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  1. No prob man. Hopefully these months do go by fast! I'll have to find something to keep my mind off of them until then (I guess this forum doesn't help) o_0 In other news, Jazwares wrote on facebook that SEGA didn't design Mighty, so they can't make a figure of him until SEGA puts him into a newer game. Sounds kinda strange. If Sega didn't design him, then who did? And if SEGA didn't, how were they able to put him in the old games, and what would give them the right to put him in newer games? Also, surely if SEGA can legally give Archie Comics the right to use Mighty in their licensed comic book series, than they should have the rights to give a toy company his likeness as well. I dunno. Sounds off to me. I'd love if he came back into the game series. But I'd love it more if I could just have a figure of him
  2. Yeah I threw in my support for Mighty and clarified his game status as well, Aqua. It's possible the guy maintaining the facebook page just doesn't know who the character is. It's also possible that Jazwares still isn't allowed to make classic characters unless they are appearing in Generations (which is what the Jazwares Facebook rep SHOULD have said, if there was an issue at all). Which sucks, but if we're looking at the cup half full, it also means these figs are confirmation on who will and won't appear in Generations. Of course, I'd pick Mighty and Nack figures over spoilers for a game any day But I agree, this classic set isn't all that exciting to me with the exception of Egg Robo (and the badniks will be cool too). I'll definitely be buying all the 3" classic figs of course and I'll be glad to have them, sure. But I'd rather have new characters than old versions of characters we already have. I love classic sonic as much as the next guy, but I'm also totally content with Jazwares' modern Sonic figs. I'm more excited for Rouge and Charmy hitting shelves after this. Than again, maybe Generations will establish these classic characters as versions with such unique personalities, we won't even consider their figs a re-sculpt so much as members of modern Sonic's growing supporting cast In regards to MK, I was never really a fan so the only thing exciting about the release of MK photos, is the hope that Sonic photos may not be far behind I will however be excited to see their Street Fighter line Rocksteady, Jazwares has said something along the lines of late July to early August as tentative release dates for the classic figures to be released
  3. Sent it away! Hopefully he has some intel for us. Nothing to do now but wait
  4. Haha, well thanks anyway buddy. That's quite kind of you
  5. I know! It actually looks very legit! As Clover said, it's on SonicGear.org. It's on page 19 of "Sonic Fan Items", which is an annoying page to get to because it's only listed on Page 18 of "Sonic Fan Items" so you have to basically keep clicking "next" to find it. Here's a link though: http://www.sonicgear.org/FanItems/SonicFanItems19.html The figure is apparently made by someone named "Sonic Ranger." I was thinking of hunting him/her down and asking if he/she would make one to sell, but I can't find any info on it anywhere but Sonic Gear o_0
  6. You sir are correct She stole Nack's gun to escape a kidnapping attempt he made: Still an interesting choice for a figure though. It's not like she frequently uses one, like Julie-Su, Nack, or Shadow o_0 And yes, I'm wondering why we haven't gotten to see any sculpts either. I check every day hoping for something new. I wonder if they're still just waiting on Sega to give the okay, or if the sculpts actually aren't done yet o_0
  7. No prob For anyone who IS an Archie fan, I stumbled upon this pic of a fan custom Sally Acorn to go along with the 3" Jazwares line: I'm generally not a HUGE fan of custom figs (I encourage people to make what they like, I just wouldn't buy most of them myself if given the option). But this particular one I thought fit pretty well with the current line. If Jazwares won't make their own Sally, I actually might be content if I could get my hands on something like this (Though I don't know why she's holding a gun. Don't think she's ever really been portrayed using one.)
  8. If you're still looking for confirmation Scaled_Down, I have a link here to a facebook comment from them that says there's "no plans for Blaze right now": http://www.facebook....d_comment_reply But than a few days ago, someone else on the wall said he still wants to make Blaze, but they have to wait until after the 20th Anniversary. So she's not cancelled, so much as put on hold
  9. I'm a relative noob I think I was just googling "Jazwares Sonic Toys" and stumbled upon this thread. Stalked it for a few weeks and than finally made an account so I could join in on page 196
  10. Hey that's cool, I never knew Joyride made a Beat figure. But yeah, I would love if Jazwares made one to scale with the 3" Sonic figures. It'd totally buy that. I kind of wanted to hunt down the Sega Racing Ryo Hazuki too, but heard he wasn't a very good likeness, so I wasn't gonna go crazy looking for that But I definitely agree, it was Silver who caused me to pause for a moment as I passed him in my TRU. It wasn't enough to make me buy him or anyone else from the set, or to even look into who was making these new figs (I had been burned too many times by Toy Island). But it did catch my interest. Than Espio and Vector were the big sell and I went back and found all the others after that And I like you're drawing as well, SuperChaos! Reminds me of a little Tails doodle I made on a dry erase board at work a few months back. It was an innocent picture of the little fox guy shrugging his shoulders. Then a co-worker of mine altered it like this and traumatized everyone in the office: And yes, he gave Tails a 5 o'clock shadow o_0
  11. Yeah, I'll definitely be picking up the 20th Anniversary Figs, but that's mostly for the badniks. I'm most pumped for the supporting cast to start coming out again. Seeing Vector and Espio toys was one of the most exciting moments of my life (okay no, that'd be pretty sad, but I was definitely excited). So I can't wait for Rouge, Charmy, and whoever follows. MattBrit, I agree Metal Sonic Racer should be in the bigger scale. Not really a fan of those useless little 1.5 inchers. And the way I'm thinking this whole 20th Anniversary thing played out, is probably that Jazwares wasn't given too much notice on this Generations mandate from Sega. The fact that Blaze was put on hold leads me to believe they're racing to get these classic figures done so they can release them as soon as possible, and than they can finally put out the figures that have already been done for some time (Charmy & Rouge). But at the same time, they want the classic figs to be good, which is why they've already repeatedly pushed their release back from June to August. That's all just what it looks like to me obviously. But what do I know
  12. That's what I've always thought about Sega Racing Robotnik!! It seems obvious that Sega wants Jazwares to have a large focus on producing figures that correspond to current game releases, so a Sega Racing Robotnik with a detachable wheel base would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone
  13. I can't be sure, but recent wall posts from Jazwares on their facebook page seem to be from Joe Amaro (or someone with similar knowledge of their products). Usually the person responding on the page doesn't seem to know too much, but whoever was posting today has been full of little tidbits. Apparently, Charmy has been sitting on his desk forever, but they have to get the 20th Anniversary figures shipped before they're allowed to move on to the full cast of supporting characters again. Also he said he still wants to do Blaze, but they just had to put her on hold for now And he wants to do Sega Racing Metal Sonic!
  14. Yeah, these figs are the closest to perfect anyone has ever come, so I'm content with a few minor scale things. Though I wonder if they DID put the new charmy in a 2-pack with Vector, if they'd make Vector a bit bigger. A small Charmy with a bigger Vector means the amount of plastic would about even-out. And they still haven't re-released Vector with most of the others for whatever reason. Maybe there's a method to their madness . . . But an Egg Mobile is a definite must. In the classic games especially, you almost NEVER saw him outside of that thing
  15. Good call man. Yup, according to Sonic Channel: Gamma is 6 inches taller than Big, who is 6 inches taller than Robotnik. Jazwares' Eggman seems about right relative to Sonic, so I'd guess that means their Big isn't correctly to scale because he should be somewhere between the Jazwares Eggman and the Resaurus Gamma. Also noticed on there that Vector is supposed to be exactly the same height as Robotnik, which means he's definitely not to scale. I had thought he seemed small, since Espio's head fin actually made him taller than Vector. Of course, other than Vector, I never would have noticed any of this without looking it up, so it doesn't really make a huge difference to me. Although it does make you wonder what information Jazwares is using when they design their figures and if they're consiously choosing to make characters smaller. Maybe to save on plastic? Whatevs. As long as they're close, I love 'em
  16. Yeah I have that Gamma too. Great figure! I was never sure if that figure was to scale with the others. Sonic Retro says he's a foot taller than Robotnik, which would make the Resaurus Gamma to scale. But than that same site says Big is supposed to be half a foot taller than Robotnik, which would make the Jazwares Big too small (or their Eggman too tall). Now I'm super confused. Is there any more definitive source for their heights? o_0
  17. I agree completely. It may seem mildly annoying, but if we don't tell them directly, they won't know what we want. I've been pushing for Nack, Mighty, and some comic characters on their facebook (none of which they appear to have the rights to make currently). But if they don't see people asking, they'll never think to even attempt getting the rights to those characters So shout out your faves to keep Jazwares informed on our collector needs!
  18. Oooooh that WOULD be all the playables, wouldn't it?! That'd make a nice little set I'd also love me some Chaos and Tikal to round out the supporting cast And yeah, I think Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll would be pretty cool figures to have too, as obscure as they are. Fingers crossed for that
  19. Gamma's one of my faves too. I'd love to have a figure of him. The rest of his "bros" would be cool too, though I don't know how likely it'd be that we'd get them. And I have a sinking feeling they'll make us re-buy the whole Chaotix team just to get Charmy. Wouldn't put it passed them. Or maybe just Vector, since Espy is already in the Knuckles two-pack o_0
  20. Thanks for sharing HyperTails! That's some good info. The fact that they still can't make Nack, Mighty, etc, sucks for two reasons. One is they still haven't gotten the rights to those after all this time (grrrrrr) but another (perhaps more expected) conclusion that can be drawn from this is that none of those characters will appear in Generations either. As was mentioned earlier, the classic figures coming out seem representative of the characters who will appear in Generations. Since Generations is technically a "modern" game Jazwares has the rights to those characters. If a classic character doesn't appear in Generations, they remain solely "classic" and so Jazwares can't touch them. *sigh* Well anyway the Charmy / Rouge portion of that email seemed very hopeful. Maybe we'll even get them BEFORE the 20th Anniversary. That'd be a nice surprise
  21. I agree we're more likely to see the Death Egg than Nack in Generations. But the way I see it, Charmy and Vector were revived with only ONE GAME under their belt (that came out for an add-on that barely anyone bought). So if that can happen, it's not too unlikely that a character with 3 games (one of which [Triple Trouble] was pretty popular at the time) could still make a comeback. Admittedly I'd rather see a modernized Nack make a return like the Chaotix did, but I'd totally take a time travel story to visit his old self again But while I have my doubts as to whether he'll pop up, I feel pretty confident we'll be seeing the Death Egg in generations. As far as potential Nack figure packaging, that is an interesting question. As you said, they did go with Robotnik's oldschool American name. But Nack has been marketed as both Nack and Fang in American releases, though Triple Trouble (where he was credited as Nack) was easily the most popular of his 3 appearances. I could see them going either way with that one though. Only time will tell, I suppose. And by the way, I feel bad for whoever moderates Jazwares' facebook fan page. There are some really obnoxious people on that wall. It makes me sad for the Sonic fan community o_0
  22. Hey Lee! Thanks for the "Nack" assist on Jazware's facebook wall! And a Death Egg would be AWESOME!!! I could almost see that happening too, as I'm sure the Death Egg will pop up in Generations. And hopefully, so will Nack Good luck with your script submission!
  23. I gotta say, I do love my Sega Racing Tornado Rider, but I think that's only because it's the closest we've ever gotten to the REAL TORNADO. A transforming one would be awesome, but if they just made 3 variants, I'm sure I'd buy them all anyway That would probably mean we'd get a butt-load of Tails figures just to get the planes, but hey why not?
  24. Haha, no prob buddy. And thanks for the assist Superchaos! You explained it perfectly
  25. No, I think you misunderstood me Clover. I was saying that anyone like us who would be considered a Sonic-fan shouldn't have to avoid naming their pet hedgehog "Sonic" just because it has become popular amongst non-sonic fans as well. I was trying to say that you or I or anyone with our passion have every right to name our pet hedgehog "Sonic". Sorry if that didn't come across. I wasn't saying you're not a Sonic fan.
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