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  1. I'm not collecting this line anymore and don't have a sub to the club, but it seems the complaints are rather silly. At least Mattel is doing this for you guys and they have a pretty good plan and idea how this will work. I've been waiting for almost a year for the G.I.Joe Sub club to get started. It was announced last April with all twelve figures being shown last Dec, yet we still have no idea on pricing or when/if it will ever start.
  2. I'd bet it's for the Hawk that came with the PITT, since that was the only way to get the jacketed version. Oops just checked the link, it's was actually for the cancelled ROC Ripcord. Funny thing is I got that figure for $10 shipped from the same seller over a year ago.
  3. My guess would be that stores are sitting on so much GL movies stuff still that they don't want anything with Green Lantern on a logo right now.
  4. While I wouldn't be surprised to see the return of the old DC Universe, I don't think it would be as cut and dry as them just bailing on the new DCU. I think that they would just say that we've been getting a look at a different Universe and the other one was just not being shown to us. After all we know that the Multiverse is still around with the new Earth 2 series starting in May. Plus I doubt that they would want to kill off series that are working now to go back to some that weren't before.
  5. Face may be, as is the case of Flint and Lady Jaye, but the cotume for the figures aren't.
  6. I really don't get all the hate for the ROC figures. Sure some of the designs were off, but the figures themselves were pretty good. Atleast with ROC we got figure that represented how the characters looked in the movie. So far we only have four Retaliation figures that look like they do in the movie (CC,SE, yellow Jinx and Roadblock).
  7. As I said before I really don't see a problem with anything DC's doing. Giving artist a shot at writing, that's ok. You have to keep the talent happy. Plus some writers have gone on to become pretty good writers (Bryne, Walter Simonson, Frank Miller. etc)Right now I see it as just letting guys have a chance. If they are/were that bad they won't last. The Shazam thing isn't some great problem either. The costume looks pretty much the same except it now has a hood. Johns has a lot of love for the character and I don't see him missing him up any worse than any other writer has in the last thirty years.The name thing doesn't bother me either. Sure I would love for him to stay Captain Marvel, but when you can't call him that anywhere except for inside the comic it makes little sense. Plus the rationale for the change makes sense, people on the street might not know the name but they know the word.
  8. There's be no "real" word on if 6 inchers will be made, just some vague comments. Those comments have stated they would be a store exclusive out after the movie opens. So my guess would be that they'll be a Walmart exclusive (like the Thor, Cap and IM2 figures were) and out in July or August.
  9. I wouldn't say that the Retaliation line is killing the 30th/Renegades line. Hasbro build a window between when the last of the 30th and movie line much like they did last time. We also got everything minus the Kwinn figure that was shown (minus of course the Data Viper and he was announced as cancelled some time ago). As for people not finding SS, I feel for you. I ordered online and got him, but I saw him in store only once. However fans should have been prepared for the possibility of not getting him as the history with this line shows us that the final wave of something and sometimes the wave before the last one (especially when you have waves coming at you quick) see a small release. It happened with JvC back in the day, with the final waves of ROC and the last two waves of POC. I won't be surprised if these turn up at discount retailers in the future and it seems like Hasbro is really trying to get their money out of that mold.
  10. But what was really being done with any of the Wildstorm characters? The Authority was really the only book that they kept on trying to get out there. The multiple restarts of Wildcats, Wetworks and Stormwatch just weren't working.
  11. I have known it was only a matter of time before I got sucked into getting an Hot Toys figure and this might be it.
  12. So close, but still not quite there. But I do like it better than the ROC one we got.
  13. I believe it was Diamond. I believe they had it in Previews but low orders had them cancel it and they went with another version of the Enterprise instead.
  14. I think that Hasbro's just trying to play it safe right now. Fan's can really jump the gun and I think it's safe to say we're all just salivating at the thought of what Hasbro can/could do. Dream's of highly detailed, highly articulated figures in a four inch and six inch scale or an Enterprise the size of the Big Millennium Falcon from a couple years ago. but the fact is that Trek toys are not the huge seller that they once were and that Hasbro has been knocking off articulation on the action figures were ever they can. So I'll go out on a limb and say we'll get four inch figure of most of the main crew with them having between 5 and 12 POA.
  15. I just don't get the huge dislike. I've been reading since the early 80's and this isn't DC's first overhaul nor was the original Crisis the first. Sure some character are different, but most are close to the same as they were or the differences aren't huge (I think the Teen Titan characters being the biggest changes). Granted I'm not reading every book, just about two or three a week (Hawk and Dove, Batman, JL, Hawkman, Deathstroke, Voodoo, Grifter, Huntress, Nightwing) and plan on Earth 2 and World's Finest. The reboot had me cut down a lot of DC's books just like I had done to Marvel some time before (now I'm only getting Amazing Spiderman and X-force).
  16. I think a lot of us "older fans" (being fans who saw the original and had many years to build up what we wanted to see in the prequel's and were disappointed by what we got) have a lot harder time dealing with the prequels then younger people do, especially those youngster who grew up with the prequels. My stepson is 10 and loves the prequels and the CW cartoon. The Original Trilogy doesn't hold his interest as much. He thinks Luke and Vader are a bid lame compared to the Jedi in the Prequel's, doesn't understand why Empire is such a cool movie (he really doesn't understand why the reveal is such a OMG thing). It's really become a generational thing now. In five years we'll get people that hate the OT and Prequels, but love the CW cartoon because that is what they grew up with.
  17. Are they still doing the Hasbro Q and A's for the different brands? If so I see what a lot of the Joe questions are going to be. Guess we really have to wait a week and see what is said at Toyfair.
  18. Like just about everyone else, I am really disappointed that Hasbro has decided to do the drivers like this. I don't think every figure has to be super articulated but five POA is a shame. Maybe Joe fans have been spoiled by years and years of our figures having the same POA regardless of if they were single carded or in a box with something else. Heck I don't even mind that CC doesn't have ankle articulation and only has single knee articulation. The only other thing I find amusing is that aside from Roadblock, SE, SS and possibly CC I don't think any of the figures will actually show up in the movie in these designs. I could be wrong, but Zartan and Duke just don;t fit into the visual style that has been presented to us so far. And the reason that amuses me is because so many people complained about the fact that the first movies toys stuck so closely to what was presented on screen.
  19. Looks good enough to me, now I wonder what packaging is going to look like.
  20. It sucks that this figure hasn't got into the hands of most collectors (I was lucky and ordered a set through BBTS) but you can point the finger of blame at everyone. Stores aren't selling Joe in massive amounts so they don't order a lot. Wave 4 came out right on the heels of wave 3 at Christmas time. Finally isn't it us fans that complained about the amount of SE,SS,CC and Destro's that come out? Hopefully he'll pop up again in a future wave or at discount stores.
  21. Basically I plan on just sticking to the 4"scale figures. We have the Joe movie coming out, Hasbro's been pretty decent with there Marvel stuff as well as the SW figure that I get here and there. The new Mortal Kombat stuff's been pretty neat and I just picked up the Red Faction Darius Mason figure and like it a bit too (I think Unimax has been doing a great job with the 4"lines they've done). With rumor of the Hobbit have a 4" line I think I'll just stick with this scale for the time being.
  22. I just sold off the last of mine. they had been sitting in a box for the last couple years and I figured I wouldn't miss them.
  23. Haven't checked, but mine should be here soon. Damn it's gonna be a long wait from then until June.
  24. Seems like everyone was pretty happy with the actually product, which I think great as I don't see Hasbro making too many changes with it. On the other hand, distribution seems to be the major problem everywhere. I'm just not sure where the blame falls for that though. Is it Hasbro's? I would say no, but then I look at how hard it was to find new Star Wars figures this year too. Is it the stores? Well partially, after all if they aren't carrying the brand or stocking it thenwe can't get it. Or is it our fault? If the store has pegs and pegs of figures and we (a general "we", as in the consumer in general) aren't buying them, then the store won't order them. But then it all goes back to Hasbro and how they handle packing out a case.
  25. I'm excited for the movie but the trailer didn't really do anything for me.
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