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  1. A few things: 1. I haven't heard this mentioned by anyone, but did you notice how you never saw Barbara Gordon's face? At first, she is only mentioned in passing ("your sister") and then her mother holds her hand over her face during the entire Two-Face scene. I can only assume that this was done to leave it open to using Batgirl in some role in the next film. He didn't need to decide who will play the part in the next film by doing that. I hope he doesn't use her as in this continuity she'd be kind of cheesy. 2. One can only assume that if Ledger had not died, he would have been a main part of the next film. I am of the camp (as many others seem to be) that he put such a stamp on the role that no one can really pull it off again. So, no Joker in #3. 3. This film will be hard to top, but not impossible. I think the best way is through the Bane storyline. However, I wouldn't use Bane in the same way. Instead, I'd do the storyline that shows how Ras is resurrected, as he has been for centuries. He restarts his league of shadows, looking for a new leader. That leader is Bane. Bane is selected in part because he already hates Batman for some reason. Bane is given Venom to give him the edge he needs to take out Bats. Bane and Talia are sent to Gotham to destroy Batman. They are working together to take away the things he holds dear. His city, his hope, etc. Imagine Bane releasing all of Arkham Asylum to terrorize Gotham. You could have all of the familiar villians show up in minor roles. All the while, Batman is getting worn down, and Bane attacks Alfred while Batman is out fighting. All this leads to a final climactic scene against Bane. The twist can be that while Talia has been working against Bruce, she actually falls in love with him and helps him to take out Bane. In saving Gotham, the people finally see him as their hope and he is no longer hunted. The citizens rally and stick up for themselves and fight back against the villians. Batman leaves Talia behind to go after Ras (against her wishes). Batman flies to Ras' liar (in the Batwing), but is shot down. He goes through the snow to where Ras has the lazarus pit. They have a battle, he destroys the pit, and the entire place collapses on Ras. The End. Louis
  2. I'm sorry, but this period should not be the basis for a series. How can you enjoy it knowing that at its core, its bad guy robots versus bad guy soldiers who are led by (suprisingly) easily duped jedi? It's all bad guys! The good guys are just pawns getting played for fools! Why do I care who won or why? It doesn't matter. Palpatine wins, period. Never mind which, telling stories that are AFTER Anakin kills the sand people and showing him as a hero actually damages the credibility of him turning so evil in ROTS. Nothing good comes from this. You can't fix what is already illogical and broken by adding new layers. His unthinkable turn in ROTS (illogical turn, really) continues to be made even more unbelievable by showing him running around as a good guy. Seriously, this is CGI and it is not using the original voice cast. Can't they have done a story after VI with Luke? Seriously, enough with the prequel crap.
  3. I can't speak for anyone else, but I bought a couple of comic packs early on that I would not have just to get the mail away figure before they ran out. Anyone else do that? I'd say they do it as incentive to get people to drop $60 on figures they might not have otherwise (remember, there are kids that buy these too, they wouldn't have necessarily bought 6 comic packs, but now they would). Anyone else perplexed about why there are so many comic packs cluttering the shelves while single packs are hard to find? Are they producing more of them than singles? That makes no sense. Even the packs that you'd assume would sell well (Tomax & Xamot, Dreadnoks) are ridiculously easy to find, while there are no singles anywhere around here. What gives?
  4. ssdsus

    It's Official

    I believe that should read: B ) only gi joe Comics you like are the original marvel run! (only the ones written by Larry Hama. The other ones don't even count!) C) only gi joe cartoon you like is sunbow version. (except for the movie because real Joe fans think Cobra La sucks!) Honestly, this is the worst news I've heard in a long time. I don't want a reboot. The story was told just fine the first time. Hell, it was retold fine a second time in Snake Eyes Declassified, etc. What would have been the big deal in picking up at some point after the DD run? Put a few years distance so that you don't have to deal with where they left it (sure, some characters are dead, but there are like 300 others to use). Or Hama could have told out of continuity stories like the comic packs. I'd buy any of that.....but not a reboot. No thank you.
  5. I just had a thought: Maybe the director thinks he's filming "Halo 3: The Movie" @firedevil@
  6. http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/05/16/ch...filming-gi-joe/ http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/05/16/ray-park-snake-eyes/ Look, I was on the frontlines saying we should wait until Transformers comes out before we bash it, and that one turned out great........but come on. Powersuits? For the love of god, why? Someone give me one good reason that Joes should all be running around in identical powersuits. I could deal with a Destro that starts the movie without his mask, or a Cobra Commander that starts out a Joe, or a black Ripcord.......but I defy anyone to look at those pics and say, "Wow, that's awesome! I love power suits!" I think we all need to stop and smell the roses. This movie is going to be a Street Fighter-esque train wreck. @grumpy@ Louis
  7. Wow, these are the same 2 I've never seen. I'm in New Jersey, and it's like we skipped that wave. I've seen Rock N Roll twice, but never the other two. And I already got the entire next wave, so I'm a little worried. And I never EVER saw any of the Target vehicles. Not once. None of them. And I went every other day or so. Did anyone ever see them in Jersey? Louis
  8. Lets not forget that Marvel Legends Wave 1 was Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America.......and Toad. Seriously, Toad. Lets not pretend that Marvel Legends put out all the top characters first. Assuming that angry guy wants figures in order of importance, Marvel should have released Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man in wave 1. Spiderman's first figure was wave 10! Wolverine was in wave 3! (never mind he was way too tall) Punisher was in wave 4! Is DC's distribution of characters all that bad? Superman and Batman were released before the line even started, as were most of their big villains. In early waves we are getting a classic Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Are you so angry because you didn't get Flash yet. I'm sure he'll come out, so chill out. I guess the angry guy would rather have the first few waves have the big JL characters so that by wave 7 everyone can complain about the low level characters being released that only hardcore fans care about with a bunch of repaints/alternate uniform a-listers. Saving some good characters to look foward to in latter waves is not such a bad thing. Is it really better to get all the good characters up front and then complain about how almost every damn wave has a Wolverine figure in it? Honestly, did you really need 10 Wolverines? But that's who sells. So we are going to see a Batman or Superman in every wave. I like Marvel and DC characters and movies (well, outside of any movie with a 3 in it, haha). I was a hardcore Marvel guy as a teenager but as I got older I grew to appreciate DC's more sophisticated stories and characters. I'm sorry, Marvel just seemed like it was aimed at younger kids. It's not a matter of one is good, one sucks. It's just a preference. Louis
  9. Add me to the hypothetical list of people who would like a Lobo if someone were willing to get one for him! @loll@
  10. ssdsus

    New web comics

    Gang, I've posted a couple of new web comics at my website http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ . They are called "Force Fera" and "Till Someone Gets Hurt." We plan to post a new one every month. Let me know what you think =) Louis
  11. Oh damn! He gonna bust a cap in yo ass, little homie!
  12. I, for one, will not buy a reboot. Period. I tried reading the IDW Transformers series and just couldn't get into it. Especially with the movie coming out I felt like there were too many continuities, and none as good as the G1 continuity. Now, if they had done a G1 comic based off of the CARTOON continuity, that I would have bought in an instant. Hell, they could have rebooted that and retold the stories in a more realistic manner. But a new retelling? No thanks. For Joe, the comic's continuity is fine as it is. Sure, I hate the fact that they killed Lady Jaye and other characters. But I'm not ready to scrap 25 years of stories in exchange for a Reloaded piece of garbage. Everyone is blasting the new movie before they even see it for taking "liberties" in updating the Joes. Why would anyone want another modern retelling? If that's what people really want, they'd have bought Reloaded in the first place.
  13. Well, don't forget that the producer referred to the cartoon movie as "Batman" and this movie as "Batman Begins." By that analogy, it's easy to see where they got the idea that Duke needed a "buddy" who he bails out of trouble. I'd have more respect for this if they really did make Falcon in the movie than some bastardization of Ripcord. And as far as Transformers, I was on the fence before it was released and I have to admit I liked it. That doesn't mean it was perfect. Frankly, the robot designs were too realistic. All the moving parts made them impossible to tell apart. Once transformed, they just looked like hunks of parts. And some of the original characterizations would have worked much better than the new movie versions (a sneaky smart ass Frenzy rather than a crazed muppet who speaks gibberish, for example. Don't even get me started that that is really supposed to be Soundwave, who they only renamed because people bitched.) At least they are trying to get some of it right. Destro will be British, Snake Eyes a badass, etc. But please Lord, don't let Ripcord/generic goofy black guy become Cobra Commander like in the original script! @grumpy@ Louis
  14. I think that logic is flawed. Who thinks Wolverine is less cool because you learned his origin in the 2nd movie? No one. And Vader suffered from a crappy telling of his backstory. If they had done him as a corrupted adult in search of power instead of a confused child, he'd still be cool. Snake Eyes has an awesome backstory that does not take away from the character. In fact, it enhances it. Snake Eyes writing in the sand to continue the mission with his face burned off is ultimate badass. Vader is a villian. Imagine if it was Luke who wore a mask and had no origin whatsoever. Bad guys can get away with it because you don't need to connect with them. If you want to feel anything at all for Snake Eyes, he needs to be more than just a silent killing machine. Don't forget that it didn't take long in comic book time before Snake's origin started to get revealed and his origin is a huge part of what makes him so cool and memorable. You know Hasbro. Snake Eyes will end up a main character. He needs a backstory. And using Wolverine to back up your theory doesn't make sense. Wolverine's origin was a MYSTERY. Snake Eyes' origin is not. It's not a mystery what happened to him. It just wasn't revealed initially. So unless you want to change it that no one knows why Snake Eyes is like that (which makes no sense. Who would hire a mute soldier?), then you have to concede that the other characters know. If they know, the audience should no. The fact that his face was burned off saving Scarlett makes him a tragic character. It's a great story on it's own. Why bury it? He's not Wolverine. He can't talk. You can't connect with him that way. On top of that, you KNOW Hasbro will have him battle Storm Shadow in the movie. Without a bit of their backstory, their battles will have no context. Once again, without origins in the movie it will be a bunch of characters running around fighting for no particular reason. I loved Transformers, most people did. But the first knock on Transformers is that none of them have an origin. They just show up. Hell, most of the decepticons just materialize in the second act with no reference to where they've been and where the hell they came from. It does take away from the movie whether you want to admit it or not. Louis
  15. I'm fine with him not talking. But a movie is a different medium than a comic. To connect with the character, at least a little bit of explanation as to why he doesn't talk/keep his face covered will have to be given. And if you are going to go that far, you might as well show it. Either in a flashback or early in the movie they should have the helicopter crash that disfigures him and shows why Scarlett has the attachment to him. If a flashback, it can be shown without anyone talking and a voiceover. If incorporated into the movie, I'd have Scarlett meet Snake right before the mission and Stalker simply describe him as a quiet guy who keeps to himself but can be counted on. Maybe he even mentions that Snake is extremely well trained. See, Snake never needs to talk. And you keep the jungle hat on his head partially obscuring his face and you've got a beautiful thing. I don't think you can handle it the way the marvel comic or the cartoon did and simply have a mute in spandex running around unexplained. You don't want people sitting there the whole movie wondering why he doesn't talk, why is he such a good fighter, why doesn't he ever take off his mask, etc. Too confusing for the average person who knows nothing about Joe. Louis
  16. No. I've never seen Cyborg Superman. I saw the 12" once, but never the smaller one. I forgot he even existed! Louis
  17. Don't give up hope gang. I'm in NJ where finding cool toys is almost damn near impossible (no Joes, non-movie Transformers, or DCSH on the shelves anywhere). But persistentce pays off. All the K-Marts around here just got the Two-Face wave, and lots of them. I picked up Two-Face and the new Batgirl. They also had a ton of the rarer Superman figs (Mongul, Parasite, and Steel). The only figure I currently don't have from the entire line is Clayface. All were bought at retail.
  18. If you think the screwing with Superman's origin is bad, check out Batman and his cast of villians. The Joker's origin re-write currently in Batman: Confidential is 180 degrees from the one in the Killing Joke. In the Killing Joke, the Joker is a poor guy who becomes the Joker by accident, driven mad by the loss of his family and the damage of the chemicals he fell into. The new origin has him as a homicidal hitman who goes crazy BEFORE falling into the vat of chemicals. In other words, he's the Joker before turning white. Completely different origin. Not sure which one I like better. Killing Joke is classic and tough to replace. But the new origin better explains why the Joker is such a psycho and why he could go toe to toe with Batman. Never made sense to me that an ordinary guy driven mad could be as homicidal or skilled as the Joker. A deranged hitman actually makes more sense. I'm sure in another 20 years they'll just rewrite it again Louis
  19. My vote is origin, and would always be. Scenario 1 - I saw someone reference Transformers, which I think is a great example of doing an origin movie without it being linear. For example, you could have some of the original Joes on a mission. However, this is pre-G.I. Joe. They are sent out and basically stumble upon Cobra. As a result, their commanding officer (Hawk), is ordered to assemble GI Joe in response to this new threat. Then we follow Hawk selecting his team members, so on and so forth. That's sort of the Transformers model. We are thrown into the conflict, but it is before all of the characters are assembled. That way we still learn their origins and backstories. However, my dream would be..... Scenario 2 - Basically a Snake Eyes origin movie. I know, I know. "Not a ninja movie!" But I think it can be done. If you start with the LRRP guys on a mission (probably updated to Iraq), followed by Snake going home to find his family dead, followed by him getting his ninja training with Storm Shadow, and then his recruitment into G.I.Joe, I think you've got a movie right there. I'd take it through the mission he gets disfigured on and insists on continuing, showing him as the resident bad ass. They complete the mission (foil a Cobra scheme). Epilogue shows Snake Eyes wearing his usual mask, etc. back at the Pit and Cobra is still out there. It leaves plenty of stuff for a second movie. Unfortunately, in either scenario you know that Hasbro is going to insist that the comic timeline at least be altered to have certain characters in it from the beginning (I'd love to see the original 13, BTW, but we all know that ain't gonna happen). So my choices for members of Joe and Cobra to appear would be: Joes: Hawk - leader, does not go out on missions Duke - field commander Snake Eyes Scarlett Flint Lady Jaye Roadblock Gung-Ho Wild Bill (always need a pilot!) Cobra: Cobra Commander Destro Baroness Storm Shadow (if not a Snake Eyes origin tale) Dr. Mindbender Cobra Soldiers B.A.T.s (depending on whether they want to go all CGI on it)
  20. I vote Devil's Due. That's not an endorsement, mind you, but I'm waying some negatives: 1. IDW gets the license and starts over from the beginning. Just look at Transformers. Garbage. DW's take was bad enough, IDW's is revolting. Especially the Beast Wars waste of paper. 2. Marvel gets the license and returns continuity to the end of the Marvel series. Don't know about you, but there are certain aspects of DD's continuity I've grown to like. As much as I hate the pointless deaths, just scrapping it seems drastic. 3. Marvel puts Hama back in charge. I love Hama's work on the original Joe run, but feel most of what he's done after that doesn't measure up. Case in point: his Frontline series made no sense, and the Storm Shadow series is terrible. Unreadable. Nonsense. Let DD keep it. It's crap, but it could be worse. Louis
  21. I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the artwork. I've been working with this artist for over 10 years. I've seen the work he submits for jobs and it's excellent. These comics are side projects for him and as such, not done to the same detail. Still, I think he does an amazing job. I've tried to get other artists on board and expand my line of comics, but unfortunately it's hard to find someone to draw comics as a hobby. I know that Devil's Due is aware my comics exist. I'd love it if they wanted to use The Viper's Tale as the basis for a comic. If anyone could point them in my direction, I'd appreciate it =) Louis
  22. Let me know how you liked it. Concensus seems to be that's our best comic. I'm glad you appreciated the death of Snakes and Stormy. Most people seemed quite upset by that #US1#
  23. The wait is over, the stunning conclusion to B.A.T. Uprising is online! In issue #3, the Joes were confronted by the new Overkill, who revealed his shocking origin. Can the Joes stop him? Find out in B.A.T. Uprising #4! B.A.T. Uprising #4: http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/Uprising/space-cover4.htm To read the first 3 issues of B.A.T. Uprising, or to check out our other comics (including the acclaimed The Viper's Tale): http://gijoe-comic.tripod.com/ Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. Louis G.I. Joe: The Internet Comics
  24. Thanks to everyone for the nice replies #US1#
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