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  1. Thought I give everyone a heads up about Joes being on sale at Kmart. Figures are $7.50 and everything else is on sale too. Neither of the Kmart near me had any figure but I thought I'd let everyone else know just in case your interested.
  2. While the figures look great, I'm surprised there hasn't been a bigger fan backlash with calling them "Ultimate" Duke or Roadblock considering they use an actor likeness instead of something else. Yes I know they're included in the movie line, but some collectors just throw a fit about these things.
  3. A plan is what is needed and I've been supportive of a "World Finest" movie that progresses to a JL movie, but Warners has "too many chef's in the kitchen". Marvel had money and one guy calling the shots. DC has a board of directors, stockholders and how many people actually on the movie side whispering in one another ears about what to do and not to do. They took steps in the right direction last year by forming a "brain trust" to oversee the potential DC movies (much like Marvel has) but they really haven't done much, at least publicly. One the other hand would you rather have DC do good movies or handle the MU like Fox has with DD and the FF. Even Fox's handling of the X-men is "iffy" at best.
  4. The biggest difference is that Marvel had a plan. They had a plan where one thing dovetailed into another and it kept going until it all met up in the end. Warners has no plan. They keep on changing thing and when something doesn't work (or even seems like it's not working or going to work) they change it all.
  5. The big problem is that DC is owned by another company and for them it all comes down to making money. I'm not saying this isn't so for Marvel, but seven years ago Marvel wasn't what Marvel is now. Marvel had to use it own character to leverage a $500 million loan to start up Marvel Studio's and get the first Iron Man movie done. If any one of Marvel's movies had failed or flopped it could have meant disaster for the next one and all of Marvel Studio's in general. Just like I'm sure that since Disney in now in charage of everything Marvel Studio's does from now on, that a flop or two from them could end things. If Thor 2 or Cap 2 don't do well do you really think Disney's gonna rush out more movies? Just look at the Hulk movies. Two movies that grossed about 300 million worldwide each, but are considered failures and has made Disney/Marvel lukewarm about any future Hulk movies. I really think Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be very telling on how Marvel/Disney handle their future movie out put.
  6. That's why they have the disclaimer on the package. The Flint figure has now web gear pictured on the figure but he comes with it. Black Dragon has a completely different head pictured on the back of the card. I'm sure other figures are the same way I just haven't paid attention.
  7. Wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't Mouse's body and webgear with a Flint head on it.
  8. I'll admit that maybe TRU overordered on IM2 toys, but mine also has only the same three or four figures: mark 3, mark 4, mark 6 and light up mark 6 (or is it 4).
  9. This is the problem with putting out figures as a "running change". They might as well be short packed or not made at all.
  10. After weeks of seeing these on the shelves at Target and fighting the urge to pick them up, I finally picked up a War Machine at TRU yesterday just because I had $10 in TRU bucks that I needed to use and there was nothing else in the store that even remotely I wanted (was hoping for Joes, but they haven't stocked them yet). After getting him home and messing around with him I was still pretty disappointed with the direction that Hasbro decided to take the IM three toys, but I do wonder if the decision was made a little later than usual. At first I thought it was a pretty soft scuplt but Iwanted to see how the IM3 War Machine head looked on the IM2 War Machine's body. It doesn't fit but comparing the scuplt I was surprised by some of the minor details that could have really been brought out. I also wonder about the peg holes on the leg and arms since no of the figures I saw had any attachments that would go in them. I think this idea would have worked a little better with IM2 since it was Iron Man vs Armored villians. I doubt I'll buy any more of these and wish Hasbro would have continued with what they did in IM2 (heck, I would have settled for Avengers articulation).
  11. I am so digging this series right now and really happy that it's renewed for a second season. Hopefully they're building up to a great cliff hanger for the season ender. Still finding myself enjoying the island stuff more than anything else ad with the last couple of introduction I can't wait to see what happens next.
  12. I might pick up Superman and that's it. I think Zod look aweful plain but since it's probably part of the movies storyline I guess it's ok.
  13. Since the club only has access to certain parts and I don't really consider this figure that important, I'll just call it a bonus. I can probably resell him at some point if I choose too and more than make up for the $44 the club cost, but I'm really only getting him to keep my club membership current for the FSS 2 later on this year.
  14. Seen them at Walmart and Kmart, so try there.
  15. I wouldn't be concerned about the wave actually showing up, I think it will hit retail pretty good. My concern is actually finding all the figures because that wave has like 12 new individual figures. Most cases only hold about that many figures, so let's say a store gets one case, we that's only one of each figure. Most people are going to want one of each figures so case sell through is going to be quick. That mean's store order more but they might not get another case of wave 3.
  16. Now that TF is basically done and with new stuff coming out and shown at TF, is anyone surprised by the lack of store exclusives? Usually we get some for movies or news lines, heck Target,Walmart and TRU come running with the exclusives. But unless I missed it I didn't see any shown. I don't want this to turn in to a war about the "evils" of exclusives, I just find it strange. But then I didn't see any for most of the Mrvel lines or Star Wars lines either.
  17. I'm surprised were getting Adam before Shazam, but I'm sure it will be a repaint with a new head anyway.
  18. Well I went to a Walmart that had nothing, but they've had the plan=o=grams out on the shelfs for the last three weeks. No spot for Joes on them, so I wasn't surprised they didn't have anything. Then I had to go to a Dollar Tree and pick up some Valentine day plates for my daughters school parrty and it's right next to a Kmart so I checked there. Full set of wave 2.5, so I picked up SE and Firefly. Thought about Jaye, Colton and Flint but all three figures didn't look that good in person. I know I'll pick them up at some point but I really wanted the two I got. SE is great and I really like him. Was surprised that the sleigh that FF came with has some battery powered lights on it and his forarms a greenish clear plastic. So I guess I'll hunt on Wednesday and report if I see anything then.
  19. So is the Clone Wars line done?
  20. But even Star Wars has cut back on some articulation. I don't buy a lot but the last figure I got was a Clone Wars Captain Rex phase 3 armor, and I hadn't bought anything SW since I got the Savage Oppress figure eight month prior. I was completely thrown back by Rex's lack of knee and wrist articulation. So for them to cut out those and now bring on a new batch of SW figures that only have 5 POA isn't that surprising.
  21. I know, I just think it's extremely funny that out of the three major brands that Hasbro does (SW, Marvel and Joe) that the two which are owned by Disney are getting low cost, low articulated figures. While Joe, which is owned by Hasbro, started to go that way but has now returned to it fully articulated glory.
  22. Liking a lot of what was shown off, though I'm surprised we didn't see more new stuff. Love the Eaglehawk and the fact that Lift ticket is fully articulated. Now I'm really curious for Joe Con as we might get a better Idea of what lays ahead in the Future for Joe. Still find it funny that the first wave of Retaliation figures from last year had some funky articulations issue and none of the figures going forward seem to. I a disappointed note, I am slightly sad we're not getting a movie accurate CC or SS (with SS they could have just gave us a ROC SS with no leg holster and a slightly smaller version of the unmasked SS head).
  23. SO looking through the pics from yesterday and I got to thinking. Hasbro was doing fine with there Marvel figures until the Avengers movie hit last year. Before then every Marvel movie line just got better and better. Then we got the Avengers line and POA went out the window. Looking forward to IM3, Wolverine, Thor 2, Ultimate Spiderman cartoon and Avengers Assemble, all I see are poorly articulated figures and lots of re-used molds with new heads. Now the reason I bring up Disney is because they weren't in charge of everything until Avengers came out. Paramount was in charge of Captain America and Thor, which we got decent figures for. But Disney was in charge of the Avengers. While it could be coincidence, I'm not completely sure.
  24. The Red Skull is just the Captain America First Avengers Skull with a new head and longer coat.
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