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  1. It seems like 89 was an off year and then in 90 they sort of got it back together a bit, at least most of the stuff looks better and then in 91 it started it gradual decline until the end.
  2. I was looking something up over at YOJOE and got to thinking about what year I thought Joe kinda lost it's way to me. I was there in the beginning in 82 (at 8 years old) and kept up with it until around 88 and 89. I was also lucky enough to have brothers that were four and five years younger than me and they sorta were still playing with Joes until 92, so I still saw figures and vehicles until that time. Anyway, looking through the years it seems to me that I quit around the time that Joe started going down hill. The mini rigs and strange vehicles that came after just, for the most part, hold my interest or imagination like a lot of the previous years did. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  3. I'd been itching to buy something lately (anything that looked cool would have done) but hadn't really seen anything that fit the bill. Got an e-mail from Toys R Us saying I had $5 in rewards cash so I figured I hit up the wasteland that is TRU after Christmas and see if anything caught my eye. Nothing really did, but when I got to the small Joe section they had no figures, a couple Sky Strikers, a red POC HISS and a couple Black Dragons. The Delta vehicles (HISS and Black Dragon) had the price lowered to $14.99, so I decided I'd get the BD since I never picked one up and with the five dollars in rewards cash I only paid $10 for it. After getting it home and putting it together I really don't see why so many people complained about it. Sure it's not "size accurate" but it's still a pretty nice toy. I like the design, the play features aren't bad and the pilot looks cool. Even during the Joe 80's heyday we got some pretty strange little aircraft (Vector or mudfighter anyone?). Heck even at fifteen this wouldn't have been too bad. Now at the $25 (or now $30 price point for Delta size at Target) it wouldn't be worth it, but I definitely got my $10 worth.
  4. I like the fact that we don't know and I hope that it's a new one made up for this movie. Just because he has the last name of a character that appeared in an episode of the original TV series doesn't make him the saem character. So here hoping.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out if they dropped the ball on this line or not. Releasing so few characters, at so slow a pace is not helping this line. The fact that only Kmart and TRU have been carrying the line doesn't help. I'm really surprised that Target passed on the line (atleast for now) since they seem to take chances with a lot of lines that no one else will carry.
  6. Movie toys have started showing back up at the Targets around me. No figures, but the vechicles are either being put back on shelves or being returned. One Target had them at full price (seems the HISS tank jumped in price from $19.99 to $31.00) and at another Target the Fang boat and Ripper were marked as clearence for $7.50.
  7. Man, I can't believe that people got so worked up over the "not saying which figures shipped" thing. Sure it was easy for people to find out, I just figured that since the club hadn't announced which figures they were that I would let those that ordered and wanted to be surprised, be surprised. In the grand scheme of things I thought it was a neat little novelty that for the most part people will be surprised by which two figures show up every month (even when they can find out easily online and as we get closer to the end, we won't be surprised at all).
  8. Saw these at my local TRU yesterday. The Clone attack ship and mini Jedi fighter were kinda neat, but for the price I skipped them.
  9. I'm still upset that I didn't get a "full" bridge playset, like Playmates advertised.
  10. Came home from Christmas Eve with my family at my Parents to find the first two figures from the G.I.Joe clubs Figure Subscription Service today. Won't say which two, in case you didn't want to know, but they look good. Really liked the figure packaging and the shipping packaging. I won't be able to really mess around with them until Wednesday, but for those that dropped the cash, be on the look out for them. PS- Merry Christmas
  11. Apples and oranges here. For the most part the SW line is very uniform in style and sculpt. Jedi's all wear similar robes so they fit in together. Rebels forces, well all the pilots look alike (same type of uniform) and troop builders always look the same. Most of the droids are just repaints of one another or so similar in design that they're going to fit in together. I'm not even going to go into the Imperial forces (or Cobra for that fact). Joes, on the other and just aren't uniform in any respect. Sculpt is all over the place (just look at head size) and for the most part there is not uniform outfit or common feature that identifies them as part of the same unit. But as AireTamMan said, it's supposed to be like that.
  12. Saw this today, now I'm really excited to see the film.
  13. Unless your wanting custom parts or didn't get any of the single carded figures I think this is pretty much a bust. The only reason so many people got it to begin with was because no one knew the Black CC would be available at retail on a card.
  14. I guess if you didn't already have it and you wanted the figures, then this is a prety good deal. It's basicly two new figures, one repaint (the red ninja) and a old figure with some new parts (Duke). I think that SE, SS and the Red Ninja are pretty stylized in a animated way. Very sharp edges that define the muscles. Personally I like this Duke better than the carded version, The new arms and legs just work better to me, though I'm not sure if I really like the blonder hair and light blue eyes (which I think they were going for in terms of a more animated look since they didn't give him a new head sculpt). The most interesting thing is the fact that Hasbro decided to use a ball joint hip on SE and SS, which is a first for the Joe line. I'm not sure if they were thinking about using this on figures going forward or just possibly on the Renegades figures.
  15. While I like the fact that I might be able to get a couple of figures I was wanting wihout having to pay extremely high prices, I do find it funny that Hasbro has always re-released SW figures that people want and had a hard time finding but can't do it with G.I.Joe or Marvel anything.
  16. Wonder if the price point will still be in the $15 to $20 range on these? Looks a little cool, would like to see pics of it out of the packahe though.
  17. This is what a trailer should be. It make you wonder about the movie while wanting to go see it. I can't wait to see the nine minutes of this in front of the IMAX Hobbit this weekend.
  18. Like WW, but not Grundy. Still the price point at BBTS isn't that bad for both figures. Might get this set and sell of Grundy. More than likely I'll wait for more pics to show up before deciding.
  19. Not gonna be going, but good for the Con. I know they wanted to get it set up around the time of the movie debut, but it seems like they'll have a lot to do between now and then. They haven't even hinted at what the next Con's set will be. So they have to get the Sub out, start prep for the Con, show us the Con set, they said they might announce the next Sub at the 2013 Con.Not to mention Winter can still be showwing it's ugly little head at the beginning of April up in Indiana.
  20. You could replace DCUC with just about anything anymore. A year ago it could have been Marvel Legends. This last year it could have been DCUC or G.I.Joe. Heck with the way Hasbro restock just about any of their toylines it could be SW or MU too. But all in all I understand what your saying. DCUC had a pretty healthy run at retail, and the follow up lines look like they could be nice, if they ever show up anywhere other than speciality stores.
  21. I've been looking through my collection and online and got to thinking about figures I would still like to have but haven't got in the Modern figure format (ie 25th on forward). But before I see what others think, I have one rule for others to follow: The character cannot have been made in the modern era, so if the CLub offered it as an exclusive or Hasbro did, then it still counts as having got a figure. The big one for me is the Hydro Viper. I just really loved that figure as a child. I always had a special place for the underwater Joes and Cobra's, but that one just stood out. The mask/helmet was so cool looking, not to mention the webbed hand and flippers. The fact that he was somewhat monsterous looking made hime cool and I loved the file card.
  22. Love that Deathstroke, so I'm in. It may be a little expensive for two figure but when you think about all the other limted edition figure through Con or subscription services $30 doesn't seem too bad.
  23. The poster does nothing for me, as did the teaser trailer. Hopefully the first full trailer will get me a little more excited to see this.
  24. Seems like it's just the third wave from POC. Destro was second wave and temple SE was fourth.
  25. What I really don't get is if you look at the human figures from the Avatar 4" they were basically scaled down (with only slighly less) versions of the DCUC body at $10.
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