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  1. Here's something you don't see every day, a light-up Metroid with pulsing effect! Using the 6" Deluxe Metroid from jakks pacific World of Nintendo I installed inside it is a multi-LED lighting unit that can be set to eight different colors including a pulsing one. Opening the Metroid was extremely difficult seeing as the screws that hold the upper dome clasp in place are hidden under the four moving fangs which cant be pulled back out. I had to break the different posts free to disassemble it, drill out at least a hundred small nodule sections and install light piping. But in the end it was worth it! Check out the video of the pulsing effect and the nifty pics. For the video and pics of my custom Pusling Light up Metroid head over to its page here
  2. The deadliest of Alien guards lurk deep within the Alien hive and are armored and ready to tear into anything that threatens the colony. These are the Queen's Praetorian, a unique and powerful class of Xenomorph and this week I've created one for your hive! The Praetorian was created using the AvP warrior body with its dome and back head removed. A Revoltech Queen alien crest was grafted in its place, dome resculpted, and Mantis alien spikes added to its cheeks, arms, and hips. Other spines/blades were added and Spider Gremlin leg sections were modded into back tubes and sculpted in. For more pics head to its page here: Custom Praetorian Alien figure
  3. What's that sound? AHHH THERE'S SOMETHING ALIVE IN HERE WITH US! Yep, it's the slippery, slimy, cuddly Dianoga infesting your trash compactor done in 6" figure scale. This design pays homage to the vintage Kenner toy that came with the Trash Compactor Playset and was created from a Legendary Journey's of Hercules Echidna figure, various creature fodder sections, and a whole of of apoxie sculpt for the main body. With bendy tendrils to capture its pray and a load of foam trash to hide in, this Dianoga is one dangerous critter! For more pics head to its page here: Black Series Dianoga
  4. The Spirit of Vengeance takes to the streets once more in its host Johnny Blaze and is ready to punish the wicked! Here I've created a modern version of Blaze using a GotG2 Starlord body, Ghost Rider head/neck, NECA Kickass gloves, movie Electro lower legs, and a movie Steve Rogers head on Star Lord's neck. The entire neck section of the alternate heads are magnetic and lock into the body's collar allowing you switch looks. The flaming chain whip effect came from a One-Piece pvc statue and I modded a 1:12 scale chopper with sculpted hot glue flames putting high temp hot glue through a low temp gun. One classic-esq paint job later and Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider was complete! For more pics head to his page here: Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze
  5. Stealthy and adept with a variety of weapons, Regina is the ultimate hunter...of dinosaurs! Yes straight out of Capcom's Dino Crisis series comes the sexiest S.O.R.T. member you've been waiting for. Regina was created with a 2016 Scarlet Witch body, Xmen united Scarlet Witch lower legs, Black Widow hands, and sculpted hair/uniform sections. She was then airbrushed and given an assortment of weaponry to combat the Jurassic threat! For full pics of Regina, head here: Dino Crisis Regina custom -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rebels fear his name. The galaxy bows before him. He is an unstoppable amalgamation of man and machine, he is Darth Vader. I wanted a Vader that looked like he was in the middle of battle, not battle-damaged however. I started with a Walgreens Vader and removed the lower body skirt, replacing it with a hero mashers Vader plastic one. I modded the Hero masher's Vader head and neck to work on the body and gave him a tattered cloak, weathering his lower half with dust and mud. Two 'force choke' style hands were added and his lightsaber resculpted along with adding a longer chain for the cloak and filling on joint holes. Now I finally had my definitive 6" Black Series custom Darth Vader to command the Imperial army For a complete set of Vader pics head here: Custom Battlefield Darth Vader figure -------------------------------------------------------------------------- He, or it knows your fears. There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run when the Slender Man comes. It's horror time and here I've created a revamped custom Slender Man for some paranormal fun! Using the same recipe as my original Slender Man customs he starts out as a Dr Who Silence figure that's had his arms and legs lengthened in two places. This time around I added jointed feet and a ball jointed head along with a flowing tie. Some Bio-Wulf claws were ball jointed on and I created the classic thick back-tendrils that magnetically attach to Slender Man's back for a cool silhouette. For a selection of Slender pics, head here: Slender Man custom figure
  6. Are you ready for yet another blast from the past? Get ready for the diminutive MICRONAUTS! Created in 6" Marvel Legends scale comes the heroic Time Traveler looking just like his vintage counterpart. Time Traveler was created using the Target 3-pack clear Vision body, Rogue 1 Krennic head, Iron Man feet, and Apoxie sculpted detailing on his chest and cuffs. Clear orange Tamiya acrylic paint was used for an amazing see-through effect. Now Time Traveler is ready to make his journey across the galaxy with the rest of the Micronauts! For more pics, head to his page here: Micronauts Time Traveler ------------------------------------------------------------ The Micronauts have arrived from the depths of space sporting their vintage looks but in Marvel Legends 6" scale! Here I've created the terrifying villain Membros using a Beetle body, extra toes, tons of Apoxie Sculpted muscle and armor design, custom sculpted head, and fodder parts for the elongated arm weapons! He was airbrushed with all sorts of orange and red shading to keep him close to his vintage toy colors but with attention to the new detail I gave him. Membros also comes with extra claws like the reissued Palisades toy had. For more pics, head to his page here: Micronauts Membros
  7. "He's an powerful warrior and all of Eternia is grateful he's on the side of good! The dauntless Mega-Man charges his Mega-blaster and readies himself for the battle against Skeletor's minions, but will this part machine, part man emerge victorious? Always willing to help his friends, Mega-Man fights alongside He-Man and proves his mettle in battle. Watch out, this Reploid has his sights on ridding Eternia of trouble!" Here's something you never thought you'd see, it's Megaman! But he's in Masters of the Universe Classics form this time. The Blue Bomber was created from a Skeletor body, Sauron chest armor, DC Direct Cyborg lower arms/legs, modded Mol-Larr head, Darius Helmet, and some fodder parts for energy effects and detail. This custom 'Mega-Man' was then given an airbrushed metallic blue paint job and detailed up with battle damage to show he's been fighting the forces of evil on Eternia! For more pictures head here: MotUC Mega-Man ------------------------------------------- Straight out of Spiderman's Maximum Carnage series comes the villain turned savior Venom and this week I've created him for you in Marvel Legends form, uh...again! But this time I'm practicing with a new technique to add skin detail. Venom was created out of the regular Venom body and given a new head from a bootleg Venom figure featured on Ebay for a while. Lots of accessories such as clawed hands from Anti-Venom, two tongues, a carnage tendril, and a Hero Mashers Carnage-reach-effect claw were added. The rippling, swirling skin effect is done by washing the figure then wiping the figure down in 91% alcohol first. 3D slick fabric paint is used with a Testors precision glue tip glued on to the normal thick-spout. Give the fabric paint about 7 hours to cure, paint over, then seal. You can make mustaches, eyebrows, tattered clothing bits, spines, just about anything that doesnt need a ton of detail. For a detailed write-up of how he's made, head here: Venom with Symbiote skin detail
  8. He's pale and mysterious, protector of the streets under the light of a full moon. It's Moon Knight in his Mr Knight suit! This custom Marvel Legends Moon Knight was created using a basic Chameleon suit body, Scarlet Spiderman lower arms, Captain America hand set, and Blizzard head. I went as true to comic form as I could with the paint job that solely consists of a bright white basecoat and hard line shading on everything else. The effect makes him look like he stepped off the comic panel! For more pics head here: Custom Mr Knight -------------------------------------------------------------- Straight out of Spiderman's Maximum Carnage series comes the devilish Demogoblin and here you get him in Marvel legends scale! This custom Demogoblin was created by taking a Space venom series Hobgoblin, cracking open the body and replacing it with Machine Man limbs, the original Hobgoblin lower limbs, Jack o lantern hands, and sculpted costume tears. Belts were added and his hood tip changed as well. The goblin glider was completely covered in high temp sculpted hot glue and turned into his flaming firebird glider which Demo can ride into battle! For more pics head here: Custom Demogoblin
  9. Commander of Hydra and seething with hatred for Captain America comes the ultimate villain, the Red Skull! Here I bring him to you in his officers attire ready for battle. This custom Marvel Legends scale Red Skull was created from the Rogue One Krennic body with a Red Skull head and Danger Girls' Major Maxim modded cap. The front and skirt of Krennic's uniform was resculpted and other details added to make this Red Skull look military ready. Now he's ready to lead Hydra to glory! For a better look at the red headed dictator head here: Red Skull -------------------------------------------------------------------- Vroom vroom, it's time to make a getaway with the best driver in town, Overdrive! Straight out of the Superior Foes of Spiderman comes a villain who can transform any vehicle into a supercharged getaway machine. This nano-enhanced custom Marvel Legends Overdrive was created by cracking open a Winter Soldier torso and adding Demo Man arms and legs. Bucky's hair was removed and an Energy Shield Superman helmet modded on. Next up was Overdrive's supercharged Segway which was fabricated from an Ultron glider base and scrap parts to complete him. Now this free-wheeling warrior is ready to be a Superior Foe of Spider-man! For more speedy pics zoom over to his page here:Overdrive
  10. "Speeding through the roads of Eternia comes Hordak's fastest henchman yet, the wheeled warrior Ry-Darr! Not content with Dragstor's speed, Hordak went about creating a cyborg warrior that could maneuver effortlessly though the battlefield while fighting He-Man's heroic forces. Ry-Darr was just what he expected and uses his stun-lance to render foes unconscious or slash away with his powerful arm blades. Watch out He-Man, fighting this cyborg will tire you out!" Created as a buddy for Dragstor this custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character is called Ry-Darr. He was created from some sort of three-wheeled Batman robot, Extendar head, ML Sentinel shoulder pads, Redakai figure arms, Horde Trooper symbol, ML Mandroid blades, and other sculpted fodder parts. The center wheel rolls freely and you can attach a kickstand to keep him upright for poseing. For full pics head here: Ry-Darr, MotUC original character
  11. Who dares display any other figure than the unimaginably powerful Doom?! You have come here for one singular purpose, to gaze upon absolute power! For it is Doom who will crush your other figures. It is Doom who will stand above all other pitifully twisted masses of plastic vanity. Known throughout nations and vastly supreme in all ways, Doom was created using the new 4 Horsemen Mythic Legions Templar Knight body, custom cast head, Multiverse Dark Knight cape, and sculpted armor sections. Doom's skirt was made from a Masters of the Universe tunic and armor joints were sculpted, the whole figure then given the airbrushed treatment. Now KNEEL BEFORE DOOM! To face Doom head here: Custom Dr Doom Mythic Legions ------------------------------------------------------------- Attention on Imperial decks, Admiral present. Grand Admiral Thrawn to be precise! Straight out of the expanded universe comes the calculating and brilliant strategist Thrawn, ready to best the Rebels at every turn. A fairly easy recipe, I used a Rogue One Krennic as the base, a modded DC Collectibles Constantine head, and DC Rogues Gallery Black Mask hands. Everything else was just repainting, removing his holster and sanding down the skirt, and touch up work. For more pictures head here: Custom Grand Admiral Thrawn
  12. Here's a 6" Star Wars Black series custom you never thought you'd see, the assassin droid C-3PX! Straight out of the expanded universe this dangerous protocol droid is ready to terrorize the rebellion. He was created from a Black Series 6" C-3PO with modded facial features, elbow and bicep articulation added using GI Joe sections, and a variety of pop-out weaponry like the old 3.5" Droid Factory figure featured. Airbrushed and weathered this custom C-3PX is sure to be a killer addition to the Black Series line! For more pics head to: Custom C-3PX
  13. Site is back up! Lycos was going through an upgrade/
  14. That's perfect! He's a serious looking Plastic Man too, awesome! Also love the wrinkly plasti-feet
  15. "A warrior from a bygone age the Space Knight heralds himself as an ancient Eternian who fought in the Galactic Wars long before any were fought on the planet's surface. For centuries his spaceship had orbited Eternia until an exploration by He-Man and Man-at-Arms discovered the warrior in cryogenic hibernation. The Space Knight awakened to find the realm flourishing but in peril and quickly pledged to join the heroes in their quest for peace. Watch out Skeletor, Knight falls wherever darkness creeps!" Today in the realm of MOTUC Classics customs I bring you an original character, the Eternian Space Knight! This armored adversary for good was created using a Multiverse comic Dark Knight armored Batman, Wind Raider pilot head, Icarious armor, and various fodder pieces for detail. He's decked out in cosmic weathered armor and packs a spinning blade sword to combat the forces of evil. For more pics head to his page here: Space Knight -------------------------------------------------------------------- In the light of the full moon this hero is at his strongest, it's the legendary Moon Knight! Ready to take on any challenge Moon Knight was created using an Eel/Blizzard body base, Hobgoblin modded hood and cape, Punisher hands, sculpted details and real fabric wrappings for his arms and legs. A bright white/gray/black monochrome paint job completed Moon Knight's look as well as a bo-staff for weaponry. For more pics head to his page here: Moon Knight
  16. "The fierce warrior Clawsome has been searching the vast Eternian seas for more of his Karikoni kin ever since he was separated from their Island home. Enslaved by pirates at a young age, Clawsome grew stronger as he worked the docks loading and unloading their stolen goods. He was finally able to shear the chains that once held him captive using his massive right claw and took a smaller vessel to Eternia's mainland. Now Clawsome explores the world he never knew and searches for others like him." Here's a custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character, Clawsome! This shellfish soldier was created using the new Superman Doomed dc multiverse body, modded Clawful head, small claw, back plate and legs, Flogg lower legs, and Toybiz Lady Deathstrike vintage claw accessory. Apoxie sculpted sections were added and Clawsome was given a head to toe airbrushed paint job. For more pics here's a link full of them: Clawsome custom figure -------------------------------------------- Straight out of the Alien vs Predator Extinction video game comes the terrifying Carrier Alien and this week I've brought him to you in custom form! This custom was created from a basic NECA xenomorph, Superior Venom back tendrils, halloween skeletal bat wings on ball joints, a newly sculpted head and various armored parts from a Joyride Halo Covenant Drone. In the game Facehuggers scurry about the Carrier Alien's spines and I've included three here. One creepy yellowish-green paint job later and Carrier was ready to spread the facehugging love. For more pics here's a link full of them: Carrier Alien custom figure
  17. I can do you one better, snag some Bulldog Adhesion promoter from O'Reilly's auto parts store. Prime the figure with that and use Testors Aztek Arbrus black paint. (use the bulldog in a wel ventilated are) the paint wont rub for anything.
  18. "Knowledge is power and with enough power one can rule the Universe, this much Hordak is sure of. To obtain all the information he can about his enemies is a top priority! Enter Slitherneck, Hordak's top Snakeman spy. With the ability to peer into places secretly this foe gains all he can and reports back the strengths and weaknesses of his prey. Close the windows and guard the chimneys for Slitherneck is always looking for a way to watch what's going on!" Here's a custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character, Slitherneck! One of the Snakemen he was created from a Hordak base, cast Snakeman head, Ssssssqueeze arm for his neck, modded He-man battle armor, Buzz-off upper legs and Mer-Man lower legs/arms. I hollowed out a channel through each torso piece and back allowing the ssssqueeze arm to slide up through and act as a tail when the neck wasn't extended. The head is magnetic allowing it to look around in any position when you bend the neck as well. For more pics of his extending feature head to his page here: Slitherneck
  19. The Hive Wars have begun anew and the Predators have joined in the fight against the ever-expanding xenomorph threat. Here I bring you the Bloodstorm Predator ready to skin some trophies! He's created with the Neca Boar Predator, AvP gear, Spawn armor, and 4 Horseman Scarabus horns. He was given a blood-red paint job that's akin to an 'element theme' I have going with my current series of Predator customs and a wicked tri-claw blade gauntlet. For more pics head over to the page: Bloodstorm Predator -------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's time for a trip down memory lane to the land of Kenner. Remember the cap-firing Robocop figures you had as a child? Well this time I bring you an NECA style Robocop figure that's done in the same style. It even has the cap-firing mechanism embedded in its back! This custom was made by taking a videogame Robocop and merging the upper/lower torso, hollowing out the back, and installing a cap-blasting mechanism taken from the original Kenner figure. A lot of work had to be done to carve the original unit down so that it still opened up properly and vented the smoke. The leg still opens up to reveal his classic gun but I created an oversized tri-barrel blaster and gave Robo a Kenner paint job to complete the look. For more Robocop pics head here: Kenner Robocop
  20. Hey thanks man. I want more classics robot-like characters of any kind. Skeletor robo-knights especially!
  21. The Hive Wars have begun anew and the Predators have joined in the fight against the ever-expanding xenomorph threat. Here I bring you the Acid Rain Predator wearing a specialized armor resistant to the acidic blood of the aliens. A brand new design, the Acid Rain Predator was created from the new AvP NECA body with tweaks to the armor using fodder from some Halo figures. He was given an all out repaint with different greens and yellows for the acid-washed look. Even his wrist computer has green numerics! For more pics and a full writeup of parts used head here: Acid Rain Predator --------------------------------------------------------- "Angered by the limitations of his Horde Troopers the tyrannical Hordak devises a new set of troopers to cause chaos in Eterina...the Horde Terratroopers! With crab-like legs these troopers are able to scale vertical surfaces with ease and snatch up enemies with their extending mechanical arms. While they cannot fly the Terratroopers can move incredibly fast on land and cover enough ground to surround Hordak's enemy on the battlefield. Even one can pose a serious threat to She-Ra or He-Man if they're unprepared!" Here's a brand new original creation, the Horde Terratrooper! Based on a combination from a Horde Trooper and Skeletor's robots, this mechanical monstrosity was created from a DCU Metallo upper body, 200X He Man squid vehicle legs, Matrix Sentinel tentacles, Star Wars Drestroyer Droid legs claws, and a Redakai head of some sort. A new Horde chest emblem was created from fodder bits and some Lex Luthor/Spawn/Iron Spider armor was used in its creation. For more pics and a full writeup of parts used head here: Horde Terratrooper
  22. When its time to storm an Alien hive the Colonial Marines are ready and willing, this time with all new gear. Introducing the NX-S Hiveslayer Combat Armor, the newest in Xenomorph-destroying combat. Commonly known as a 'wearable dropship' this armor has removable manipulators with attachable flame unit and rescue saw for cutting trapped Marines out of xeno resin. The NX-S was created from a Funko Evolve Marko figure, Funko Hank parts, some sort of space Iron Man helmet, Armored Core arms, and other fodder parts. A military paint job and tiny warning decals round out the Colonial Marines newest weapon, the Hiveslayer! For more pics of the combat armor head here: NX-S Combat Armor ---------------------------------------------------------------- For more pics head to its page here: Look out, the Foot Clan has taken control of the city and sent their Foot Soldiers out to terrorize the good citizens! Only the Turtles can stop them and this week I'm bringing you a Marvel Legends 6" scale vintage-style Foot Soldier! Standing 6" tall this robotic henchman was created from a Marvel Legends Kraven body, DCU GL Alan Scott lower arms,and vintage Mutatin' Foot Soldier head and hands. The cowl and skirt sections were sculpted from Aves Apoxie sculpt and his weapons recreated in a larger scale. Now to create Shredder and the rest of the gang! For more pics of the Foot Soldier head here: Foot Soldier
  23. "Larger than most Arachna of his kind, Wreckloose spent most of his time battling the other inhabitants of the Underground using his advanced eyesight to spot his prey from very long distances. He was soon imprisoned by the Aracnha king for his uncontrollable rage after battle even with those of his own clan. It was only by the combined efforts of Skeletor and his henchmen that Wreckloose was freed and after striking a deal with Skeletor this eight-legged terror was ready to take out his rage on Eternia's champion, He-Man!" Keeping with the spider theme this original character custom creation was made from a Harry Potter Aragon spider body, Zodak upper body, Webstor head, McFarlane Horrid hands, and various fodder parts. I added chains and a modified breastplate from a snake-crush Skeletor from the 200x line to complete Wreckloose's look. More pics are located at his page here: Wreckloose custom MotUC
  24. Hrrrmmm... Honestly the "dont like whats out there then make your own" tag of the customs forum is kinda rough. These days people customize for fun, not out of necessity or because companies don't have their QC up to date.
  25. Looks extremely sweet! Perfect paint work
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