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  1. Its good that you received it. And I'm glad that you're enjoying the figure, bro.

  2. Did you receive the figure yet? Just wanted to make sure it arrived in one piece.

  3. The figure is on the house, free of charge. token of my appreciation for helping out a fellow collector in the past. I just wanted to make sure it was a figure you wanted to have.

  4. LMK Eric if you want that Fang man or not.

  5. Actually I wanted to know whether or not you wanted my spare? A few months back due to DR's mistake a Fang Man got lost in the mail and then resurfaced a month later. So they ended up shipping me two instead of one.

    If you want it, its yours just give me your address and I'll mail it next week.

  6. Yup, still in the collecting game. Good to see you still have your collection I was just curious as to whether or not you had Fang Man?

  7. My sentiments exactly. If Snyder approaches this interpretation of Batman in a similar tone as TAS then he should have no issues. I believe there can be a even blend of both realism and fantasy. I want to know that Batman's complete rogue gallery and allies aren't off limits. I wouldn't exactly say that just yet. Snyder has a knack for visuals and thus far he has already went against the grain aesthetically when it comes to Batman by giving him a far more comic inspired look as oppose to all black rubber. So I wouldn't rule out a blue/grey combo yet. Personally I think we should give grey and black a shot before we start talking about other combinations. If it looks remotely similar to that pic then I would have no objections to it eventually surfacing.
  8. I'm inclined to agree, this is why I regard Begins as the best of Nolan's trilogy as it was the more balanced of the 3 when it came to comic elements and heighten realism. By the time Nolan got to the 3rd installment I believe things had become far to grounded which I too believe was to overcompensate for the camp the Schulmacher era brought about. Suffice to say I was ready for Nolan to end his take on the character as I don't believe the series could really advance any further. I'm hoping for the best from this new adaptation of the character and hoping we get a more definitive take and examination of the character in possible future installments. Visually Snyder has nailed the character as if he jumped right out the pages of a comic, hopefully the rest will follow.
  9. Hey Eric

    just curious as to whether or not you still have your MOTUC collection?

    I know you've stated that you've stopped collecting MOTUC, but I just wanted to

    know if you've kept the essentials.


  10. Its clear that they weren't focusing in on Clark the mild-manner reporter, but Kal'El/Clark Kent. Perhaps they want to save some of those elements for a sequel, which makes perfect sense from a story-telling standpoint. Its also an extreme likelihood that their version of Clark Kent mild manner reporter will be more akin to the one observed in STAS as oppose to the bumbling clumsy Clark depicted by Reeve. Personally I prefer the former. I'm also going to assume that when Luthor eventually surfaces, he will not be the Hackman version and that too imo is a plus. Take no offense yojoebro, but you seem to be more grounded to the nostalgia that is the Donnerverse, which is fine. However MOS seems to be gearing up to be its own thing. Likely because modern audiences would have found such a scene to be cheesy and cliche. Clearly Snyder is trying to set a precedence regarding this modernize take on the character. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound and being more powerful than a locomotive is unnecessary as the film is saturated with enough action to demonstrate that. As far as his Americanized values are concerned, that too was showcased in the film. The kiss between Clark and Lois is the only thing I really had an issue with. I felt that this was something that could have been held off until the sequel. I would have liked to see their friendship as more platonic then progress from there. Since this is the first outing they don't need to blow their load in a single film, which is another reason why I'm happy that they didn't showcase mild manner Clark until the final seconds of the film. Save some things for a sequel. I believe it was implied early on, it just wasn't outright stated. From the very beginning its pretty well established that Kal'El was Krypton's first natural birth in centuries thus making him unique While everyone else is genetically grown to fulfill some type of role or purpose. If Zod is a soldier and general then one can easily infer early on that that was what he was engineered for. Not only did Zod explicitly state his purpose to Clark while onboard his ship in the middle of the film, but its easily discernible prior to Krypton's destruction. It likely didn't need to be established beforehand because he likely was never placed in a situation in which it was an option until his final confrontation with Zod. Again its about subtlety as its already discernible that he has a respect for life and against physically harming others. Well the Lego DC universe is suppose to be more lighthearted and fun. The whole cast including Batman are rather fun.
  11. I understand MOS may not have been your cup of tea, but I can't even remotely fathom SR looking good in comparison by any stretch. Besides superior special effects, what was ONE THING that this new monstrosity did better than the first two Reeves films? Well for one, MOS's approach to Zod made him a bit more fascinating foe than the one dimensional villain Zod in S2. A Zod who's primary concern was the preservation of his people and culture as oppose to the Zod that simply wanted revenge and to dominate earth. I also believe that MOS had a much deeper exploration of Clark's relationship with the Kents a bit more than the Donner films did. Krypton and Kryptonian tech appeared to be far more compelling. With that being said, there is room for improvement with sequels, but a bit of leeway can be given considering that this is the first outing to a more expansive cinematic DC universe. There are things that MOS did better than the Reeve films and vice versa, however unlike the Donner series MOS has the potential to be a well rounded and satisfying film franchise overall than what its predecessor was.
  12. I would certainly hope so. I can just imagine the effort and time to expend arranging those many Joes.
  13. Congratulations yojoebro82, rather creative for a marriage proposal Now I'm curious as to what the ceremony will entail.
  14. So am I. Cesspool has always been one of my favorites.
  15. Hype and the tendency for masses to jump on any hype bandwagon may contribute to why so many buy into TDKR, some even had their minds made up prior to the release. When the hype wears off and the film starts to seep in then some will eventually start seeing TDKR more objectively. This is precisely why I see it more as a Nolan superhero film than a Batman film.
  16. What made me enjoy the movie, was finally understanding it as an "elseworlds" story. None of the Nolan Batman movies were true to the source material, these were all just re-interpreted versions with a heavy Frank Miller influence. I remember reading in one of the letter pages, I think batman 408 about a guy who wrote in hating Batman Year one b/c Miller had tv's and catwoman was a prostitute, and doesn't he (miller) know that there were no tv's in 1939 when batman first appeared. I think its pretty much what its come down to,... DC has no faith in the appeal of their original comics mythology, so they'll keep doing these "elseworld" stories in their hope to stay relevant. The Nolan movies were good, but in the end its just not Batman to me. regards Joshua PS- As an elseworlds story, I do like the idea of Bruce moving on and having a happy ending with catwoman. That's the gist of it. While the potential was always there for Nolan to create a series of Batman films that adhered more to the source material. I can easily respect Nolan's take as an Elseworld interpretation, despite the fact that some would try to argue that its the definitive cinematic take on the character. If anything his adaptation meshes more with Batman Inc which would have made much more sense to adapt.
  17. Eric

    Hey man! Just thought I'd drop by to see how you were doing. Hope everything is going great with you.


  18. Because IMO particular traits and attributes are inherently associated with particular types of characters, Batman's rogues in particular. And when adapting them its not unreasonable for fans to expect something more associated with said villain. Joker/Clown motif Ra's Al Ghul/Lazarus Pit/Immorality Two-Face/physical and psychological duality etc. And while Nolan did offer his unique interpretation of the characters he utilized, IMO he became to focused on the heighten realism thus making some of the characters lack much of what makes them so interesting to their comic and animated counterparts. As I previously stated, Jonah Nolan had to convince his brother to include Catwoman because he was a bit skeptical that she could work in his world, which is nonsensical given the fact that this is a trilogy about a man dressed as a rubber bat. Another realm I feel that Nolan lacked imagination on was some of the design aesthetic, but that's more of a personal thing. I wouldn't have mind a slight costume modification or more visually appealing Batcave. I'm not saying get all Schumacher-esque, but something more sleeker than the previous films. The fights could have also been more interesting as well. Nah, I wouldn't necessarily say that either seeing as though criticism of the series doesn't inherently hinge on a lack of imagination . Nolan could have easily added or kept a few things in connection to the source material and maintained the tone of his films. Scarecrow was able to utilize his fear toxins. I'm sure Nolan could have fabricated some type of chemical derivative for Bane that would serve as a Venom like substance. Same with "Robin" though given the ending I'm not sure how effective a "beat cop" would be without the training needed to be Batman, but i digress.
  19. that bothered me too it seems all the villains were missing something Scarecrow was missing his scythe and hat,Bane was missing his Venom & Joker was missing the famous joker venom and acid squirting flower A few of those wouldn't have worked within the context and tone of the films. It would look nonsensical had Scarecrow suddenly showed up with a scythe and hat. I believe Nolan could have made the Venom work in the case of Bane and some type of Joker acid for Joker had he wanted to. A whip of sorts could have worked for Catwoman, possibly but then again Nolan had to be convinced in incorporating her into the film. While I enjoyed Nolan's run immensely he kind of lacks imagination in his translation of some of the villains.
  20. The 8 year hiatus as Batman was where I drew the line. Frankly I just don't think it was a good creative decision on Nolan's part. By the conclusion of TDK along with Gordon's speech I got the impression that Bruce would remain Batman despite being a wanted fugitive, but that never materialized. So from Begins to Rises which is a decade we get a Batman who's actual crimefighting career is less 2 years and that's being generous.
  21. because they probably can't finish the 3D in just a couple months. And if they just pushed it back to push it back, people would think that they moved it back because it sucks. Which is quite unfortunate that a film only a month away from release will now be delayed almost an entire year because they decided to tack on a cash grab gimmick at the very last minute.
  22. Overall, the line looks pretty phenomenal. Guess Hasbro wasn't playing around this time.
  23. I concur. The fact that they did justice to CC helmet alone is enough for me to put a mustard seed of faith in the film. Aesthetically I'm liking the designs more than the ones in ROC which will hopefully lead to some cool figures that won't fare as badly in the toy aisle as ROC did.
  24. @loll@ @loll@ Don't worry VH I won't hold your nuts to the fire utilizing my vast G.I. Joe wisdom @smilepunch@
  25. Wow! Do you practice what you preach or not? You could have ended the rant yourself, but decided to go on another quote by quote rant of your own (act like a hypocrit much?) and then you have the arrogance to accuse me on the very same thing you are doing? @loll@ This has nothing to do with "practicing what you preach". Its more about you owning up to a erroneous assertion that has no basis in fact. This has nothing to do with "hypocrisy" either. Yes I could have ended it, but don't sit up and make a bogus accusation then look for an exit the moment its challenged. What's your excuse for misconstruing my post and falsely accusing me of something that couldn't be further from the truth? The thing is, I never took you on, or that was never my intent. You felt the need to drag me in by replying to me, now when I reply back I'm suddenly the "blowhard"? #WTF# Fair enough, but believe me, I can dish it as well as take it, but can you? Again you want to lump me into a conglomerate of "blowhards" of attacking those whom criticize movie characters and toys when I've done neither. This has nothing to do with criticism or being told what to do as everyone is entitled to their own opinions which is something I never even remotely contested. I also never demanded anything from you, it was merely a suggestion, but you decided to take it further and misconstrued most of my replies and now you want to pretend it never happened.
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