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  1. I guess this is nice, but since I've gotten completely out of collecting 6" figures I'm not sure if I'll pick up any. If Hasbro does this right it could be really great, but at that price (and I only seeing it going up) I see more going wrong with this line than almost any other. Fans will be really picky about how the figures look (heck, just looking around I've seen a lot of complaints about X-wing Luke already). At four figures a wave and two or three waves a year I also see a lot of complaints about what figures fans want and when they get them. I also hate the fact that the chance of getting anything other than figures with line is basically zero.
  2. Well that sucks. I haven't been watching GL, but the Invasion storyline has been really good on YJ.
  3. I believe I got them last Monday (the 21st).
  4. I really liked this figure. Maybe it was because I liked the body they used and liked the character. So far I've liked the four figures I've gotten from the FSS.
  5. retired.... for now. What I find really funny was that Ultimate Fury was based on Samuel Jackson, he wound up as Fury in the movies, so Marvel decides to have regular Fury have a unknown child who happens to be black basically take over Fury's place and now the Ultimate universe is introducing a character that looks a lot like the original Fury.
  6. I'm fine with whatever, but I just did have one thought. I'm gonna miss the beginning credits. It was just the 20th century fox and the Lucasfilm logo then the SW theme and scroll into the movie. Now we're going to get some lame Disney Castle fit in (because Disney has done special versions of the Disney Castle for different movies and I can't see them not doing one for SW), then the Bad Robot logo, then the Lucasfilms logo and possibly some other logo's depending on who gets brought on between now and then.
  7. Don't like these half as much as the other releases, but they look good and I have to give the club a lot of credit for coming up with some great part choices. The one thing I don't like is that the Night Force guys don't really seem like they're part of the same unit, not that the originals did either. But Charbroil looks out of place with his grey and blue. He might look ok next to Muskrat, but that's about it.
  8. Previously unknown son who just happens to show up out of nowhere, gets kidnapped by Fury's enemies, loses his eye and at the end of the day winds up joining SHIELD and starts using his real birth name NIck Fury jr. Happened in the Battle Scars mini which came out in late 10 and early 11.
  9. He was a bit bigger in his first appearence. I still have the issue of Marvel Age that came out at the same time IM #200 came out and it had some IM designs that were kicked around before they settled on the Silver Centurian look. One of those designs was the Monger armor in IM tradional gold and red, could make a cool looking custom.
  10. I was thinking of grabbing these as the Monger would work pretty good for the MU scale but was worried he be way too tall. After seeing that one picture I would say he's just about the right scale, so it looks like I might pick these up.
  11. It could run two weeks. It opens on March 29th and the next IMAX rlease isn't until April 12th with Oblivion, unless that's the week that Jurassic Park opens in it's limited run (but I don't think they had a date yet other than "April 2013"). I can sort of understand why movies like Top Gun (which I can't wait to see in 3D), Jurassi Park and even Raiders of the Lost Ark get limited runs. But to have a brand new movie that could potentially make them a lot of money only run for a week is borderline stupid. On a side note I thought it was stupid when they released Hunger Games in IMAX for only a week last year. Imagine how much money it would have made for the company if it had been there for a longer time. But then if I have the chance of seeing a movie in IMAX or regular, I'll go to the IMAX showwing every time.
  12. Guess I'll have to see it in IMAX that week. I really don't understand how either IMAX or Paramount make any money off a one week release.
  13. I like Crimson Asp, though I don't feel the crimson part really works. I can see her as a go between for Cobra and Hydra(because some of the Marvel Universe has breached over in my Joeverse). SAW viper does nothing for me though. The colors are too bright for me and I never really liked the Unit or Individual character either.
  14. WHile I think both of these figures look really great, I'm not going to rush out to get them. I really want to see what Spearhead looks like. I can't wait until his reveal.
  15. Not liking the whole set, but some of the Joes and potential female Cobra's have we waiting on whether I want to get them or not.
  16. Well Sunfire is back to his original costume and that what he'll be wearing in Uncanny Avengers, so that could be the reason for that. I think we will eventually get a Deathlok figure, but since I think it would be a figure that you can't repaint and the legs, arms and head would require new tooling that couldn't be used for any other character it could be a while.
  17. Kwinn and Data Viper were two years ago.
  18. What I don't like is that Hasbro (or retailers) are just pricing these things way too high. When it came out last summer (for that short period of time) Target was the only place that had this version of the HISS. It was selling for $25, which was a little more than I wanted to spend. Then about a month later Target changed the price to $20 and I was all set to buy it but couldn't find one. At a couple of Target around me the movie stuff is starting to pop back up, I found a HISS and was already to buy it but something said to check the price at a scanner. It popped up at $31. That's just way too much for this and I'll bet it $35 or more at TRU. The really sad part is I just picked up another red POC HISS at TRU yesterday for $15.
  19. Trust me, I have that dream too. But when Hasbro comes out and says that they aren't interested in a 4" line becuase ST in that scale basically doesn't sell, well I'm not gonna get my hopes up. But there is always the chance that Hasbro has been secretly doing it to announce at TF in Febuary.
  20. It's not an "if" situation. They do have it and have basically said no 4" figures are coming. But we are getting Kreo ships if your into that.
  21. I would probably complain about the price point if I bought more SW figures, but the truth is that I have about every character I want in the form of a really good figure already. There just isn't much that Hasbro could do to make many of the already produced figures any better. Most are pretty spot on as far as liknesses go and you really can't sqeeze that much more articulation in to many of the figure either. I've been disappointed that many of the Clone Wars figures have lost knee and elbow articulation (and hate how skinny the legs and arms have gotten) but I know these are more for younger kids and write it off as such.
  22. I always thought the orignal version of the Secret SIx would have made for a good TV series after coming across the concept when Action Comics went weekly and they did a follow up to it. Doom Patrol might work. Maybe a New Gods series on SyFi, but only if they only stayed with the New Gods. A weekly Demon series on the vain of Supernatural? There's a lot of potential, it's just that there's a lot of things that have to line up just right: Where will it air, what's the Demographic, how do you play the show (comedy, drama, whatever). I do believe that DC has a lot wider potential than Marvel would unless you start bringing in stuff that Marvel did pre 1963.
  23. I wouldn't say the movie sucked or that it was forgotten by Christmas, but to each their own. I think the biggest problem it that it was set up to be two movies and the studio agreed at the last minute to make it three, so it has to be re-editted. I enjoyed it and can't wait to see the next one.
  24. Not sure. I hope the prices are less expensive the the Battleship set, they cost way too much. But with These and the Star Trek sets coming soon I'm sure I'll pic some Kreo sets up at some point this year.
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