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  1. "High above in the skies of Eternia a watchful warrior patrols, Dyna-Soar the Jurassic Aviator. Ever since he was hatched Dyna dreamed of chasing the feathered flying creatures and buzzing insects. But waiting around for his kin to grow feathers would take forever! Dyna began studying methods of flight and with the help of King Randor's mechanics devised a powerful flying apparatus he could pilot. With his mighty Meteor-Mallet Dyna-Soar keeps the skies clear of trouble, and sometimes the ground when he comes in for a landing!" Here's Dyna-Soar, another original custom creation for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection. Dyna was created using a Ceratus body, King Chooba lower legs, Lightseeker head, Marvel's Vulture Titan wings, GI Joe Sigma 6 web gear, Saurod waistguard, BAF Onslaught hands, and an DC Direct Orion flight vest. Testors Metallic Lacquer was used for his metal effects and he was airbrushed with light blue highlights to complement his look. Two of Strobo's meteor stands were used on a ML Odin spear to create his hammer weapon. For more high flying pics head to his page here: Custom MotuC Dyna-Soar
  2. My post-apocalyptic Transformers are back and the "End of the Road" series continues! In the far future humankind has become all but extinct and the war between Autobot and Decepticon has ravaged the planet, each faction doing anything it can to survive. Here I've taken a Titans Return voyager Optimus Prime and given him all the battle damage, weathering, scuffed, dusty, and bullet-ridden detail my other EotR figures have. Prime features metal wheel covers and chains. His plane mode is gone and there's magnetic missile launchers that store in his legs now. His Battle-Tanker alt mode features an anti-aircraft top mounted gun as well. It's the End of the Road for the Transformers...who will be next? To transform and roll out with more pics head here: End of the Road Optimus Prime
  3. Jin Saotome

    ML Vault Guardsman

    You've captured Venom, locked up your Rhino Build-a-Figure, and jailed Omega Red...but who's going to keep tabs on them? Enter the Vault Guardsman ready to join your 6" scale Marvel legends collection. This Guardsman was created using a Whirlwind body, Iron man lower arms/Legs, and a Eel head. All details were sculpted on using Aves Studio's Apoxie Clay, similar to Apoxie Sculpt but holds finer detail and sticks better to glossy surfaces. Guardsman was equipped with a repulsor blast and taser blasts to subdue inmates. Testors Aztek Airbrush acrylic metallic green was used for his armor and a mix of Games Workshop and Formula P3 paints for his lime green and shading were used. Want more pics? Then head to his page here: Custom Vault Guardsman
  4. "The saying one man's trash is another man's treasure has never rang so true than when Bot-Fly is rummaging through a pile! From broken Eternian Guard armor to a trashed Horde Trooper, nothing goes to waste with Bot-Fly continually replacing parts and upgrading himself with the latest trash thrown out. With no true allegiance to speak of Bot-Fly just hovers around stealing bits of this and that, occasionally capturing a meddlesome hero or villain in his Fly-Trap mace should they object. Will this buzzing garbage collector be a friend or foe to those who cross him?" Here's another original custom creation for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, the buzzing Bot-Fly! This persistent pest was created from a Dark Knight upper body, Toybiz Warlock arm, TMNT Baxter Stockman head/claw, Evil Seed chestplate, Buzz-Off wings, and Galactic Skeletor feet. He was airbrushed, weathered, and sealed so he can be handled. His Fly-trap mace was created using a Horde Trooper staff and a Green lantern movie accessory. For more pics buzz on over to his page here: Custom MotUC Bot-Fly
  5. It's a gun! It's a plane! It's a tank! It's MEGATRON! Ok this time he's a tank and here I'm bringing him to you in oversized voyager scale as you remember him in the G2 toyline. Megatron was created using a 7.5" Wei Jiang scaled up voyager Hardhead. The metal chest panel was removed and sculpted over as was the M on his waist and a voyager Megatron face grafted onto the headmaster. A classic G2 paint scheme was achieved by airbrushing on a base of green followed by purple camo, then weathered, detailed, and finally sealed. Now you can have a voyager scale G2 Megatron to battle your Voyager PotP Laser Prime! For more pics head to Megatron's lair, I mean page here; Custom G2 Megatron voyager class
  6. Jin Saotome

    Spiderman Homecoming Shocker

    What if the Shocker hadn't become the Vaporizer in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie and was given a chance to don his classic costume? I wondered that too and figured it was time for a fully-poseable movie style Shocker to make his...uh...shocking appearance! Ol Shocker here was created from a Star Wars Black series DJ, FO Snowtrooper lower legs, Marvel's Shocker head, backpack, and gauntlets (which happen to be the model as movie Crossbones) Dark knight Movie masters John Robin Blake police jacket,and all sorts of armor/fodder/tech bits/straps for his makeshift power pack. His gear was given the oily rusty metal treatment and finished his costume in his classic colors. Finally Warlock's energy blasts with some white bubbles made the perfect charge effect. Now Homecoming Spider-Man has someone else to battle! For some more shockingly awesome pics head here: Custom Movie Shocker
  7. Sigma has been a staple in the Mega Man X games but we never got a fully articulated version of him, just a statue. Well no longer! Here I've created a Build-A-Figure style Sigma to scale to your Marvel Legends and Megaman figma series using an Onslaught body, Thanos hands/bent, Mandroid lower legs, Magneto cape, and Loyal Subjects Sigma head. A Titanfall pilot backpack bast was used for his beam-saber and various chest/leg/designs were sculpted using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt, the best two-part modeling compound out there. Fox Sports Robot pads were used for his shoulderpads, Deadman collar, Sigma 6 GI Joe spiked bangles, and lex luthor codpiece were used in his creation as well. Sigma was then airbrushed with metallics then shaded for a glossy, robotic look. Watch out Megaman, Sigma has arrived! For more pics head to his page here: Custom Megaman Sigma figure
  8. "The mechanical maniac known as Commander Clank is a true terror on the battlefield! Created for all out war and commander of a vast robotic army, Clank was programmed with an eon's worth of battle strategies by the Battling Ancients. With twin cannons that launch powerful volleys and a hidden chest gun Commander Clank was ready to conquer the flesh-walkers of Eternia....that is until Mechanasis' power supplies were destroyed. Centuries later Hordak stumbled upon the lost city and powered Clank up gaining a new Commander for his forces of evil!" Another one of my original character creations, Commander Clank explodes into your Masters of the Universe collection with twin cannons blasting! He was created from a Twistoid upper body, multi-bot lower half, Horde Trooper feet, a Skylanders head, and Rio-Blast armor/backpack. I modded the jaw to move and fashioned two large cannons that I think came from a Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End toy to the sliding posts. A magnetic chest-mounted Gatling gun attachment finishes the look of this battlefield bot along with a lot of metallic paint effects and weathering. For more explosive pics head to his page here: MotUC Commander Clank custom
  9. Here's a figure that's been requested again and again in 6" scale, it's Rom the Space Knight! I've created this mighty robotic warrior this week to battle your cosmic villains in all his shiny glory using a movie Cyborg, beetle arms, hand sculpted Apoxie sculpt head/chest/details, and a custom space blaster. I used Rustoleum gloss black lacquer as a basecoat and airbrushed Spaz-Stix mirror chrome over every inch while the lacquer was tacky to the touch. A light gloss coat of liquitex sealed the chrome and Rom was ready to battle cosmic baddies! For more shiny pics head over to Rom's page here: Rom the Space Knight
  10. "After the battle with Thanos was over the Infinity Gems were safe with Adam Warlock and Earth's mightiest heroes were tired and battered from the battle. Using Thanos' ship's technology Tony Stark began to repair the Avengers outfits and...wait...where was Peter Parker? He had stumbled into a room with a shifting black mass that suddenly changed, displaying his very own spider-symbol! Opening the containment vessel the 'suit' latched on to him and transformed into a darker version of his current Iron-Spider uniform. It must be Stark's tech....right? Swinging off to show his best friend Ned his new duds Peter marvels at the strength and speed built into the suit, a grin forming at the corner of his mouth....and his mask." Ok, so this probably isn't going to happen in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movie but wouldn't that be a perfect MCU Venom suit origin? I thought so and this week I bring a special concept character Infinity War Symbiote Spider-Man that can be changed into a pre-Venom form! He was created with the Infinity Wars Iron Spider body with venom modded head, squinty eye Homecoming head/fists, GI Joe plant tendrils, and modded Killmonger clawed hands. I used gloss for panels and raised sections and it took forever to detail the white spider sections on his body and inside his swivel shoulders. But it was worth it, now you have a MCU Symbiote Spiderman that has a Venom/Agent Venom vibe. For more pics head to his page here: Infinity War Symbiote Spider-Man
  11. "Each day the Chaos Crystal was active within Skeletor's lair more and more portals opened - these strange dimensional tears opening all over Eternia. From a far off universe, where Earth had been rendered a wasteland and only intelligent machines roamed. One machine, the Protector class, Ripsaw, was drawn to the portal's light and sucked in! Now, finding itself in a dimension of magic and technology, Ripsaw must find a way to contact his fellow Starriors so they too can learn about this strange land." Another toy line of the 80's, the Starriors arrive! This week we have a re-imagined version of the Protector class Ripsaw, created in MotUC scale. Using the original head and weapon arm of the figure I took a Rotar body, Extendar limbs, MARS robot lower legs, Captain America Mecha feet, and a Zoid-crab shell for the metallized shield. The shield is magnetic and attached to Ripsaw's original spinning blade-shield arm which was grafted on. Spaz-Stix mirror Chrome airbrush paint was used on the larger shield. Different foil warning/caution stickers were applied like the vintage toy featured and Ripsaw was given metallic blue airbrushed highlights. For a full st of pictures and a video of the spinning blade-shield, head here: Custom Starriors Ripsaw
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy introduced Mantis to us, a naive bubbly girl...that wasn't anything like the comic character. Here I've given the MCU Mantis her comic roots including a brand new outfit! She was created using an Enchantress body, Mantis BAF head, BP Nakia lower arms/hands, Hope Summers lower legs, Darkness back spines for bra-fins, and a MTG Ciandra armor/Enchantress skirt mashup. The armor skirt is removable so he can go for a dip in the pool and you can swap between gripping or fighting hands. Two daggers were fashioned out of a bow and Mantis was given a sexy metallic paint job to get the job done. Now that's the deadly Mantis I remember from the comics! For more pics head to her page here: Custom GotG Mantis figure
  13. Transformers are a line I haven't focused on in years but today I give you a POTP Vehicon to combine with whatever combiner torso you may own. He's basically the Off-road mold but with a new deco, movie Dinobot head, and Hot Shot's weapons so you can have two matching grey arm/leg sections without doubling up on the same character. For more pics head to his page here: Power of the Primes Vehicon ----------------------------------------------------------------------- On the Titans Return side I created Brawn as a deluxe Headmaster using a Korean Athalon Ambulance character. A Titans Return neck port was modded in place of the original head and various shoulder/back sections filed down so Brawn's retail head fit in there. A gloss metallic green paint job was added, lots of detailing, and Brawn was ready to stand tall with a new body! For a full set of pics head here: Titans Return Deluxe Brawn
  14. "When the magic of Skeletor's Chaos Crystal crossed with Hordak's dimensional portal magic all sorts of rifts began opening across their two worlds and into others far away. One opened on Planet Beast and Ferocious Tiger was the first to investigate this swirling anomaly. Finding himself whisked away to Eternia the valiant beastformer scouted the immediate area and went back through, calling out to the Lion Family for aid. What Ferocious Tiger didn't know is that Beast-Man was watching everything and had plans of his own...to steal Skeletor's Chaos Crystal and rule Planet Beast himself!" Behold, the Battle Beasts have arrived! Straight from the diminutive toy line of the 80's comes a re-imagined versions of Ferocious Tiger in all his feline glory. Here I've recreated Ferocious Tiger in the Masters of the Universe Classics 7" scale using a Carnivous body, GotG BAF head, Realm of the Claw paws, Dragstor harness, Iron man lower legs, KO Hulkbuster lower arms, and various armor parts along with sculpted detail to complete his look. Terrax's axe became his dual spiked club and I added the missile launcher shoulder as well! For more pics head to his page here: Battle Beasts Ferocious Tiger
  15. Before he became Baron Frostbone he was Virkon, leader of the Northmen clan, a wise and powerful warrior. Then the winter came, an unending cold that froze the very souls of men. In search of refuge the Northmen traveled into the mountain. But the cold found them and threatened to wipe out every man woman and child. Virkon made and deal with the Winter Spirits that if they would spare his clan he would do their bidding for a thousand years. Now transformed into Baron Frostbone, this once proud warrior stalks the frozen Eternian tundra in search of souls to freeze! Here's another original character creation for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, the fearsome Baron Frostbone! He was created using an Icer body, Scareglow cast head, Skeleton warriors hands, Calix armor/lower arms/legs, King Chooba loincloth, and a Magic the gathering character's fur cloak. Various icy effects were applied for a fearsome frosted look. For more icy pics head to his page here: Custom Baron Frostbone figure

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