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  1. HAHA, same deal here man. I paid double for lots of figures I had never seen in stores and last week there they were. I guess patience is a virtue. But then our shelves wouldn't have looked as cool for the past few months, so screw it
  2. I know, this is getting crazy. I actually dreamed about finding an Egg Robo and Classic Knuckles figure on a shelf last night. We need a little love from Amaro over here o_0
  3. Yeah, I've heard so many people complain about broken figures. In 3" I have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Espio, Vector, Amy, Big, Froggy, Shadow, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Silver, Jet, Werehog, all the Supers, two clear Espios, and all four Sega Racing characters. I haven't had any problems with broken limbs (though my first clear Espio had some leg warping that made him hard to pose). My Jet and my second Clear Espio have joints that are slightly loose, but nothing too bad. I guess I don't move my figures around too much so it's not an issue. Otherwise I've just been pretty lucky
  4. HA! My Metal Sonic is still in his little display case test tube thing, so I never touch him. I was unaware of that myself!
  5. Yes, the new Death Egg reveal in #224 was pretty sweet, and I'm looking forward to a forced team-up with Sonic and Ixis now I'm sure we'll also be getting some Death Egg action in Generations at one point or another Got #225 from the comic shop today! I'll have to give it a read later tonight
  6. Oh snap! Happy day! Is that issue out yet? I'll be swinging by my comic shop today for the weekly pick-up, but I was hoping to see Sonic #225 last week Fingers crossed!
  7. I was just thinking, that if Jazwares is making a figure of an obscure Iblis creature, it shouldn't be too farfetched at all to think they'd work in some G.U.N. soldiers and other very minor characters, as Clover suggested
  8. That would be cool. The only thing that would keep me from doubling up is space to put them. I'll have enough trouble finding room for one each of these things opened, let alone a second batch in their big boxes Also my girlfriend might frown upon me spending double the money on things I'll already have. Particularly since she knows she'll eventually be saddled with my collection when an entire room in our future home will be required to hold all my books and figures I totally agree that Jazwares should not fall into the Toy Island trend. I would be so disappointed, as the relentless number of Toy Island variants was what turned me off Sonic Toys completely until Jaz's Espio and Vector pulled me back in. But considering the upcoming badnik line, I think we'll be safe. They seem to be avoiding repetitiveness and attempting to give us as big a Sonic army as they can, which is EXACTLY what I'd like. Hopefully they take advantage of the massive amount of supporting characters in this series Also thanks for the friending, Clover
  9. Quite true. And yeah it totally would! Even from an outsider's perspective, I could see why the powers that be would want to have their initial focus be on the game characters who get way more mainstream exposer. At the same time, once all of those characters have been produced, it seems silly to not begin work on some lesser known characters (otherwise we'll just be stuck with more variants). But all we lowly buyers can do is wait and see what happens . . . In other news, on Facebook "Maurice Acorn" asked about Wisps and Comic-con exclusives. Jazwares said there would be exclusives and that we'd be getting "more news soon". Perhaps I'm grasping at straws, but maybe we'll be getting an info dump from them soon Also there was another confirmation there today that the 20th Anniversary figs are set for August release.
  10. The explanation I heard for Metal Sonic 3.0 being rejected was that he was essentially a re-paint of the standard Metal Sonic and SEGA wanted to avoid releasing figures that were just re-paints. I also think that the avoidance of comic characters has a lot to do with branding. They don't want to convolute the brand by introducing figures of characters that many gamers haven't heard of before. It can't be that Sega doesn't own the characters and stories in the comics, because they mandate things in those books all the time (not allowing Archie to kill Sally in the Endgame Saga, not allowing Sonic to stay in a steady relationship with anyone, forcing in back-up strips to plug new games, etc). But yeah, I do think Jazwares figures are based on character popularity, and the particular mood of their SEGA rep. If Sega doesn't see it as worthwhile to allow older characters like Mighty and Nack to be produced, they'll tell Jazwares to worry more about the 20th Anniversary figures to coincide with the new game. I don't think this means we'll NEVER get these figures. SEGA just has to be won over by Jazwares, as they have been in the past with other products (like the Werehog plush, which they originally shot down).
  11. I suggested a similar idea about the Egg Monster to Jazwares on their facebook page, though not in as much detail as this. Well done. And clover, you bring up a very interesting point. I think that might not be so far from the truth, honestly. It would make a lot of sense, although your Super Silver point represents a hopeful example of characters without modern models being made. I think we have a fair shot at seeing Tikal, Gamma, and Chaos in Generations, since "Adventure Era" has been explicitly stated as being a part of the game (and consists of basically SA1, SA2, & possibly Heroes & Shadow). This game has the potential to solve the problem of up-to-date 3D models. Fingers crossed that it at least cameos most of the characters we'd like to see Jazwares make. Though I'm sure some of our faves will be missed o_0
  12. Yes, I noticed that the mini-racers were on clearance as well. I don't collect those, but I almost always see them in stock at TRU (which may be why they're on clearance). Funny thing about that is, the TRU clearance price for those things, is probably just about what Jazwares' Suggested Retail Price was supposed to be for them, factoring in TRU's initial price increases
  13. Supply and demand, I suppose. They know we'll buy these things up, so they rack up the price. Although I also think it has something to do with Toys R Us trying to stay in the running, as I've heard they're not doing so well. They jack up the prices of a lot of their McFarlane collectible figures too. And yes Empire, I would totally buy that
  14. This is allegedly where they like to be contacted via their website: http://www.jazwares.com/2010/customer-service I however, have tried to use it multiple times and get an error report and my message never gets sent o_0
  15. I hear ya. There's a sense of accomplishment when you manage to hunt one down on a shelf. I also personally like to check the paint job on a figure before I buy it. But as Plane Tails was particularly difficult to come across, it's always good to know of some fairly priced places to order one just in case (I had to order my Silver and Amy figures, and I'm glad I did, since I've still never come across any in stores). I may be near the NYC TRU soon as well. I'll let you know if I see anything
  16. Hey for anyone still in search of a fairly priced "Tails in Airplane" Jazwares fig (as was being discussed not too long ago), it appears Mr. "Collecting Heroes" above has them in stock on his website
  17. I hear ya, man. This drought of Sonic info is depressing o_0 What's taking so long to approve this stuff? I mean, it's supposed to be out in about 2 months, you'd think they'd be allowed to show something by now :/
  18. I finally stumbled upon a Tails in a plane about 2 months ago, I think. After hitting up quite a few different TRUs. None of the one's I hit had any of that figure, but I finally found a store near my girlfriend's college that had one left and snatched it up. I love it Also, while I'm not a regular viewer of Adventure Time, I greatly appreciate it's insanity. One day, I'd like to check it out more thoroughly
  19. It's funny that this kinda stuff happens so much less frequently now that video game characters talk. I spent my childhood thinking that the dark twin of NiGHTS was Reala (pronounced Ree-La). Than Journey into Dreams comes out 10 years later and I hear them say "Ree-Ah-La". I had to sit back for a minute and regain my composure. It was like my life had been a lie
  20. Yeah, I think I always said "Hydrawcity" as well. Not too much emphasis on the "W" though. Almost more like "Hydrahcity" (rhymes with Velocity). But, considering it's a water level, I think "Hydro-City" is probably the correct pronunciation. If they wanted us to say Hydro City, they should have just made it two words o_0
  21. Yeah, I wish they had gone with the original caterkiller design for the worm badnik that their releasing in the first wave. These all would be great. I wonder if they'd fuse in Grounder's design with the TV show version? From Sonic 2, I think Coconuts would be cool. And I always liked the Hill Top Zone baddies: Spiker & Rexon (the dinosaur, where you could only destroy the head and neck). And Ribot from Sonic 3 has a really interesting design
  22. No prob buddy! And Comet, I also hope they release something like badnik box sets down the road. I'll buy doubles of figures to get their partnered badniks the first time around. But having multiple motobugs, spinas, etc, would be really cool. If they re-release just the badniks in a badnik pack I'll totally double or triple up on those But I won't buy three of the same Sonic fig just to increase my badnik count (egg Robo being a possible exception) Anyone else hoping for a Crabmeat badnik? I always liked the design on that one
  23. Haha, yup, that is indeed me, Aqua. Guilty as charged And I agree the badniks will definitely make the new wave worth having, especially Egg Robo! I might end up buying two Egg-Robo packs as well Thing is, if you want the badniks, you HAVE to get classic sonic, tails, Robotnik, and Knuckles (assuming Knux is classic design, I think that's still up in the air). Which is fine by me cuz I do want to have the classic figs. I'll actually be getting TWO classic Sonics, so that I can get Motobug AND classic Amy Oh and Comet, I was thinking about hitting up Michaels for a green gem to use as a Master Emerald. I have a few "chaos emerald"-esque gems that I used for the fan film I made, but I'd prefer a bigger one like the one you showed for my collection
  24. Yeah, I ordered the First4 figs from my comic retailer, just because I needed something to hold me over until the next Jazwares wave came out. I'll still be getting the Jazwares classic line, because I agree they will look much better, but I also agree that it seems like "more of the same" since we already have OTHER versions of these same characters. But as I've mentioned earlier, even if this is just a "Generations" wave (which seems to have SEGA's mandate all over it) I'll be cool with it because if Game Modern Sonic can meet Game Classic Sonic, I guess it's kinda cool that Jazwares Modern Sonic can chill on my shelf with Classic Jazwares Sonic. He's almost going to become his own character now, which is an interesting way to look at it. Doesn't change the fact that I still REALLY want some NEW characters to add to my collection Super, I couldn't get a link directly to the comment, but I snapped a pic with my computer of the comment jazwares made so you could see the new Riders wave confirmation:
  25. YES I saw the riders announcement too! I really hope we get Wave and Storm. I didn't buy Riders Sonic cuz it's basically the same figure with some goggles and a board. But my Jet looks very lonely without the other Babylons. Can't wait to hear what they're planning with that And yes I imagine you're right about waiting for a modern design to make classic characters (as they have with the generation cast). And I guess a classic Mighty might look a little weird next to modern Espio, Vector, and Charmy, so I see the point there. Guess it's in SEGA's court then. Is there petitions to bring classic characters back to the series? Do they have any effect on SEGA at all? *sigh* Well I'll play the optimist card here: Maybe Jazwares isn't allowed to announce Mighty/Nack/etc figures because SEGA won't let them reveal spoilers as to which characters may make their return in Generations! But perhaps they'll appear in wave 2 AFTER the game is released!
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