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  1. Do you keep Robin toy figurine also. Bruce Lee once acted in this role. http://cros-toys.com/about Bruce Lee actually portrayed Robin at one time? I remember him in the role of Kato on the Green Hornet. Yea Bruce only played Kato. Allegedly there had been a problem between Burt Ward and Bruce, because allegedly Burt had made a claim that he was a black belt in Karate, and Bruce wanted to spar with him to see if it was true. Also originally Bruce was supposed to lose the fight of Robin vs Kato. But Bruce pressured the writers to rewrite it for it to become a draw instead.
  2. I have to say today's episode was great. I love how they had Aqualad go "Donnie Brasco", within Black Manta's organization. I'm also happy that Richard got to bang Zatanna, from what was implied. I'm sure that this secrecy among Wally, Rich, Artemis, and Kaldur will probably spark some serious beef with the rest of the team once it gets out. Those are most likely the routes for upcoming episodes.
  3. Its probably that, or because the writers probably decided to write him that way in the episode. From my understanding in the comics, Wally is actually the fastest of all the speedsters. I was actually surprised myself in how they portrayed him in this episode, as falling behind the other speedsters. But the writers did kind of make up for it, when he was fast enough to move Barry and Impulse out of the way at the last minute before the explosion. I'm guessing this is suppose to take place before the whole Speed Force thing. It was stated that before that happened,Wally could only go at sub-light speed. Yea man, that's probably it.
  4. I was wondering what happened to that project, I was really looking forward to it. I thought it was just in limbo, but now I know better. I kinda liked the more kid-oriented Teen Titans toon, but I would prefer a more serious, comic-based adaptation of my favorite DC team of heroes. If its done in the style of Young Justice, JLU or Batman: the Animated Series, I know I would enjoy it. I agree.
  5. OK, but with all due respect lets just get this out of the way now. If I type a word, and the "language filter" doesn't censor it (an example being the word "ass"), is it fair game then? I got to tell you, for a website which features mostly grown men discussing action figures, comic books, movies, etc. this place sure takes itself way too seriously....
  6. I was hoping that they made a Teen Titans show or movie, based on the animation of Young Justice. The animation on TTG is too cartoony, compared to what DC is capable of doing. I'm still disappointed that they canceled the DC original Teen Titans movie, based on the Judas Contract story of the 1980's.
  7. Exactly. More heroes should shed villain blood for the cause, much more often.
  8. Looks like the Terminator, and possibly Lex Luthor will be making appearances on this show. I just don't like that they aren't calling him "Green Arrow", and he refers to himself as only "Arrow" (looks like Gumby, the Hulk, and Green Giant protested after all). But at least he is still named Oliver Queen though. I also enjoy that on this show he seems like he's not going to go by the "no killing" rule that many DC heroes tend to favor, after snapping that guy's neck.
  9. Sounds like great news, but Ill believe it when I see the trailer for the movie. I really hope that they get a good-looking actress this time around, to play her... Specifically a woman without a manly Dudley Do-Right jawline would be nice.... In my opinion Lynda Carter was the last and only good-looking woman to play Diana. I like lists, so let's see. For Marvel, starting in 1998 with Blade 1. Blade 2. X-Men 3. Blade II 4. Spider-Man 5. Daredevil 6. X2 7. Hulk 8. The Punisher 9. Spider-Man 2 10. Blade: Trinity 11. Elektra 12. Man-Thing 13. Fantastic Four 14. X-Men: Last Stand 15. Ghost Rider 16. Spider-Man 3 17. Fantasic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 18. Iron Man 19. The Incredible Hulk 20. Punisher: War Zone 21. Wolverine 22. Iron Man 2 23. Thor 24. X-Men: First Class 25. Captain America: The First Avenger 26. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 27. The Avengers 28. Amazing Spider-Man DC's list. Let's start in 1997 around the same timeframe: 1. Batman & Robin 2. Steel 3. Catwoman 4. Batman Begins 5. Superman Returns 6. The Dark Knight 7. Watchmen 8. Jonah Hex 9. Green Lantern 10. The Dark Knight Rises Gotta give it to Marvel. You're right Marvel has had better marketing within the last 15 years more so than DC. But in all fairness, you decided to start you're list from 1997 which is when Marvel started to get serious with their movies, and DC started to decline. But if we go in general, Marvel has had a lot more movies especially since 1997. In my opinion what ruined DC in the movie world, is the hard-on that they have had for the Batman franchise since 1989. The 90's for DC were pretty much obsessed with the Batman, and never did movies on to other DC franchises. Unfortunately DC has still been stuck with the Batman crush, thanks to guys like Bruce Timm. Here is a list of a few DC franchises that DC could have made ton of money in if done right, thats if they don't go the way of the "Nick Cage Superman mechanical Spider" idea from the mid 90's (what the hell was that about??): The Flash (Barry Allen version) Plastic Man (I always wanted Jim Carrey to play Plastic Man, as I cant see anyone else...but he may be too old now) Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) the New gods (this one may even win an Oscar, just based on costumes) Aquaman (they should make this movie dark...just think about a man that lives in the ocean...there's all kinds of weird sht down there...that humans still haven't discovered) the Justice League (they should only do this only after they have done individual movies, with their core members, similar to what Marvel did with Avengers) Green Arrow Captain Marvel (of course it would have to be titled "Shazam" thanks to a copyright involving the competition company) (The Rock has to play Black Adam for this one, I cant see anyone else...unless Arnold Vosloo wants it) The Question Martian Manhunter Wonder Woman (if done right, and kept true to the source) DC Comics did dominate the 1980's though, in terms of movies, cartoons, toys, and a mess of merchandise. They were better at marketing back then, and I have no idea what the hell happened (I still believe its the Batman thing, and shtty decision over at WB. Of course the Superman movies were their main thing, but they also had Supergirl, Swamp Thing 1&2 and the TV show. They also had TV shows like The Flash, Superboy, Smallville, Birds of Prey (even though that was a piece of sht in my opinion), and now Arrow. Also you forgot to include Constantine and The Spirit under the DC movies made since 1997 haha.
  10. I don't recall hearing the notclone speak at all they found him, released him & then he fell down & that was that wasn't it ?.. He didn't speak, he just moaned and groaned a bit. Thats what I based the voice tone thing on, which made his voice sound softer in my opinion. But eventually we will see if its the same voice or not. They most likely will have the same actor doing the voices for both of them, just like they do with Superman and Superboy.
  11. Official E3 Resident Evil 6 Trailer posted in BH/RE Thread

  12. Resident Evil 6 - E3 Official Trailer (US) It's been now revealed that the "b*tch" that Chris was screaming about, is actually Ada Wong.
  13. I hate that they keep changing their voices. I actually read that some people think that its Jensen Ackles (Dean from Supernatural, and Jason Todd in BUTRH) doing the voice for Leon. I guess will see.
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