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  1. I do love dreams of toys, but man, you must've really been bit by a bug to have all these vivid back to back to back dreams. Honestly I think you're subconscious is telling you to get out and look for toys. Or to look at your collection, maybe re display it or something. I've been there as well though it's been a while. I love when it happens too...either I'm transported back in time to an old walmart with shelves full of GIJOE and He Man figures , or I'm at a TRU mega store with tons of vintage figures, or at kmart where it's present day but I climb to the top of the shelves and find old hidden toys. In the mean time I recommend watching movies with Lady Jaye in them : ). After Retaliation I went directly to Red Dawn to check her out!
  2. I rarely buy DVDs but when I do it is typically comic book movies. And I usually spring for the best version I can get (i.e. Director's cut, 6 hours of special features--the more the merrier). Seeing the GI JOE Rise of Cobra DVD is a supreme disappointment. I realize Hasbro will probably release a mega-DVD again in 4 or 5 months, but this is absurd. 2 disc Dvd only contains the movie, the making of GI JOE, and some special effects features? Give me a break. Oh, but how could I forget the coveted "Digital copy". yeah, i will get right on using that one, straight away. So instead of spending $25 (Target) or $22 (Walmart), I went to the 14.99 special and regular DVD. Maybe the Blu=Ray has tons of features and this is how movie company's will make us switch?
  3. hey thanks everyone. Great advice and input Mandalorian, btw (and its great to see you are still on here!) so a few days after my last post i went on vacation to Holden Beach, NC. at the nearby walmart, at about 10pm getting groceries and baby supplies, i decided to check the electronic dept. 2 ladies were stocking stuff and they didnt have hte wii fit in the glass case. decided to ask about it and the older lady whispered to come back about 1030pm, but the younger one said 'they are up front' i figured she meant on a special display, but she was talking about a pallet of boxes at the front of the elctronics dept. They had received 6 of them that night I think, so i got one right out the box! Instead of shipping it to my mother in law, (we flew in and i didnt want to take it on the plane with me), i let my mom send it to me through a friend. was so glad to score it because i still check and have only seen it once, in a walmart the day it got here! this past weekend i got to play the wii for the first time. Was more impressed than i thought I would be! i tore up the boxing, tried the baseball, and then we got to the wii fit. this is really impressive. i am 29 years old, and i agree with the majority of folks: the wii is more for older people, kids, soccer moms but hey,its good fun and for myself who doesnt play video games much it is perfect. plus my wife absolutely loves the idea of the fit and she really wants to get it. i think it will get us off the couch more. really cool plece of equipment and very much recommended!
  4. Is there another updated list of these that are out? I have come across at least 2 of what I am sure are reissues: Baroness (with 'cartoon series' on the package) and Sgt Flash (today. Yes!). At least, I *think* baroness is a reissue? If they go ahead and release everything that would be fantastic. of these I still need: -Flint -Black Snake Eyes -Gold Head Destro -Firefly -Storm Shadow -Snake eyes w./ Timber -Snow Job Would love to see release of the Cobra red ninja and Dreadnok buzzer too.
  5. wait i missed that tele viper earlier!!! that is a great job too--the way they should look! actually, he looks too MEAN to be a tele viper lol! awesome job man.
  6. Actually those shoulder pads are again from the Cobra Commander vs Tripwire comic pack. That Cobra Commander has a blue CG body with gold accents. Those rubber bands are pretty easy to put back too. Ah yes, i see that now. well, its all good. I returned the pack today to walmart, and in doing so found a Sgt Flash and BATS on the pegs!!! Obviously I am quite happy. Ive missed the BAT figure(s) at least 10 times. And I NEVER expected to find Flash (needed him since I didnt start collecting 25th figures until late) so it looks like this tampered pack will end up with someone else. or back to hasbro?
  7. heh heh. I halfway considered that when I bought it. The fact that there were THREE of these led me to believe that maybe Hasbro either goofed or was doing a production run. Ill probably just return it to a different walmart & let someone else marvel over it.
  8. Well you guys are probably right. I noticed the tape on the OTHER end of the box seems to have two smaller (narrower) pieces of tape over the original. BUT, the shoulder pads on CC are gold where every other CG Ive seen have BLACK, and then theres the issue of the rubber bands. No, this isnt entirely impossible, especially to a customizer, however these shoulder pads have not been tampered with. Honestly whoever did this is quite stupid--and probably has a bit of OCD--as it is not necessary to go through all that trouble in order to pull this off. With some of the crap I've seen when it comes to swapouts, the Walmart employees do not care enough to inspect these packages that close. That is why I was so 'amazed'--so many different factors that just didnt add up. To use the body of an army builder when you are trying to build a custom army? just plain dumb.
  9. yeah those pics were awful, but the slideshow should be better. try that: Slideshow Those are just repacks. The CC hood, sword & gun is from the Tripwire/CC comic pack. It appears the switcher wanted to make a blue CG(cadet). That adds up...EXCEPT for the clear, tiny rubberbands inside. I just refuse to believe that anybody would go through the trouble of putting those in the pack. It even connects behind the figure the exact same way they do behind the Lady Jaye figure.
  10. firestongue


    now those are just too cool! any chance you'll start doing zombies of all the Joes?!? Marvel did it with their universe, now we need to see some Joe zombies!!!
  11. yeah those pics were awful, but the slideshow should be better. try that: Slideshow
  12. I know those pics are jacked up...still working on them. after comparing this set with the one that has Lady jaye, I am convinced that this was put out by hasbro and was NOT tampered with by some customizer/collector/scoundrel. For one, the figure actually comes with 2 weapons: a sword with a cobra on the handle, and a pistol in his holster. 2. The tiny, almost invisible rubber bands are in place holding him in 3. The tape on either end does NOT look tampered with, nor is there any indication that this box was tampered with. 4. When looking through the back space where the MASS device piece is, you can see a Cobra Commander figure stand and Cobra Commander filecard. If you look on the original, you can see Roadblock's card and stand. 5. The body for CC appears to be that of Crimson guard v9 (according to Yojoe.com), however v9 has black shoulder pads. The one in this pack has gold, and there is no V on the belt. 6. The back of the box mentions Cobra Commander, so it seems Hasbro may have done a production change. Very very interesting. If a customizer did this, they are very talented, yet also a bit stupid for including all these goods. I have come across several items that have been tampered with in the GVC line, and I just dont see a scumbag going through the trouble that would have to take place to make this happen.
  13. Here are the pics. Sorry if they are small--Ive been working on them to see if I could get them larger. Try this slideshow first: Slideshow of Cobra Commander error? Comparison of Lady Jaye set vs. CC set: http://shutter04.pictures.aol.com/data/pic...RhoTIUY0060.jpg Close up of Cobra Commander: http://shutter03.pictures.aol.com/data/pic...MUIc70O0060.jpg Closeup of CC's File Card inside box: http://shutter07.pictures.aol.com/data/pic...5HB2gbg0060.jpg another shot of CC's file card: http://shutter05.pictures.aol.com/data/pic...eJ1uXu60060.jpg Showing Cobra Commanders file card AND figure stand: http://shutter05.pictures.aol.com/data/pic...-6t-98t0060.jpg
  14. Probably. im going to compare the tape thats on the DVD sets 1 and 2 I have here at the house. once you get past the tape, its probably not that hard to pull off. Seems like they would have went after the baroness figures in the number 1 pack though.
  15. What is up with the three DVD packs I saw at Walmart tonight with Cobra Commander instead of Lady Jaye? Ive never seen this before, and dont see it online. Is this a triple packing error, or did somebody VERY carefully tamper with these packs? That was my first thought (that someone replaced LJ) but these dont look tampered with at all. Plus, why would they put a CRIMSON GUARD body with a blue CC Hooded head? I could understand if they put a crappy Duke or CC comic pack figure in, but the body is either crimson CC or a Crimson Guard, and the head on all 3 was hooded Cobra Cmdr. Very odd. i will work on putting a pic up.
  16. I really like them all and plan to buy them all. Something tells me Flint will be sold out all the time just like all the friggin BATS are now!!!
  17. Got my order request sent this morning. I sure hope they accept it--bad feeling they wont though. If not, they better send me back those battle points!! I had about half as many as I thought. Reckon I used the majority up for the Unmasked Storm Shadow a few years ago (great ninja army builder), but I still had well over 400. Man, I sure bought a lot of GiJoes lol... Do you think the order receivers would accept my order if I sent the 150 battle points in all 2-point increments?
  18. Cool. Thanks for the advice guys! i was surprised to find gamestop had 2 of the Wiis when I went in (after getting mine from Target right across the parking lot). We just got a new Gamestop in Spring hill too, so I will stay on them.
  19. I like the FANG. Really looking forward to getting that one. There was one in the GVC line but it just wasnt quite the same. I think it actuallly came with a Cobra CLAWs Figure, at least thats how I displayed it. But this FANG looks great, even like the one my brothers had back in the 80s and passed on to me to play with. I hope they release enough of these. The Kool Aid Viper needs to go....to get a better color scheme. Maybe will look better in person.
  20. ....and I will try this again, seeing as how my topic on this before was deleted with no explanation. @grumpy@ Yesterday I posted about needing help on a Wii--just basic advice and where should I get one. After posting I did find a target that had a Wii, and it was only about 15 miles from work. I dashed right out and was glad to score it. This is for my Mother in Law, by the way. now my problem is finding the Wii fit. NOBODY has this thing. Nobody. I have been checking a store or 2 here and there over the past few weeks, and never could see one, just the price tag and empty shelf. Whats up with this? Is Nintendo trying to ensure Americans (Tennesseans to be specific) remain lazy and not attempt to get in shape? Ok thats absurd. But seriously, NOBODY has the Wii fit. I searched 5 stores yesterday and probably called 2 dozen others. Nada. One guy I talked to in Target said people LINE UP on Sunday mornings hoping to score one of these things IF they even got it in. I havent played any games since GTA: San Andreas and even then, that was the only game I played. So I am pretty clueless with Video Games--I just dont have time with an 80 mile a day commute and a 5 month old son. I am trying to avoid ebay if possible...anyone have any recommendations? I looked around on the games forum a bit but didnt see much anything recent. Thanks in advance!
  21. Roger that! I hope they accept them. I have over 800 points from the GVC and VVV days. And what I went through to get them, sheeesh. Lets just say it involved going through EVERY box I have in storage only to come up empty handed. Yet when I returned home and did a final check of the attic, THERE THEY WERE! Oh, I could have saved a lot of sweat, time and cussing had I checked there first (note my house is up for sale, hence the storage). Ah well, alls well that ends well. Thanks guys!
  22. Looks awesome! Ive thought of getting that same tat a few times, just not on my forearm. But it rocks!
  23. Has anyone ordered any Docs figures recently? I noticed the form says orders are accepted as long as they are postmarked by August 31 (or maybe its 'received' by Aug 31). Getting back into the game after laying low for a year has caused me to miss out on this for now, so I wanted to see if I am too late. When did someone last successfully order one of these? Thanks!
  24. I do feel your pain Phoenix Sword. I checked FOUR walmarts in the past 2 days. It looks like each one has received the SnowSerpent/BATS wave, yet there are NONE there! It hasnt been more than 2 weeks since I've checked these, but they are wiped clean of BATS and Snow Serpents. The last one I checked had a TON of figures--4 pegs FULL, and I saw Bazooka in there when I walked up, figuring I had finally hit a break. But no. Not a single SS or BAT. My only break was at the first WM, I happened by the buggy in the bikes section with some returns in it. The first figure I saw was Bazooka, but next to him was a Snow Serpent! There was also a HISS driver (reissue I think), but I was happy to finally get a SS. So dont forget to check those areas too!
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