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  1. Well, the ideas contained in the story are all mine, but I was influenced by the proposed "Robot Rebellion." It got me to thinking what would that be all about and I came up with this story. So I guess you could say Hasbro influenced the story, but that's as far as it goes. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Louis
  2. New Internet Comic: B.A.T. Uprising #3 This issue: The origin of Overkill is revealed! Find out how he was created, who made him, and why he has targeted Cobra for destruction! http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/space-cover3.htm And you can check out the first two issues and other Internet Comics at: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ Then come back here and let me know what you think Thanks for reading, Louis
  3. It's been a long wait, but the second issue of our B.A.T. Uprising comic is finally ready and online: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/space14.html In this issue the Joes battle for control of a space station and it's powerful laser! If you missed the first issue of B.A.T. Uprising, it's available here: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/space.html And please check out the rest of our internet comics at: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ Come back here and let me know what you think of it! Thanks, Louis G.I. Joe: The Internet Comic http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/
  4. Why can't they just tell the story of GI Joe from the GI Joe point of view? In other words, Cobra is in it but just as the faceless enemy they are fighting. No origin for Cobra because it isn't neccessary. I'd start the movie with Cobra doing something bad. A group of generals is called in and they decide to start up a covert force to attempt to take out Cobra and pick Hawk to lead it. Then we cut to Hawk in the PITT reviewing his choices for the team so we get a little intro to the Joes (who should be a small number, including Duke, Snake Eyes, Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Stalker, etc.) After seeing the Joes training, then detail the Joes first mission to take out Cobra, which goes horribly wrong. In a helicopter crash Snake Eyes loses his face but they continue the mission. They take out the Cobra instillation, but don't catch CC. Then showing how Snake Eyes is dealing with the loss of his face, etc and the introduction of his black outfit and mask. And a second and final mission that stops the Cobra threat. CC is captured alive (he'll need to be alive for a sequel!). The end. Is something like that so hard to do? We get Joe, we get Cobra, we get the personal interactions that make for a good movie, and we get to focus on Snake Eyes in the first film as the bad ass we all know and love. Sounds simple enough to me. And for the people who ignorantly continue to argue that the movie cannot be based on the comics/cartoon, I'd ask you to look at the direction the Transformers movie is going in. For all that is known, that one will be a faithful retelling of the basic origin from the comics/cartoons. Why can't GI Joe do the same? Louis Louis
  5. The wolf is Timber, who came with SE's 1985 figure. In a few weeks, I'll be posting a comic that I didn't write, but instead editted, colored, and lettered. The next part of BAT Uprising is a couple of months away, at best. As soon as it's done, I'll let everybody know
  6. I only write the stories. I have a friend who handles all of the art chores. Due to the fact that he is doing some work for small comic companies, he prefers his work with me to remain anonymous. Sure, I called George Lucas up. He came over for supper, and told me it was ok. He's a super guy! #US1#
  7. Whoops. Turned it unintentionally into a porno @loll@ It's fixed now.
  8. Gang, I just posted the first issue of my new comic, B.A.T. Uprising. Please check it out and come back here to let me know what you think of it: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ Thanks, Louis
  9. Gang, Review vs. Review is back! After taking a few months off due to personal business, Frank and I are back praising and trashing everything Hasbro has to offer. This week we review the mail-away Storm Shadow and the Comic 3-Pack #4. Check it out at: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews.html Thanks for reading! Louis GI Joe: The Internet Comics http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/
  10. ssdsus

    "the End"

    I'm not sure why I need to defend a fanfic but..... So, you don't like to see any Joes die in a Joe comic? You're still mad that General Flagg died 20 years ago? I can't believe you can't respect a comic book character because she is in mourning. Is that how you handle people dying? Or do you take some time to deal with it? Next time I write a story, I'll ask you if I can tell it. Clearly your beef is that I killed your two favorite characters in a brutal fashion. Yes, the plot was weak, yes it needed to be fleshed out more. It took us almost a year to make this book, adding more dialogue or art would have taken longer. The lack of a in-depth plot has never stopped Devil's Due from publishing a comic. I still don't know what the hell is going on in that series. This story was a direct response to a lot of what I read online in various forums. A LOT of people have had enough of these two characters. And if you look at this forum and others, you will see that the response to this book is overwhelmingly positive. Just because you don't want to see a book where they die doesn't mean that most people don't. I have no axe to grind, and killing Snake Eyes was hard for me. Storm Shadow is a total waste of a character at this point as far as I'm concerned, so that was a bit easier. Devil's Due totally ruined him time and again. Guys, it's fanfic. Like it, don't like it.....it's FREE. Didn't cost you a penny. So please ease up a little. Thanks. Louis
  11. ssdsus

    "the End"

    By your argument, only the creator of a character has a right to tell a story in which someone dies. Preposterous. If I wanted to make a fanfic where Batman dies, I need to ask Bob Kane for permission? Every fan writer has their own universe and continuity. In mine, no Joe or Cobra is a superhero. They can and will die. That's not a cop-out. Saying because it's fiction no one ever dies is also not a cop-out. It's an opinion. You want comic book GI Joes, where no hero dies and if they do, they are resurrected soon after. Some of us like a little more reality in our GI Joe. We want it to somewhat reflect the military it is based on. It makes no sense to me telling a story where only the bad guys or second tier characters can die. That's not even close to reality. Even the best fighter makes mistakes. That is not a lack of skill. His concern for Scarlett made him momentarily distracted. And Storm Shadow simply gives up, that also wasn't from lack of skill. Scarlett doen't "throw in the towel and quit" at the end of the story. She is in mourning. She has no needed revenge, so she has no outlet for her pain. Wouldn't it be a diservice to Snake Eyes if she was unaffected? Regardless, it's just fanfic. It's my comic in my universe. Nothing to get so upset about.
  12. ssdsus

    "the End"

    No, no. See, if I worked for Devil's Due, I'd reintroduce long forgotten characters just to kill them off 5 pages later. Which teaches us that in war, only unimportant and unpopular soldiers die. Devil's Due's problem isn't that they are killing so many Joes. It's war, people die. WHO they kill is the problem. Some characters seem completely bulletproof, while other guys come out of nowhere only to get blown away. I had the same problem with Hama's run. Either decide that there will be no death, or make death an integral part of the story. Marvel and Devil's Due killed off a bunch of vehicle drivers and other largely forgotten characters. What's the point? My story does what they wish they could do, kill people who have been a huge part of everything. Characters Hasbro would never let them off. That's about as un-Devil's Due as someone could get. #US1#
  13. ssdsus

    "the End"

    After a year in exile, the Internet Comic guys are back with an all-new story. A small team of Joes invade Cobra Mountain hunting for Cobra's top officers! Find out what happens in "The End," a story sure to give the fans what they want =) Check it out at: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/theend01.html Louis GI Joe: The Internet Comics http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/
  14. Two things: First of all, saying they "screw up" is not a personal attack, it's his opinion. If you think that Hasbro makes these sets perfectly, that's your personal opinion. It is his (and mine and many others) that they all have sloppy uneccessary flaws in them. I see three things wrong with this set: 1) the beards look awful, 2) the Hiss driver chest looks weird, and 3) the plastic of the lower arms does not match the upper arms. In my option, this set is screwed up. All they had to do was make 6 figures, all with the same chest, without facial hair, and plastic that matches. Every set so far has some easy gripe that can be made about it. While Hasbro has been making some great efforts lately, they aren't doing anything 100% perfectly. While you can argue that it is my opinion that the beards look bad, you can't argue that it is my "opinion" that the lower and upper arm should match. They should match, plain and simple. I really looked foward to the comic packs, but I found something wrong with each pack and have yet to pick any up. But after seeing the nearly flawless October Guard packs, I am rethinking my stance and thinking about picking them all up. However, it is not my "opinion" if I point out that some of the comic figures have tiny heads, chests that are too big, etc. I may be nitpicking by your standards, but those aren't opinions. And people on this board have a right to express that without hearing whining from people who love something. It's the same thing in reverse. People would think it's ridiculous to say that someone cannot praise a set, so don't be hypocritical by suggesting people can't criticize it. I was going to pick up this greenshirt set until I saw these close-up pictures. The miscolored arms are too much for me to handle. Louis
  15. I knew you were kidding, haha. @bounce@ Seriously, she has nothing to do with it. She told me to keep everything out and she's intrigued by the comics and reviews. But I just have no time to do that kind of stuff anymore, and since we're planning on having kids, I don't like the idea of daddy having more toys than his kids. So, into the boxes they go..... @good night@
  16. Gang, I finally stopped by the various boards today for the first time in a month and saw that someone had posted on one of them wondering what happened to us. So I figured I'd make a topic and let you know why we're no longer doing our reviews..... Life got in the way. I just got engaged, and now I am running around planning a wedding, looking for a new house, etc. Unfortunately, it's left me no time for GI Joe. I stopped buying Joes, so we can't do reviews anymore even if we had the time. And when I move, the stuff I have will either be sold or packed away with a tiny fraction still on display in the house. So, long story short, GI Joe is no longer a focal point in my life. My girl isn't bringing this on, I just have no desire to continue collecting. We're working on one more comic book for old times sake, but that's about it. To all of you who loved our reviews, I want to thank you and wish you the best. GI Joe has some of the best fans in the world, hands down. Louis GI Joe: The Internet Comics http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com
  17. Gang, This week we've reviewed 2004's Comic Book Pack #2 and the Cobra Urban Assault Set. Check out the reviews and come back here to let us know what you think about these two sets. I'll be on vacation until next week, so please discuss amongst yourselves until I get back http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  18. What I want to know is......Transformers has the Altenators line. Amazing toys, almost perfect. What is the GI Joe equivilant? And the answer is not the comic book packs, those are far from perfect. Are we ever going to get some high quality, realistic, well sculpted Joes ever again? Are the Thunderwing jet and Warhammer humvee the beginning of that, or just 2 exceptions?
  19. We're a hard habit to break @coffee@
  20. Gang, This week we've reviewed 2004's Zartan and the Stalker/Hawk/Clutch Comic Book 3-Pack. Check out the reviews and come back here to let us know what you think about these figures. http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/reviews/reviews.html Louis
  21. I'm not sure why a conversation about military teams is making your weiner flacid. Besides, we all know you are lying. This is damn exciting for you! BTW, I rethought my answer. Clearly "Bazooka" must have the biggest unit. I've heard that Cover Girl has been known to gush over the giant ordinance he's carrying. Oh, and Ambush clearly has the smallest unit. Or no unit at all, considering his name is "Am Bush".
  22. >I was wondering for myself given their prior experience which joe member has the biggest unit? What prior experience would give a person a bigger unit than someone else? Interesting.......Then I'd have to say that Flint probably has the biggest unit because he's got Lady Jaye serving under him on a regular basis. Every mission he goes on, Lady Jaye is right there next to him, faithfully helping his unit.
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