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  1. I prefered the way it was in the comics. Cobra Commander was the head guy, while Serpentor was created to be the "Public Face" of Cobra. He was the symbol to rally the Cobra Troops behind, and their General. Serpentor didn't even make a move against Cobra Commander for control of Cobra until after the real Cobra Commander was "killed" and replaced by a Crimson Guardsman.
  2. I hope they do release Leatherneck, I always thought he was a really cool looking figure. Plus, you know if they also release Wet-Suit, Mainframe, and Dial-Tone, we will see Special Mission: Brazil repaints eventually. Since they already have a Televiper vest sculpted, they could make a Claymore as well.
  3. Blackjack

    Cobra HISS

    I haven't found them yet, but am looking forward to grabbing one. I do wish they would release the HISS 2 mold, repainted to the HISS 1 colors.
  4. I loved the original figure of him as a Cobra, but loved the storyline behind his change to the Joes. Before the Joe vs Cobra line came out, there had only been 1 figure of him released as a Cobra agent. The rest were all as a Joe, so I got used to him being a good guy. As for the argument of him being a good person with honor, they have portrayed Zartan in a similar way too, but he has always remained with Cobra. Although I have always figured Cobra Commander had something over him to make him stay.
  5. I love this office diorama. Please tell me where you found the furnature and statures used to adorn this office. I have often thought of making an office for Hawk similar to this when I get around to making my Pit display.
  6. My guess would be that "Cobra Bazo" is supposed to say "Cobra Bazooka Trooper"
  7. Lionel said the secret that Swann and Queen his away in that safty deposit box was the means to control the visitor if he were to become a threat. I imagine the threat Lionel is worried about is Lex if he gets his hands on that information.
  8. My screen says I have -1 New Messages. At first I thought I had a new message, but after checking and finding I didn't, I noticed the "negative" sign next to it. How can I fix it?
  9. The Joe styles actually remind me a bit of Sigma Six
  10. Yea, if you check out the home page of tni and click on the hulk info you can check them out. I dont know how to post pics on this board. Actually, before those molds were used for Grand Slam and SAW Viper, they were used to make Sgt. Bazooka and Rollbar v2 who came with the Humvee
  11. The Rattler released in the Joe vs Cobra line was ugly, but only because of the color. The original blue looked great, and even the came paint job it had when released as a Joe plane looked great. I could understand if they didn't want to release it again in blue, since it would look so much like the original, there would be people who would buy the new one and sell it on Ebay claiming it was the original. I would like to see it released in black, or maybe a blue and black camo pattern. As for retooling it to fit Wild Weasel, they could retook the inside of the Rattler to make it deeper and give more leg room to allow WW to sit inside better.
  12. Why won't they? I wouldn't be surprised if the Skystriker mold were lost since it hasn't seen use since 1989, but the Rattler has seen a few releases through the years. Original Rattler in 1984, Tiger Force Tiger Rat in 1989, A-10 Thunderbolt in 1997, and the second Cobra Rattler in 2002. I think it would be safe to say that it is a possibility they still have that mold.
  13. Back when I was collecting the 90s Marvel figures, I looked for the Maestro figure from the 6 inch Hulk line, without luck. One day while at the local comic shop, I found him there for $15. I grabbed it, and one week later Toys R Us put a bunch of them on clearence for 2 for $5.
  14. I'd like to see some of the characters who were released in neon colors, but with realistic colors. Rapid-Fire, Cloudburst, Skymate, Psyche-Out, Lightfoot, Scoop, etc would all look great with a better paint scheme. For example, Lightfoot would have been a great figure with a navy blue uniform instead of yellow, and a black helmet and backpack.
  15. I have: Duke Gung-Ho Roadblock Snake-eyes Scarlett Scarlett (2 pack) Hawk Flint Lady Jaye Ace Beach Head Shipwreck Snow Job Snake-eyes with Timber Flash Breaker Stalker Rock n Roll Serpentor Cobra Commander (Hooded) Cobra Commander (Battle mask) Cobra Commander (Black) Firefly Tomax Xamot Destro (red collar) Destro (Blue collar) Destro (Iron Grenedier) Baroness Storm Shadow Storm Shadow (VvsV) Wild Weasel Crimson Guard (2) Crimson Guard (removable mask) Scar-Face Corba Officer Stinger Driver Cobra Air-Trooper Cobra Air-Officer (2) Cobra Trooper (Red Emblem) Cobra Trooper (Silver emblem) Zartan Ripper Buzzer Torch Basicly, I have everyone except Duke/Cobra Commander 2 pack, both Snake-eyes/Storm Shadow 2 packs, Torpedo and Battle Armor Cobra Commander.
  16. HISS Driver uses Flash's arms (upper and lower) as well as his torso. The torso looks to be modified to not have the pettern on the chest piece (just like the prototype pics of Flash and Grand Slam had)
  17. They are removable. Early pics showed him with only one dagger on his chest, while holding the other in his hand.
  18. I hated Ace's helmet, but the figure without it is okay. I am not saying he is perfect, he could have been better, but could have been worse too. I liked that his right sleve has the eagle image from the Skystriker Tail fin. I didn't mind his name on his left arm, since pilots usually have their code names on their uniform, though usually on their helmets.
  19. I haven't been reading the comics lately, but didn't he nuke a major US city recently?
  20. Is the Radiation Poisoned Snake-eyes really a mail in? So far I have only seen 2 figures that look like they would be from that set. Baroness in Scuba gear, and the Radiation Snake-eyes. I am also wondering if the cart with the cube shaped containers is included with the set.
  21. I know we are getting the Crimson Guard Officer, but I wouldn't mind a Python Patrol repaint. Both classic Python Patrol and the newer paint scheme would be great.
  22. In the center of a retirement community would be my guess. Not even at Toys R Us have I seen so many 25th anniversary figures on the shelf at once
  23. wait... didnt cap form the avengers?along with thor and ironman No, the founding Avengers were Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Wasp and Antman. Yeah, they found Captain America frozen in ice a few issues later. Because he joined the team so early in the series (when Hulk left), he is generally considered one of the founding members.
  24. I actually picked up Ace and Wild Weasel today to get the last Proof of Purchase to order Doc, and have actually changed my opinion of Ace. Once you take off his helmet and collar, he actually looks like he is wearing a flight suit underneath. And what's better, he has "ACE" on his right sleeve, and the eagle from the tail fins of the Skystriker on his left sleeve. He has officially replaced the VvsV Ace in my collection. Now I just need to find a new Ace of Spades sticker to put on him. Wild Weasel is cool too. I am glad they tomed his helmet down from the original figure. It looks more in scale with the rest of his body, and he doesn't look like he is going to fall over.
  25. The store I work at still has yet to get the wave with Snow Job, IG Destro, Flash, etc, but we got the Wave 3 Comic Packs today. Grabbed up Scar Face/Crimson Guard and Tomax/Xamot sets.
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