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  1. I don't collect TF's anymore, but have always watched the line and the 3rd party companies that produce things. It looks like a lot of the stuff is really high quality, but the problem I see (and I happened to see an interesting TF based podcast about it) is that all these different companies are producing just about the same figures at the same time. So you have 5 different MP sized Optimus' coming out or 10 different Constructicons sets. When they are all priced as high as they are they will start biting into one anothers fan base. Plus back when some of these companies started producing things , it was characters that Hasbro was never going to probably get around to doing. Now Hasbro's does a figure and three other companies do almost the same one.

  2. I knew what you meant Mako and you are right. Hasbro was riding the fine line between Adult Collector and kids aimed toyline and for the time it was really good. The problem was that They were starting to up their game in terms of some of the things they were doing with Star Wars and Joe collectors were wondering why we didn't have this and that (They were adding wrist and ankle articulation, ball joint head, things like that).


    But since then Hasbro just hasn't seemed to know what to do with the line. Their first mistake was canceling 4 inch joes for Sigma SIx and then cancelling that for 25th anniversary. Then you had a slightly rushed first movie because of the writers strike and a second movie that was delayed a year and that killed all momentum.

  3. I really don't see these as anything more than the artist drawing things he liked. I have serious doubts that Hasbro would release an Action man figure in Joe scale since they have only done it once, though I really like those two pictures. Also don't think they would have released a Wild Weasel without a vechicle and Hasbro was pretty clear early on that we weren't getting any.

  4. I f this was something that was just "sprung" on fans it would be one thing and if it was by some writer that had no history with the characters i would add another strike. But Paul Dini, how co-crated Harley was the original writer of GCS and most of these plot thread were started in 2009 if not before. Sure I can see them adding more to i for a movie, but truthfully I would be surprised if this movie goes any where and if Ms Fox gets anywhere near it.

  5. DC is really hitting it out of the park and I don't mind the fact that some titles are shipping twice a month. Right Now I'm reading: Batman, Detective, Nightwing, Superman, Action, Flash, Titans, Deathstroke, The whole Young Animals and Hanna Barbera updated line. Enjoying all of it and don't see me dropping any of it. Compare that to Marvel and Image titles that I am only getting in trade form or from the library.

  6. I know there have ben a few exceptions, but I don't believe that Hasbro can use molds from one brand to another. I can't remember the exact reason (maybe that the licensed company, Marvel or LucasFilm or whomever, owns the molds) I just think that with Joe , if they did a 6 inch line, would be so small an offering and such limited mold use (think of the initial 25th anniversary figures waves but in a six inch scale) that people wouldn't stick with the line very long. esspecially is the line was four figures every fours months

  7. I wasn't a huge fan in the act that I would follow all his work, but I appreiated his style quite a bit. IT's was very clean and in a lot of ways reminded me of Ditko's style. Plus he was a professional about his work and what he did. I will miss opening up a book and realizing that he was the artist.

  8. The re-issued figures are nice for army building or for those that didn't get them the first tme around much like Lowlight, Rock Viper and Alpine were. As for the new characters, well they are ok. I want shooter since she was placed as the 13th original Joe and I would like to have her along side the others. The female COBRA Trooper is a nice novelty that some fans have been asking for since the Club did a version of them 10 years ago. The execution of Stiletto wasn't great, but the fact that she was fan voted on and started as a fanfic charcater is severely cool. Tombstone is a take him or leave him character IMO.


    As for vehicles are a no go this year, which is fine since them seem to be running out of ideas at this point. Do we need another re-issued SHARC or HISS tank?

  9. The first two episodes seemed somewhat anticlimactic to me. "Flashpoint" seemed way to rushed. I can understand why the might have done it, but after the "hype" of the changed timeline, I would have liked to see more


    I liked the second episode a little more since it dealt with him changing things back and them not being exactly the same. SO were easy to understand and some I guess we will have to wait and see how they play out. Rival was a waste and could have been about any villian and while Alchemy seems to be interesting, if it turns out to be the new CSI guy I will be disappointed.

  10. Saw the two packs at my local TRU this weekend, so I picked up the two with new figures and left the other three since I already had all of those figures. Was hoping for the three packs, just to see how the female Cobra Trooper and Shooter looked. The only bad things is that with these bought I'm back to buying nothing until next year it would seem.

  11. I've found Wolverine (starring the ex X-23), Ultimates and New Avengers (both written by Al Ewing) and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur to be pretty good. Old man Logan and the X-books are ok if you just kinda want to know whats happening. Karnak by Ellis has been got and Hawkeye hasn't been too bad (though I like the way he's been written in New Avengers better). Honestly I haven't been buying any Marvel books but my local Library gets a lot of the trades in and I read those (that way I know what's going on but don't have to pay for the crap). Totally Awesom Hulks first four or five issues were ok thanks the the Frank Cho art and Thor has been on my "must read" list since Aaron took over several years ago, Haven't really warmed up to the recent Iron Man or Captain America books and there are just too many Avengers books and Inhuman books,

  12. I can't speak for Transformers or Yahoo auctions (I don't remember those, what time frame did they operate from?), but I can relate to comics and G.I.Joe. Back in the mid 90's when the internet really started to take off I remember getting my first computer and seeing an advertisement for Mile High Comics website. Living in Wichita, I've had access to some nice comic book stores but there were always a couple things that eluded me. Mile high started having comics auction and I would win some of those things I knew existed but had never seen in person. Sometimes the price was a little high, but I was willing to pay it.


    Then along came Ebay and everything started to change. You could find just about anything and if you waited long enough (sometimes months) you could get it for however much you wanted to change. My point is there used to be things you might have had when you where younger or things you wanted but had no idea how to get. With all the online places started popping up it became easier to find. At first some of that stuff was expensive because people didn't know where to look and the people selling hadn't dug for whatever they had to sell. Now days people hunt for things to sell online, so there a lot more choices to buy from which will most times drive the price down,

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  13. Well stores are not paying any attention to street date with these figures. My local Dillons (Kroger super grocery store, which has a toy aisle) had Lego and 4 inch figures. Only saw a couple regular Storm Troopers, Kylo Ren and that big hulking droid (K whatever it is). Went to a Walmart later and they had the new 4 inck Black figures (Imerial Guard was all they had left) and the 6 inch Black Figures for Rogue One (which were nice looking, but I'm out of that game). Have to go check out TRU on friday to see what they'll have.

  14. Good question and Im not really sure what the answer would be. I think you have to start at Joe/TF because they were (atleast in my memory) the first two cartoons that weren't on Saturday mornings or weren't repeats of something that had been on for some time (like Bugs Bunny, Flintstones or any of the Hanna Barbera stuff). I can remember running home from school to watch Thundercats but usually missing the first fifteen minutes because it started at 4 and I got out of school at 4. Waking up in the morning and cataching MASK and after it went off the air Spiral Zone. But the best (and worst) was the summer I went from living in Kansas to staying with my Aunt in New Jersey and being introduced to Starblazers and then coming back to KS where nobody knew about the show.

  15. Nothing in my memory sticks out in my memory as being really important about that run (and by that I mean new superstar artist coming on board or new super popular character being introduced that would cause issues to be real expensive, there were some good stories and talent). Not having any idea what the actual value of any of those books, I would say anything more than $200 to $300 would be too much.

  16. I've been really thinking about this a lot the last couple of years. My cousin passed away a couple years ago and had a huge comics a toy collection (we were both about the same age, but in different cities and kept in contact because of our mutual interests). He was married and his parents got left with all his stuff. As far as I know they are still sitting on about 75% of it just because they had/have no real idea what to do with it. The comics (which were mid 70's through about 2010 and filled about 90 long boxes) are worth about 30k or so but they have been offered only about $1500 for all of it. I'm not even sure if they still have it or if they got rid of it.


    My point here is that unless you want it in a land fill, take time to have it go somewhere. Don't let it be someone elses head ache after your gone. Donate it to a local shop if you don't care about what happens to it.

  17. I was just wondering what people thought about using Kickstarteer to get toys made. I've seen some lines I really wanted to back in the pas like Marauder Task Force, Maruader Valkyries, Vitruvian HACKS and Action Man. With Eagle Force going on right now and the upcoming Dime Novel Legends I would say it's a 4" collecters dream. I've bought some of the Task Force figures post Kickstarter and will buy some Valkyries when they come out. HACKS look nice, I'm just not sure how they would fit in with my collection. I wanted to support ACtion Man, but thinngs came up and right now I'm torn between supporting Eagle force or getting me a 4K TV. Dime Novel Legends look really cool, but like HACKS I'm not sure where I would fit them in.

    With Eagle Force I just might wait and (like Marauder Task Force) buy them when they are available for an online retailer.


    So has anyone else bought any of these figures or supported a Kickstarter fund (one that made it or failed). Just wondering about what people thought. Sems like Kickstarter , or the like, is a nice idea for getting projects off the ground.

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