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  1. It's actually a wheeled vehicle with a zip thingy where you pull out the zip cord and it goes flying off, but the wheels don't look too out of place. Oh and the back end is open. I'll probably do a few more pics and toss up a full review on my blog at some point, but I wanted to get these pics up here, first.
  2. Long time no see, as always! I seem to only pop up to see what happened after months and months - OR - because I found new product! Case in point: Looks like Tomy took over the toyline for the new series. Not sure what I'm gona get out of it, but you can be sure THIS was an instant buy! FINALLY!! An Eggmobile! It ain't bad, either. Also, Robotnik is lookin' LEAN! Guy must have gone through a major workout regimen. Or drugs. That's, uh....lotta weight to lose. Lotta weight. Of course, classic Robotnik fits! Could be a better fit, but it certainly works for me.
  3. *YAWN* What's goin' on folks? I'm wakin' up here 'cause - somehow - Toys R Us put out a few more of the single packed Sonic figures (the ones with the accessories). Funny thing is: the last time I saw them? LAST CHRISTMAS. Sooo...are they only putting these out on Christmas? 'Cause there has seriously been no Sonic stuff until now. Just the same stuff. And I KNOW Jazwares is supposed to be putting stuff out! I think they're also putting out Adventure Time stuff, but the TRU near me won't stock anything. They just...let everything rot. Not a single new piece of product. Is it just my TRU? I mean I check online and I see new Jazwares product that supposedly exists, but I see it nowhere else. Ah well. I did buy another regular Sonic 'cause the single pack comes with some rings, so that's cool. Still looking for the Amy with the hammer, though. I also hope that 5 inch ones with the light up emeralds comes out! Who knows?
  4. So what have people been seeing for Sonic product lately? I've been checking since Christmas and they haven't stocked any more of the new single packs since then. Not a thing. There are some other items, but those single packs just NEVER showed back up! I wish the Sonic stuff would go back to other stores as well to give it a shot. TRU mixed with Jazwares just means "Yeah, whenever."
  5. Found Blaze as well! She's pretty impressive! All her joints are tight and she has just as nice a sculpt as the rest. Jazwares standard paint job has to be sorted through first, of course. They only had three packs there, so I had to settle for a good looking Blaze but a funky Sonic (which doesn't matter as much, since I don't need a new one). I do wish Blaze had a bit more than a DEAD ON STARE, but she's supposed to be all serious 'n stuff so it kinda works for her. Also wish she had come with some flame stuff, but I have enough junk around to fill that in for her. Overall a cool figure!
  6. Thankfully I left that all behind me years ago! Sneaking in toys was the norm back in high school 'cause my dad thought they were useless. 'Course...toys increased in number because I displayed them in my room, so it's not like I could pull the wool over his eyes. Anyway, my wife buys just as much stuff as I do, though she doesn't collect as many toys as she used to. I pretty much show her everything I buy because I like showin' things off. Plus, with regular MotUC figures coming in every month...well, that would be hard to hide! So yeah, no sneaking for me anymore.
  7. Yeah, all in all I'm glad to have it if they don't release him any other way. If they DO...well, perhaps I'll just try my hand at repainting this one. At the very least, the sculpt is fantastic.
  8. Found the Chaotix! Please excuse the shoddy lighting compared to past pics; I just moved into my first house and my toy room is a terrifying mess. No place to take pics. Anyway, somehow Charmy is the coolest figure! Espio would be awesome, but DANG he's lanky! He's just....man, he's huge! Way too big. On his own he's cool, but when you set him next to anyone he just dwarfs them. Vector is cool though, and I like his little radio. Charmy is perfect! Articulation works and everything and he looks great...can't help but think that Tails should be that tall, though. Still pretty cool! Speaking of Tails, I got the new one for the holding-hands. New joints are cool, but a little thick looking. It's worth it for the hands, though. Love the little...thing he's got, though! Dunno what it's for, but it's a nice little peice of tech for 'em. Only thing different is that he's darker now...but I don't mind. Also got the new Knuckles for the Master Emerald! No new joints, but he works just as well as the previous one. This one is also darker, though. Not sure what I'm gona do with 'em since he's an extra...might hand 'em off to the nephew. ...and now the insane part. I bought the new multipack JUST for that classic Metal Sonic, and I've already got all the other figures in that pack. The end result is a chunk of cash lost for one of the ugliest paintjobs they've done so far. Kinda surprised, honestly! The previous Metal Sonics were so shiny and nice...I don't know why this one just gets flat grey slopped on. Still...I can't help but like him. And heck, it's not all wasted cash 'cause most of 'em can go to my nephew (unless any of you need some extras...?) Anyway, if they only ever release him this way, then I'd kick myself later for skipping him, so there. Gotta collect my favorite evil robot ever, ya know?
  9. Well, now I'm glad I passed up Espio and the two pack with Vector. The three pack looks perfect! Pluse, my friend recently let me borrow his 32X and Chaotix, so I'll be playing it for the first time. Nice timing!
  10. Man, Jazwares confuses the heck outta me sometimes! The Sonic figures have seriously been the best product they've ever produced, because it seems like each new toyline is built from the ground up without ever looking at other toys on the market. I just bought Space Ghost from thier Hanna Barbera line: ...I dunno why he's sayin' that. *AHEM* Anyway, overall he's a sturdy figure and he'll work fine for play 'n all that. The confusing things come in when you inspect the guy. For instance...every single peg holding him together can be easily pushed out. You can take this guy completely apart. You can even pop his legs off at the thighs! Funny thing is that I can't call this a bad thing, because none of the pegs actually fall out...they're just not pegged in like every toy out there, ever. His chest joint is also a new invention. I mean, it works like every other chest joint, but it was needlessly reinvented even though there have been better looking chest joints in just about....well, any toyline you look into. It's like these guys just make this stuff up as they go! Worst thing is the fact that they thought to make his right hand in the position to fire his gauntlet on his left hand - he usually uses his two fingers like that - but they didn't give him a bicep swivel! So he can't swivel his arm and touch his opposite arm. He's just not built to, but he IS built with the idea that he should be able to? Once again, the funny part is that he's not a bad figure. He's still fun to play with and any kid would have a good time with him. It's just...making a Hanna Barbera toyline like this will probably attract a lot of collectors, so you'd think they would put a little more work into the articulation. Which is also funny, because they DID put a lot of work into the articulation...they just left out one point that completely negates the hand they molded for him. YEESH. Jazwares, you have the strangest bunch of folks workin' for you, I swear. I'm just waitin' on more Sonic goodness, now, 'cause at least you guys have that down pat.
  11. Yeah, I keep wanting to get the Regular Show stuff, but Mordecai is the only one I like so far. I really want a Rigby, but they molded his mouth in this crazy nutcracker pose and he looks freakish. Also, it just seems like Jazwares' paint jobs are getting so gloppy. I haven't found a Hanna Barbera figure I want yet, but when I do, it looks like it'll be hell going through them trying to find a paint job without smears or glops or chips. Same kinda went for the small Mortal Kombat figures as well, and on top of that, you could take off a lot of the paint with just your fingernail if you weren't careful. More and more I'm wondering why I'm paying normal toy prices for Jazwares stuff when they seem like they're doing things a little cheaper than others. I wouldn't mind all the errors if they were just a little cheaper.
  12. Yeah, that sucker went down quick. I'm still pecking at the missions, but I need those stupid play coins to unlock them, and honestly, the 3DS is my wife's and I don't feel like carrying it with me everywhere so I can gain more coins. I have the console version, but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. It'll probably next!
  13. *yawn* HEY, I'm awake again! What's been happening? I think I was here last....what, Christmas? I went back a few pages to catch up (a little, anyway): saw the list of potential figures 'n some other stuff. Reason I'm back is that the Sonic bug is biting again, but there's no new product (a fact that seemed to be well covered here). I saw those Erector sets today and it made me think of the 'ol thread. The sets look kinda boring, but....dangit, they have Emeralds in them! Now I'm curious about how big they are; anyone know? I'm almost thinking of buying the smallest set just to see...not that I'd bother buying them all just to get some smaller Emeralds. Anyway, another reason I'm thinkin' Sonic is that my friend brought over his old Sega (and for him, "old" means friggin' pristine and dust free) so I was blasting through Sonic 3 for the heck of it. I want some new blood, but I still haven't gotten around to getting Sonic 4 Ep. 2, since I bought the Wii version like a sucker, and now I gotta buy them both again on another system to get the extras. Instead I beat up the 3DS version of Generations...that was quick. GAH. Very much looking forward to new toys right now! Jazwares is pumping out some Hanna Barbera stuff, so I know they're workin' hard. Need some love on the Sonic end too!
  14. Kinda strange that the Nendo one looks like classic Sonic but he comes with all the current Sonic stuff. Totally would get it if it came with the old TVs and a lamppost. As it is, though, I'm pretty happy with the Jazwares offerings.
  15. HA! That's actually not far off from my christmas tradition from when I was little: every year I would do some sorta story with my toys and involve the tree as a mountain or base or - well heck, a giant tree! 'Course I was usually using superhero toys back then, but I'm sure Sonic would have been on there if the toys had existed back then. Seriously though: hilarious. I totally forgot the bear was half in the photo. I think i'll call his new bear friend Duff the Bear. Sorry Tails! You're not in this game (not until they make a Tails figure that can strike a decent flying pose; I want him to look like he's flying around the tree!)
  16. Happy holidays, folks! Just finished toying up the tree and threw in some Sonic figures this time around (bunch of other toys in there though, so I kept it to just Sonic and the Eggrobo).
  17. MAN I wish Tails wasn't so huge! I can look beyond that though, 'cause I love the new articulation! Also the goggles are just perfect for him. I haven't cared about the Free Riders figures yet, but Tails looks like a buy!
  18. WHAT. Crap, if they rerelease everything with that I GOTTA get 'em. Damnit!
  19. Wow, I like the Tails there! Somehow I think goggles would be perfect for him in general. Maybe I can make a little scarf for him too...MAN we need a toy of the Tornado! On another Jazwares note: I found thier Mortal Kombat figures! Cyrax has two left feet, but it's hardly noticeable! The QC is pretty nice; I was kinda afraid, to tell ya the truth. Turned out pretty dang well and these are great figures! Keep up the good work, Jazwares.
  20. What are you using for the base (unless you're building from scratch)?
  21. About that, I'm not sure...a friend of mine is having molds made for a toyline he hopes to start, but I didn't hear to much about HOW the molds are made. I mean, they're metal, so I guess you could look up anything you like about metal working 'n such. It probably involves some sort of model made on a computer, first. I know my friend sent out what he wanted made (computer designs, anyway), and the company sent him back some prices in terms of how much it'll cost to make the molds.
  22. Someone can probably come in and set me straight, but here's what I've heard: Bascially, the mold is where the money is. Creating a mold is EXPENSIVE, and when you do, you want to make sure you get the most money out of it. People complain about repaints, but repaints are how you keep a toyline alive - you simply cannot live if you're always making new molds. This is why Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, and the rest are constantly seen in many different waves, two packs, and multipacks. There sadly aren't many ways to repaint these guys, so they gotta make 'em. The molds are there. As for getting a hold of old molds, I do believe either the company sells them, or other places manage to steal them or buy them when companies try to get rid of old stuff. That, and sometimes places that make dollar store toys can make a mold from an existing toy, which is why you'll see marks or mold lines on dollar store toys that are obviously molded from the real deal. Molds also get worn over time, so they can't be used forever. Mattel had to buy back a bunch of the old molds for the classic He-Man guys from various places that they ended up when they sold them, back in the day. When they got them back, the molds just weren't the same. If you look at a vintage MotU figure and one from the classic rereleases (I think that was in the early 2000's) then you'll notice differences in the faces 'n such. It's the same molds from the 80's....just old and worn down. So that's the limit of my knowledge on molds.
  23. Personally I feel that toys are doing fine in terms of quality. As I stated further up, I haven't had breaking problems since Toybiz's Marvel Legends; it was so bad that I took a figure back THREE TIMES for the exact same arm break until I got one that didn't break. Heck, I'm still picking up my older Marvel Legends and having them break. The leg fell off of one and the arm broke off my original Iron Man from thier early waves - and I've had that figure forever, it feels like! I dunno what it was about Toybiz back then, but I inspected every package I got. Nowadays...well, I haven't noticed a problem. All my G.I. Joes are top notch (with the exception of a couple confusing choices, like inability to hold accessories - but it's less of a problem than it was in the 80's and early 90's with breakable thumbs and weapons with handles that were too giant to hold). I'm collecting Bandai's Thundercats as well, and I only bought a recent Panthro with a foot that broke off, but that's one out of ten or so figures I've bought, and I'll bet my next Panthro won't have that problem (unlike Toybiz where I have to keep buying a figure until one of them isn't broken). The Masters of the Universe Classics line is also quite well, dispite rabid compaints from those who don't know how to put things in perspective. Speaking of perspective: you've gotta take Jazwares as a singular entity, and not as a view into toys as a whole. They are still learning. I was very vocal about how much I disliked Jazwares and even had a small conversation with Jamaro about it (before this thread was made). I agreed to wait and see, and I feel they've made VAST improvements. Do they still need to make more? Of course! But thier faults do not reflect the faults of toys in general. I mean, Jazwares started from SCRATCH - total lack of knowledge about current toy prodcution, I tell ya. All you have to do is look to thier first-run Mega Man product: it was worse than dollar store quality in terms of sculpt, materials, and function. Just awful. I can't even think of another toy company to compare them to in terms of mass-market action figures. I was appalled. Jazwares soldiered forth, however, and improved greatly. Granted, I still didn't consider thier next wave of Mega Man figures all that great either (the sculpting was pretty ugly) but they at least improved the plastic and articulation, making them on par with others and able to be handled without incident! The Sonic figures go even further to show how much they've done to improve themselves. The QC still needs tweaking, but they have improved. They may not be collector-grade figures able to stand on thier own, but they're FUN TOYS, and I feel that is a greater accomplishment. My seven year old nephew and I have a great time playing with the Sonic figures, and I've never heard a single complaint from him - nor have any of the figures fallen apart. They get a little loose, but no more so than ANY of my toys from my childhood (I mean, pick up an old well-worn G.I. Joe and shake 'em around and watch 'em jiggle like a ragdoll - you won't find that happening with many of today's toys). So while I'm no expert, I can say that I've been paying attention. I agree that video games are on the rise and action figures may very well become a thing of the past - however - I do not believe we are sacrificing quality in this age. We are getting some of the greatest action figures of all time from many different companies, and I barely have a broken figure to show from all thier various works. Jazwares still has work to do as a company, but I can't fault one for wanting - and succeeding - to improve. What I hope to get from Jazwares as they move along is an increased abiltiy to catch problems BEFORE they go out, so we're not getting constant product refreshes. I do appreciate the fact that they fix what breaks, but they still need to catch up to others in terms of not putting out product that isn't completely finished. Get the product in hand first, look it over, take into consideration colors, look, feel, function, and all that - THEN bring it out. Once again, they are doing a great job of improving and fixing mistakes; I just hope they continue. If they can, then they'll have no trouble in making a spot for themselves among the top toy companies.
  24. Ouch...oh well, I guess I'm no stranger to inspecting a toy before I buy it. Honestly though, I haven't had to REALLY inspect something thing Toybiz Marvel Legends (highest rate of broken-in-package that I've experienced). At least it looks like the hands just fell out and they aren't broken... ...of course I'm not saying that makes it alright! *sigh* Oh Jazwares, you've come so far, yet somehow you still make strange choices. I recently bought thier 5 inch Finn figure from Adventure Time. Says he has "stretchy arms" but they're just rubbery plastic, not stretchy. Also, the thing is ten dollars, and it's pretty much a hollow, jittery mess. He'll never stand, the rubber arms means he won't hold his sword for long, and he's all around useless.
  25. The figures have been doing pretty dang well on my end, and heck, I have some Jazwares's early shots at making figures, so the Sonic figures are FRIGGIN' AMAZING compared to them. I mean seriously...did anyone buy thier FIRST Mega Man figures? I bought Vile 'cause he's one of my favorite figures, but good lord, it wasn't even on par with a dollar store figure. Jazwares has come a LONG way.
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