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  1. I just forgot Hit & Run, although I don't think he's any better than the 10 figures I listed (which is just my opinion, of course). And SE v2, if you read the opening to my list, you'd see that I had 2 lists, a top ten and a "best of the rest" list. SE v2 made my top ten as did many classic figures. The list you see with the pictures is the best of the rest list. Did you read my intro or did you just jump down to the actual list? Louis
  2. Ummm.....that's because we were only picking Joes, not Cobras. You didn't notice that there were no Cobras on either of our lists? We'll be doing a separate Cobra top ten list in the future. Louis
  3. Dodger is the man! Remember when he was riding through the blown up remains of Battle Force 2000? Now that was cool @loll@ Louis
  4. >I like your list, Louis. But Frank's...not so much. Hahaha. I'll let him know.... >I would have also put Hit & Run in the list. One of the very best figures >RAH had to offer. The Gear, the sculpt, the paint app--just perfect. I forgot about Hit & Run. Then again, I didn't own him as a child and that probably helped me to forget. He's definately a great figure. >Finally, I still think the '94 Shipwreck is one of the best figures, The only problem with that figure is that it's Shipwreck. Seriously, that's a great figure, very well done......but it is not Shipwreck. No way that sailor we all know and love became a SEAL. I'm glad they took him back to his roots in the new line. >Great reviews as always. I was starting to worry that you guys had >taken another week off. We work very hard thank you. I'm always busy watching TV and find it hard to make the time to do our reviews >How about a top ten worst Joe figures? Could be fun..... Patience, my young padawan. Many top 10 lists will be revealed over time. The worst list must be saved for a special occasion when the moons are aligned and I can truly rip some figures to shreads @loll@ Louis
  5. As Sgt. Rocco says, the lists are totally suggestive, so that's just our opinions. Who do you think the 10 best are?
  6. Gang, This week we thought we'd take a break from our normal reviews and each made a top ten list of the best GI Joe figures of all time. Of course, we then commented on the other guys list with our usual sense of flair. So, check out our picks for the greatest Joe figures ever at: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  7. GI Joe: The Internet Comics http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com We do our own GI Joe comics, and we also review new toys. Louis
  8. Sorry, we didn't need the time off, but took it anyway @loll@ We take requests, but in the end we make the final decisions on which figures to review. The only request we've recieved so far is to do Sand Scorpion and we'll get to him sooner than later. Who would you like to see reviewed? Louis
  9. We've added two new reviews to the Review vs. Review section of GI Joe: The Internet Comics (http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/). They are Hollow Point (2003) and Snow Serpent (2002-2003). Louis
  10. Gang, We've added two new reviews to the Review vs. Review section of GI Joe: The Internet Comics (http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/). They are Duke (2002-2003) and Razorclaw (2004). Enjoy! Louis
  11. I wanted the light skin version because I liked it better than the dark one because you can't even see his facial hair on the dark one, haha. Anyway, all SmallJoes.com has is the light skinned version. I ordered mine last week and it came on Friday. With shipping, I think it came out to $11.50. Louis
  12. That's too funny, the first thing I did was rip off that damn sticker too. Not only did it look ugly, but there is no way I'm putting Wild Bill in a tank (isn't it interesting that on the picture on the back of the box that sticker says "Duke" instead of "Wild Bill"?) Switch Gears was made to ride in this tank. He's perfect because all that sticks out of the hole is his head and chest. You'll never have to see those ugly pants again! Louis http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com
  13. Try some Imodium A-D, should clear that problem right up @loll@
  14. I missed what you wrote.....was it bad? haha Louis
  15. Gang, We've added two new reviews to the Review vs. Review section of GI Joe: The Internet Comics. They are of the Cobra B.A.T. (2002-2004) and Night Force set (2004). Check it out at http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ Enjoy! Louis
  16. I have no idea what is so offensive about what I said, all I did was point out that Cobra has never had any minorities in their ranks and theorized why that may be. If you chose to never try and explain it before and just assumed there were other races running around, that's up to you. I didn't. As far as the members of Cobra proving that Cobra are not white supremesists......I don't think you understand racism. It's based on race, not where you come from. Every member of Cobra except Storm Shadow is of European decent. I'm not sure if you've ever heard Daniel Carver (or however that jackass spells his name) on Howard Stern, but he sometimes gives some great insight into racism and the KKK. There is a hierarchy in their minds. Asian isn't that high on the list, there's a bunch of races they hate even more. So even Stormy being around wouldn't prove that much. However, the new set of figures has changed all that. I think it's a GOOD thing, it's just weird is all. Where have all of the rest of the minorities been hiding this last 20 years? At least you can agree with me on this, Cobra is NOT an equal opportunity employer, hahaha. Louis
  17. Because he's got a six pack showing through what looks like a leather suit, but it was Frank that didn't like that, not me. And no matter how many times I look at the new Wild Weasel, I think he looks lame. He's just so damn plain, like a Corps! figure. Out of the new sculpt toys, here are the figures I liked from the last year (just assume I don't like the rest, hahaha): 2004 - Heavy Duty (repaint), Scarlett, Mindbender, Ace 2003 - Destro, HEavy Waters, Faces, Torpedo, Crosshair, Dart, Flint, Duke, Grunt, Ripcord, Kamakura, Lady Jaye, Red Spot, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Wide Scope, Wild Bill, Black Out, Burnout, BAT, CC, CLAWS Commander, Iron Grenadier, Neo-Viper, Night Creeper, Over Kill, Ripper, Sand Viper, Scalpel, Tele-Viper, Zarana, Barrel Roll, Big Brawler That's more than half of the figures release in 2003 that I like. I don't like repaints, or the RAH repaints. If I give a figure 3 stars or more, I like it. My reviews reflect that. And just looking over my reviews now, there are only a few figures I didn't give at least 3 stars to (2004 Shipwreck, Alley Viper II, Wild Weasel, and the repaint sets). Just because I point out a certain aspect of a figure that I don't like doesn't mean I hate the figure. Louis
  18. Frank does mention the fact that he thinks they made new smaller heads to make them fit in better with the new scult figures. If that's the reason they switched to these new tiny heads, that's pretty dumb. People are buying these to mix in with their RAH figures, not new sculpt figures. Personally, I don't think they look that thin, I just wish they had the original heads.
  19. I wish I knew how you drew that conclusion from our reviews, because both of us really enjoy collecting GI Joe. I like most of the new figures, I just don't like repaints. And if I'm not going to be honest in the review and say what I like and DON'T LIKE, then there is no reason for us to write a review at all. Be honest, do you really think that all of the new toys are excellent? Don't you have things you wish they did differently? Of course you do. So how does me pointing out what I want to see differently mean I don't enjoy collecting Joe? I may complain and gripe, but I obviously like Joe if I take the time to actually write reviews of the toys that are out there. And I LIKE the new toys, for the most part.....even if they are pretty hideous, haha. Frank wanted to review the Cobra Infantry set this week, but I don't like it and won't buy it. So, that's where that review comes from. If you'd like to read about a figure we both liked, check out the review of the new Ace figure. Some of you get the reviews, some of you don't. If you read it and think "why are these guys always bitching!", then you don't get it. Just move on, don't read them, and allow the people who appreciate two guys speaking their minds and making some funny observations to enjoy them. Louis http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com
  20. Because my partner wanted to review repaints. And to be honest, I did grade them fairly. If I thought any of them were good, I would have said so. I did like Wreckage, after all, haha.
  21. We've added two new reviews to our Review vs. Review section on GI Joe: The Internet Comics. This week we profile the new Cobra Infantry set and last year's Tiger Force set. Check it out at http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com. Louis
  22. Not so! I gave AV II only one star, while WW got two. I'm not very complimentary of either of them, haha.
  23. We've added two new reviews to our Review vs. Review section on GI Joe: The Internet Comics. This week we profile the new Ace and Wild Weasel figures. Check it out at http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com. Louis
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