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  1. I'm gonna bet that at least one of em is an Insecticon
  2. The shut down explanation seems to make sense...guess i should read all those dreamwave comic scans i have one of these days.
  3. Ok, I been watching S1 of the G1 toon over the past few days, and some timeline issues have come to mind. So lets see....The autobots and decepticons leave cybertron, crash on earth, and 4 million years pass by. There was no time travel involved here (at least to the best of my knowledge), so are we supposed to assume that within 4 million years of cybertron history that nothing has changed? Shockwave just waited 4 million years guarding cybertron in hopes that megatron would someday come back? Wheeljack's lab is still in the exact state he left it in? I know its a cartoon made for kids, who probably would never notice this, but come on. Or have i just missed the boat completey?
  4. I did a search, it sounds like its a container-type file format (like .ogm/.mkv) for Mpeg-4 files....possibly related to 3ivX. Its late, and Im too confused by what i just typed to search anymore.
  5. Well, my reason was that i was kinda bored of TFs...same thing that happened with my Marvel and then Star Wars collections before. Damn Damn Damn....i even had 4 near mint protectobots, which is one of the sets i'm trying desperately to find now....Grrrrrr
  6. Guess thats why it seems to come with the software/decoder for it But I've never seen em either...
  7. My bt speed seems to vary, but for popular stuff (like new angel/smallville/friends/etc eps) i get around 60-90 k average.
  8. Probably suffered the same fate most people's childhood TFs did: Sold at a garage sale or ended up as landfill. Nah, i had him a few years ago....probably went with the rest of my tfs when i sold my collection on ebay... *wishes he could get back the majority of that collection* *...even just devastator and menasor would be nice*
  9. I'm currently getting all the eps (dvdrips) off of IRC, and sent synch all the ones i had, but if theres a torrent for all of season 2 (however huge it may be), then gimme So far i've only got 14 of the 49 season 2 eps
  10. I either want to wait for a repaint that resembles G1 Galv, or wait till i can find one really cheap to personally repaint into G1 galv.
  11. I used ta have that little plane dude....wish i could remember what ever happened to the little bugger
  12. I needa get BW Ravage...but that things damn hard to find....
  13. S'all i care about too...I'll just call him Jazz, then post in the renaming thread that i renamed him jazz.
  14. *Spike: cool, cause he wasnt a whiny little bastard *Sparkplug: Cool cause he was older, and more mature than any of the kids. *Daniel: Cool little dude, seemed fairly mature for his age *Beast wars early humans: Hell, they never really talked, and waspinator was their god...they hadda be cool *Koji: Kinda pokemon-ish, but still not enough of a whiny bastard to be an annoyance (can ya see where i'm goin with this?) *Rad/Carlos/Alexis: Whiny little crapbags who gotta protect the environment and save the ozone layer and such...goddamn parents ruining TV I know i exaggerated with the ozone layer, but them saving that damn forest was plain dumb... I have come to the conclusion that too many whiny parents = whiny tv characters. End of rant. @smilepunch@
  15. Alright, i posted this in the trade forum, but i'll post it here too, just in case: I have a loose, complete Optimal Optimus from Beast wars for trade....he has all his missles, his gun, instructions, box, insert, and even that little figure catalog too ....the light still works, still pretty tight joints and in great condition. Theres a little bit of chrome chipping around the points on the arms where with blast shields hook in, but its fairly minute. I'll try and get some pictures up later today or tomorrow. I'm lookin to trade it for any of the following, doesnt matter if its loose or packaged, as long as its complete (some stuff is definitely worth more than Optimal, so i will be willing towork out a trade + cash kinda deal): *Any Complete/good condition G1 Constructicons (no bootlegs) *Any Complete/good condition G1 Protectobots (no bootlegs) *Any Complete/good condition G1 Predacons *Takara BW X-9 Jaguar (Ravage) *Takara Car robots (RiD) Optimus (Fire Convoy) *Takara Car robots (RiD) Ultra Magnus (god magnus) *Alternator Smokescreen *BW tigatron Theres always other stuff i'm lookin for too, so if ya got somethin else to offer i'm all ears (well, eyes). PM me if ya wanna work somethin out. Thanks fer the read. EDIT:
  16. i think a good comic movie would be: SCUD, THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN! hmm, lets see if anyone knows wtf i'm talkin about...
  17. Hehe, that aint my OP, i borrowed that pic from some other site (i forget what it was now...i'm evil for not giving credit)....ah, whatever Only prime i own is the one in my sig...but he's apparently dead now, might need to watch The Return Of Optimus Prime soon.....
  18. I of course call my MP Convoy 'Optimus Prime' ...hehe @smilepunch@ Only other figure i call anything other than his real name is Energon Skyblast (i call him skyfire, just cause of the resemblance) thats about it for my renaming....
  19. My JRX (its the takara version) has a few joints too...i'm kinda wishing i had gotten the US version though cause a lot of the clear plastic is pretty gross looking. maybe i'll see if i can find one for cheap and sell/trade the JRX
  20. The takara versions have great paint jobs and look much better than the American HoC ones...HoC is one of the reasons i hate hasbro.
  21. I beleive that ep was 'Call Of The Wild'
  22. I'm pretty much just sticking to Transformers and TMNT (don't really have many of either yet), but i buy the occasional figure from other lines as well. My collection is pretty miniscule right now, heres a pic though: Collection Theres a couple more TMNT i got yesterday, but thats pretty much it. I tend to only buy figures that i really like.
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