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  1. I have to agree with what a lot of you have already said. From what I saw, it's no big loss. To answer your question Rollo, for me a modern adventure would work best. A WWII story would pull the character out of the world that the Batman, Superman, and now, Green Lantern films inhabit. Granted, these film franchises don't cross over at all, but there is still the idea in my head that the characters do interact at some point that we don't see on film.
  2. I'm just glad he's not a major villain. As was reading I tried to list acceptable villains for him to play. I came up with Killer Moth. Maybe.
  3. I dunno why, but for some reason, seeing Ultra Humanite's head on Arkillo's body cracks me up. Anyhow, that Stel does indeed look awesome. I'm starting to rethink my decision to look for these on the pegs, rather than order the entire set.
  4. Thank you! I've always said that you can almost always tell how good a live action adaptation will be by how much they makers respect the source. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; It takes some pretty big stones to take characters that have endured and resonated for decades , and say, "All this time they never got it right. I bet I can fix that!"
  5. I fell the same way. I'd have liked at least one good season of Clark as Superman, but then I guess it does make sense to end the "Smallville" series with his final transformation into the hero he was always destined to be. Still, looking forward to the finale.
  6. Thanks for the advice, but no thanks. I don't really buy comics anymore outside of the occasional TPB. I'm more of a figure and movie collector these days. So for me the story having already been done well in the comics just means I have more incentive to buy the movie.
  7. So far the footage I've seen looks great. I'm thinking I'll be able to enjoy this one quite a bit despite the "organic" look of the costumes. It's not nearly as pronounced on film as it is in the movie figures.
  8. i like what you're sayin Jin! Mattel listen to this guy! Seconded!
  9. I don't mind double joints for characters who are limber and athletic enough for it to make sense. I will say that I'm willing to bet there is a way to improve the look of double joints so that they don't detract from the aesthetics of the figure as much. Either way though, I can take or leave double joints. Not the biggest issue for me.
  10. You know, several of my figures have had this trouble too. Always on the right leg. Thanks for the tip Big Bot.
  11. this is true? No more Green Lantern Classic? As of right now, yes. And actually, it's probably because of something mentioned a few time in this thread. Although there are tons of characters in the Green Lantern universe, there aren't a whole lot left that are readily recognizable. All of Earth's Green Lanterns are already done. Many fans might not be able to name the few Guardians who have taken names. Anyone who didn't read follow the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night might not even know the other corps exist, much less be able to name the major characters. I know GL fans would love another two or three (or more) waves, but there might not be enough demand from the rest of the DCUC community. Still, we can dream. I want my Atrocious figure!
  12. Ah, the good old days of Mego... Sadly, I doubt we'll ever see a variety of characters that awesome again.
  13. When I saw the actress in costume, I involuntarily let out the loudest, most forceful "MEH!" of my life. As I mentioned in this discussion, the amount of respect a show or film has for the source material is usually as good indicator of how much I'll like the finished product, and usually how well received it is in general. Now, the costume actually looks quite a bit like a costume that did appear in the comics, but if I remember correctly, that version didn't last too long. Wonder Woman's costume is a classic. You can tweak it here and there, as with Superman's costume, but all in all it isn't broken and doesn't need fixing. So even though it looks like they took some inspiration from the comics, it still seems a bit cocky to think they needed something better than the classic. I'm gonna brace myself when I watch this show. As for Adrianne Palicki, on looks alone, I don't care for the choice of actress. Wonder Woman is presented as a strong, highly skilled warrior. This girl looks like she goes to the gym once in a while, but she wouldn't pass for battle hardened. While I was in the service, I worked along side female soldiers who were drop dead gorgeous, but still carried themselves with a toughness that couldn't be denied. Their bodies were shapely, and sexy, sure, but they were visibly strong from our constant exercise regimen combined with the heavy work we did. Trust me, that strength did nothing to detract from their femininity, and only enhanced their natural beauty. That's the kind of woman I think of when I think of Wonder Woman. Not some kitten that's stronger than she looks, but a woman who's very presence is over flowing with strength, both in body, and in spirit.
  14. It really does make a big difference when displaying the figures together. For the most part, the heights are about where you'd expect them to be, and it adds to the "comic book" feel of the collection, as if they were all "drawn" at the same time. In my wildest collecting dreams I envision Hasbro contracting with the Four Horsemen to restart the Legends line. That has about a one in a trillion chance of happening, but still, a man can dream. Hell, while I'm at it, Marvel Toys contracts with the Four Horsemen as well, and revives the Legendary Comic Book Heroes line.
  15. I imagine it would be tough to get such fine detail to carry over from sculpture to finished product. Still, they do manage to get a lot of detail in, such as the smile creases around Power Girl's mouth. And for my money, they captured Mary Marvel's personality with her face perfectly. And I'll second Cobra Viper's comments about stylistic uniformity. I loved the Marvel Legends line, but the vast array of differences in sculpting style was frustrating at times. This is why I really don't mind DCUC reusing parts. I wouldn't want 30 figures to each have their biceps sculpted 30 different ways. The Four Horseman by and large only reuse parts when it makes sense to do so. Plus, it keeps my cost per figure between $12-20 on average. I think most would agree that Doctor Midnight and Orion having the same upper arms is a small price to pay for keeping the line accessible to our wallets.
  16. I'd love a Kryb figure. I think of all of the Sinestro Corps, Kryb was the only one with a genuinely terrifying aspect to her. I'm sure members of the GLC eventually come to accept that there will be thousands of beings in the universe that want to kill them in horrific ways. But Kryb targets their children. Worse, she doesn't want to kill them. In her own twisted way, she wants to protect them! The idea of my offspring in the "loving care" of that monster would definitely keep me awake at night!
  17. I'll definitely agree on that. Diversity can make give a comic story depth that it otherwise might not have. When handled correctly, a broad spectrum of cultures in the story will feel natural because it reflects the world around us. The Super Friends are great examples of the opposite of this. Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and El Dorado make you feel like the Justice League went on a recruitment drive after they got sued by the NAACP. (Strangely, I still want to get the Super Friends figures. Weird.) So I guess to answer your question, I think writers should allow for diversity when creating interesting, story driven character, rather than setting out to create diversity as an end unto itself.
  18. What I love about the Flaming C is that they play character completely straight on Young Justice as if it's not a joke. Which of course just makes it funnier!
  19. It would be interesting to see how Ra's Al Ghul goes about taking the JLA down.
  20. I can kind of see what you mean. Out of curiosity I put Power Girl, Mary Marvel, Big Barda, Cheetah, and Cat Woman side by side. Mary Marvel has a very distinctive face. The other four, while not exactly the same, do have similarities between themselves. Cheetah seems to have a fuller version of Power Girl's face, and Cat Woman and Barda have very similar lips. All together there is a bit of what you call a "distant Cousin" quality between the four figures. Although I will say that it seems to be the eyes that primarily makes each face distinct in it's own right. To be honest, it's not really bothering me, but it was interesting to look at none the less.
  21. When you try to make characters more diverse, you run the risk of being insulting to the same groups you're trying to be inclusive with. The reason is that instead of writing a character, you wind up writing a caricature of an ethnicity or similar group. Trust me, I've been insulted many, many, many times by a writer trying to include latino or native american characters. I usually wind up shaking my head and saying to myself, "Hey, it's the thought that counts. Even if that thought was reducing my entire culture to a stereotype." It gets even worse for sexual orientation. Several of my gay friends hate, and I mean hate, Northstar. Not because he's gay, but because writers seem to feel compelled to write write him "gay" (using a stereotype), or push him to the background to avoid being offensive. Being gay doesn't determine anything except which gender you're more inclined to want to have sex with. Somehow, that doesn't really seem like a subject that would come up much when you're trying to save the world. If a writer wants diversity, more power to them. But it's important that the characters' ethnicity or sexual orientation be just one part of their identity as a whole.
  22. C&C figures don't need to be huge. And I don't think anyone thought we were getting a third wave.
  23. A few of things come to mind on this topic. 1. Most heroes, not all mind you, strive to uphold the law. Therefore, they see themselves as not having the legal right to kill their villains. 2. Most heroes probably wouldn't feel they have the moral right to decide when a villain should die. As a soldier, I can tell you that ending the life of a human being, even with every good the reason in the world to do so, is a much bigger deal than the media portrays it as. 3. If the majority of heroes start killing based on their own judgement, that could set up a "Meta Human Registration Act" type of scenario. Who wants that? 4. There is always room for the "lesser of two" evils scenario. Examples include Wonder Woman & Max Lord, and Batman & Darkseid. Those situations can lead to major character development, but you wouldn't want it to become cliché. 5. Realism doesn't always make for good story telling. (I personally hate it when people use the words "realistic" and "superhero" together.) 6. Killing a major villain doesn't always make good business sense. Especially when you know that in certain cases you'll eventually have to bring them back for the fans anyway. There isn't a non-lame way to do that.
  24. This is definitely good news for me. My daughter, who turns four in just over a week, absolutely loves Batman: The Brave & the Bold!
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