solicitation from a month or so ago.
  14. It's got the updated articulation that some of the most recent accessory figures have. They also have the World War Z and Wizard of Oz licenses that aren't on their site. There isn't anything regarding Nicktoons or Hanna Barbera either but they probably still have those licenses. There is a second wave of Hanna Barbera figures coming as noted by "octane" who has a lot of insider info.
  15. I agree about this thread being so quiet! Although, if Jazwares would actually drop news of new products or actually release some things, I bet there'd be more chatter. Just bought this prototype Knuckles figure off ebay. It's a new mold for Knux that hasn't been used on any figure of him before. It's almost as if it was supposed to be in the accessory wave but could have gotten cut and replaced with the old figure mold for cost issues. That or it could be from something we don't know about yet.
  16. Any updates on any of your commissions? Not gonna lie, I check this thread every few days. And do you have up to date pics of your collection? I know you've got one of the biggest collections of customs.
  17. Rouge was confirmed a page or two back. The comic pack with her was one of the few new things Jazwares advertised for this year's products.
  18. You guys have got some nice collections! I should take new pics of mine since I've gotten a lot of the newer figs
  19. I've seen the singles re-stocked about three times at each of the TRU's near me. After about a month ago, not any more. Same with the Blaze comic packs. There were several cases of the comic packs at each store but since each case has some Blaze/Sonic and some Classic Amy/Sonic packs, all the Classic comic packs got left behind so there's about 15 at each store now. Now they're also getting in those Free Riders re-releases, Chaotix packs, and a ton of 5" and Super Posers.
  20. Yep, totally meant Deathlok, not Deadpool. And about Wolvy's legs, I know you're trying to make him shorter but I'm just saying that his legs now look disproportionate. If you could take a bit out of the thighs, perhaps at the swivel, that would make the whole figure look a lot better. While those bodies for Storm and Psylocke don't have the best articulation, they do have nice look to them. Especially liking the Cheetah hair for Storm. That should look really nice when done.
  21. Wolvy's lower legs look a bit short compared to the upper leg now. Deadpool WIP looks great though! Any chance for clearer pics of the WIP Storm and Psylocke you have in that group?
  22. Hey guys, I'm still searching for any Jazwares news out of Toy Fair but so far, haven't found anything. Hoping that today some sites will get access to the Jazwares booth and post a lot of pics. Anyways, I did find out some info from a member of another forum who has business contacts with Jazwares. He's not at Toy Fair but does have access to solicitations that Jazwares makes. He has been right in predicting many of past products so I'd assume that these are more or less correct as well. He reported the following: -New 2" PVC pack -5" Vehicle Figures (Sonic w/Plane, Shadow w/Plane) (maybe actually 3" scale) -3" 'Morphed' Line - (Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Metal Sonic) -Roleplay masks (Sonic and Shadow) He has no idea what the 'morphed' line is but if we're getting another shot at the Classic Metal Sonic, hopefully it has good paint apps this time. Maybe the 5" figures and vehicles are from the Sonic Racing Transformed game?. He also thinks that those might be incorrectly listed as 5" scale and will most likely be 3" scale like past figures with vehicles. He wasn't sure about anything else since this is all the info he was given access to. Maybe there will be all this plus more on display at the booth. Only time will tell! (In other Jazwares news, they have the licenses for World War Z and Wizard of Oz (which will be a girls line) which is a bit out of the blue I think)
  23. A few really nice new custom additions. Very cool to see large teams completed or close to it. Still trying to finish the Billy Tan Uncanny X-Men? I love that outfit for Rachel. And do you have plans to have the new Uncanny X-force team done? (The one with mohawk Storm, Psylocke, Spiral, Puck, etc.) I'm dying to see someone attempt customs of those. I'm about to if nobody does! I absolutely love those designs.
  24. I have a good feeling we might see Rouge at ToyFair as well. Whenever someone asks about Rouge on Jazwares' facebook page they respond with something along the lines of "stay tuned for updates soon", whereas when people ask for "female mortal kombat figures" they've tended to respond with a much less optimistic "thanks for the suggestion". That seems like a subtle hint to me, but then I'm not really an MK fan, so maybe my perception is biased I hope Rouge really is shown! I just want to know one way or another. I've had a custom Rouge I've been trying to work one for a few weeks now and I don't want to go any further if they've got one planned. I'm a MK fan too though and I really doubt they've got females for the line planned. I bet we'll just see the rumored figures that have already appeared on various sites for pre order and not much else on the MK front.
  25. Yes! Now THAT was an announcement. I'm sure we'll see him on display at ToyFair. Hopefully he's in a two pack with a better painted Classic Metal Sonic. Oohh, what if the next wave of two packs is that pairing and the rumored Shadow/Rouge pack. That would stay true to the trend of having one classic and one modern comic pack in each wave.
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