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  1. I think the club just saw how everyone went crazy over the zombie themed figures that were sown at Joe Con last year and figured we would want these too. Plus I'm sure that it a little hard to get figures aproved right now when Hasbro doesn't even seem to know what they're doing with the line.
  2. Finally found a Blind master, Jinx and Night Viper yesterday at a grocery store. So Im done until hasbro announces whatever is next.
  3. I'm not sure how much thought Disney has really given this December thing. While I'm sure all their "bean counters" have gone back and forth, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.I mean, it's Star Wars so it's going to make a lot of money and positioning it in Dec there won't be a lot of other big budget movies around it. But you also won't have kids that can go see it again and again like they would during the summer. I think it might hurt toy sales a bit if they release like they always have in the past (in other words several weeks before the movie open, which would be the beginning of Dec). But I also expect announcement for this movie to be released in 3D and IMAX (and both) between now and then. I also figure we won't get it's first real trailer until it's put infront of Avengers 2 (in May 2015).
  4. OK, went to Kmart to try to pick up a treadripper that was there a week or more ago (I was wanting that Clutch head and clearence was on sale this weekend). Someone else got the treadripper and I figured I'd look down the action figure ailse when I came across part of wave 3.5. Picked up another Duke and Combat Ninja but left the rest. This Kmart had clearenced Joes out but the figures rang up at $10. They were in the middle of the toys section Christmas reset, so you might want to start checking Kmarts again.
  5. Liked the trailer, not sure if I'm sold on the Commander Rogers suit. The only thing that really has me put off is that Evans looks a lot thinner in this then in the first movie or Avengers. Granted he bulked up for CA and even in Avenger he wasn't as big, but in this he looks pretty thin compared to the other two times he's played the character.
  6. They might, but I doubt it. SInce they are supposed to be a Diamond Distributers exclusive and HTS has never got any of the other exclusive waves.
  7. Hate this time of year with all the big name games coming out, so I've been going back and playing stuff I bought and never touched (mostly 360 games). Finished up I am Alive a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. Would loved to have seen what a fully realized version of this might have been. Also picked up Dead Space 3 and am finally on the last chapter, hope to have it done today of tomorrow. Picked up Halo 4 at Best Buy since it was only $10 this week. Never been a huge fan of the series but enjoyed them all. Really looking forward to Batman in a couple weeks. Still debating on Assassin's Creed 4 and COD:Ghosts. Not debating on if I'll get them, but debating on if I want to get them on 360 or what for XB1. Always have hated the transition period of a new system coming out because of that fact.
  8. Yes that beret fits, I believe it may be the same head sculpt.
  9. I do believe that Del Toro is getting the same credit in the next two that he got on the first one.
  10. I'm just wondering how these final episodes are getting to us. I hope it's not Disney XD (which it more than likely is) as I don't have it. There have been rumors of Itunes or Amazon Video, both of which I'm not keen on either.
  11. Yes those batman figures are 4" scale. They will be just like the current 6" ones, meaning the new 4" figures will have more articulation (I believe knee's and elbows at least).
  12. It looks good, but the thing is you have to make it look spectacular if your going to put it on the big screen for two hours plus and the the story and characters have to have a well thought out arc if your going to put it on tv for a hour a week 22 times a year. It's hard to have that kind of quality on a consistent basis.
  13. While maybe they could have done a bit more to promote the 75th Anniversary, They did have a Major Movie come out, Three new Comic series (Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman), got several huge mentions in the Mainstream media, was in a major video game and has had a HUGE presence in stores in the form of toys and merch. I'm sure DC and Warners could have done more but not much. I also think that DC and Warners doesn't want to pus the fact that Superman in 75 down the mainstream publics face because of the fact that something that old can't be "cool". A better thing to wonder is what do they have in store for Batman next year for his 75th? No movie or game, a TV series (Beware the Batman) that in my opinion isn't very good. Sure you have the comics, but not much out besides that.
  14. You really think Marvel could do better? While I agree that DC doesn't know what to do with him, I think that after 75 years of comics, TV, movies and radio that there isn't much that hasn't been done with him. After a certain point your either redoing something that someone else has already done (or something quite similar) or invalidating something someone else has done. Your going to upset someone no matter what. I'm of the mind that as long as the majority of fans are entertained (and I don't have to be in that majority) then I'm OK with it. I liked both the Man of Steel movie and Superman Returns, didn't care for Smallville but liked the 80's/90's Superboy TV show and parts of Lois and Clark. Didn't care for Birthright, but really like Bryne's Man of Steel and his take on Superman. The 90's and 2000;s Superman comics were hit or miss for me. The 90's Superman cartoon and JLA were really good depictions of Superman, but I think that for kids and people looking for a Nostalgic take on Superman they work well. The worlds just a much harder place that it was in the past (not so much as a reality, but in the ways it's presented 24/7 on TV) and people just expect a hero to reflect that. But this is all my opinion and yours is probably different.
  15. Have we even seen what any of the new stuff will look like? I remember, vaguely, seeing stuff back in Feb but nothing since. I would hope that the new stuff gets a bigger push then the stuff from the first movie. Seems like only Kmart and TRU carried the stuff last year.
  16. I haven't ordered from them in years, but never had any problems. I just started ordering from BBTS because it was more than just Joes that I was collecting and made more sense to order from a single place than several.
  17. I haven't been reading it but had thought about it until the sale to Marvel and eventual comics being published by Marvel starting next year thing came up. I just really didn't want to "invest" in a series that was going to be disregarded by Marvel as soon as they start publish SW comics (not that they have said it will be, but I bet almost everything DH has published will be "thrown away" as it was). That's the reason I'm only reading The Star Wars right now. I know it's something of it's own tale and has nothing to do with anything else going on.
  18. I have quite a few pictures of repacked figures I've come across over the years. It's truly one of the worst aspects of our hobby and one I really hate. Much like the previous posters stated I've pointed out figures to different people that work at stores and see them right back on the shelf days later. The absolute worst part is seeing the figure on the shelf and then a week later not seeing it there and wonder if some poor kid just got this figure as a gift from a parent or someone who doesn't know it's a repack.
  19. Really liking the look of the figure and can't wait to start getting the FSS figures. Hopefully since they are showing carded previews they aren't too far from starting to roll them out.
  20. If this follows TRU's typical trend for the last couple year, it will start off at $120 then drop to around $100. Then at Christmas they'll run a sale with an in store coupon bringing the price down to around $80. They have done this the last coupe years with their SW exclusive items.
  21. I saw them at TRU on monday. There are two Thor's, Loki, Dark Elf and Kurse. They look pretty good, but I figure I'll wait for a bit before I get a couple.
  22. Honestly I think it all comes down to money and I don't mean how much the show would cost. If there was a live action Batman show (and by Batman show I mean a guy in a suit who is called Batman, not some guy trying to figure out what to do and what to be called) on every week then you wouldn't pay all the money to see a Batman movie or so the suits think. They feel that a weekly animated show doesn't take away from the movie audience, but a live action show does.
  23. I read the artical and it's slightly different than the version that was floating around during the summer. The version I had heard they wanted to make was closer to the Gotham Centrel comics that focused on the Gotham PD with Batman showing up from time to time mainly in the shadows (so they could have him as a character but not the main character, think more of a recurring cameo).
  24. I've been a fan of ST since I was little. I loved seeing all the movies and remember being so excited for TNG when it came out. Saw all the NG movies opening day and loved DS9 and most of Voyager. Never really got into Enterprise, but I think that was more because of the fact that with that show (being a prequel that had never been brought before in any other ST show) tied it's hands a bit. I have also read my fair share of ST books. Liked both of the new movies but think that they have had their hands tied too by the fact that the guys in charge of it don't want any body else to "play in their sandbox" (meaning no books or shows taking place in the new ST Universe, the comic being the only exception). The thing is that ST has a long history and that helps and hinders the brand. The reinvention is a nice way to try to bring in new fans (like most other things) but without any other sort of media tie ins it's almost pointless. When you have a franchise that only has a new product out every two or three years with nothing else to hold the fan bases interest, that fan base will move on. Sure they might come back and see the new movie when it comes out, but there's not a real dedication to the product. That being said I think ST is in a good position right now for the future. Paramount just needs to spend the money. A new weekly show with a strong concept and a decent budget would do wonders for the brand. The thing I really want from a new show would be a clear direction for it's future. Too many times we have seen a show that has no idea where it's really going. Sure ST and TNG really didn't have that, but the concept was strong. DS9 seems to have both a strong concept and and idea of where they wanted to take the show (arguably the first year was rough, but after that the show was good). Voyager was a show that was (IMO) didn't have a great concept or real idea of what the shows was doing, other that we have to get home and Paramount wanting another ST show on the air. Then you have Enterprise and since I have never seen the whole series and the handful of episodes I saw weren't very good I just won't comment on it.
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