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  1. OK, Well it has been an agonizing decision for me to make. There are a lot of you that undoubtedly would have been great picks, and I also want to say thanks for all the encouragement I got as well. You've been a great group, and I enjoyed posting/reading things here at TNI. The person I chose is Action Figure Soundwave. I chose him because he already has a huge collection, and posts frequently on TNI. There were other reasons as well. Although he gave me permission to post his name, I do ask that everyone please respect my choice and not beset him with emails. I mainly chose him to try to keep the collection as intact as possible. For everyone else, I wish I had more to give. As I said, there were so many worthy people. Without going into specifics about my condition, this is mainly health related, and I wanted to do this now while I am coherent enough to make sound decisions (please ask nothing more). I'll still "lurk around" for a while at least as long as my health holds up. Thanks again -Ariel
  2. Thank you all for your kind emails. I am close to making my choice (likely by the end of this week). I'll post who I chose IF it is ok with that person. Unfortunately this is a pretty certain thing, as I wouldn't be doing this if there were ANY chance of avoidance.
  3. Due to a cataclysmic event that has taken place in my life (please don't ask me to talk about it), I have decided that I would like to give away YES GIVE AWAY AS IN FREE, my entire GI Joe Collection to ONE individual. This is not a joke or prank in any way. Here are the conditions: 1. The person receiving the collection has to agree to keep it intact (I'm talking ONLY about the key figures/troops, not the myriad duplicates). I'm not looking to line someone's pockets here. I've been a collector since 1983, and have put great time and money in building this collection. Were not circumstances so dire, I would never part with it, but they are, so I want it to go to someone who will appreciate it. 2. I'm looking for someone who hopefully already has a large collection, and is mainly interested in 3 3/4" figures. 3. I won't charge a dime for the collection, but the person moving it must take care of getting it from Greensburg, PA. This is a large collection, so I'd recommend at least a U-Haul trailer or small truck. 4. PRIORITY GOES TO SOMEONE WHO HAS LONG BEEN AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF TNI Most of the collection should be intact. Here are a few key items and highlights of what I had: 1. Roughly 5000 figures, mostly older ones. The collection was complete up to this year. lots of duplicates of troop builders and rarer figures 2. India neon-green Zap in the package (probably the rarest India figure) 3.India Snake Eyes (both the light blue and black/silver variety) in the package, along with a loose, perfect condition blue extra 4. Complete set of all 6 Walmart filecards (these are really rare), Nitro-Viper's file card, and a box full of most file cards from 1982 to present (after around 1993, I got lazy and stopped cutting them out) 5. Unopened box of Mission Brazil (~C4), plus at least 6 of each figure loose 6. A near-complete USS Flagg, complete A-10 thunderbolt (Rattler), and a number of other vehicles 7. All Con-exclusive figures from 2002 to present, along with most (not all) of the con vehicles. In addition, there's the 1994 Fighter Pilot exclusive figure, both versions of the "undercover Jinx" figure from 1993. NOTE: I also have all the con stuff from this year on order, along with all 3 of Alyosha's "Uncon" figures prepaid. If these items havent arrived by the time of pickup, I'll have them mailed out to the home of the person gaining the collection. 8. Lots of other foreign figures, some rarer than others, for example almost all the AF variants (including a carded TF Blizzard), The Mexican "Lunatrix" alien figures from 1994 Star Brigade, two carded Satan figures (with different, variant gear) etc... 9. Troop builders galore, especially newer ones, but a lot of older ones too. Only about maybe 1/2 the older ones have all their gear. For example: 52 1985 Crimson Guards, roughly 25 1985 Snowserpents, Around 25 1986 BATS, Close to 30 1986 Vipers, 11 AVAC's, about 10-15 1992 Headhunter Stormtroopers (6 in the package), 47 of the 2002 blue/grey Alley Vipers, 120+ Shadow Guards 10. Lots of rare Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and 1997 Bronze Bomber figures (about5-6 of each along with all gear and 3 of the packages) which I considered part of the GI Joe universe 11. There's lots of other stuff too including merchandise with the GI Joe logo on it, and a number of other GI Joe papers and accessories (large bins full of GI Joe gear). These are just a few highlights I can think of off the top of my head. There's a lot of treasures in the collection, as one person will sure come to realize. I ask that there be no fighting over this matter. Please send me an email telling me who you are and why you feel you should be the one I pick. Again, remember what my parameters are for whom I decide to pick, they are listed above. My email address is Ariel_Cyrus@yahoo.com The time it will take for me to make my choice is dependant upon the response I get, but my time is somewhat limited. Thanks -Ariel
  4. Aren't you planning on making Nemesis Enforcer an Uncon figure for next year? If so, the stand would be a great accessory.
  5. I guess if everyone says it's the aborted eel, it must be so. I had thought that figure was going to be blue like the vehicle. In any case, I wonder how the heck this figure ended up in the cheap joe bin? Were any of these released accidently? Or maybe the guy got it somehow from a collector and dropped it in the bin by error? And the other figure (Big Ben), what does he look like?
  6. I originally found this figure a few months ago at a 2nd-hand " nostalgia" store here in Greensburg. He was in a bin full of various other Joes ranging from the mid 80's to VvV. I didn't want to say anything to the owner, since he has some figures in his case that are really expensive and this guy was out of the $3 bin. He uses the Electric Eel mold, but he's molded red with grey and yellow trim (this isn't a custom, the red is the color of the plastic). The figure has all the regular markings. so where and when was he released??? The first EEel was clear green, of course, and then a grey on with red trim came out with that little mini sub/plane thing. The wave 6 EEel was grey with blue trim. So was this guy some kind of club exclusive or mail in I somehow missed hearing about????
  7. I stopped by my local Toys R Us today and found a CG that had a plain red chest. Now I have a number of factory errors where a paint application is missing (like a 85 Shipwreck with the belt buckle not painted), but looking at one of my regular CG's I noticed there are 3 colors not painted (the black scarf, the darker red on his collar, and the silver buttons on the jacket). Oddly, I noticed that on the rear chest piece, the silver buttons are painted. Has anyone else come across one of these?? Would it be a factory error or a wierd variant?
  8. They've been selling well here in this area too.
  9. I use them as infiltration specialists. The specialized suits Sand Vipers wear to keep cool in the desert also makes their heat/infrared signature practically nil, so the ones wearing black get this special role (plus they come with Firefly's backpack!)
  10. Some of this guy's customs are pretty good. I particularly like his idea for making Headhunter Stormtroopers for example. And the female Crimson Guard chick is awesome!
  11. Take a look at the date on the waist piece of the tan scarlett and see what it says. If it says "1982", then it went to a non-swivel Scarlett, which tend to be a bit more tan. If it says "82-83", then it came from a swivel arm Scarlett and is probably discolored due to fading. Oh and a figure can fade all the way through if it was exposed to warmer temperatures (not just sunlight). I have a few Stormshadows that are evenly yellow like that, even on the inside.
  12. There is a difference between the swivel-arm and nonswivel-arm versions of Scarlett. The swivel arm one does tend to be a bit more cream colored, so that might explain what you're seeing, although the difference is slight. More likely, if the difference is pretty noticable, it may be due to fading on one of your scarlett figures. The tan plastic is almost as prone to fading as the white plastic used on Stormy or Snow Job. One final note: There was a Brazillian version of Scarlett, called "Athena", I believe. I don't have this figure yet in my collection, but I know the colors are a bit off. However if I remember right, her tan is almost a white. Hope that helps!
  13. All 3 figures are awesome, but I like the Budo the best (maybe because he is so original). My one regret is that I couldn't reserve any more than one each of these figures.
  14. I was actually pleased they chose Cobra Mortal as one of the figures. Maybe that will lower the price of the real one enough to where I can get one. As far as the MC con figures being sort of cheesy frankensteins, there's always Alyosha's "Uncon" figures! Unlike their con figure counterparts, Alyosha's figures are well-worth the money and great-looking for display.
  15. I have all the UK figures except for Hunter (the cobra Officer repaint), and I like them a lot. Quarrel, Blades, and Moondancer were available at one of the early cons (maybe mid 90's??, probably the 94 con when I got the Fighter Pilot figure). The con figures were bagged with different gear, but the figures were otherwise identical to the UK release (probably overstock). Incidentally, if anyone has a hunter for sale, let me know!
  16. I didn't think I was going to be going, but the Army is sending me to Ft. Sam Houston for a year (I'm leaving May 22), so now I might actually show up for a short time
  17. My stupid TRU in Greensburg, PA hasn't gotten ANYTHING DTC yet...not single packs, not comic packs, not 6 packs either.
  18. I'd be sad but not too sad...I'd just go back to troop building more armies!
  19. Wherever they got the design from, the figure is awesome pure and simple. The fact that the character Interrogator is so cool and has been in such need of rerelease simply adds to that. This is probably my favorite new-sculpt figure of all.
  20. While I do think this will eventually happen, I'm not going to get my hopes up on unsubstantiated rumors and speculation. From what I've observed and heard from internet sourses, Sigma Six has neither been a hot seller or a bad seller, sort of mediocre (like some waves of the 3 3/4" line were). Sales vary greatly from region to region so if Sigma Six is gathering dust on the shelves in your area (like they are here in most stores), that doesn't mean they aren't selling well somewhere else, and vice-versa. I remember some of even the most popular waves of RAH Joes were easy to get in El Paso, TX where I grew up because kids overall didn't have a lot of interest in them there. In addition, Hasbro has a history of making strange decisions with their lines that don't always correspond with low sales. Personally, I think Hasbro will dump S6 eventually due to one important point; when 12" Joes were introduced in 1964, they dominated the boy's toy market. The same was true for 3 3/4" Joes in 1982. I think Hasbro created the S6 line to try to duplicate such successes and while the success of the line is debatable, clearly S6 has not come anywhere near the market domination its famous predecessors did. I see Hasbro as ultimately being very impatient with the line and rather than really trying to develope it into being more successfull, likely they will just dump it for a new idea. That may or may not be 3 3/4" scale, but ultimately if Hasbro in really unsuccessfull with other concepts they will always fall back on 3 3/4" because it is a proven seller (even if it no longer dominates the market either). So ultimately, until I see concrete proof of this, I refuse to accept it as anything more than wishful thinking.
  21. I have all US Release figures from 1982 to present, except for Viper lockdown and the Devil's Due 3-pack. I have a lot of vehicles, but nowhere near a complete set.
  22. GI Jane: PhD in Physics, Head scientist of a secret defense project. Rank of E-5?!?! SOMEONE got the short end of the stick!!
  23. Yea I've never heard of these before (but then I don't collect Star Wars). Explain please
  24. The PG is a nice tank, but the Mauler owns it hands down. I loved the realism of it. The PG suffers from the Action feature that makes it hard to manually maneuver the turret, and the fact the turret dowesn't elevate. The molded-on treads add to this, making it feel a bit artificial to me. Another awesome tank to get that you didn't mention is the BTR Grizzley, which is an incredible vehicle even if you don't like BTR. It has working treads, an elevating turret, and lots of room inside for figures (you could drop one inside the turret, and one in the main tank as a driver, and they can completely sit inside the vehicle). I actually like it better than the regular PG, but not as much as the Mauler. All of them are better than the Mobat IMO, which is just silly for leaving the driver so exposed.
  25. My brother had a bunch of construx and we loved building elaborate vehicles for his Joes.....only to watch them drive off the top of the stairs at full speed, watching the carnage as wheels, parts, and Joes flew off in all directions on the way down..it was a lot of fun!
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