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  1. These are not exclusive to Target.
  2. One of the more well known designers at Hasbro decided that Zartan and Serpentor looked far too dated with their original designs, so they were updated. It would not surprise me if later down the road we see more true-to-the-original versions some time in late 2008.
  3. Y'know...I would totally buy a repaint pack of Tiger Force (Duke, Flint, Roadblock) vs. Python Patrol (Trooper, Officer). That just sounds cool to me.
  4. For the official record, I bought the figures from over seas for YoJoe. I am the administrator and I bought them from Asia as they were hitting retail in that market. Nothing is ill-begotten, illegal or unethical. We do EVERYTHING on the level or not at all.
  5. This is the most whacked out, surreal "debate" I've ever witnessed - and I use to judge high school debate tournaments. Wow fellas...wow.
  6. Please-please don't become another one of "those" fans and jump to the easiest concusion available. That's just not the way it is. These really are my true; honest feelings on the matter. I thought you were emotionally above all this Justin; I still think you are. And as previously stated, I'm letting you have the last word. I really didn't mean to hit a nerve and I'm not going to argue any of your conclusions or explanations. Take care. -PJ Thanks Paul, we're glad you appreciate all of the hard work, time and money we put into YoJoe every day to bring you content weeks ahead of any other medium or forum and we appreciate and the feedback we receive. We write our previews as editorials from the perspective of the author. Therefore we write what we see and how we feel about a product, and if you differ then that's okay too. It is a matter if perspective and editorial opinion. Thank you for the input.
  7. Those claws were last used in the black Crimson Shadow Guard set, so they're around. Also, tomorrow on YoJoe we're doing a 2-for-1 review as we didn't make the deadline for today. The photos just weren't up to muster so we're doing a second shoot tomorrow.
  8. I'm pretty much an ARAH only collector and I have to say that Duke and Cobra Commander were not what I was expecting and left me a little - flat. Storm Shadow (check YoJoe on the other hand, is truly a GOOD figure. He'll never be ARAH to me, but he's still a very good toy.
  9. The 5 pack upc is: 6 53569 26757 7 YoJoe.com has the UPC for the singles on the figure archive pages.
  10. Agreed. Those pics are few and weak. They have the figures. Put the digital camera to use!!! Also, the review sounds more like a marketing pitch. I expected more analysis beyond identifying the joints. No, it's not a marketing pitch, we're writing these articles to showcase the figure and provide a genuine first-look in detail, not to draw comparisons between them and ARAH or fan the flames of negativity towards a very unique thank-you to collectors. I rarely will post a defense of something that the YoJoe staff does because we do what we do out of passion and people are welcome to take what they like and enjoy it as much as they can. I just hope everyone appreciates the work and effort our staff puts into YoJoe and that they enjoy our exclusive content when and where we can provide it. But I digress, here's to the 25th anniversary and more reviews each day until we've covered the entire first assortment.
  11. Good! She's far more talented and dynamic of an actress then Holmes ever was or could be. Good news indeed.
  12. Forgive me for bringing up an older, semi-dead thread. I just got one of these, and I'm curious to know about the POTJ/Saga 1 Imperial officer figure and how well it fits in the cockpit. Since this is, in essence, a re-release of the 84 shuttle, how well does the figure fit? Does the newer Moff Jarrod fit/sit? I'd really like to have some pilots for this massive ship.
  13. RedClaw


    And the fact that they're the official Hasbro licensed club, that they have an exclusive press release right, and that Hasbro makes the same images available to the public within five hours...yeah, that's completely unfair. Especially when MC pays heavily for their hasbro license, and every other site gets the news for free... Five hours is not a long time to wait, and that's why there are perks to membership and why life isn't fair.
  14. Woah! A concession at last. Considering that the explanation came from Dwight Stahl, I'm more then satisfied to know that these are nothing more then first run, no tooling stamp, mickey CC figures that some kids painted. That is the end of that. If Sab wants to keep pushing this, he can continue to do so at his own will but that will most definitely be counter productive.
  15. Just for the sake of observation, the two logos between your figure and Tazz's are different. Not only the missing stripe, but their thickness, general location, basically everything is different except for the general geometry. It's one heck of a coincidence - no doubt about that - but no, it's not a first run variant logo. Take the logos, in photoshop, center them one over the other, and reduce the transparency of the top layer - they are not even close to being symmetrical. It's just a really spooky, unique, coincidence. I scaled and merged the two images in Photoshop, and here are the results that I was speaking about. The logos are placed differently and share a similar look but that's about it.
  16. Saboteur, These variations are not rare. If you believe that this is truly what you think it is, I think we are all willing to leave you to your devices. The fact remains that you and Tazzman(?) have figures that were painted to look like press-release resin hard copies. Never - ever ever - in Hasbro's history have they hand painted the cobra sigil on an injection molded figure. They have tampo stamps that are cut to do that very thing directly on the figure, they will and have, for years, painted resin cast figures. The tampo stamps are used on paint masters, which are injection molded, but their paint is so perfect, so precise, that they would never - EVER - look like your figure. No toy company, even in the 1960s, has figures that are at that level of production and look that rough. Not even the 1963 sculpted G.I.Joe prototype that Don Laving himself painted was that rough and unfinished. If you want to continue to believe that this figure is what you think it is, that's your business, but it absolutely, without a doubt, does not make it true.
  17. No offence to yojoe, and i'm sure Terry, who admins that site will agree, the yojoe archives, while being a fantastic resource, are FAAAAR from complete. Absolutely no offense taken at all Shane. We (YoJoe) know that we do not have every minute detail posted because it's difficult to both add new information as it becomes available (and we have to fact-check to our best abilities) and we have to add new retail products as they're released. There's only 24hrs in a day afterall. Well, when it comes to the names, I know I'm just a web monkey and a guy who got into this back in the early 90s and I do my best to learn as much as possible and be a good student. But without a doubt, I would never question anything Drew or Shane have said because they literally know more about certain aspects then Hasbro employees. Period. When they speak, it's cold hard fact, not SWAG (scientific, wild-ass, guess).
  18. First off, I want to welcome and thank Shane for coming to these boards and shedding some light on this subject. Now, on to something more in tune with the topic at hand. Saboteur, I appreciate your sincerity in believing that this figure is a true, genuine pre-production figure, but after careful examination, comparing facts and details with some well renowned high-end, book writing authors, collectors and their associates, I can say with absolute certainty that the figure is at best an oddity, but moreover not a pre-1982 pre-production/early prototype stage figure. It looks pretty obvious that the figure was painted by someone (a kid?) who had a weather beaten / played-with SA Cobra Commander and repainted it to clean it up. The brush strokes in the visor, the touch-ups on the arm rivets, nothing about the figure is authentic or can be considered anything more then an oddity. The F1 comment is interesting because some of the 82/83 v1.5 CC's are missing that same marking, and I'd have to check but I believe my 1992 Chinese CC also is missing the same F1 mark. As Shane stated before, and as I too am well aware of, if the figure was a hard-resin sculpt, it would not have metal rivets, but round joint inserts/cylinders, and if the figure was a test-shot, from a mold-injection tooling it would not have hand painted details to this degree. There are samples of these early production test-shot 1982 figures available and they all have far more detailed paint applications, as those figures are used as paint-masters for the factory and not something that's sloppily painted and cobbled together - such a nightmare would have resulted in very poorly made 1982 figures for the entire series.
  19. At he present, the tags ar canceled for general distribution, but are potentially available for a retailer exclusive.
  20. You must be the guy listing it @loll@ Nope, just a guy without a Defiant.
  21. Light Blue - Brazil exclusive Cobra Trooper Black Officer - European exclusive Action Force Hunter Both are not out of the reach of the every day collector, but do require some effort to find. Can't recommend either of them enough as they are spectacular display pieces.
  22. That Defiant is a little on the high side, but it is absolutely complete, no fading, sun damage or general damage. It is in a ready-for-display condition and the two figures are sealed and even Hardtop includes the extremely rare pistol. The damage is easily over looked and is not noticeable in any display configuration. Overall it is a premium price for a premium item in otherwise excellent condition. I wouldn't mind paying that much for something that nice.
  23. I don't recall anyone here saying that the PDD for sale was an investment. It's just a figure being auctioned.
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