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  1. I'll go see it, at the moment this is the Marvel movie I have expected the least from. On a side note I showed the preview to my 11 year old stepson and he didn't if sit through the whole thing. If Marvel is aiming it at a younger demographic I think they're screwed. I do find it funny that Marvel must know it's an uphill battle for them since they have to put the "From the studio that brought you..." line on the poster.
  2. So does that mean R2 and C3PO are showing up in Rebels? If so it's only a matter of time before Han or Lando show up. I know Vader will eventually. I can't see the Empire letting a group of "Rebels" doing stuff and the Inquisitor not capturing them so many times before they send in Vader to "clean up" that mess.
  3. It's nice to see that Toys R Us has stepped up to the plate and saved G.I.Joe for a third time and I think we're getting a nice showing for something that is going to be a store exclusive. I just hope that they produce it in numbers that will meet the demand. Sure we're getting a mix of new and old, but it's not all bad. They have a fixed budget to work with and so seeing older figures re-issued is not really a problem. Especially when some of those figures are harder to find. It's also funny to see a lot of people wanting that concept version two Storm Shadow after seeing people complain about every wave being Se, SS, CC and Duke. I could do without some of the figures and see them getting "tossed" aside. I just hope this sells enough to maybe get another wave next spring. If not it will be a long Joe drought until G.I.Joe 3 hits sometime in 2016(if we are lucky).
  4. At that price, I'm really tempted. If nothing else I know I could sit on it for a year and probably sell it for twice the price I paid.
  5. HELL YEAH! You're probably saying that as sarcasm but I like Corseair. The Dave Cockrum design, the crazy "push my sons out of the plane and get abducted by aliens" origin, the whole thing. So "hell yeah!" indeed. I like the Starjammers. Wish they could get the push that Guardians of the Galaxy is getting. I'm sure if Guardians is a hit, Fox will announce and Starjammers movie ASAP.I mean it has a good hook. You start the movie with the couple and two kids in a plane (you don't even have to tie it directly to the X-men), show the plane getting abducted, the two kids getting pushed out with a parachute. Then the screen goes black. Then have Christopher wake up and the rest of the movie is about him trying to find his wife and get back to his kids. That's a great set up.
  6. Like the show and books, don't really care about the figures (though that could change). What I find incredible is the fact that these made it all the way to store shelves before we really got any word on these.
  7. That's like the one thing I remember the most. There were these tiny white pegs thatcame with it that were lost almost immedietly. And I'm pretty sure that some of the droid pieces went home with my friends.You have to give Kenner a lot of credit for what they did with Star Wars. Sure differnt playsets had been around for a while (like the vinyl one by Mego and others) but I can't recall anything like most of the stuff Kenner did for Star Wars. While I do give Kenner credit for making it happen, I think Hasbro mastered the playset with G.I.Joe. I also hope we get a second one article like this one. While these were good, I remember have the other two Hoth sets, the Dagobah set and a Ewok village. My brother had the Star Destroyer bridge.
  8. Right now the only Star Wars comic I'm reading is The Star Wars and with issue 5 coming out this last week something occurred to me that I hadn't thought about until now. With Marvel getting the license in 2015, at what point does Dark Horse stop producing SW comics? Do they keep on producing stuff right up until they have to hand of the right (so that they can keep that revenue stream open)? Do they stop a couple months before? Will Marvel jump right in there with Collections of some of the DH produced stuff to get some SW product out there (Like say a collections of The Star Wars)?
  9. So far all the stuff you have done has been really stellar. The amount of work you have put into all of the figures you have made has been impressive. But with the SHIELD agent figure I have one thing to ask, how hard would it be to scale the figure down to a four inch scale? If it (being the figure) was able to retain that level of detail I think the G.I.Joe and Marvel Universe fans would go ape sh!t over them.
  10. I had the Jawa, Hoth and Droid factory when I was younger. Loved the escape pod from the Jawa playset and being able to make an accurate R2 with a middle leg from the Droid factory. My best friend had the Deathstar playset (the pastic one, not the cardboard one) and I can remember being in awe of that thing. One thing I didn't notice until right now was that the Jawa and Hoth both shared the same plastic base with different cardboard back drops.
  11. People say that all the time and I just don't get it. With everything else Disney has acquired there has been a good solid reason. I just don't think that there is one for them going after Hasbro. Sure they would get some brands that would make them money, but they would also get a lot of brands that they don;t want (but then again Disney has bought companies and done nothing with them before). Not to mention that Disney has a long standing relationship with Mattel, so why not buy Mattel? Numbers reveal that boy toys are on a downward spiral, but girl toys revenue keeps going up. Makes a lot more sense to buy up the company that owns Barbie, Monster High and Hot Wheels than to buy the comapnay that owns G.I.Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony.
  12. I think it really depends on which Disney we get. Sure they can be carefull and resectful of a property (Pixar, Marvel) when they want too. But remember this is the same company that during the 90's and into the first part of the last decade, milked everything they did. So far Disney has been pretty careful about what it's doing with SW, but I think that because a lot of what they have to deal with was already in place (like books, comics and toys deals). But many of those deals will be or have expired. I think that they see SW as a cash cow and will milk it for what they can, but do realize that they have to be careful. Just look at what they have done so far: Cancelled several video games, decided to move comic publishing to Marvel in 2015 (which make a bit of sense because Disney owns Marvel), rumors have been floating around that as soon as the book publishing deal is done with Del Rey that Disney will move that to Hyperion (which like Marvel, Disney owns). The Hasbro deal is in place until 2020 and Disney doesn't own it's own Toy company, so I'm sure that safe. They cancelled The Clone Wars and are making a new show for their own network (again, something that almost makes sense. I mean the show for their own network, not cancelling TCW). They set a date for a first movie andhave said we will get "stand alone" character movies. I'm sure we'll get a TV show on ABC sooner or later.
  13. Both are owned by Disney now. Heck, I wouldn't mind a Vincent camo somewhere just so I could get a figure.
  14. While I like the Joker figure, the Batman design just doesn't do anything for me. I got the Deathstroke/GA set and the Superman/Nightwing set, and so far the Nightwing figure has been the best one released.
  15. With all the good figures that the club has been turning out, I'm a little surprised that this one just doesn't really do anything for me. I would think that with it being the first figure shown for this years Convention set that they would want to really show us what they can do. Oh well. I'm sure we'll see better within the coming weeks.
  16. So I'm at Target yesterday checking out the toy aisle reset and not finding the couple of things I was looking for when I over hear some parents looking for Joe toys. Apparently there son, who was about 7 or so, has been watching a Joe cartoon and wants toys (I guess reruns of Renegades on the HUB). The Mother said something about being surprised there aren't any toys out for the cartoon and their son liking the movie and then the Dad said something about "well maybe the cartoon was older, but wasn't what he remembered watching". This is what Hasbro needs to figure out. Yes there are people out there looking for stuff, but if it's not there they'll move on to something else. Most parents don't want to have to hunt for toys or order online. They don't want to have to drive miles out of their way to go to Toys R Us. They want to be able to go to their local Walmart and get something for their kids while they are picking up whatever to make for dinner that night. Now I know it's not all Hasbro's fault, after all a store has to order a product, but do you think Transformers would be doing as well if they only produced a new movie every two or three years and only mades toys for it then? No it's about having a movie, and tv shows and multiple toylines (movie, tv series and Rescue bot for Transformers). They have it for every other brand they produce (whether they own the brand or it's licensed), so why don't they put that effort into Joe?
  17. From what I read in another article, there has always been two "timelines" for Star Wars. The first being whatever Lucas did and the second being everything else. But if Lucas liked something and put it in his movies then it became "officially" part of SW canon continuity. From now on the group will say what is and isn't officially part of the SW continuity.
  18. So if I'm reading this right, the episodes that have already been done but not seen aren't even part of the series finale. What the hell is Disney thing? They stopped a show that could have been on the air and making them money just so they could create something new and put it on their own network. Seems to me like Disney would rather shoot themselves in the foot right now than share any potential profits with anyone else. So all the Clone Wars toys and merch (like DVD sets and whatever else they could have tied into season six and beyond) they could have been selling the last two year.
  19. I'm really surprised they didn't already have something like this set up.
  20. I was at Target the other night when I stumbled upon these in the Christmas clearence section. Anyone know anything more about these? They looked cheap and I was floored by the fact that someone would put the Stargate name on anything in 2013.
  21. But IMO Marvel doesn't do very well with anything outside Marvel Superheroes comics. Sure Marvel can sustain the comics and I'm sure it will start out with some big name talent. But a year or two into it Marvel just won't care. Just look at how they have treated anything that was really outside the Superhero genre. They have comics based on Dexter and the Castle tv series, but you really would't know it. They took the Muppet rights away from Boom and did nothing with them. The courted Microsoft so that they could do HALO comics and that went no where (and they let the rights lapse and Dark Horse picked them up). They tried using some of there other properties (Cross Gen) and that went no where. The only real good thing they have done outside of Superhero comics are the Stephen King Dark Tower and The Stand comics, which they let fizzle after a couple years. Now I'm not saying that Marvel won't handle SW well. I think that they will continue to publish four or so titles from 2015 until the end of time. And I realize that the examples I used probably all sold well at one point but sales tampered off and that's why they were stopped. But right now Marvel is so concerned with the bottom line that if a title isn't almost directly Avengers, X-men or Spidey related they don't care.
  22. looks like five POA to me and while the sculpt is really nice I just don't want a figure that has five POA.
  23. Well I got Azreal today since I ordered a couple things from Amazon( Assassins Creed and and the Armored Batman/ AzBats esque figure from the kids Batman line). He's a nice figure with ball joint shoulders, hinge elbow, swivel wrist and waist. The legs are just like the DCUC figure with no ankle articulation. The one thing I don;t like is the very soft plastic used for the the sword, sheath and left arm blades. I'll pick up Batman when I see him and am really looking forward to wave two.
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