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  1. Saw the Poe vs First Order Storm Trooper two pack at Target yesterday. Didn't even know this was coming out.
  2. I like this and have already voted, The cool thing is that Hasbro is saying there will be a line in 2016, I just want to know what kind of line.
  3. I was talking about the 3 3/4 Phasma, I almost dread taking out any of the old Storm Troopers or Clone Troopers and seeing how tall they are compared to the First Order Troopers. Didn't realize see was so tall or at least it didn't register. I wasn't planning on getting any of the 5 POA stuff, but I was needing to buy something and since they are relatively cheap (or cheaper) I just bought those. I'm really waiting for the Walmart exclusive figure, but they aren't coming out until December.
  4. Got a quick question. I've only bought two figures so far, a Capt Phasma a couple weeks ago and a First Order Stormtrooper lastnight. Is Hasbro's scale all over the place or is there a reason Phasma is like 1/2 inch taller (and in general a much bigger figure) than the Stormtrooper? I couldn't tell in any of the trailers if she's jus taller or what, just seemed strange to me. Also for those looking I saw the new Falcon at Toys R Us yesterday. Still can't believe this is something they are selling and at $140. A couple weeks ago a shop at the local flea market had the BMF from a couple years ago and the guy was selling is for around $100.
  5. Seems like Hulkbuster wave and Rhino wave are starting to pop up at other places. After finally seeing Vision (and completing my Hulkbuster) for the first time last weekend at a Walgreens out of town, I stop by Walmart and the have two full sets of both waves on an endcap. Also saw Rhino wave at Toys R Us. I expect to see things start popping up a little more since we are coming up on the Christmas season.
  6. Same story just about everywhere I;ve gone since Friday. Lots of everything except 4" figures. I was set to atleast get a couple but now I think I just wait for the Walmart exclusive black series 4" figures.
  7. Was by a Dillons Marketplace store today (for those that don't know Dillons is a part of Kroger and their Marketplace stores are just short of being a SUperwalmart) and they already had the New SW stuff out. All the figures had been bought, but a few things were still there and I did check on prices, They have always been right at Walmart prices. Black series still at $20, single regular figure (those 5 POA ones) at $8. The figures with speeders were $14 and those deluxe ones with body armor or whatever at $13. All they had was some of the Mash Ups (Maul looks pretty cool) and the Trooper with speeder (looks nice, but I really don't need this right now). The 5 POA figure with the add on stuff looks nice, but all they had was a Boba and RoTJ Luke. Didn't pay attention to the Micro stuff. Thought I'd pass this along.
  8. My TRU has no place for Joes and no place I can really see them getting put (last year they just kind put them where they could).So far it's only had the two large box items, no two or three packs, I hope when they get done with moving everything around (they just moved all the Marvel stuff to make room for the new SW stuff)
  9. i've seen the two vechicle sets, but not the 2-packs or 3-packs. It doesnt help that there isn't really any space to put Joes at either at my TRU.
  10. I thought one of the big (almost confirmed) rumors was that Han and Leia arent together.
  11. I believe I heard the beginning of August.
  12. Was at TJ Max last night and they had some of the 50th two packs for $12.99. I only saw Snow Job/Artic BAT and Lady Jaye/Baroness. Not sure if they are showwing up anywhere else.
  13. I was in my mid teens in 89 and in full on comicbook nerd mode, the nerd rage over Keaton was a huge thing. Everyone just kept with the Mr Mom as Batman. I has seen some of Keaton other films, so I knew he could do dramatic . I just wasn't sure about how Burton was going to work out..
  14. there's just something about these that is screaming "Buy Me". So I'll probably have to pick these up. they look like they'd fit in with some of the Call of Duty mega Bloks stuff. If so bring on all of the original Joes.
  15. What is so bad about the Special editions? I mean really, So Greedo shot first making Hans actions self defense instead of outright murder. Do you really think Disney would change that. Or Anakin being portrayed as a young man instead of an old man at the end of Jedi? Those are honestly the only two things I ever hear being whined about by fans. I really don't have a huge problem with either. Sure the Han thing is massively debatable.
  16. I think this is pretty stupid on a lot of levels. I haven't read the book in about a year, so I don't know how well this fits in with character development, but Bendis is an A$$ for doing this. First he does this on his last issue of the title. So it's either for the next writer to ignore (which I doubt they well considering the media attention) or run with it. When writers leave a book with some huge revelation I consider it lazy writing. Second Jean states the older Iceman (from the 616) is not gay, but the young one is. So is Bendis saying that being Gay is a choice and that the younger chose to be gay while the older one didn't? That's a nice way to piss off the LBGT community. I also see the whole "create a new character" thing thrown about and while I really agree that that is the best way to do it, the fact is most new chracters don't last long or make an impact. When was the last time a character that wasn't created before the 80's really meant anything? Legacy characters don't count. The only one I can think of is Deadpool (In terms of popularity)and he was created in 90 or 91.
  17. This movie is either going to be really good or really bad. It's really hard for a director and writer to pull off movies with casts this large. They have cast so many actors for so many different roles that I think some characters are going to get lost in the process. Obviously Will Smith is the big star here and likely to get a majority of the screen time. Leto's Joker is also a big selling point. A lot of people are interested in seeing what he does and comparing his work to Ledgers (which is unfair, but that's how the world is). Not to mention that I also know a lot of people are curious about how Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is going to be portrayed.
  18. I'm almost burned out on all the stuff out there for this movie already. I want to see it, but it seems like there are just too many clips of this scene or that scene. Featurettes all over the internet with different cast members talking about all sorts of stuff. The one thing this really makes me dread is that if this is how Disney is pushing the Avengers, how they push Star Wars in December is going to be unbearable.
  19. Well that trailer was ok, but it didn't get me really excited about the movie. Maybe it was trailer fatigue from all the new ones released last week or maybe it was the fact that all we really got was a lot of talk and dark screen pans. The shots of Affleck as Batman looked good and we already knew what we were getting as far as Superman was concerned. Hopefully the next one is better and gets me a little more pumped up for the movie.
  20. As much as I don't care for them using the Rogue One name for this, after reading some of the stuff from over the weekend and seeing that teaser I'm willing to give it a try.
  21. I honestly don't know what to think. I'm not disappointed, but not thrilled either. It was a given that we would get Storm Shadow and Gung Ho after getting Leatherneck and Destro last year. The choice of figures and vehicles leaves a lot to be desired. This will be the fourth and Fifth reuse of the Skystriker mold in five years. The colors for Bazooka and Hit and Run are strange. The choice of re-releasing Alpine is great, but why release that Duke, CC and Trooper again? Also the fact that they are releasing so may of the same figures as the Joe Club has this year is strange (granted it may be different versions of the character). Getting another version of the Snow Cat this year after getting the new HAVOC from the club last year is stupid (Hasbro needs to think about it a bit more and BTW I'm calling for them to re-release the Tomahawk next year). And do we really need another version of the HISS? All is all I'm just very Meh! Now for something I don't think I've seen discussed anywhere, 2016. There is no way movie #3 is getting released next year unless they speed it through production. Which mean no new stuff next year and we have basically gotten everything from the concept cases that fans have been yelling for. So next year I think we'll hear a lot of disappointed fans.
  22. I just see this as another attempt to throw something at the wall and see if it sticks, to draw attention to itself and try to maybe (and in all seriousness not do it for very long) bring in new readers. No different then killing off major characters or trying to tie into real world events or something else that's popular or cool (like the upcoming Attack on Titan/Avengers book or making all the Avengers more like their movie counterparts). Eventually this will end or change and no one will care. This could be a good interesting book, but I'm pretty much done with Marvel. I use to read about everything and now and only getting Amazing Spiderman.
  23. I've seen the Odin waves at all four Targets around me. They got them before anywhere else did. Haven't seen the new Spidey wave or Avengers wave but then again I'm not really looking.
  24. Y'know I was a little interested in maybe picking up the SW comics and I hadn't been into my local for a while. So I go in last saturday and picked up a couple things and was going to maybe try out the new SW comics, but all my shop had was the variants. I mean like ten plus copies of each variant starting at $10. So I didn't walk aout with any SW comics.
  25. This could either be really cool or really lame. I do think it's somewhat funny that they are doing a Rogue Squadron movie when 99% of the Squads stuff is EU and Disney has basically thrown all EU stuff out the door. Also didn't they say at one point this movie would be tied into Eps 7?
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