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  1. When the Walgreens exclusive Agent Venom hit he was a huge hit. Being such a popular character I decided to 'super deluxe' him here being more of an upgrade to the original figure than a full custom. Agent Venom has been repainted from head to toe such as glossy shell-armor sections with grey highlights, full belt gear paint work, and filled in joint holes for a seamless look. His right hip holster has been replaced with a working tactical one (original had a molded in place gun) and his belt knife sculpt replaced with a working sheathe. Two additional heads were crafted, the unmasked Thomson one from a Steve Rogers with sculpted hair and a symbiote venom face. More weapons were included as well as an extra back tendril which serves to hold them all like a 'weapons rack' behind him! Now this is an Agent Venom that deserves to be in the front of your collection. More pics here---> Super Deluxe Agent Venom ------------------------------------------------------------ My Megaman Marvel Legends line returns with the appearance of a toasty nemesis, the Robot Masters Fire Man! This 6" scale custom Fire Man figure was created using the Ultron/Titanium Man body, lower arms and legs from a DC Direct orange lantern Lex Luthor, Transformers energon Scorponok turbines, and DC Direct Firestorm head with Aves Apoxie sculpted detail. Cyborg shoulderpads were added along with some flame effects so he could blast away at Megaman during battle. More pics here---> Fire Man: Megaman Marvel Legends scale
  2. Watch out world because the Red Skull is out to take you over leading his HYDRA army! The Red Skull has always been one of Captain America's greatest foes and here I've created him in his classic green comic outfit using the body of a Legends AIM solider, head and lower arms of the trenchcoat Red Skull, and belt from a Cyborg DCU figure. His entire uniform is shaded green and I even created a removable cigarette that fits between his lips like he always sports in the comics. I added the neck collar from the original Red Skull to the AIM body as well as the holster, giving him a Luger to complete the look. More pics here: Classic Red Skull
  3. She's sassy, spunky, and sparkly, she's Jubilee of the X-men! I set out to create the 90's version of Jubilee by combining the upper half of a Marvel Girl, bottom half of a Wasp, boots from a Mary Batson, head from the new BAF Jubilee, and heavily modded trench coat from a 5" light up Toybiz Gambit figure. Her shorts and sleeves were sculpted using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and she was painted up in her comic colors. I also modified her plasma crackles with extensions so she could blast Sentinels and cause some real trouble! More pictures here---> Marvel legends Jubilee ============================================================== He's back in black, The One, the only, Neo straight from the first Matrix movie. It's been a long time since I made a Neo and figured it was time for a revamp. Here I used the bottom half of a Winter Soldier and top torso/coat from Nick Fury Marvel Legends. The head is a modded McFarlane Neo head and Dessad hands were used along with an open-palm one from a Carnival of Souls figure. Different belts and straps were added for his webgear along with Winter Soldier's to give him a movie look. Now Neo is ready to take on Agent Smith once and for all! More pictures here---> Custom 6" Matrix Neo
  4. So there was no Deadpool figure revealed at the SDCC and we have to fill the void ourself. Here's a custom Marvel Legends comic style Deadpool that's sure to fit into your collection perfectly! He was created using the body of a Scarlet Spider with dremelled down neck so a modded ML 6 Deadpool headcast could fit (with hoodie tip!) AIM soldier hands, and custom sculpted seams/cuffs/detail. The seams were sculpting using a new product called ProCreate Professional Sculptors Putty which can be mixed to a flexible, plastic-like form to create super thin details that won't chip off. He was given Nick Fury's webgear and the AIM Soldiers bandoleer that you can swap out for different looks too and the new TMNT Movie Leo's swords. More pics here---> Custom 6" Deadpool
  5. The winged insectoid terror is back to battle the Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Nova Corps, or any cosmic Marvel hero that gets in his way! Annihilus was created from the space armor Iron Man in the GotG Legends series with sculpted face, ball jointed Purgatory wings, 4H Scarabus hands, and Legendary Riders Ultron lower legs. Various fodder parts were used for his collar and armor sections with a DC Direct Firestorm base as a flight stand. One cosmic paint job later and Annihilus was ready to annihilate everything in his path! More pics here---> Movie Annihilus
  6. He's dashing, he's daring, he's thieving, it's Peter Jason Quill aka: Star Lord. Here I've gone all out creating a unique custom Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy movie Star Lord with light-up eyes. I used the normal Legends Infinite figure and hollowed out/resculpted the torso installing a clear neck post that channels the LED light up into the head that was modded with clear eye ports linking to the neck post. Depressing the button on his back make the eyes light up bright red like in the movie! Star Lord also features a complete hand painted, screen accurate costume from his armor down to his tiny boot buckles. A set of human hands were added, all his accessories detailed, snap-on blaster effects, wired headphones/walkman, orb, and a detailed chest cannon included that came with Rocket Raccoon. I repainted the alternate head as well and modded it to fit the new neck and gave his masked head a complete paint detailing job. Throw in a flight stand base, the mysterious orb, and Star Lord is ready to take on any cosmic threat that comes his way. A charity auction is currently being held for this figure where 100% of the proceeded go to the Special Olympics of Southern California, a great organization that helps intellectually challenged individuals. More pictures can be found here---> light-up Star Lord Marvel Legends Figure
  7. Look out zombies there's a new S.T.A.R.S. member hunting you down! This custom Leon Kennedy figure has been created in his Resident Evil 2 themed armor for the 7" scale of NECA figures. Leon was created from the top half of a Kick Ass 2 swat armor figure, bottom half of Sam Fisher, Colonial Marines feet, and Steve Rogers marvel legends hands. His hair was sculpted using Pro-Create modeling putty as was the RPD logo on his vest. Various fodder belts/holsters and weapons were added so Leon could waste any zombie or mutant he came across. More pictures here---> Custom Leon Kennedy figure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's time to fill out the ranks of NECA's 7" Resident Evil figures and here's Albert Wesker of the Umbrella Corp to add to the zombie terror. Here this custom Wesker was based off his Resident Evil 5 look using the Kick Ass 2 Captain Stars and Stripes, Sam Fisher vest with various belts/fodder parts, Rambo lower arms, and Hunger Games Kato head with sculpted hair and glasses using ProCreate modeling putty. Wesker was given some firepower, an earpiece communicator, and a vial of the T-virus to infect everyone with! More pictures here---> Custom Albert Wesker figure
  8. Rumbling towards battle comes the powerful Decepticon Bruticus! This time he's been re imagined in the Age of Extinction style instead of his usual combiner form seeing as Brawl bit it in the first movie anyway. Bruticus was made from the incredibly versatile Hound voyager mold, modded Dead End head, and some extra fodder bits. His hand-guards were made to be detachable and his entire body hand painted and weathered for a military look including his weapons. This Bruticus is ready to take on the entire Autobot team now! More pics here---> AoE Bruticus
  9. He's big, he's bad, he's Autobot Big Daddy! This powerful bot needed a good muscle car base so I used a First Edition Cliffjumper as the mold. Various sections of the waist have been changed and the front bumper modded so it folds backwards instead of ending up in front giving the character a different look. An Armada Wheeljack head was used and Big Daddy given a metallic black flake look using Testors one coat lacquer. Add some flames and a hood blower in, Big Daddy is ready to roll out! More pics here---> Big Daddy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ready to slice his way through the Autobot army comes the Decepticon Bludgeon, this time done in Transformers Age of Extinction movie style! Created from a AoE Deluxe Drift I swapped out the face with a Terminator skull and gave him classic G1 Bludgeon colors using a variety of washes and lining. The vehicle mode has a great metallic purple shine to it using Testors One Coat Lacquer. Now Drift has someone to fight that's just his style! More pics here---> Bludgeon
  10. Maria Hill of SHIELD returns in the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron as this week's custom action figure! Using the Black Widow Infinite body for the base I sculpted some extra suit/belt detail, added new hands, and modified a 2-Pack Black Widow's hair and face to resemble Maria. She has a muti-shaded uniform with detail that works perfect for her look. Sporting a pistol Maria Hill is ready to lead her team against anyone...or anything. More pics here----> Maria Hill of SHIELD
  11. Jin Saotome the hot-headed mecha pilot is back and this time he's been created in a brand new 7" Marvel Select scale! This custom Jin Saotome figure was made from a Bandai S.I.C. Apocalypse Zero figure with additional sculpted detail and modified parts. Jin's feet, knee/elbow and other armor parts are die-cast metal! The articulation of his lower legs was tweaked a bit to give him better range of motion. The head was a cast from a 25th SF Anniv pvc Ryu bust. Jin's paint work is an extremely detailed bone-white with different levels of shading and panel lining to mimic the detailed S.I.C. look. I gave him a modified green goblin flame effect for his hand or feet and sent Jin off to battle. More pictures here---> Jin Saotome Marvel Select ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The leader of the Autobots returns and, wait, this isn't Optimus Prime! This is NEMESIS PRIME! No longer straight movie style I've gone and given this custom Transformers Nemesis Prime a classic look that I wish they had rebooted the Transformers movie franchise into. An Evasion Mode voyager Prime was used for the main body, a new grille and chest windows were added thanks to a Kaiyodo pvc Optimus Prime bust, and the new head is from the Construct-Bots figure using a double jointed neck. Nemesis Prime has new hands and even new feet with piston details! Minicon parts were used for removable smokestacks to complete his classic look in both robot and alt mode. This figure also has an amazing range of motion now and allows for some great poses. Decepticons, ATTACK!! More pictures here---> Nemesis Prime
  12. Eddie Brock returns with a fearsome symbiote with this custom Marvel Legends Anti-Venom figure! While the Marvel Select Anti-Venom was neat he was way too tall to fit in with the Marvel Legends line. Here I took a Toxin figure and resculpted the face, added lots of body spikes, rounded the boot-feet out, and detailed him up to become Anti-Venom! Lots of hand-painted line detail was added to give him a sinewy look and he has some cool inner mouth/eye paint work as well. Now Anti-Venom will cure you all! More pics here---> Anti-Venom
  13. They always say two heads are better than one and this custom Beast Wars Megatron figure proves it! I used a Transformers Age of Extinction Scorn for the base body and a Megabolt head for the transformation. The body had to be primered with Bulldog Adhesion promoter because of the different kinds of plastic and rubber. I was surprised how well the mold works for Megatron and gave it a nice detailed paint job befitting the leader of the Predacons! More pictures here---> Beast Wars Megatron custom figure
  14. All hail DOOM! The tyrant has arrived in all his un-caped glory with this Secret Wars Dr Doom custom Marvel Legends figures based upon his comic book/vintage toy appearance. He was created using a DC Universe Sportsmaster upper body, Cyborg limbs and waist, and custom cast Dr Doom head. All his armor parts were sculpted on and I created a double-barreled ray gun for him like the original had. He also gets a beam-blast to take down his enemies. Sorry but there's no lenticular shield this time! Doctor Doom was painted using Testors Model Master Acrylic, Formula P3, and Citadel metallics. More pictures here---> Secret Wars Dr Doom cusrtom figure
  15. He's a big, bipedal Dinobot stomping his way through the Decepticon forces. It's not Grimlock, it's the original Dinobot! Here this custom Beast Wars Dinobot figure is recreated in the Age of Extinction movie style using the Voyager Grimlock figure as the base and a Generations Dinobot head. Various sections were removed/resculpted to round out his mold including repositioning the forearms and adding Raptor claw like toes. Complete with a classic striped and bone-detailed paint job Dinobot is ready to fight with HONOR! More pics here---> Custom Dinobot ------------------------------------------------------------ Blasting out of the sky to destroy all Autobots comes the leader of the Decepticons in his high-flying plane mode! This custom Machine Wars Megatron figure was made from a Beast Hunters deluxe Dreadwing with a modded Bot Shots Megatron head. The colors for the original Machine Wars Megatron and his clone Megaplex have long since been debated as being reversed (Megatron is usually grey and clones have always been darker green/blue) so you can choose what name suits him best yourself. Various pieces have been removed and resculpted, new feet added, for a more modern plane look and Megatron has been painted up with a detailed paint job befitting the leader, or cloned leader of the Decepticons. More pics here---> Custom Machine Wars Megatron/Megaplex
  16. Upon hearing the rumor that Ultron will go through three 'upgrades' during the movie (initial build, advanced build, vibranium alloy build) I decided on making his advanced 'Mark II' themed body. This custom Marvel Legends Ultron was created using the Mark 32 Iron Man body, arms and legs from an old ML Ultron, head from the Iron Monger BAF Ultron, and various halo Elite armor sections. New curved movie-style antenna-ears were attached and his whole armored body detailed up with panel lining and weathering. We can't forget the trademark Kirby bubbles in his mouth and once those were added Ultron was ready to wreak havoc! More pics here--> Mark II Ultron
  17. The leader of the Autobots returns as you've never seen him before with this custom Transformers Age of Extinction 'Evasion Mode' Optimus Prime. No longer just movie style I've gone and given him a G1 look that I wish they had rebooted the Transformers movie franchise into. I used an Evasion Mode voyager Prime for the main body and shortened parts like the knee plates. A new grille and chest windows were added thanks to a Takara pvc Optimus Prime bust and the new head is from the Construct-Bots figure using a double jointed neck. I also gave Optimus Prime extending ball-jointed wrists with new, larger hands which seem to fill the arms out properly. Jointed smokestacks were added to complete his G1-ish look in both robot and alt mode. This figure also has an amazing range of motion now and allows for some great poses. Autobots, ROLL OUT! More pics here--> Evasion Mode G1 Optimus Prime custom figure
  18. This week I bring you a custom Transformers Prime Insecticon Shrapnel done in a concept earth-mode style. While the Insecticons in Transformers Prime were basically giant clones I figured taking on the three famous ones and giving them a unique style would work. The first of the bunch, Shrapnel, uses a Beat Hunters Bulkhead body, Power Core Bombshock head, and voyager Optimus hands. I removed some sculpt, reworked the bumper, and gave Shrapnel wing-swords and 'pincers' for the back wings. Wrapped up in a matte/gloss black shell he's ready to roll out, fly out, and gnaw out on his foes! More pics here--> Insecticon Shrapnel
  19. He's big, he's bad, he's blue...? He's Venom! This custom Marvel Legends Venom figure is based on the Marvel vs Capcom 2 video game appearance of the character, hence the blue tint which was how his sprite was represented. Venom was created using a Terrax BAF body base with Toxin head and hands. I resculpted the arms, added a longer jaw and new teeth, as well as a tongue covered in the slime that's always dripping from it. The spider symbol was hand painted to match the one in the game and he was given game accurate colors to match. Now Venom can be added to your Marvel vs Capcom 2 character roster in all his toothy glory! More pics here--> MvC2 Venom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They're big, they're deadly, they're somewhat unwieldy, they're SHIELD's Mandroid battle armors! This custom Marvel Legends SHIELD Mandroid was created from the BAF Mandroid that you could assemble by buying all the Captain America Infinite Legends figures. I turned it into the comic book version by adding a claw and gun arm, hollowing out the head and adding a SHIELD agent head inside as you can see the human faces through their visors in the comic versions. An airbrushed metallic gold-yellow paint job with dark gold shading was used to complete the image along with some added joint detail. Now the SHIELD Mandroid is ready to take on any Metahuman it encounters! More pics here--> SHIELD Mandroid
  20. He's the brash and dangerous leader of the Wreckers, the mighty Impactor is here! Based on his classic comic design this custom Transformers Generations Impactor uses a deluxe Warpath mold with modified chest section, Tankor/Seaspray combo shoulder canon, and combiner Impactor head. He has both hands and an attachment that allows for a harpoon or drill to be inserted! His paint job is tan-yellow and purple using Testors and Formula P3 paints sealed for protection so he can be fully poseable and transformable into tank mode. More pics here---> Custom Transformers Impactor
  21. With Captain America, Thor, and other Avengers sporting near-comic accurate suits poor Hawkeye is left out wearing his tacticool gear. Well not today! Here I being you a custom Marvel Legends Hawkeye with a brand new look combining his classic comic look with a movie-esp appearance. I used a Winter Soldier upper body with a Baron Zemo lower, lots of sculpted detail using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and the head of a Marvel Now Captain America. Hawkeye's paint job included different shades of purple and dark red for stand out details. He was given a bow using wire for a draw-back effect, frost and electrical arrows along with regular ones. Now Hawkeye can fight Ultron along side his teammates without looking out of place! More pics here---> Custom Age of Ultron Hawkeye
  22. He's part man, part machine, but all deadly! Here's a custom Marvel Legends Deathlok figure that's sure to blow away the competition. He was created from an Extremis Iron Man upper body, Titanium Man lower body, DCU Mr Freeze boots, Mortal Kombat Jax arms, and a retooled ML Deathlok head and backpack. The head originally had an open mouth but it's been closed for a new look. Various hoses and wires were added all over him and a tiny classic SHIELD logo was added to his chest just like the art. A little bit of weathering adds to Deathlok's mechanical appearance and this robotic warrior is ready to fight! More pics here---> Deathlok -------------------------------------------------------------------------- With great sculpts comes great responsibility...to update customs! Here we have a brand new custom Symbiote Spider-Man using the Superior Spiderman from the Marvel legends Infinite line. The head is a modded Spider-Sense resculpted with Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt. Spider-Man's white sections are also raised sculpts of Apoxie Sculpt and he was wrapped up in a black with blue comic-line paint job. More pics here---> Symbiote Spider-Man
  23. When you have an army of killer robots it's only natural to want to join them on the battlefield and with the Horde Trooper Commander Armor Hordak can do just that! Standing at eight inches tall this Custom Masters of the Universe Classics Horde Trooper Commander original concept figure was created from a Marvel Legends Iron Monger BAF base, Hordak staff symbol/hood, Spawn bone links, Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt sections, and the front of a Demogoblin glider for the Trooper head. The trooper's head can be exchanged with Hordak's for a different look and the fists can be swapped out with a ray weapon and claw. She-Ra and He-Man have never fought anything like this before! More pics here---> Horde Trooper Commander Armor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wandering the realm of Eternia Ro-Nan the blind swordsman dispenses justice with his twin blades to all those who would threaten peace. This custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure is an original character and created using a Mo-Larr body, Icarus alt head, cloth hakama pants, and a DC Direct Aquaman armored cowl. Sodom's straw hat was modded to fit on his head and he was given two swords, a massive tech one and normal length blade. They say that justice is blind and the evil-doers of Eternia will soon find that true when Ro-Nan enters in to the picture! More pics here---> Ro-Nan the blind swordsman
  24. Here's a custom Resident Evil Nemesis action figure that's sure to get your blood spilling! It took me a while but I was able to track down the open mouth Palisades variant to use. His head, wrists, and ankles were all given ball joints (neck has a double) so he can be posed in better positions. To look like the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 version his Rocket launcher was made from parts and even has a rocket blast effect you can add on. Nemesis has removable arm tendrils added to mimic his tentacle slam attack from the game. A longer grappling tentacle can be attached to his right hand to ensnare foes and Nemesis was given a complete paint job in MvC3 Nemesis colors. Now this beast is ready to find and exterminate the STARS team once and for all! More pics here--> Custom Marvel Legends Nemesis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The merc with a mouth returns as a custom Marvel Legends Infinite style Deadpool figure itching to smart off to his foes! Here Deadpool was created from a Casting Cave Bowen sculpt Deadpool headcast, Scarlet Spider from the Rocket Raccoon baf wave, and Superior Spiderman hands. Deadpool's black suit section was sculpted on using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt, Fantomex's belt, TMNT Leo's swords/sheathes, and Baron Zemo's web harness. One custom belt buckle later and Deadpool is ready to slice and dice his way into your collection! More pics here--> Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool
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