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    I'm with you. The new sculpt line is a bust, I'd stop buying it and buy 6" Joes if they started making them, no doubt.
  2. Hopefully the next batch will be done by the end of the week. It looks like we'll be reviewing the 2 Joe comic book packs next week #US1#
  3. Buy the Thunderwing Jet with Slipstream and Ace. You won't be disappointed.
  4. Gang, This week we've reviewed 2004's Slipstream and Cobra Slice figures. We also discuss Slipstream's Thunderwing jet. Check out the reviews and come back here to let us know what you think: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  5. I have some questions: 1) Exactly how much time has passed between "Star Crossed" and "Initiation"? 2) How did GL get his ring fixed? 3) Doesn't it seem odd that Earth could have that many superheroes living on it available to join the Justice League, yet the majority of them never showed up to help on the slew of world-wide problems the members of the Justice LEague were facing the last 2 years? My problem with the show is the same one I have with the DCU in general: Too many heroes. The more heroes, the less special they become. Having Superman one of the 10 super powered people in the world is more special than having him one of 100. Plus it makes the world seem like one big freak show. Look out everybody, your neighbor is probably a superhero. Boring. They should have just added a small number of characters to the Justice League this year, and added characters who have either been seen before or are major players in the DCU. So, they should have added Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, and Atom as new characters, and Supergirl, Steel, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Aquaman, Creeper, etc. as returning characters. But there is no reason to have lame-o's like Captain Atom around. Louis
  6. I found this episode to be way too predictable. A more interesting plot would have had Terra turn on Slade almost immediately and then the rest of the season could have had a thread running through it about whether they could trust Terra or not. Am I the only one who wanted her to stay a Titan? My biggest problem is that there wasn't any real reason for why Terra would side with Slade. She finally found a "home" for herself, and then seemingly helps Slade to destroy it for no good reason. That's just poor writing.
  7. A friend of mine (who draws my comic) did a couple of new art samples and wanted people's opion on them. So what do you think? Tomax and Xamot: Hawk and Duke:
  8. I don't know where you live, but neither mech has turned up anywhere in the NYC area, bro. These were bought online.
  9. Ghost Bear's filecard doesn't specify how old Ghost Bear was when Kwinn was killed. See, it all depends on how you want to view continuity. GI Joe seems to be adopting comic book timelines, which are basically every 6 years of comics equals one year in real time. So, the death of Kwinn only happened about 4 years ago using that logic. There have been many instances where file cards and the comics have contradicted this thinking, but since the Joes have clearly not aged properly, this is the only real answer. "Cabbage heads" are heads that are too small for the bodies they are on. A lot of the new sculpt figures have this problem. Louis
  10. I'm referring to the design, not the quality. Hasbro could make figures that look just like that, but their figures suck. Oh, and yeah, Hasbro's quality sucks too.
  11. Gang, This week we've reviewed 2004's Ghost Bear and Leatherneck figures. We also discuss their mechs. Check out the reviews and come back here to let us know what you think: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  12. The "whirl wind" definitely makes that set Guys, you do realize you can get an original Whirl Wind complete for less than $5 on ebay. How does reissuing a toy that most collectors don't care about make the set good? And the guy making those desert customs is a genius. Why can't Hasbro make a set like that? Aren't they embarrassed that a fan painting by hand can make something that blows their crappy set away?
  13. This set looks AWFUL. Why can't they just release a set of figures painted to look cool? Just paint them in classic colors. Wouldn't you rather have that Snake Eyes figure all black? And they completely botched the Vamp. Instead of going back to the original mold, the new Vamp is actually a repainted Desert Striker. It's got the new hood, rear end, and roll bar from the Desert Striker. It doesn't look bad, but that vehicle is not the Vamp (nevermind that it comes with the 3 oddest figures ever)..
  14. You are suffering with the rest of us in the NY area. There hasn't been anything new for months.....or there has, and the millions of complete dorks that live in this area bought them all out on their daily toy run. Either way, there is squat in the stores right now.
  15. It's almost like you get the point....... But they are real reviews, regardless of our childish bickering. And no one anal-ly picks apart every aspect of a figure like we do. We review the hell out of these toys #US1#
  16. Gang, This week we've reviewed 2004's Cobra Comic 3-Pack and Switch Gears figures. Check out the reviews and come back here to let us know what you think: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  17. But see, you feel that way because Hasbro (as usual) blew it. Think how cool it would have been if every Neo-Viper they ever released was colored like the original in blue. You'd be able to army build them without even trying. They've released like 10 different variations. I'd have loved to have had all 10 of them be the same color. In my opinion, Cobra troops should never be recolored. They should all be released the same for people like me that want to army build them. Louis
  18. Gang, This week we've reviewed 2004's Destro and Hard Drive figures. Check out the reviews and come back here to let us know what you think: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  19. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it @sun@
  20. Thanks a lot, Violentfix. I do spend a lot of time trying to get the story just right, but that's the easy part compared to what my partner does. It's the actual art, coloring, and lettering that takes the most time. As always, I'd like to thank my partner in crime for continuing to help me put out this comic. I'm glad you enjoyed it #US1#
  21. This is it, the conclusion to the epic Viper saga that you've all been waiting for! Viper faces off against the Interrorgator as he tries to save his family from Cobra. Will he be able to rescue them and escape Cobra Island? Find out at: GI Joe: The Internet Comics - http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ Previously in G.I.Joe: Viper's Squad: Viper and a group of Joe recruits embarked on a mission to rescue Viper's family from Cobra. After gaining access to the Cobra prison facility, Viper heard Mara Lee's screams. Viper rushed ahead only to find out that the Interrorgator was torturing his family and wants revenge against Viper. The Joes grabbed Viper's daughter and left with her, leaving Viper to face the Interrorgator alone. Let me know what you think Louis
  22. I have to disagree with you there. "Spirit Iron-Knife" makes no sense as a codename. After all, the codename is supposed to replace their real name. So for Spirit to have a codename WITH HIS REAL NAME in it makes no sense whatsoever. A better codename would have been "Tracker Spirit."
  23. I'm not sure what you guys are thinking while looking at these because they are awful. Why are they painted with Night Force upper body colors and desert lower body colors? I don't mind the choice of figures, but knowing Hasbro, they will be colored horribly just like the Night Force set. Is it so hard to give them their original paint schemes?
  24. I don't know about that, but it isn't my cup of tea either. Reminds me too much of the 12" version, which itself looks like Luke Skywalker. Kinda plain. Louis
  25. This is Frank's attempt at a repaint of Hi-Tech. What do you think? Louis
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