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  1. Love the look of the figure but I'm trying to figure out how the heck this is 1/4th scale. It's 26" tall which mean Keaton in costume would have had to be 8 and a half feet tall.
  2. Well to be some what fair to TRU and Walmart, they still have quite a bit of AoE stuff from last summer they're trying to sell through. Targets still have nothing but I did see a couple of combiner wars Optimus Prime's at Walmart last week.
  3. I share your fustration. There hasn't been much being put out of shelves since right before Christmas and Hasbro hasn't put out anything for Star Wars or Transformers in months. Yet they can have all the Avengers:AoU stuff already clogging shelves. Hopefully with the dock workers strike taken care of we'll start to see more on the shelves.
  4. I just can't believe the complete lack of anything Destiny related when it comes to merchandise. No Statues, Toys, Models, anything. I figured a Ghost prop of some kind would be a given (maybe a paperweight or something like that) but the only thing I've seen is some fan made stuff. I'm just not sure why nothing has been made.It's like EA or Bungie don't want to license it out. With all the other less known, smaller games that have things out for it one would think something Destiny based would be a given. Maybe something will be heard from Toy Fair.
  5. I really hate to say this, but I really don't like this figure. I would have loved to have seen a better version of Undertow v1, not this halfa$$ed take on the club exclusive v4. But part of that is that I love the underwater characters and really didn't like the parts they used for the 50th anniverary Eel. So the fact that they would just repaint it and recast the Undertow facemask and throw it on him just doesn't do anything for me. If they had used the 25th Eel body I probably would have liked it a lot more.
  6. Wasn't there a story a couple weeks ago about Hasbro copyrighting the Gobots? If that was the case I'm wondering how this is going to work.
  7. Saw the strangest thing today. Stopped by TRU so see if they had anything, which of course they didn't. But they put out a whole case of Pursuit of Cobra wave 3 (which came out in 2011 and consisted of Jungle BAT, Cobra Commander, Hawk and Blowtorch). Guess someone found a case laying around in the back. If it would have been wave 4 I would have jumped on it, but found all of wave 3 when it came out.
  8. Got lots of love for both. I remember getting the Skystriker for Christmas (my younger brother got one too, but wasn't into Joe as much. So I got to play with both) and loving that thing. All those missiles and the two person cockpit. Loved Ace's helmet and the overall look of the figure and plane. Probably helped that I grew up in an Air Force city. But I remember buying the Conquest with my own allowance, like most of the Joe stuff I got that year. So there was that sense of pride in saving up and buying it myself. Plus it just looked so cool. So I guess it's a bit of a tie for me.
  9. I really wish we were getting 4" Avengers AoU figures instead of the 2.5" ones. Heck I'd even settle for the Avengers and Winter Soldier articulation on them.
  10. I'm a member of the club and think this figures pretty good. Great head sculpt and the body use is good.
  11. Really my only question would be about price? They have been dabbling in the 4" figure market for years with their Green Lantern and Injustice Amoung Us lines. The GL line was prety good, but the IAU line was really hit or miss (which I think was more about character design than figure design). Since the IAU was $30 for a two pack, I would assume this line line would be about the same. The Batman mock up shown looks good and I think people would flock to that Constantine figure as a character and as fodder for customs.
  12. I didn't really expect anything anyway, so whatever. We got a while to go until movie #3 and for the hints the new brand manager gave I really only expect some more Toys R Us exclusives this fall.
  13. I've still been playing Destiny on Xbox One, really looking forward to the expansion stuff next week. Trades COD: Advanced Warfare (after beating single player and getting most of the acheivments) for Assassin's Creed Rogue and have been working through that. Asked my wife for Assassin's Creed Unity for Christmas . And I picked up Wolfenstein the New Order for Xbox One last week when some store had it for $20, I'll get to it eventually.
  14. I would say it's not completely about getting the rights back. Marvel gets very little when it comes to the licensing deal with Fos also. Marvel gets a flat fee from the X-men movies and movie merch, that's. At least Sony redid there deal with Marvel so that Marvel has all the Merchandising rights to Spidey, so it's actually in their own interest for the Spidey movies to make money. But you are right, the X-men is too much of a cash cow for the publishing division for them to cancel all X-men relates titles.
  15. I am really surprised that no company seems to be doing anything for the game Destiny. I would love figures, but with the amount of customization in the game it might be hard to pull off. Still you have lots of enemies and side characters. Seems right up MacFarlane's alley, but they are too busy trying to do more Walking Dead merch. Anyone else want figures? Heard anything? Playing the game?
  16. About the whole Marvel cancels FF thing, I've been following the rumors for a while. Basically it all comes back to Marvel really signing so crappy contracts to movie studios back in the 90's. They(Marvel) got a little bit of money and it kept the company afloat. Paramount had the rights to Iron Man, but Marvel Studios bought them back right before they announced their IM movies. New Line had the rights to Blade, Ghost Rider and the Punisher, but recently got those back too. Fox had DD, X-Men (and all related characters) and the FF (and all related characters). But they exchanged the rights to Daredevil so they could keep the right to either the FF or some FF related characters. The only character that I've heard of having any real problems with who owns the rights are Namor, who's rights are with Universal but I heard there is something not quite right somewhere with those rights. The big points in that contract are/was that Fox needs to make a movie every five to seven years or the rights go back to Marvel. Marvel only gets a lump sum payment for the movie and Fox gets everything else. Fox also gets a vast majority of all licensing from said movies, but Marvel has a say in what gets made and by whom. One of the biggest sticking points is that Foxs has an intellectual ownership of all X-Men characters and plot-lines. Basically Fox can do whatever they want with whatever X-Men character, plot or story and Marvel has no say in it. The big exception to Fox's rights are Quicksilver. Since he was an Avenger and on an actual X-team (X-Factor), Fox can use him. But Fox can't use the Scarlet Witch because she's been more closely associated with the Avengers and never been on an X-Men team (except for her brief time in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants). Sony on the other hand recently redid their deal with Marvel, so that they own the movie rights and Marvel gets a small fee. But Marvel owns all the licensing rights to Spiderman. The biggest thing (or rumor)is that Marvels largest stockholder (and the largest single stockholder at Disney) Ike Perlmutter hates the deal with Fox over the FF and X-Men. But the X-Men and related characters make way too much money for Marvel, so he's not going to do anything to them. But the FF is a poor selling book, who's characters might be better used else where. The Things been an Avengers for Decades and there's more than one Human Torch. So the rumor is the characters will appear in other comic books, there just won't be an FF book.
  17. I'm pretty sure it was going to be of the quality of the ARAH live action commercials that were produced during the Ninja Force era. Still it might have been interesting.
  18. Well maybe hate is to strong a word. But when I'm at Target or Walmart and go through the toy aisle (mainly because I still have kids) I see all the stuff out there and know it not how it use to be. I'm old enough to remember Star Wars, G.I.Joe and Transformers in the 80's at a Toys R Us. I can recall the Children Palace that opened in 1988 two blocks away from my parents house and all the toy lines I never knew or saw anywhere else besides there. Or in 1990 how within a 1/2 mile from my parents there was a Kay Bee, TRU, Children's Palace, Target and K-mart. Most of the 90's were pretty good. Star Trek had a huge foot hold thanks to Playmates, who also was riding high on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles train which it had since the late 80's. The (real) introduction of Toy Biz and all the Marvel figures they did. The Batman cartoon figures from Mattel and the start up of McFarlane Toys and all the independent toys companies that followed. Even the beginning of the Millennium wasn't bad. McFarlane and Toy Biz kept pushing each other and the huge resurgence of Star Wars that began in the late 90's really started hitting it's stride with the new movies. Imported toys really started popping up and I would say it was probably about as good as it got. Walking through a TRU, I was transported to a word much like my own childhood in the 80's. G.I.Joe, Transformers, TMNT, Wrestling and Superheroes figures as far as I could see. Now a short ten years later prices are super expensive and many figures hard to find. McFarlane doesn't really do action figures anymore and Joe is virtually comatose. Star Wars is on the cusp of a possible resurgence and Superhero Toys (either Marvel or DC) seem to be scrambling to figure out what to do. And here I am walking the aisle at Walmart or Target feeling a bit sad. I see the 5 POA Star Wars and Spiderman figure and think "what a waste". I look at the Captain America figures and like what I see, but that few figures is it and I still know they aren't as good as they could be. I see the Guardians stuff and think "Why two inch figures?". My son doesn't seem to care, he wants Lego's. My daughter love her Monster High and Ever After High, but even she's old enough to wonder why she only sees the same stuff month after month. That's not to say there are not bright spots. DC is still putting out great looking stuff from DC Collectibles and if you want to pay for it there are so many much imported stuff that is unbelievable. Then you have the high quality (and price) 12" stuff from companies like Hot Toys or Sideshow. Things like the new 6" Game of Throne or SW Black is pretty good and even Marvel/Hasbro throws out the odd great Legends figure. It just seems like the bright spots are few and far between. Maybe it's age or maybe it's the toys companies or the hobbies themselves, but I think we're past that golden age. Sorry for the rant.
  19. It's funny I still haven't seen the three packs yet. Seen everything else that's been released, but no three packs.
  20. I really want to like this and will pick it up, but I'm sick of IDW (and every other comic company) relaunching books once a year. I do like Karen Traviss' previous work on the Gears of War universe (she wrote the books, most of the comics and the GoW 3 game) as well as the Staw Wars Commando stuff.
  21. I don't use mylar sleeves on a majority of my books (part of it is price), but most just fold the tab over and tape it. I'v seen some store just leave the tab open.
  22. Wow, either there are no comics readers here or people just don't do it. Since my daughter has started reading at a pretty good pace and the local branch of my cities library is just up the street I've read quite a bit this summer. Read all of the Before Watchmen mini's, The first three trade from Marvel Now's Thor, Hulk and Captain America (really liked Aaron's Thor). The first two trades of Valiant's Unity series (which was a lot better than I thought it would be). All the Marvel Crossovers for the last several years (Fear Itself, A vs X, Age of Ultron). A bunch of different X-men mini's and x-related what not. Hickman's complete FF run along with his East of West (first two trades) and Manhattan Projects (all four trades, quite an interesting series too). The first six trades of American Vampire (by Batman's Scott Snyder). Quite a few of DC's new 52 books that I didn't try at launch. Hadn't read Green Lantern since War of the Lanterns, so I got caught threw the First Lantern Saga. Geoff John's 3 Flash Omnibus' of his Flash work (which was around 50 issues plus). Now I'm in the middle of reading Mark Waid's Irredeemable and Incorruptible, both which have been pretty good.
  23. Looks more like a knock off or more than likely a repainted figure of some kind. The chest doesn't look like it from a Joe figure but the head does look a bit like the movie Duke's head.
  24. they used the Rock/Roadblock figure as the base.
  25. The Target closest to me started their reset on Monday and had them. As a matter of fact they had two pegs overflowing with figures. Granted they were all from that first wave of Arkham City figure, but full pegs are a good thing. Still haven't seen Superman or Catwoman anywhere and am really wanting to add them to the toy shelf.
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