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  1. I'm a bit behind on buying new games and I have been eyeing this at Walmart since you get the first game free and I never got around to playing it.
  2. Optimus would surely be the greatest GL of all time.
  3. Well they have been clearanced all around here. Walmarts around me never got anything more than the figures and the bikes, and the figures sold fast. Toys R Us has completely removed Joe from the action figure aisle here. Targets had quite a bit, even up until the resent reset. One Target still had a bit of everything (figures, 3 packs, vehicles, etc) but all of that gone now except for a couple figures hanging out on an endcap with Marvel, SW and Spiderman figures. Maybe we'll se a slight re-emergence for the Christmas reset, but I doubt we'll really see anything until the Spring reset in Febuary/March.
  4. Well it's just one of those thing I collect in spurts. I really loved the MSIA figure, but the Ghost Spirits ones just seem so frail to me. But I love the Wing series and really am looking forward to Sandrock and the eventual Deathsythe (and Deathsythe HEll and Hell custom).
  5. Yeah, paying the secondary market price is pretty bad. But the actually club price of $25 A figure isn't too bad. These are characters that Hasbro has basically stated they have no interest in making, so the club is picking up the slack.
  6. Cool. I remember seeing it as a kid and then again about ten years ago at a theater in town that shows older movies every now and then. But that print was really crappy, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this in glorious IMAX.
  7. And it looks like I'm getting sucked back in. I really didn't like the figure I picked up and hadn't really been keeping up with Gundam at all for well over a year or so, but I noticed they have been doing Wing figures in the Robot Damashii line. I just ordered a Wing Zero and Preordered Sandrock and Altron. Would love to have that Tallgeese II, but that price is a little much right now.
  8. I actually wanted a few figures from this last wave and hate that it's online only but am not surprised since Hasbro has done this several times within the last couple years. That last wave is always a pain because it seems like stores really haven't been ordering much. Heck I don't think I've seen much new SW stuff since the did the spring reset in stores, or atleast it seems that way.
  9. To me it just seems like a lot of the characters are taking a big step backwards. Granted I have all but completely given up reading Marvel right now (Only reading Amazing Spiderman, Iron Man and X-force) but I still try to keep up with what going on is most of the other titles. Not to say that a lot of these don't seem interesting, but Marvel just keeps on retreading the same thing and bashes DC when they do it. I give DC a lot of credit for the NU 52. It took a lot of balls to just start over and it's payed off for them. For Marvel they just are shuffling people around. I might try Uncanny Avengers, but that's it. Too many Avengers books are out there and while you can pull that off with a large cast of characters it's just too much. Same goes for the X-men for me. While Bendis' new X-men title seems interesting (the one where he's bring the original five from the past to the present), it seems to me like it won't end well. Iron Man seems like it might be a step backwards and the armor design definitely is. I just don't see the point in the Hulk books any more. Too many Hulk like characters running around and Unless they have a big surprise finish to the Hulk book that's being published right now (Hey, Hulk and Banner are separated and fighting each other. Bet they get hooked back together in the end). Thor sounds interesting, but I just don't care anymore (he's alive, he's dead, he's alive, he disappeared, he's back again...). Fantastic Four might be good, but the FF looks horrible. Cap seems like they have the right idea by taking him in a completely different direction then he has been in for a while. And Spidey looks to be staying the same. So all it all, I might stay with Iron Man, I'll stick with Spidey until Slott leaves and since I haven't heard anything about X-force I'll just have to wait and see.
  10. They all look nice, but that Dark Knight Batman looks a little off. Something about the legs just don't seem right.
  11. Really neat looking figure, but a bit out of my price range. Almost looks like Batman visited the Iron Man armory and lifted some stuff for himself.
  12. I'm in and can't wait. While I won't say I want every figure, I want a majority of them and am excited to see what the "Mystery" 13th figure is.
  13. I don't think another brand could come along and do much of anything. Heck, Joe has a hard enough time on it own. It would be a massive undertaking to even try. I mean we don't even see that many companies try. Trying to get anything "new" in the toy aisle is a massive undertaking and I can't recall the last time that a company or brand was really successful (maybe Halo?).
  14. I figure they won't hit until next Feb/March with the release (re-release?) of everything else.
  15. Considering what he's selling for on ebay, $65 is a steal. But I'm still glad I got mine for $40 through the club.
  16. There was also a exclusive Kodak Batman that used that body with was all black. If I'm remembering right the "Heat Scan" Batman had red or orange body. if that helps.
  17. I think that it's a combination of there being no new product for right now and the fact that this OG set is probably one of the more "mainstream" sets the club has done in years. Most Joes fans are familiar with the OG and would pick them up, where as stuff like the Foreign repaints, Crimson sub set or Red Shadows/Action Force are a bit more appealing to the severely die-hard Joe fans. Even sets from before that, like the Tanks for the Memories or the Dreadnok sets, were more appealing to what die hard fans would want then the casual fan might pay for. Personally I'm a little upset that the club didn't produce more or limit the sets because I was all set to buy a non attendee set but my internet went down for two day right when the sets went on sale. Seeing the attendee exclusives has me debating whether or not I want to turn to eBay for several (Like the looks of that Sgt. Major and Annihilator).
  18. He shouldn't be since he's just a reused G.I.Joe figure.
  19. Part of the thing is that Marvel sold the rights to their characters to multiple studios and DC has always been to "involved" with their properties. So we'll see Spidey, the FF, X-men and Avengers in the same movie. Plus if more than one of Marvel's movies failed then the Avengers wouldn't have worked. None of the Avengers characters, outside of the Hulk, was a big name outside of geekdom. Were as the JLA would work best as a Batman and Superman movie where the get taken out early, the others come in and rescue them and then the big team up at the end. Then once the characters are introduced you could try spin offs. After all even after the Avengers has been this huge hit, do you really think Fury, Hawkeye or Black Widow could draw a big enough crowd to make a hit movie? I don't think so. As far as WW, she's a tough story to sell. Not that I don't think a good writer couldn't come up with a good story. I just don't know how a major studio would get behind what it would take to make it happen.
  20. But with the JLA they really don't have to introduce the characters. Everyone knows Batman and Superman, so if you started with that and built form there you could potentially do solo movies afterwards. It's not like Bale is going to do Batman and they have proved (to a limited degree) that Superman/Batman don't have to be defined by the actor.
  21. Over the last couple of weeks I've got quite a few of the figures and I don't think I've really been let down by any of the ones I've picked up. So far I bought both three packs, Cobra Trooper, Joe trooper, Roadblock, Zartan, Storm Shadow, and a Red Ninja. Both three packs are nice and I used the right hand of the Roadblock from the three pack to "fix" the single carded one. The lack of ankle articulation on The Cobra trooper, Rb and Zartan are not as big an issue to me as it might be to some. I don't like the fact that most of the figures are a bit tall and skinny (Zartan, SE and RB). That Storm Shadow is a great figure and both troopers are really nice (though I would like to find another Cobra one and use the head for a V4 Snake Eyes mod with the Dollar Joe's body). Red Ninja is another nice figure, but since it's almost completely a 30th SS it would have been hard to mess it up. Zartan is a nice sculpt but I didn't like the head and replaced it with the POC Desert Zartans head. Roadblock is much better with the right hand from the 3 pack (which is the same figure with web gear), but I really don't understand why they added that "action feature" to him. None of the other figures in the line have a "action feature" like it, so what's the point? The three packs are nice and include some nice figure for " Frankenstiened " Joe's, really like the Kamakura.
  22. Y'know, I think this partially blind-sided Hasbro and right now they have no idea what to do. They can't sell movie tie in toys without the movie and it takes 12 to 18 months (or so we keep on getting told) to produce a line. As much as I've seen people complain about Hasbro canceling the Renegades and 30th line, no such thing happened. We didn't get two figures (Kwinn and Data Viper) one of which we were told we weren't getting a long time ago. In truth the only thing we have gotten that we didn't know anything about was the Renegades Storm Shadow (including Red Ninja Repaint) and Snake Eyes for the Amazon boxed set, because both of those look to be completely new sculpts that we hadn't seen before. I figure Joe Con should be really interesting this year and if we don't get a lot of answers there then this line is in a holding pattern until next Jan or Feb (since it seems like Hasbro puts out movie lines about a month of so before the movies release date). AT worst we'll get a line of repaints or Frankensteined figures to hold us over, maybe even some re-released figures. Paramount screwed up and they need to be the ones accountable.
  23. I had to go to Walmart and while I was there I picked up Zartan, Storm Shadow and a Joe Trooper (blue). While I wasn't thrilled with the price, I liked the figures just fine. The fact that Zartan is missing the ankle articulation isn't a big deal. I am however keeping receipts incase of future sales and /or lower prices.
  24. If it an actual hero I would bet on Cyborg. They've been trying for the last couple of years to push him front and center, he's been around for a while. Or I could see a huge supporting cast member like Alfred or Olsen. Guess we'll just have to wait and watch the uproar.
  25. Both CC and SS are the same as you would find at retail (at least from the pictures posted on Amazon). The retail SE doesn't some with that web gear, but it looks to be the same gear as the upcoming three pack that includes Kamakura.
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