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  1. Great find! I have significantly toned down my figure purchases as well. Only 3 inch stuff from now on. Free Riders figures, modern and classic 3in. Maybe an exception here and there. But that statue looks great! Must have! Also, I would recommend re-buying the 3in figures with badniks if any of you are looking for figures with vastly improved quality. I rebought Shadow and Silver and the quality is spot on! They do seem to be using parts of older figures from surplus, seeing as my Shadow has had his old factory number painted over. But I don't really mind. Also, the 3in classic figures have better plastic now! The hands and feet are solid! And Target has restocked the figures. Slightly higher prices but it's like a 15 to 30 cent increase. Still much more affordable than Toys R Us. Glad to see you guys are doing alright. I've been checking on the forum every once in a while.
  2. Hey guys! So I think a part of the reason that interest has faded is because it feels like Jazwares has turned Sonic into just another toyline and now they're just churning out stuff. That's part of it for me. Another part is the money to buy all this stuff and it's kinda pointless now considering we have an almost complete cast! So Joe, even though you will probably never read this, thank you so much for making our imaginations come true. My interest in this stuff has kinda faded away, so I probably won't be around here anymore much either. But it was great getting to know you guys and going through all the news and even in times when I didn't post that often, rest assured I did my best to keep up with reading all of your posts! You guys are the best! And shout outs to SuperSawnyc, SuperChaos, LaLaM, RockSteady, Cloverdox, and everyone else who was right here, especially on that day in 2009 when all of that stuff was announced. Anyone else remember that day? I'm probably going to stick to just collecting the classic and modern 3 inch figures now, but I figured I would leave you guys with an update: On my latest trip to Target, the 5 inch classic Sonic has been restocked, and "2011" Sonic has been restocked as well. This is the new sculpt for modern Sonic, but with "fixed" eyes. They really aren't much better, but they're something. I honestly kinda prefer the tilted eyes version, but maybe because I got one that didn't have any major issues with head molding and stuff. Classic Sonic IS indeed the ligher colored version. But it all feels like it's just churned out now. I'll probably stop by here every once in a while to see how things are going and stuff like that but for now it looks like this is it. Thanks so much again guys, Josh, or "JShedgehog", or JS, or whatever you all want to call me
  3. No worries, this ought to add a little resassurance: http://www.gamesradar.com/sonic-generations-hands-preview-and-exclusive-gameplay-videos/
  4. Bootleg. I think the bootleggers got ahold of the Super Pack molds.
  5. No. Thank YOU Joe Amaro. Would there any departing advice and/or info you can provide? Also, Joe, I am happy to inform you that I was very satisfied with the Jazwares customer service email! Recently, I had a couple of figures that broke from quality issues and you guys were quick to send complimentary replacements, so thank you so much! Is that policy still active?
  6. No one can replace you Joe. "Nuff said."
  7. I didn't buy the six pack on my trip to Toys"R"Us yesterday, but they were 20 bucks for the set of six. The tin (which I did get, with Super Sonic), I believe, was either $15 or $20. I believe he was asking me but... yeah, 6 pack is $19.99 and the tin pack is $14.99 if I remember right.
  8. So, TRU trip today resulted in the F4F statue 6-pack and the tin pack. Anyone else get them yet? I'm really happy that Jazwares released the F4F pack here in the US. I had always wanted that set but it seemed almost impossible for me to attain at the time due to the price and lack of availability at retail outlets. But Jazwares made it happen! Just one issue though. It doesn't bother me too much, but Jazwares put those factory numbers on the figures, and on obvious places like on the side of the shoe or on the back... Ugh As for the tin pack, it was pretty good quality overall. The Super Sonic was fine, paint and joint wise and all. The tin is blue with a picture of classic Sonic on the front and the 20th anniversary logo, etc. around. There is nothing in the tin. Also, *surprise alert*! There is another version of the tin pack! For anyone who wants the classic 3in Sonic but no badnik, Jazwares also released the tin pack with regular 3in classic Sonic instead of Super Sonic.
  9. Haha! You decided to release it! Alright! And ai ttotslly agre3 tht sONikcw fIgur huz grt i tdmidashun!
  10. You certainly can! Coincidentally, I did the same thing last week! Except the guy was running around figuring out whether he was allowed to do that. Haha Oh and Alex, thanks for your advice. It means a lot.
  11. Haha! I must say, that kid was blown away. He was like a deer and you were like a MONSTER TRUCK. He didn't know what the heck had hit him. Every reply he would post contradicted his last. It was very entertaining to read. Thank you for posting that. Now, how about you make a review, LaLaM? I would love to see that. And I'm not being sarcastic. It just seems like since you know how it should be done, you should make one instead of YouTube being filled with these crappy ones. I remember being an annoying little kid on the internet. Haha I think we ALL do at some point. But I never remember being THIS bad. Anyway, that's off topic. It's kinda frustrating seeing how some people just don't get my parody. I just want to hit them in the head with a hammer that says, READ THE F**KING TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, maybe not that bad, but it's annoying.
  12. Sean's back! Haha now I feel stupid... I feel like such an idiot because I can't figure out how to work my account! I've tried and tried putting up a profile pic and it won't let me!
  13. Dang. Well Alex, if it's any comfort, I really doubt those people even know what "STFU" means. I hate it when little kids cuss to sound cool. Random, but... you know? And a response to your next post: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap, Jazwares read my mind!
  14. Ok so...... I went to Toys R Us and I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I got the Sonic Free Riders figures, the classic Sonic and Tails small plushes, the ASR Tails figure, and the retro Super Pack. And I've gotta say, all of it is pretty sweet! Best TRU trip I've had all year! For the first time ever, I saw ASR Tails and the Free Riders figures up close. For some reason my TRU's had never stocked them or something. Honestly, people say that the Tails has issues with his legs, but mine feels VERY sturdy. All the joints are perfectly put together and tight. He's still that shade of yellow. Sonic and Jet were so-so. Sturdier than they looked on the outside but a little iffy construction wise. I love the design though. They're so cool looking! Now I just have to find a way to get Sonic's glasses on... The retro Super Pack is really good! I just have some construction issues with modern Super Sonic. His elbow is kinda cracked. Sculpt wise though, they're both amazing! Must have! Especially for you articulation fans! I can't stress how great all these figures are though! Aside from a few small construction issues, I don't regret having bought any of them! The plushes are pretty good too. And I took a picture of the modern Sonic next to the classic one. They changed the color of modern Sonic to be more game accurate. Also for anyone interested in exchanging figures: I emailed Jazwares today. The process is actually fairly simple. You go on their website to customer service/help and type in your problem along with your information and they will send you an email. Then you take a picture of the broken figure(s) along with the receipt and if the purchase wasn't too long ago they'll ship a replacement out to you at no cost! It's great! I'm expecting to get a new Tails and Espio in the mail soon. You guys should give it a shot! Or if not, there's always the good old 90 day return policy at the store. Wow, this feels like the longest post I've ever written, at least on this account. Pat on the back for anyone who read this entire post.
  15. Hey guys! I briefly interrupt this conversation to bring you a nerdgasm I AM SO HAPPY THEY FINALLY ADDED A KNEE TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I went to Target today. They had the 5 inch classic and modern Sonic figures, the 3 inch Sonic and Shadow with badniks, Sonic and Tails classic plushes, and a modern Sonic plush. The modern Sonic is a much darker blue than the original release. 5 inch Classic Sonic= AWESOME. I love it. And it's really nice quality. All the joints are even internalized! I'll try to get the classic plushes later. Unfortunately, I had to skip because of money. But even you LaLaM, should get the 5 inch classic Sonic. It's really nice. Probably the best Jazwares figure yet. And ironically, when we got home, my family and I ate chili dogs.
  17. Hey guys, I feel kinda like I'm posting last week's newspaper, but I thought you guys might be interested.
  18. Holy. Uhm... holy. I'm at a loss of words right now. 5 INCH SUPER SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASSIC SUPER SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Yeah. I went to my nearest Target today. Nada. But, they DID have an empty section, which I presume is where the figures will go when they arrive, seeing as it was next to Mario.
  20. Thanks man! Could you please send friend requests again? I accidentally clicked "Ignore" because I wasn't paying attention. Stupid. Hahahahahahaha And again, MUST GET TO TARGET!
  21. Arrrghh... I need to get to Target ASAP haha... BUT I did get to see the classic 3in Sonic up close. This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I went to the mall a couple of days ago and ran into GameStop to see if I could find the figures. They had classic 3 inch Sonic, and modern Sonic and Tails. I didn't buy him though, 1) because he was 10 dollars (probably cheaper at Target and more variety), and 2) because I barely had time to catch a glimpse at the figures. Oh and this is for Cloverdox and everyone else when we were talking about "reviews" a little while back. I was bored so I got the idea to do this! Enjoy!
  22. Anyone who has time to make fun of people on forums has no life. And the link didn't work. What did it say?
  23. Awesome! Now I can't wait to get to Target... Also, you're right Cloverdox. I wish there were more "reviews" too. It was really hard to tell which Sonic it was in the video.
  24. Hey guys! Check this out: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=IXksm8Xi2ls Sorry for the poor quality, but it's the only one out right now. Apparently, 5 inch Classic Sonic DOES come with a badnik! Motobug! And he seems to be available at GameStop as well! This sucker is apparently selling for $9.99. Happy hunting! I have to admit, when I first saw the eBay pic, this figure looked kinda iffy. But getting a closer look at him, he looks MUCH nicer. Hopefully I can pick him up soon. EDIT: Oh, and sorry about your cat, SC. @sad@ SECOND EDIT: This might actually be the 3 inch Classic Sonic. I'm honestly not sure.
  25. That would be cool. Some kind of reunion or meeting or something. And could you please explain to me what Aspergers is? Also, I picture being deaf too. I love sound, but I can see how it can come across as irritating if you're not used to it. Haha I'm happy you enjoy being deaf though man. We all have things that make us unique. I definitely do not want to be rude at all. I am just very curious, because I've never met a deaf person before. Comet, how do you communicate? Do you use sign language or do you prefer lip reading?
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