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  1. Pretty sure this is just for thos attending SW Celebration in Europe. It sucks, but what are you gonna do.
  2. 6 inch figures aren't due until around Christmas and I wouldn't be surprised if the Gunship was cancelled or pushed back until this Fall.
  3. Didn't think the Batman looked all that great. The sculpt was fine, just the metallic shine on the figure made it look off. But that same shine works really well on this Superman figure.
  4. I'm a bit surprised that they're doing a six inch version of this Batman. It doesn't look as if they will be able to use the arms, legs or head for anything else. They could possibly use the chest to do an 90's animated or JL/JLU six inch animated Batman. I just think it's funny that Mattel has always stressed that tooling is so expensive and that they try to think of other things that the tooling could be used for but we are seeing a lot of new tooling that can;t be reused.
  5. So over the weekend I got the last three figures from the G.I.Joe Clubs Figure Subscription Service version 1,. The figures were TNT, Barrel Roll and the mystery 13th figure Blackout. While Blackout had been floated around as the mystery figure I was somewhat disappointed that it turned out to be him. Not because I dislike the character or even the figure the club produced, but rather because Barrel Roll and Blackout's story is tied closely to the sister Bombstrike and not having her and having the other two suck (I would rank it up there with most people having Zartan and Zandar but no Zaranna). I like the TNT figure a lot more than I thought I would, as the character itself had no real meaning to me. Barrel Roll is nice but I wish they had gone with his V1 figure as I liked it a lot more than the V2 or V3. Blackout is a good figure and a nice addition to Cobra as a single figure(which I fell Cobra can always use). Looking back on the whole experience of the FFS, I must say the club did a nice job and delivered exactly what it said it would. The shipping package they designed works well and I never heard of and problems with the figures being shipped on torn or bent cards. I've already signed up for the second FSS and while not looking forward to all 12 announced figures (I'm only liking 7 of them at this point) I might be surprised when I get them in had and end up liking them (much like I did with Topside and TNT).
  6. The only thing I really don't like about this is that it's going to be on Disney XD. I don't subscribe to it and won't just to watch a couple shows.
  7. While getting yet another Batman sucks, he is a game specific figure and I feel like they finally captured the look of Batman's head/cowl with this head scuplt. Before this one I felt they were always close but something was a little off.
  8. Since they are a Toys R Us exclusive your best bet is their online store, though I'm sure any of the normal online toys stores will be carrying them.
  9. Keel Haul looks like I figured he would and that's not, but Big Bear is quite a pleasent surprise. I wasn't really looking forward to him being in the sub but after seeing that figure I can't wait.
  10. Now I'll agree that Disney didn't tell hasbro not to make toys, but it cut the legs out from underneath Hasbro. I would say that LucasFilm and Disney had been in talks for atleast a year before the announcement of the sale. The reason I say that it that Lucasfilm had too many things in the pipeline that were suddenly stopped once Disney took control. On the video game front you had two games in development, you had the Clone Wars TV show (which takes 12 to 18 months to produce before airing and they have a complete season done), work on all five remaining movies in 3D with plans for release (TPM was released in spring 2012 and the original plan was to release the following five films every spring for the next five years. Then that changed to AotC being moved from spring 2013 to fall 2013 and RotS following six weeks after release of AotC) which were completely scrapped once Disney took control. Add to the fact that Hasbro plans for the toys center around (and have for the last fifteen years)what LucasFilm is doing with SW (ie toys themed around whatever movie is being released or TV or video game release, ie last years packages were Phantom Menace themed and this year was suppossed to be AotC themed). But with no movie or TV show to tie into, what is Hasbro going to do.
  11. I thought they were out, they just sell like crazy.
  12. I just find it strange that Disney spends all that money to buy Star Wars and then shuts everything down. Clone Wars, SW video games and SW toys all basically stopped because Disney has no clue what it's doing (other than announcing Eps 7). They should have stayed the course: released the new Battlefront and 1313 games, let CN air the last season of CW, released Eps 2 and 3 in 3D (not to mention the OT, to lead up to Eps 7 and to push toy sales).
  13. It will continue, but for some reason Hasbro just can't get it's stuff together right now.
  14. I would bet that Marvel would never do a classic Squadron Supreme movie because of the JL. Even if WB never does a JL. People would know that the SS is a bit of a JL knock-off and it would back fire. I could see them doing in more in line with the look and "vibe" of the Supreme Power series from a couple years ago.
  15. I got the first FSS offering and have enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm really looking forward to receiving the club's last two figures and the "bonus/mystery" figure at the end of this month. With that being said, I'm not quite as interested in all 12 figures in FFSv2 but already signed up anyway. I like about eight or so of the twelve and am sure I would be able to get rid of the ones I didn't want if I so choose to. The cost last time was $296 plus shipping which made the whole thing come up to about $350. This time it went up $12 (or a dollar a figure) to $308 plus shipping. Sure it may be a chunk or change, but for figures we normally wouldn't get I don't really mind. The club had been really doing some good work the last couple year. Sure there have been some minor missteps but that's gonna happen.
  16. I don't seeing it being a good fit to include Star Wars(or for that fact Marvel Characters) in the Infinity games, but I could see Disney deciding to give both their own Infinity type games.
  17. He made two movies in the 90's. Now he gets high and blogs. Wow. Made four or five movies in the 90's (along with a producer credit on Good Will Hunting) and four or five from 2000 to 2010. Along with writing other movies and comics, the guy had a lot of "Geek Cred".
  18. Think I'll dig out the other Wolverine from that line where he's just in the white tank top (granted he only has clawed hands with that figure). If e looks good I might have to ebay an extra for a customized Die Hard Bruce Willis (maybe even add some Submariner bare feet).
  19. Started at a book store that was down the street from me, would pick up the occasional comics off the spinner rack. Then a Subscription to Marvel's G.I.Joe (loved waiting to get it every month in the mail. Then when I was about Ten my Mom and I were going somewhere when I saw my first comic shop and after a week or so of begging I talked her into taking me there. From there I figured out a "short route" to get there via my bike, but then that summer we moved and I picked up comics from the local connivence store. Then that fall I happened to be walking through a shopping center that had a Michael's at one end (was kind building models and stuff) and noticed the comics shop I had happened to go to had moved. That started a life long love (I stayed with that shop from 1985 until it closed in 1996). On a side note, I must be really old, because when I started collecting we got the comics on Thursday. It wasn't until the mid 90's that they moved it from Thursday to Wednesday.
  20. I'm betting the middle or end of May is when these will really start being seen. thinking about it tonight, this is one of the weakest summers in some time for toy tie in's. I think Superman is really about it. SUure you could count Iron Man, but all that stuff has been out for months and NECA has the Lone Ranger stuff coming out, but that will be pretty limited to who actually carries it.
  21. Right now from Marvel I'm reading Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers, Avengers, ALl New X-men, Uncanny X-men, both X-force titles and Superior Spiderman.
  22. Well Archangel was offered on Friday (April 12th) and was up periodically throughout the weekend and on Monday.
  23. Trust me, thinking about SE and all the characters and how he's tied to them makes my head spin.
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