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  1. Latino Review is a very reliable site, they reviewed the script for the Fantastic Four movie more then a year before it was released and there were only minor differences, such as the names of characters and places.
  2. Ahh your mother has an action feature!! @smilepunch@ @loll@ That was rude.....considering she's dead. Decaying Mother: Now with Jesus Christ Resurrection Action Feature!
  3. Ah, thankies, I'd read about him being in Decimation and I can only assume he'll do the whole evil-restorer stuff again (Giving Wolverine back his adamantium and Angel his wings.) But on a much grander scale with the entire Homo Superior benefitting from his abilities and also becoming his pets.
  4. I avoided House Of M like the plague, but what part did Apocalypse play? I know the geneal story and outcome but I haven't heard of anything from Apoc since Cable killed him.
  5. This is off-topic, but is that Beast picture in your signature modified or changed at all? Because he actually looks like Beast and not a purple Smurf there. I actually love how he looks, just like the ML Beast. Actually, that pic in my signature if a real frame from the X-Men 3 trailer, and is actually Kelsey Grammer made up as Beast. Well, that's bloody great, thank you for letting me know, there may actually be hope for X3 after all.
  6. This is off-topic, but is that Beast picture in your signature modified or changed at all? Because he actually looks like Beast and not a purple Smurf there. I actually love how he looks, just like the ML Beast.
  7. It's a downloading program which I'm fairly sure it's against the rules to discuss on here, it's like Kazaa or Napster was in the beginning, just not as convienate or popular.
  8. I mentioned this in another topic but I've always assumed the lackluster preformence of the Stormtroopers was due to the fact that much like modern U.S soldiers, they are rushed through Bootcamp and given subpar weapons and armor, not to mention that they are forced into service against their will. As for those that thought the Stormtroopers were Clonetroopers, Kiminoian were supposed to have the most sophisticated and advanced cloning technology in the Universe, and I remember reading in several places that they still had problems with their clones, so any clones made by someone else would be extremely bugged, and not suitable for usage in any way, shape or form, and Vader had no way of finding Kamino, from what I remember, he never even went there, Obi Wan never even told him anything beyond the name and if it hadn't been for the Bear Clan and Yoda, Obi Wan himself wouldn't have been able to find it.
  9. There was also a seen in EP3 with Yoda, Mace, Obi Wan and R2 in the Jedi Academy, shortly before Anakin was asked to spy on the Emperor.
  10. I always assumed this, and the reason for their piss poor aim and all that compared to the Clonetroopers is that much like Modern day U.S soldiers, they are being rushed through boot camp as quickly as possible and given extremely subpar weapons and armor.
  11. Him getting killed is better then being made a useless homosexual ala the Ultimate universe. Now, that's not a statement against homosexuals in any way, but rather, what made Colossus what he is in the MU is rendered sterotypical by the decision to make him gay.
  12. oh i know. tell me about it. bad. good. dead. bad. dead. bad.good. dead. dead. dead. house of m puppet. human. make up your mind. this is supposed to be a dangerous man. Ignoring all the deaths, he's always supposed to be that way, he doesn't care for humans but he'll do anything he can to help regular mutants, most of the times that he's been good, it's been because there was a great threat to all of Mutantkind, that he grouped up with Xavier to combat.
  13. Here's a thought, why does Cyclops need armor that's only reason for existing is to stop his own power? The only possible explainations are that Rogue goes evil after stealing his powers or the "cure" We've heard about causing a bad reaction and he like suddenly starts exploding in bursts of his own power. The Rogue thing wouldn't be completely out there but the armor is a wee bit Spider-Manish.
  14. I have no idea why but if Spider-Hulk is real, I'm totally buying him. I mean, come on, what's an explanation for that? Bruce Banner decided to get jiggy with his inner arachnid and stubbed his toe?
  15. I got my first TMNT figure in a fight. I'm a huge fan of the Turtles, but my introduction to them was rather odd. When I was about eight years old, there was this twelve year old bully that kept screwing with people I knew so I leapt onto him and started biting his ear, so he fell and hit his head or something, a few days later, this 11 year old cousin of mine came to stay with my family for a little bit and, he had one of those turtles, Raphael to be exact that opened up to store stuff in their shells, and when my older brother told him this story, he teased me into attacking him to see if I could hurt him, and somehow I did, I found out later that my older brother had made a bet with my cousin over the ninja turtle and he'd won it because I'd defeated my cousin, my brother was 16 at the time and had no practical usage for it so he gave it to me. I'm not entirely sure if this is true or not, because I don't remember it but that's what my family told me for as long as I can remember.
  16. The only real way to do it would be have her to leach off Storm for a bit and that'd mean she had limited control over weather and the like. Unless she molesters Angel and "steals" his wings, but that'd be a wee bit cheesy, then again, so would the Storm thing.
  17. To everyone having problems watching the trailer. Generally the problem is that you don't have the most recent version of Quick Time, it's quite frustating without knowing why it's just that annoying broken icon, but it's easily fixed, despite some annoying add-ons. You just have to update Quick Time, but it comes with Itunes to make it all the more annoying and off-putting so you don't want to buy Apple products. Not the best scheme by Apple, but hey, whatever floats their boat. As for Beast, it's only the purple skintone that screws everything up, if his skintone matched his fur then he'd look pretty good.
  18. Spider Man Classics, the original series or the second series had Man-Spider, I'm fairly sure it was the first series along with Black Spider-Man, Naked Venom, and Spider-Man. And If you own very many MLs, you probably own part of him as his base has been reused in it, at least three times that I can remember.
  19. My dislike of Nolan comes from the movie, after I saw it, I went back over every thing he'd ever said about it that I'd heard and I realized that the problems with the movie originated from Warner Brothers piss poor choices, and Nolan's ego and greed. As for the the Batman question, I actually prefer Batman Forever over any of the others, ignoring the base character that he was playing, Jim Carrey actually did a pretty good job at playing the character that was written for the movie and Val Kilmer is by far the best Batman in my opinion, if only because he seemed to fit the comic book character best physically until Christian Bale was hired, and again, a fairly good proformance. Now, for as much as I hate Batman Begins, facially Christian Bale was made to play Bruce Wayne, but as for his mannerisms, actual physical size, voice and general acting style, he was completely wrong for the role. He exhibited the same amount of class and charisma as a recently murdered fish, and he still resembled his character from The Machinist, an excellent but oddly funny movie.
  20. I'm as liberal as you can be without trying to breed with Gaia, and I still think you are being ridiculous and generally an asshat.
  21. I didn't say it was a good movie, I said it was better then Batman Begins, Which it is, in my opinion, I never said anything close to resembling saying that Spawn was even worth watching, but Begins is lower then that, it's like the Swept Away of Superhero movies. And of course, I'm not suggesting how to make a good Batman movie, the movie's already out there and the sequel's already earned it's place in my fireplace as kinder, but I hold out hope that they'll be able to avoid having Alfred kidnapped and tortured. Fan opinions have proven to affect things, but the past is a little bit much to assume. As for the whole constructive critism thing to help the sequel, the whole thing that brought down the movie was ego, Nolan's ego overcame his extremely limited talent and abilities, and my suggestions aren't going to penetrate that.
  22. I'd seen it referenced several times, but I found it out ot be as close to fact as one can get when it was featured in one of countless men's magazines, the month of the film's release in an article about Batman Begins, they had several interesting facts about the movies and the Adam West television show, but for Begins, they had something along the lines of That's not a word for word quote, but it's as close as I can remember. The important bit is that had Goyer not been involved, Batman would have been running around trying to be a symbol of an idiot in tights as opposed to a idiot trying to be a symbol of a manbat. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I don't think it could of be worse if Batman had been played by Orson Welles, modern day Orson Welles at that. It was cliche, boring, and at times, utterly laughable in it's attempts to be serious. Bruce Wayne was pathetic, a useless #$### before his problems even began, and above all this, it fell into the same problems as every superhero movie before Spider-Man. Everyone insults the live action Spawn movie, but it's fight scenes were watchable, no matter how far apart they were, it's humor was humorous, and it's actors weren't pretending they were in Shakespear, it was an action movie, not an epic that was ended to shape your life. Which is more then I can say about Batman Begins. I realize that it was his origin at the same time, but the actor and the character wanted something that was out of their range, they wanted to be. Neither the writting skills of Goyer/Nolan or the acting skills of the guy that played could possibly produce what they were going for and they ended up with a mere parody of a villian and an excessively comedical farce of interaction between the "heroe" and this supposed villian. The origin, it's self was crap on a stick, it was a joke even more so then the attempted acting by Lazy Mcrappy Murphy (I can't remember his real name.) And this is what happened to an established character, I shudder at the mere thought of what they would do with a new one. I was actually defending the lack of traditional costumes in the X-Men movies in another topic. I have no problem with more realistic designs and the like, but at the same time, there's a point where you lose who it is you were after. You look at X-Men since I already mentioned it, you see Wolverine, even without his claws and so long as you know who the X-Men are, you know who it is, same for all of them with the possible exception of Iceman, and that can't be said for any of Batman Begins villians, not even Ra's Al Ghul. But all of this is beside the point, I wasn't talking about the costume or lack there of, I was commenting on the character as a whole.
  23. With the exception of Stegron, seriously every Marvel character I have any kind of love for has been made or is being made, actually, I take that back, I'd love to have a Maximum Carnage wave, with the whole gang.
  24. I think he's supposed to be an Ultimate version, he looks extremely animeish.
  25. There are three Batman villians that the average movie-goer would know: The Joker, The Riddler, and Mr.Freeze, now, seeing as how the idiot director hates superheroes (He didn't even want Batman to wear a mask.) The Joker is the only logical choice out of those, now I know that Ra's Al Ghul isn't a well known villian, and they did him in the first one, but besides The Penquin and possibly the Black Mask, Batman doesn't have any other non-superhero villians they can pick. So another baddie besides The Joker would have to be homegrown and we all saw how well that turned out with Scarecrow, since they just kept the gimmick and the name. Lastly, The Joker is the man in the comics, he killed a Batboy, he killed a Batboy Now, I don't care if it's been changed or not by recent comics, he killed the little bastard and that's all there is to it. Not even Bane has done that much damage to Batman, once again for dramatic effect, The Joker killed a Batboy. The Joker is Batman's Green Goblin or Magneto, he's the villian that defined who he is today, that single explosion has changed everything that Batman has done since. I don't think Jim Carrey with a pogo stick compares to that.
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