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  1. Your just gonna have to wait. Store got a limited supply of wave 2.5 (I believe this was the wave anyway) that had Colton in it. Most store sold out of those pretty quick and restocked with wave 1 and 2. He's listed in wave 3 and repacked with waves 4 and 5. JUst give it some time or look online.
  2. But it's really no worse than just about every other characters being tied to Snake Eyes in the comic.
  3. I haven't bought any of the Kreo stuff and I'm glad that Hasbro is behind it, but I'm a little surprised that they re keeping it a TRU exclusive. If it's selling well and Hasbro is putting out more, than it would seems like a good idea to get other retailers behind it. Or is it a more of a Hasbro likes it and it's selling, but all the other retailers are remembering how much Battleship Kreo stuff they had to clearance out and don't want to take that chance again.
  4. I serious;y doubt that Hasbro has nothing for next year. I just can't see themsitting on there hands from this fall until the next movie comes out two or so years from now. They want the name to still hae some kind of shelf presence.
  5. The words "cautiously optimistic" come to my mind here. I loved the first two Arkham games and will buy this first day, but the fact that Rocksteady isn't behind this just shows me that Time Warner is just wanting product out there.
  6. I really don't get the hate for showwing the concept figures, yeah I know it sucks to be shown something we aren't getting (atleast at the moment) but it's not like Hasbro is showwing this stuff all over the place. They were shown at the Joe convention and they have done this for the last couple years. The convention is a place to see all the stuff we want and be shown things that could have been. As for Joe getting a six inch line, I don't really care. I'm not sure I'd buy they (they would be atleast $20 a pop if not more) and with the way Hasbro treats the Joe brand all I see is fans whining. With SW it will work because of the fact that SW sells and sells well everywhere (as in not just here in the U.S.). Fans would want unique sculpts for figures and it would be just like the first year of the 25th scuplt figures (Hey we can use Duke to make Flint or Roadblock to make Destro)with heavy re-use of scuplts.
  7. I own it on Blu Ray and have watched it a time or two since it came out, plus watching it when it's been on tv. It just another version of Joe to me, between four or five different comics book versions, several animated versions and the movie, it's all Joe to me.
  8. So than what figures would you consider "Ultimate" and what would you consider mediocre? I'm sure we would see a lot of agreeing and disagreeing on this topic. I just don't think that Hasbro intentionally puts out crap figures.
  9. I know you probably didn't mean for it to sound bad but I hate when people say things like this. Like Hasbro goes to the sculpters of any given line and tells them to make a bad figure. We've been really lucky that Joes have seen anything at all over the last six years. Sure we have gotten some crappy figures, but I think the good has outweighed the bad. There's always room for improvement, ALWAYS. Joes not a great example because it hasn't constantly been on shelves, but look at Star Wars or Marvel figures over the last fifteen or so years. I remember when Spiderman Legends came out in 2001 and how people said they couldn't get better. But Toy Biz and Hasbro have done amazing things since. I can also remember how people oved the JvC and Spytrrops figures as they came out because of movings ankles or wrists.
  10. I kinda like that LJ, but not for the price it will go for on Ebay. It looks like they gave her a new head (which I like) and new legs. Wondering how that Steeler is going to turn out. Wish I had been able to order the Con set, but things just piled up on me when the pre-orders where needed.
  11. But this wasn't intended to kick off th summer movie season, this year or last year. March is that time when the movie studios put out a movie that they hope will catch on. Right after the winter season and right before the Summer season (which used to start on Memorial Day weekend, but ever since Marvel character have been hitting the screen has become the first weekend on May). I liked the movie. Saw it in IMAX on Thursday and again at the Drive In lastnight. Was it perfect, well no but no movie adapted from other material ever is. To me it got the "feel" right, was somewhat glad they didn't ignore ROC and hopefully well get a third movie that is even better.
  12. Well I think they really don't have any at this time. The Hub just released their schedule for 2013/2014 and no new Joe was on it, heck no old Joe was on it and I don't see Joe showing up anywhere else. I hate to say that Hasbro is mishandling Joe, but without a real TV presence or Video Game Presence Hasbro is really not going to tap into the demographic they want. Sure a good movie is great, but that's once every two to three years. Comics are great too, but when they aren't like anything else that is out there promoting the product (like say a movie or toys) your just confusing that "young" audience you're trying to reach. Adult collectors can only make a brand so successful, without that overpowering youth demographic the brand will just sort of become stagnant and gradually start to fade. A great example of this is Mattel's handling of Masters of the Universe. They have tried to bring it back and were finally able to with their MotU Classics online figure service. But after several years that's starting to fade and what else can they do but sit back and wait several more years and try again.
  13. Kmart has them on sale again this week at 25% off. Target also has them on sale, but for a mire $9.50.
  14. I liked that era as it really brought Joe collecting back to me. As for what figures I'd like, a lot of them were the new figures that hadn't been done before. So I'd like to see: Kamakura v1 (we still haven't gotten a decent one in the ME), Dart, Cobra CLAWS, Nunchuk, Agent Faces, Cross Hair, Red Spot, Barrel Roll v1, Black Out, Bombstrike, Ghost Bear, Venomous Maximus, Electric Eel, Spirit (DTC/DDP version) the Plague troopers (Gallows, Grim Skull and Gullotione), Neo Viper and Cobra Moray's. But I also liked a few of the updated designs, so I'd take: Storm Shadow v7, Cobra Commander v11 (loved the cobra on his hood), Blowtorch, Dr Mindbinder v5, Scarlett v 4 and maybe FireFly v6 and 10.
  15. I had read that Slice was also to be included, but I don't remember where and I don't see why since that 3 pack Red Ninja was close enough.
  16. The club has already said there will be a second FSS and I'm sure it will be formally announce at the Con. Several figures have also been said to have been revealed, though I'm not sure if those figures are just rumor or fan wishing.
  17. I might, but I doubt it. At close to $30 for the pack I'm not sure I like them enough. The other problem, and I haven't seen these in person yet, but the packaged pictures looks like the box is open and the figures are just tied to the package. If this is so I see a lot of figures getting stolen and just the Dino's setting on the shelf.
  18. I think Marvel's built up enough "good will" with the movies they have released that people will give it a chance. The thing is that people know or have been exposed to all the solo Marvel movie hero's (and even the Avengers) for decades in other media. Comics, Cartoons, video game and toys. The GotG are a completely different animal. This version has only existed for less then ten years and really only been featured in the comics. So I do think Marvel has a lot riding on how well this does in trying to have Disney spend money on lesser know properties. Since this will be the lead up to Avengers 2 (IM3, Cap 2 and Thor 2 will all be out well before Avengers 2) and depending on how/if this ties into A2 it could hurt it in the end. But that could be said of any of the follow up movies. If we get a crappy IM/Cap/Thor sequel than it carries over into Avengers 2 on some level.
  19. Seem to me like Disney buying SW has really thrown a monkey wrench in to most of Lucasfilms SW related products. Clone Wars ends prematurely and the two SW based video games have both been put on hold. Guess this is why we saw no new Clone Wars stuff at ToyFair last month.
  20. I saw it in 48FPS in 3d AND didn't really have any problems with it. It seemed more "video tapish" but I don't think I had any real problems with blur or anything like that.
  21. I think the Nightwing design isn't bad and that Superman one looks a lot better here then it does on the DCUC (or whatever it's called now) figure. STill surprised we haven't seen who the villian that comes with the Flash is and I would bet they're saving Batman for last.
  22. After months and months of looking I finally scored the Blue Retaliation CC I'd been looking for since last summer at a Target over the weekend.
  23. OK, I'm confused? Does this mean we're getting a sixth season, but not on Cartoon Network or it will be on CN. Or we aren't getting a sixth season, but they will tie up some loose ends somehow and someway.
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