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  1. Note completely sure, but the first one looks as if it was a proto type for the Kenner 12" rotocast Batman from Batman Forever (the Val Kilmar Batman movie with Riddler and Two Face as the villians). Not really sure about the other two, though the Superman looks like it could be from the Man of Steel toyline that was done by Kenner in the mid 90's.
  2. While I mostly agree with everything else that has been posted on this subject, I do object to this. Joe Con was put in a very bad spot because of all the movie stupidness. The movie was moved up just two weeks or so before release, which was about a week before the Con. There was no real way to refund the money to the people going, and I'm sure no way the Club/Con could have cancelled without losing all the money that was spent on getting the hotel and convention space. Not to mention that the club already had to scramble because of the first hotel pulling out (or whatever it was) and having to find an alternate venue. So with all that going on, the club had to do something for the die hard Joe fans that came and while it sucks that they were put in such a crappy position, I think they did the best with what they had. Hasbro could have pulled everything and just had nothing there.
  3. I really don't see Kasdan being involved as either a good or bad thing. Sure he get some kudo's for helpingn with the OT and Indy, but the rest of his body of work isn't something that really excites me. I think the only other thing he did that I really enjoyed was Dreamcatcher and that was a King novel, so some of the credit has to go there. Although looking at it that way, Lucas has the rough ideas for the OT and Indy, so maybe Kasdan works better when he's working with someone else's frame work.
  4. Great idea and a very creative figure. If I had the SDCC HISS I would probably order it, heck I still might. But right now with the Christmas season in full affect the kids come first.
  5. I don't think they could and if they tried I really can't see any actor that would work. Bond is such a different animal and I can't think of any other francise that has been able to rotate the main character from actor to actor and still keep audiences coming back (well maybe Tarzan, but that really hasn't worked out too well since the 70's). It works with Superheroes because it always more about the costume, powers and story than about the actor palying the part (or so most fans and Studios believe). As I said in the thread about a possible animated series, I think that would be the way to go with Indy.
  6. Really like that Arthur Adams Baroness cover.
  7. My main point is that you can make a Star Wars movie with Luke and cast, I don't think you can do an Indy movie without Ford.
  8. Like I said in another thread, I think Disney just knows that unlike SW, Indiana Jones just isn't the same with Ford and since he's 70 now there's almost no point in trying to do another one.
  9. The Walgreen around me either have a couple old POC figures or they have cleared out Joe from the aisle. I do feel pretty good though about the future here where I le=ive. They Just opened up a Marshal's, two Ross' and are getting ready to open several CVS.
  10. Since it's a O ring figure it should be really easy to unscrew the back of the figure ad look at the arm and inside of the chest. If it's just a display figure, I have used a small rubber band on the interior of the figure (wrspped around the inside arm joint) to make the arm a little tighter.
  11. Looks nice and I think that it would be a far better way to go than another movie. Setting it around the Temple movie would be a good idea too, since you could then have Short Round in it to have someone that kids could envision themselves as. If nothing else have it come out as a DTV movie and see how it does. On a side note it's also not that big a deal to have Lucas film or Disney do there characters in an animated type style. Lucas has several OT animated style statues out and Disney put out Pirates of the Caribbean animated style stuff out too.
  12. Did Disney really do anything buytaquire and let the money roll in? I stil say Marvel's Avengers success is all thanks to Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau. Yeah, I don't think Disney really had much say in most of it. After all the tentitive plans started before the Disney buy, with most of the "brain trust" already in place.
  13. Y'know, I've been thinking about this for the last couple of days and I still am not really sure how I fell. So Disney's going to put out new movies, ok that was bound to happen. Once Lucas died and his kids got a hold of it every studio in the world would have been at their door, so maybe this was a preemtive move on his part. I think it could go either way for TV. Disney has a lot of resources and I think we should count on seeing more SW tv series sooner rather than later. No idea how thi swill work out for the books and I really haven't read many of them in the last five+ years/. Now Comics, this is where I see SW getting crapped on. Dark Horse WILL lose the license as soon as their deal expires and Diseny will ship it over to Marvel and while I'm sure Marvel will treat it nicely in the beginning, that won't last. First there will be a complete reboot with top Marvel talent doing the writing and art. Then after a year or two it will be the little thing that Marvel just sort of ramps up on everytime a new movie comes out (just look at anything outside there superhero stuff or Icon, which it just there to appease some of their top writing talent from doing indie work elsewhere). I do think that no matter what the movies will be panned by a great deal of the SW fanbase. Because much like the prequels, we've had too much time to over think what a good SW movie should be.
  14. But really what are Disney going to do with Indy? He's a signular character who I don't think Fans wouldn't want to see potrayed by any other actor than Ford. Just look at how well the Young Indy Chronicles are veiwed by most fans. Where as Star Wars is a Universe encompassing many characters and multiple generations of stories. That's not saying that Disney isn't going to get something out of Indiana Jones, but the big deal about this whole thing is Disney controling Star Wars.
  15. The figure must be showwing up a little more now. Was at a DG this afternoon and they had three sets (minus all three Storm Shadows) on the shelf.
  16. I love the Enterprise-C but it's such an odd thing for Walmart to carry model wise. It not that well known outside Trek fans and while it's cool to see on the shelf it just surpises me they didn't go with the TV series, the A, D,E or even new movie Enterprise.
  17. The vintage packaging has made all the stuff more expensive. Just look at the vintage Taun Taun from last year, $20 for the Taun Taun alone or for the same price you could get the Taun Taun and two figures in a battle pack. But TRU also has a coupe of bad habits. First is pricing stuff the think is "hot" a little higher than normal and second ispricing the big SW items really high just to have a "sale" on them during the christmas season and slashing the price by $30 to $40.
  18. I didn't buy Fury or the upgraded IM because I knew this set was coming and I also wanted that more movie accurate Cap. But I already have Thor, Widow, and Hawkeye. I think the Hulk is a turd of a figure, so $50 for 3 figures just doesn't do it for me. I might still try buying it and selling off the other figure, but I doubt I'd get more than (and this is being hopeful) $5 a figure. That's almost makes it worth it. I'll just have to wait and see.
  19. That Arkham City Batman looks great and hopefully we'll see more of this type of articulation in the future. As for the 4" figure, guess we just have to wait and see but I'm glad they seem to be all for playsets.
  20. I'm sure that the movie coming out in March is a factor also. Right now the comics seem to be alright. The writing goes back and forth and the art is just ok.
  21. Makes me wonder if Slave 1 is going to be smaller too since the box is the same size as the now smaller tank.
  22. I've thought about getting that Lizard because he's about the right size for the 4" inch figures. but the way that his neck is done, well IMO it's horrible.
  23. For a character that's only suppossed to be about 14 that body or atleast the torso is way too big.
  24. Found a Version 45 Cobra Commander (I think it wase Jungle CC, the wave 5 POC one) over the weekend at a Walgreens. The bad thing was it sparked that hope that the Walgreens in my area might have that wave and I still needed Jungle BAT and Hawk. SO I spent the last two days hitting every Walgreens I could think over (about 12 in all) and they had almost nothing or atleast nothing I was looking for.
  25. To me it seems better to spend the money now than to wait and kick myself later.
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