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  1. "The tides of change are upon Eternia and riding them is the mighty Octopious, ruler of the Ruby Sea! Determined to restore peace to the oceans Octopious journeyed to Castle Grayskull with good intentions, however met with ill ones from Skeletor who was in the middle of an assaulting it. Without hesitation Octopious and his Nautalitic Guards joined the battle. Inked blind by Octopious' attack, Skeletor learned that not all cephalopods were created equal, some were far mightier than others!" An original character design of mine, Octopious is ready to take on the evils of Eternia on land or in the sea. He was created from a Funko Cthulhu minifig head, Monster High octo arm backpack, TMNT Crab Shredder hands, and a Dactus body. Airbrushed, detailed, and sealed from head to toe, this MotUC custom Octopious is a perfect addition to any He Man Classics collection! For more pics head to his page here: Custom MOTUC Octopious ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aliens attack! Based on a Xeno from the doomed Aliens cartoon here's a four-armed Alien menace to take on your Colonial Marines. This Harvestman Alien was created as an egg-transporter for the queen. It was created from two standard NECA Alien Warrior xenos, hybrid alien crest, and Diablo III shoulders. Quite a bit of resculpting, trimming, and hollowing-out was needed to join the two xenos together and now we have an arachnid-centuar terror! For more pics head to its page here: Custom NECA Harvestman Alien
  2. The Aliens have returned and this time they're taking over, courtesy of their new king! Here I've created a NECA scaled custom Alien King action figure to terrorize your collection. It's a combination of looks from the Sideshow statue and the Kenner deluxe Alien Kings featuring the cool crest tails as well as the vintage figure colors. It was created using a NECA AvP Grid Alien base with NECA Diablo III parts. The crest blades are poseable and fold down to become pincers like the Kenner Alien King had so it can grab Colonial Marines. The entire figure was airbrushed with different shades of green, tan, and copper to really bring out the details. Standing over 10" tall this Alien King is ready to tear into anything! For more pics head to his page: Custom Kenner style Alien King -------------------------------------------------------- Not truly a custom but rather a mod, I took a Funko POP Big Daddy and gave it a light-up feature. You can do this too by using a hairdryer and heating up the helmet rack and prying it off, then prying the front helmet off the same way. Inside is hollow so I drilled out the eyes, used googly-eye caps for the porthole lenses, then filled them with clear epoxy. The led light kit came from one of the floating pool lights and turns seven different colors, but stays on whatever color you choose. This was perfect for Big Daddy's 'moods'. For more pics head to his page: Light up Funko POP! Big Daddy
  3. The Aliens are back and they're taking over all sorts of life forms. This week I bring you a Panther Alien specially created for your 7" NECA figure collection. Panther was created from the NECA Dog aka Runner Alien body with shortened limbs and sculpted shoulders, hips, crest, and back. Hands and feet from different Aliens Resurrection Aliens were used and given joints. Panther Alien even has his little back parasite! The entire figure was airbrushed from head to toe using gold and copper highlights to mimic the look of the vintage figure while still maintaining a ton of sculptural detail. More Aliens to follow so keep an eye out! For more pics head to his page here: Custom Panther Alien
  4. Jumping, well rather swinging his way into the Marvel Legends series comes the one and only NES Bionic Commando! Styled directly after the original sprite this grappling hero is packed with all sorts of features. Ladd Spencer features a removable grappler line, claw tip, as well as a magnetic tip that allows him to hang from metal surfaces. He was created from a Star Wars Black 6" Resistance Trooper, Walgreens Daredevil alt head, Nick Fury boots, and various fodder parts as well as sculpted detail. He can swing from the tower on the custom made Bionic Comamndo level base! A custom made blaster/backpack round out his weaponry and he even comes with a radio. Now Ladd is ready to grapple anywhere and accomplish his missions. For more pictures head to his page here: Bionic Commando 6" custom
  5. Your favorite Mandalorian bounty hunter returns, it's Boba Fett customized as he was seen in the Return of the Jedi Star Wars movie. Here I took a basic 6" Boba Fett and gave him a complete repaint job down to the tiny scuffs and scratches on his armor. A new belt, gear, and braided wookie scalps were added to up the detail along with a flamethrower blast that can be attached to his gauntlet. The placement of his pouches fixes the range of leg motion and now Fett can hunt down any figure in your collection and look amazing doing so. A full set of his pictures is located on his page here: Custom Black series Boba Fett
  6. With all the new characters from Star Wars the Force Awakens I thought hey, why not keep adding to the roster? This week I've mixed some Expanded Universe in and created a concept First Order Dark Trooper! Standing at 7.5" tall this cyborg trooper is ready to crush the Resistance. This custom Dark Trooper was made from an Evolve Markov body, Mandroid lower arms, and FO Stormtrooper head along with various fodder details. Dark Trooper wields wrist-mounted vibroblade and blaster cannons into battle. There's armor weathering, airbrushed shading, and all sorts of metallic detail too. For more pictures head to his page here: First Order Dark Trooper
  7. The merc-with-a-mouth returns in all his smartalec glory this time in an armored suit to combat the upcoming Apocalypse! Here I created a movie-styled armored up Deadpool using a BvS armored Batman, sculpted details, blasters made from a Disney infinity Rocket Raccoon figurine, and twin tech swords. The blasters magnetically attach to his hips and the swords to his back. There's tons of articulation in this figure and I modded various joints to increase the range. Now Deadpool is ready to fight alongside the X-men and take on the biggest of opponents! For more pictures head to his page here: Armored Deadpool custom
  8. Kaboom! Pow! Blammo! No Decepticon wants to hear these words on the battlefield because it means Warpath is on the, well, warpath. This tanky little Autobot was created using a Combiner Wars Brawl. His waist was modded so it folds down properly and magnets were used so that his combiner joint became his chest cannon. Basic transformation rules apply so he still becomes and arm or a leg, tank or robot. Watch out, this little fellow packs a wallop! For more pics head to his page here: Combiner Wars Warpath
  9. Star Wars the Force Awakens gave us a brand new villain, Kylo Ren of the First Order. However the 6" Black Series figure needed some upgrades. Here I've made the hood removable by undoing the stitching and wrapping the hood material around a modded Dr Doom hood that clips under the base of Kylo's helmet allowing it to turn with his head while laying flat. He now comes with open gesture hands modded from a Superior Venom, force lighting hands from a movie Elctro, and new unmasked head as shown at the end of the movie using a Prince Caspian character's head with newly sculpted features. Kylo's lightsaber was given the clear crackling flame look by sculpting clear epoxy around the blade and coating it with clear red/orange highlights. For more pics head to his page here: Custom Kylo Ren --------------------------------------- Star Wars the Force Awakens gave us all sorts of new and exciting characters, tho none mysterious as the Knight of Ren shown standing around Kylo Ren for only a few seconds of screen time. Here I've created a custom Knight of Ren character using a Star Wars Black Tie Fighter Pilot body, modded Titanium Man head/Magneto Helmet, and a whole lot of fodder armor, fabric, belt, and detail work. A vibro-axe is this one's signature weapon and they were painted using a combination of matte, satin, and high gloss black to make different costume effects stands out. Get ready for more of the Knights of Ren! For more pics head to his page here: Knights of Ren #1
  10. "When the Nexxus device was activated by Skeletor it opened portals to other worlds and other dimensions all across Eternia. One such doorway led to a strange planet called New Texas where the villainous Bullet Bart resided. Following Tex Hex through to Eternia, Bart found himself in a showdown with none other than Rio-Blast and BraveStarr! With his Gatling hands blazing Bullet Bart was determined to eliminate any and all traces of the law...and with Skeletor's help he might just succeed!" This custom Masters of the Universe Classics/Bravestarr crossover figure was created using a Geldor head, galactic Skeletor body, Vikor military armor parts, a western Spawn hat, and some fodder Gatling gun attachments that went on some sort of laser-tag robots. The open back leg sections were sculpted in as was various face and chest detail. Now He-Man and Bravestarr have a new villain to battle!! For more pictures head to his page: Bullet Bart
  11. Clayface is one of Batman's deadliest foes, able to change into anyone or anything along with being nearly indestructible. Here I've created a custom Clayface figure based on his Batman the Animated Series clearance. A DC Select Sculpt Clayface was used for the base and the head resculpted. The body was cracked apart and the rotten bendy arms removed. Marve Legends Rhino BAF shoulder peg inserts were added so the Rhino arms could be attached, then sculpted over. Hands from a Hero Mashers Carnage were used with the removable pegs assisting in making the spiked clay ball and blade removable. A full airbrushed paintjob later and this Clayface looks ready to take on Batman and win! For more pics head to his page here: Clayface
  12. Moody, dangerous, and damned, John Constantine walks a fine line between worlds in hopes that he can redeem himself by battling the forces of evil. This custom movie John Constantine was created using the DC Collectibles comic Constantine body, McFarlane real world Neo head and various different hands. Articulation had to be added in the wrists, waist, hips, and ankles for the figure to be properly articulated. Constantine's holy shotgun was created from scratch parts, his lighter, ancient bandage, and holy brass knuckles rounding out his arsenal. A couple of new alternate hands and a movie style paint job later and Constantine is ready to raise a little Hell. For more pics head to his page! John Constantine
  13. From the shadows of the night stalks the most lethal of assassins, Hunter Rose. Without an equal this Grendel has taken the city for his own, and your collection! Grendel Hunter Rose was created from a ML Scarlet Spider body, pizza Spidey head, machine man lower legs, and DCU Capt Boomerange lower arms. Apoxie Sculpted detail was added and I created his dual bladed fork from scratch materials. One airbrushed paintjob and hand detailing later Grendel was ready to take on the world. Want more pics? Head to his page here: Grendel Hunter Rose ------------------------------------------ Hailing from a bleak and distant future, the cyborg known as Grendel Prime is virtually unstoppable in his quest. Here I've created him in Marvel Legends 6" scale using a DC Collectibles Nightwing base, Captain America lower legs, apoxie sculpted suit and mask details, and various fodder armor parts. His beam saber was made from a martini pick and he was given a matte/gloss/weathered paint job with all the silver studs. Now Grendel Prime is ready for his ultimate battle. Want more pics? Head to his page here: Grendel Prime
  14. Straight from your childhood videogames and onto the shelf comes the original heroic ninja Ryu Hayabusa from the original Ninja Gaiden game! This custom Marvel Legends Ryu was created from a black series Obi-Wan body, resculpted Fantomex head, Scarlet Spider lower legs, Machine Man arms, and Ninja Slayer scarf/hands/accessories. He has real fabric wrappings, belts, and bandages for that premium-format feel and has a posable scarf. Ryu's range of motion is amazing and he comes with a ton of accessories like his Dragon Sword in sheath, ninja arts Windmill star, throwing knives, and grappling hook, all of which can be used on the multiple action base stands. For more pictures head to his page here: Custom Marvel legends scale Ninja Gaiden Ryu =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Prepare your mind for the ultimate mental assault as you gaze upon The Leader! One of Hulk's most dangerous adversaries this custom Leader has been created in Marvel Legends 6" scale with his classic comic look. He was made from a Toybiz Hulk Classics Leader head, SDCC Ghost body, Star Wars Black Obi-Wan lower legs, Machine Man belt and Scarlet Spider hands. You can swap the hands out for a mind-control pose and the Leader has been given an airbrushed paint job to really stand out in your collection. For more pictures head to his page here: Custom Marvel Legends Leader
  15. "Deep within Subternia dwells the fearsome lava lord Maag-Marr. As the pressures build so does his power, control over molten rock that he harnesses through the magmatic core in his chest. Wielding a meteor staff imbued with powerful cosmic energy Maag-Marr will soon lead his underground forces against all of Eternia and flood the surface with his burning rage!" Here's the lava-wielding Maag-Marr, my newest custom Masters of the Universe Classics character. He was created from a Calix body, ML Terrax head, reflective gem chest piece, and extra sculpted stone work. His staff was made from Strobo's meteor accessory and some ML Green Goblin flames were added. A lot of airbrushing went into the magma effects in the cracks of his stone in order to get them looking like they were glowing such as shades of red, orange, and yellow. For more pictures head to his page here: Maag-Marr ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a southern belle that's sure to knock you for a loop, it's the Xmen's Rogue! She's been given the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment so she can fit into your movie-verse lines. This custom Marvel Legends MCU Rogue was created from a DC Collectibles Super Woman with a tailored Nick Fury trench coat. She was given various sculpted detail, a new hairstyle, and goggles along with a fully airbrushed paint job with shading effects. Young Justice Red Arrow's webgear was used and she was sealed up using a combination of Liquitex acrylic varnish. For more pictures head to his page here: MCU style Rogue figure
  16. You knew it was only a matter of time and with the Ant-Man movie being so amazing here's a movie-accurate version of his Marvel Legends form! Using a retail ML Ant Man I resculpted the helmet to add more of the bridge of the nose, side breather apparatus sections, helmet dome and sides. A backpack was attached and hoses run from the helmet. Ant-Man has two closed fists now, a screen accurate paint job including black shading on the red sections and full silver wire. I also took the mini-figs that he came with and changed them up, giving them full paint jobs. Ant-Man is now in a leaping/punching pose and Yellowjacket is defending with his pincers over his shoulders ready to fire. Now you can have an Ant-Man that looks like he stepped right off the screen! For more pictures head to his page here: Ant Man custom figure
  17. It's been a while since I've created any custom GI Joe figures and this week I have something special for you, Cobra Lab Tubes! These tubes light up, not just one color but six. There's also a color-scrolling option. The best thing is these stay the color you choose until you click the button again to switch them. You can choose between always-on: red, green, purple, white, and light blue. Technically there's a yellow selection too but it ends up looking almost like the green selection. These were made using the Dr Dreadful Alien Slime Drink tubes, printed control panel stickers, and various tubing. The bubble effects are different sized epoxy drops adhered inside the tube. I used an LED lighting kit that installs in the bottom with replacable batteries. Whatever color your Cobra Laboratory demands, these lab tubes have you covered. For kicks I created five different Cobra experiments to go in the tubes, two aliens made from Redakai figures and three Cobra experimental troopers made from various GI Joe/Marvel Universe/Spiderman 3 3/4" fodder parts. For a ton of pictures head to their page here: Light-up Cobra Lab Tubes
  18. The Diaclone toy series were the precursors to Transformers and from them spawned the characters we all know and love with Optimus Prime leading the Autobots. Here I've taken a Combiner Wars Optimus Prime and given him a new Construct-Bots head and paint job reminiscent of the vintage Diaclone Prime. Modding the Combiner torso's head with Crosshair's pistols I was able to turn it into a homage to the Diaclone Ultra Magnus. Now you can add your own limbs to create a brand new Combiner Wars bot! For more pictures head to his page here: Diaclone Optimus Prime
  19. "When it came down to brute force on the battlefield Hordak had little that could withstand Ram-Man's headlong attacks...until now. Enter Brawl-Or, the Horde's melee combat specialist. Raised in the Cosmic Arena of the Game Master this fearsome fighter can do more damage without a weapon than most can with one. Brawl-Or's form grows molecularly denser upon impact allowing him to stop Ram-Man in his tracks and eventually punch his way through any obstacle, even magical wards and force fields! With these furious fists on his side who can stand against Hordak now?" Enter Brawl-Or, an original character design in my Masters of the Universe Classics customs. He's a hand-to-hand combatant that can put the hurting on anyone or anything. Brawl-Or was created from a Geldor body, Hordak lower legs, Marvel Universe Juggernaut lower arms, Radioactive Man loincloth, Spawn belt, a Sigma 6 helmet, and fodder armor from some red death-knight character from a card game. He was then given an airbrushed paint job to match the current MOTUC characters and some manacle chains. For more pictures head to his page here: Brawl-Or
  20. People are expanding their Marvel Cinematic Universe figure collections every day with new figures and this week I bring you another bring you another MCU concept custom, the raging Cajun himself Gambit! Here I went with a Jim Lee-esq costume as my earlier MCU Wolverine and Cyclops did but worked in a containment-costume theme as if his uniform is helping keep his kinetic charging powers from blowing up whatever he touches. Gambit was created from a movie Electro body, XMC Gambit head, XMC Magneto lower arms and legs, Nick Fury coat, SDCC Ghost hands, and Apoxie Sculpted detail. Two kinetic card tosses were created along with a charged staff to complete his arsenal. For more pictures head to his page here: MCU custom Gambit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He's back and badder than ever, Ultron returns to wreck havoc for the Avengers! This custom Marvel Legends scale 6" Ultron uses the Spiderman Beetle recipe with a tweak, all the bubbles have been removed from the mold for a completely different look! Ultron uses Extremis Iron Man lower arms and Space Iron Man lower feet along with a cast Ultron head. Spikes were added to his shoulders and he was given an airbrushed full metallic paint job to bring out the detail. Add a removable energy blast and filled in joint holes for a seamless look and you have an Ultron worthy of ruling the world...or your collection at least! For more pics head to his page here: Comic style Ultron
  21. "The skies have never been friendly in Eternia as all sorts of creatures and machines take to the air to do battle. Joining the fray is the Dragoonfly warrior, ally of Buzz-Off and guardian of the Eternian marshland. Equipped with a powerful halberd this insectioid warrior can speed overhead without a sound and find his mark with deadly precision." Here's another Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure, the Dragoonfly Warrior. He was created using a Buzz-Off body, Lord Dactus lower legs, Zodac lower arms/loincloth, TMNT Roach Terminator limbs, and the head/wings from a Star Wars insect mount that Yoda rides. I attached the wings to some Ben Ten character wings so they could fold down individually and gave Dragoonfly an airbrushed paint job fitting a high flying warrior. For more pictures head to his page here: Dragoonfly original character
  22. With the Avengers Age of Ultron movie out people are expanding their Marvel Cinematic Universe figure collections. This week I bring you another bring you another MCU concept custom, Cyclops leader of the X-Men as I'd love to see him appearing alongside (or fighting against) the Avengers! Here I took a WS Movie Cap and sculpted web gear, straps, gave him a brand new Robocop-esq visor design headsculpt, and used a Rightclops belt. Cap's alternate hands were perfect for Scott's trademark blast-poses and he was wrapped up in an airbrushed shaded and highlighted paint job sealed with Liquitex acrylic varnish. Now Cyclops is ready to join my MCU Wolverine on the big screen...someday? For more pictures head to his page here: MCU style Cyclops
  23. Iceman is back and this time he's come straight out of the Age of Apocalypse! I've tackled this figure before almost a decade ago and it's time to revisit him again for a completely updated look. To create this AOA styled Iceman I used a ML Drax upper body, Anti-Venom lower arms and back spikes, medium ML buck lower body, and Scarlet Spider feet. A resculpted Moon Knight head was perfect for his no-face look and I used powerful disc magnets to attach his body halves so he could be taken apart. For this reason I created a special lower body based on the comics using a Namor water-base with ice effects sculpted on. This gave Iceman an incredible snake-like form that really fits the character and can be swapped out with normal legs. I used a combination of light blue, dark blue shading, and frosty white airbrushed effects for his paint job which gave him an amazingly smooth ice-like look. Now this is an AOA Iceman that will stand the test of time yet again! Want more pictures? Head to his page here--> AoA Iceman custom
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