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  1. Yeah I'm sure he'd face similar criticism as the Chaotix and most other supporting cast from the Sonic series. It's so unfortunate, because I feel like VISUALLY Sonic's supporting cast have SO MUCH going for them. But once they slap voices on these guys, they always seem to screw it up. It was safer to introduce (or reintroduce) characters when they didn't speak. Knuckles knocked down Sonic and laughed at him. "Damn, that guy's the badass of the series!" That's all it used to take. Far more difficult to pull off nowadays, and they've botched it quite a few times so far o_0 I wish the Sonic series had the same level of script-writing and voice acting as the Mass Effect series. That would be total WIN. But also totally unlikely to ever happen
  2. I was going to say "Hooray!" in response to this image, but realized that I already said it IN the image
  3. Cool vid Clover! I've never laid out all my Sonic's like that (cuz I usually keep them separated and with their appropriate Tails/Knuckles/etc figs) but it's really cool to see dozens of Sonic lined up like that I talk quite a bit too (particularly when the topic is Sonic). Nice to have friends who can appreciate our nerd-oriented word-vomit Glad to see we'll hopefully be getting some picks soon. I saw another post on Facebook where Jazwares confirmed that the Rouge sculpt is done, though they didn't confirm a release date for her or anything I love Boba Fett! I always kinda thought of Nack and Boba Fett as filling the same role in their respective franchises. And it's true that the underused characters often tend to be the coolest. I wonder if THAT's why Nack hasn't been in a game in years. They're afraid to tarnish his "cool factor"
  4. Yeah, I agree, but I think there's still a level of laziness involved. I know I keep going back to comic books, but they are constantly shifting creative teams (writers, artists, etc) and yet they manage maintain a level of continuity. I wouldn't have a problem with a new writer retconning an old story to fit their new idea. But it should be presented in a way that isn't so hard to figure out. They should be blatant in the way they are making this particular change so that we don't have to spend hours reconciling these two different games that exist in the same Sonic Universe. As SuperChaos said, I have a few ideas for the series myself that I would rather not mention out loud yet. They're very new ideas that could have potentially come into conflict with some older games, but there are ways to use that conflict as a means to an interesting story. A change in writing staff shouldn't mean that the previous stories no longer matter (as horrible as some of the earlier writers may have been ) I mean I think most of us would jump at the chance to be a writer for SEGA. And if we were getting PAID for it, I don't think it should be too much to ask to do some research into previous games to make things come together nicely I mean, as a writer, that should be part of your job description. And I agree, while quite a few things in the comics simply wouldn't work in the SegaSonic continuity, there are occasionally ideas like Gamma vs Omega that could play out wonderfully in the games. And I do think Omega needs a bit of a personality builder if he's going to stick with us for the long haul
  5. Yeah, that was another thing I was glad you mentioned before. One thing that I never quite understood about SA2 was why Shadow "died" and Sonic didn't. I never made the connection between those lines within the Super Battle and the actual final cutscene. But it does make perfect sense. Thanks you for that sense of closure And I completely agree, at the end of SA2 Shadow was easily one of my favorite Sonic characters. AS SOON as he returned, he dropped a few notches, and for me he dropped pretty damn far with each successive game. I'm pretty cool with him now (though he hasn't appeared in too much besides party games). In moderation, he's still a great character, but I think he was being overused after SA2 which is why I got annoyed by his presence. I think Gamma actually was "revived" (twice if I recall, not counting the Gamma knock-offs from SA2). First in "Sonic Shuffle" he was "revived with the power of dreams" (ug!!) and than again in Sonic Battle, he was rebuilt as "Chaos Gamma", but it's always been kind of unclear how much of the original Gamma was in there. Either way, considering they revived him twice (despite him only dying once) I doubt either revival will stick. As I said earlier, continuity doesn't seem to be very important to this series o_0 Since I didn't play Battle and barely played Shuffle, I'm just going to ignore both revivals and hope that if he DOES return, it's in a cool story-driven way. A Gamma / Omega face-off would be great, if they do it right. In Archie's continuity, Gamma didn't die at the end of the Adventure arc and so they depicted a Gamma / Omega face-off years later in their "Sonic Universe" comic, which was pretty cool. They ended up writing Gamma out of the series in that story, but in a way that made Omega a much more likable character, which I thought was cool
  6. A half hour well spent Nice to see it all laid out like that, since it was presented to us in such a non-linear fashion in the games. And if there's ONE thing I do respect about Shadow's solo game, it's that it somewhat negated the ARK-farting that Heroes did to SA2. Shadow died heroically at the end of SA2 and to bring him back as an alleged "clone" in Heroes was stupid simply because this (allegedly) wasn't the Shadow we knew. It was a copy, so why should we care about this guy? I understand that this is an ongoing series and so if there's a loved character you bring him back (like in Marvel comics, no one stays dead forever). But I think it's arguable that Gamma and Shadow's stories remain stronger if they stay dead. That being said, at least Shadow's solo title cleared up that this WAS our Shadow, so at least we could have the attachment with him that he earned at the end of SA2. Although admittedly, I never got to that ending myself, since I couldn't stomach more than seven playthroughs of that game. Notably, I think Shadow's game has almost all the same problems as Next Gen Sonic in terms of gameplay (it was actually THIS title that introduced the lead character stopping abruptly when he grazed a wall). It wasn't as unfinished as Next Gen in terms of overall quality, but it's new gameplay engine seemed the precursor to Sonic 06. I also hated that stupid map that gave you all the "possible" endings until you beat the thing like nine times to get the real ending. I mean, why make us sit through all those fake endings first? Just add more levels to the game to make it longer and give us THE ending. It seems cheap to add replay value by forcing me to play the game nine times to see the canonical ending. Most importantly though, was the stupid gun gimmick. Shadow has not, before or after this title, lifted a gun (excluding vehicle-mounted weapons). And I have nothing against characters with guns (obviously, since Nack is my favorite character). But Nack has no other abilities. He's the everyman, trying to get by in the world and going about it the wrong way. Shadow is the ULTIMATE LIFE FORM. He controls space and time, fires chaos spears, and runs at super speed. What the hell does he need guns for? It's like a Jedi or an X-Man deciding for no reason that they're going to save the world with a gun today. It was so obviously just an attempt to make Shadow the "dark character" and I guess make him appeal to older gamers (or perhaps just more violent gamers?). This was also the first Sonic game with cursing and an E+10 rating. It struck me as "what if we combined Sonic with Grand Theft Auto?" It just sort of rubbed me the wrong way o_0 As far as Heroes is concerned, we have the complete opposite problem. They wanted it to be colorful, cheerful, and kid-friendly. Which is awesome! But kids deserve well-written stories just as much as adults do. There's a difference between writing FOR a child and writing LIKE a child. Team Sonic and Team Rose have such non-existent motivations in this game, that it would have been better to have no cutscenes at all. It's not that hard to make a kid-friendly story, that still makes sense to an adult. But they didn't try to do that here. And I think that's why they've created such a huge divide between old and new Sonic fans. Because they can't seem to create something that is appealing to both. There are plenty of cartoons that do this perfectly. Rugrats? Fairly Odd Parents? These were popular kids shows that can be understood and enjoyed on a more mature level. And I didn't grow up with Odd Parents, so that's my attempt at an unbiased example, as I have watched it with my younger sister more recently and very much enjoyed it. The SatAM Sonic cartoon is another example. "For Kids" shouldn't mean "incoherent storytelling". They've certainly gotten better over the last few games, but I've always thought storytelling was the main problem with the Sonic series. Heroes and Shadow are the epitome of this for me personally. Which is very unfortunate in the case of Heroes. The team dynamic had so much potential to tell a great ensemble story with colorful awesome characters. I think it completely dropped the ball in that respect
  7. Oh man, I know I hadn't been so excited for a Sonic game in a long time. The way they hyped that game up made the let-down even worse. Personally, I'd still choose to play Sonic 06 over Shadow's solo game, but I had zero expectations for a Shadow solo title anyway, so at the time it wasn't as huge of a let down as Next Gen Sonic was for me. And I did read an interview with a Sega spokesperson at the time that said they only had one team working on both the PS3 and Xbox versions. That, combined with their attempt to ht a holiday release, made it hard to produce a finished game. IMHO, that's the crappiest excuse I've ever heard. "We didn't feel like putting in the money and time needed, so we sold you a game that we knew was a piece of crap." Gee, thanks Also, as I mentioned recently, I'm playing through Sonic Heroes (after replaying SA1 & SA2) and my current playthrough as Team Rose has led me to an answer to one of our questions from a few pages back: In the casino level, Amy says "this place reminds me of Casinopolis" and pronounces it "Casino-opolis". So there's the pronunciation for one of them Side note, I think I see where the dialogue and voice acting took a horrific turn for the worse in this series. I can't believe how poorly written Sonic Heroes is. It's like they couldn't be bothered to justify anything that happens. A boss fight between Team Sonic and Team Rose is initiated because Amy wants Sonic to marry her and he doesn't want to? That's really sad o_0 Also now that I'm playing them all back to back, I also noticed a huge quality decrease in the SA2 cutscenes. The lip-syncing is just as bad as the first (not a huge annoyance for me). But the voices are so muffled and there's so many moments where characters try to strike a heroic pose and fail miserably. As much as SA's voice actors may be occasionally missed, I think with hindsight, it's pretty clear that the cutscenes have improved a LOT since the dreamcast days. Though gameplay-wise, I find the SAs way more fun than Heroes. I still think the concept of Heroes is great (cuz as I've said before, it's Sonic's supporting cast that makes me love the series) but in execution, it's more monotonous than fun
  8. The entire Sonic 06 game, they said was non-canon? I didn't hear that, but I can totally imagine that they did say that. If for no other reason than to dissuade the backlash that game had. I always wondered if they knew how bad it was and that was why they erased the story with a cutscene at the end
  9. I'm a dirty double poster! That's pretty cool. I'm sad to hear that he stepped down. Hopefully they give the position to a worthy replacement. As turbulent as the Sonic Fandom can be, I think it's good that Sega has someone working to keep things straight with everyone and have a slight sense of collaboration between all the Sonic continuities
  10. You are right, Sonic is 15. I always get confused, cuz I think he's 16 or 17 in the comics. But in regards to Amy, if you look in the old manuel for Sonic CD, it lists her as being 8. They inexplicably changed her age to 12 in Sonic Adventure when they updated her design. In the Archie comic adaption of Sonic Adventure they explained her aging (she used some ancient artifact to make herself older when the other characters said she was too young to be a Freedom Fighter). But in the games they never explained it how she got older so quick. Not that I particularly minded. I prefer her new design. But it's also part of the reason I've gotten used to the games not bothering too much with explaining away their inconsistencies. Fun to play Sonic games are, but coherent story-tellers, they often are not EDIT: Not sure, why I said that like Yoda. But whatevs
  11. HA! I actually get it! I get it! Haha! Good show sir! It's similar to the way Marvel Comics approaches time travel in their stories. Any form of time travel doesn't erase the current timeline to be replaced with the new events. It creates a divergent timeline in which the act of traveling to said point in the past caused an alternate dimension of sorts to be created. The two separate dimensions have the same past UP TO THE POINT in which the time traveler arrived and created a different "history" from that point on. The primary Marvel continuity is often referred to as Earth-616, insinuating that it is the six hundred and sixteenth reality on some all-knowing-dude's clipboard. But completely different versions of Wolverine and Spider-Man exist in those other timelines and the two Spideys can occasionally interact with each other. So, Generations may establish that the Sonic Universe works by the same theoretical laws of time travel as the Marvel Universe. It would also be similar to the Cosmic Interstate that is presented in the Archie Sonic Comics themselves. I LOVE time travel. The thing is, I have little faith that SEGA will actually break it down and establish clear-cut time travel rules for the Sonic Continuity. Fiction can choose to depict time travel in a few different ways, but its whether or not Sega chooses to be consistent with their choice that will really sell this idea. Although, unfortunately, if we go with the "alternate timeline" version of time travel, that would mean that Sonic 06 DID happen, which might make a few people unhappy
  12. *Head explodes* It's amazing that Sonic continuity has gotten that confusing o_0 At the same time, SEGA has already shown that their dedication to continuity is fleeting. I mean, what exactly is Blaze's origin story again? If I'm not mistaken, she has two different ones and to this day, we're still not sure if her and Silver ever actually knew each other. Also, hasn't Amy aged about 4 years since Sonic CD, while Sonic has been 16 since day one? I could almost see SEGA picking and choosing the parts of Sonic 06 to play off of in Generations, without any regard for what is technically in continuity. I'd be interested to see if and how they do make everything fit together, but I won't hold my breath for an explanation that makes any kind of sense o_0 I imagine you're probably right. There are probably plenty of execs at SEGA who are oblivious to what goes on in the comics. But at the same time, I sort of doubt they were the ones who decided to put WANTED posters of obscure characters all over City Escape. It would be the slightly lower-teir creators adding in those little easter eggs for us, while the big execs make the final calls on more prominent aspects of the games. Also, I know of the existence of someone called AAUK (Is it ArchangelUK?) but I'm generally out of the loop on that one. Who is this mysterious person and did he/she say something about the posters or Bean/Bark? I picture this perfectly. Right now, I'm editing the final scene of a movie I worked on where the protagonists all say good-bye and go their separate ways. And with what you said, I'm picturing a similar thing here. Like the modern cast are standing together, looking at the classic cast and saying goodbye. So you have classic Knuckles and modern Knuckles giving each other a high-five, while classic Amy and modern Amy give each other big farewell hugs. That'd be a cute little scene
  13. Haha, yeah if we see Bean & Bark as a duo OR teamed with Nack, I would be super happy They could easily go either way with that and I'd be interested to see what route they choose. If they did make a comeback in Generations, it might be nice to give Nack a solo moment and Bean/Bark their own separate moment. But seeing as all three featured in Sonic Fighters, they do have a minor connection even in the game continuity, so it leaves the door open for SEGA to take it in many directions. But hey, I'll take whatever they'll give us. Even if it is just these cameo posters, which it certainly may be (though I hope it's more ) And maybe we will see a Mighty / Ray SU arc after the upcoming Scourge arc. I'll keep my fingers crossed
  14. I would say that the fact that they had no defined characteristics before is EXACTLY why the idea seems to have been borrowed from Archie, Polar. I'm not suggesting SEGA stole anything (particularly since these characters are THEIRS and not Archie's, so there's nothing to steal), but SEGA is obviously aware of what goes on in the comics. And since Bean and Bark have been villains in the comics for the better part of 5 years now (and have never been given a clear designation in the games), it doesn't seem a stretch to think that SEGA decided to follow the concept established by their comic. Which isn't to say SEGA wasn't in some way a part of Ian's decision to make them villains in the comic, 5 years ago. I'm sure ideas like that are discussed with SEGA to some extent before they see print. But all the apparent evidence points to Bean & Bark's villainous nature being ESTABLISHED by Archie and NOT Sega. Unless you know something I don't, there's actually ZERO evidence to support the notion that Sega came up with the idea on their own. And I never said they were partnered with Nack/Fang in the games (though they are in the comics). I just said it would be COOL if they were partnered up in the game. I'm not claiming to KNOW anything. But there's plenty of evidence for the assumption I presented. To deny that is pretty silly o_0 Comet, that's an interesting idea you had about Mighty and Ray. I hadn't made that connection between the duo seemingly being "MISSING" in both Archie and Sega continuity. I'm sure they'll be back eventually (in the comics at least). Since they took off together in #212, I've always thought that they would get their own "Sonic Universe" arc to wrap up their story (and my hope was that the first issue of that arc would be packaged in a Jazwares Mighty/Ray comic 2-pack!). I still think an SU arc for them could be in the works after things die down from all the 20th Anniversary stuff. The Jazwares comic 2-pack idea however, might be a little more farfetched Oh and SuperChaos, I most certainly agree. That list of levels is kind of disheartening. There seems to be little variety in the level-type. As you said, too many cities and they're not even hugely different kinds of cities, like Spagonia vs. Metropolis. And I love SkyChase as much as the next guy, but the idea that it should represent ALL of Sonic 3 and Knuckles is kinda lame. I would prefer a larger variety of levels with less acts per level, just to be able to experience more variety. And I'm also playing Sonic Heroes right now (finished my SA1 & SA2 playthroughs). I HATE those casino/bingo levels. I really hope they don't end up in the game. But if they don't, Seaside isn't all that different from Green Hill (and every other early level of most Sonic games) so that too would be disappointing (Sorry for all the re-edits. I kept forgetting how much I had to say )
  15. Yeah, the comics have been the only source thus far to define the motives of Bean and Bark (since Sonic Fighters had them in the exact same role as Tails, Espio, and everyone else). I think its cool that Sega adapted a little something from the comics, instead of depicting them as heroes and forcing the comics to change the story they've been telling for the characters (as has happened many times in the past). Plus, as I said earlier, I think the two work much better as villains. While I love Sonic's supporting cast from all continuities, there's not much these two could offer him as YET ANOTHER set of friends for Sonic. I think they have potential as villains though, and a team up between them and Nack (as was recently depicted in the comics) would be very cool And from a logical standpoint, I completely agree with you SuperChaos. There's just not enough evidence to support that these guys will pop up in any other form in Generations. For me though, I guess it's just a mixture of hope and a feeling in my gut
  16. WOW That's awesome!! I couldn't find them anywhere! Great job! And yeah, that art is definitely from SegaSonic: SO it seems like each character had stock art from their first game. (Nack = Triple Trouble, Bean/Bark = Sonic Fighters, Mighty/Ray = SegaSonic Arcade). I dunno. To go to the trouble of designating Bean and Bark as villains (Nack is an obvious villain) and than make missing posters for these two. Something in my gut tells me they have to be at least a minor part of the story If not, at least this is a step in the right direction
  17. Yeah, I'm fairly familiar with the old stock photos ( I used to make little photoshop projects with them when I was a kid ) and I'm almost sure those are old pictures of them. I believe this is the photo of Nack being used: And while it's harder to see Bean and Bark, they pretty clearly have a design that is very polygonal (?) which infers a late 90's stock photo. I believe it's these two: Though Bean's appears to be flipped
  18. NACK!!! YES!!!! AND BEAN AND BARK TOO! This is super duper exciting news! Though as awesome as the nod to old school fans is, I lean towards Clover and Polar's belief that these posters alone may not justify Jaz-figures (since, as was said, they are old photos). HOWEVER! My more immediate hope is that these posters signify something more about the game itself! Sure we've seen Nack pop up in picture form before, but never in-game and it was always in compilation discs. Maybe there's more to this in Generations itself. Wouldn't it be great if this was foreshadowing of actual appearances within the story (even if those too are just cameos). If that happens, than there WILL be 3D models, which could mean figures. I won't jump to that conclusion so quickly, but I think this might mean hope for a revival We've been in need of some more straight-up animal villains anyway (seeing as Shadow and Rouge are more "anti-hero"). I also think it's cool that Bean and Bark are being definitively defined in-game as bad guys. They've always been that way in the comics, but in the games it was debatable, seeing as their one game appearance had you fighting Amy and Tails as well. I think they have little to offer as MORE friends for Sonic. But as lackeys to Nack, as they've been presented in the comics, they could be an interesting bunch of rivals for Sonic. Someone at SEGA loves us (Also, I read that Sonic Stadium article, but can't find Ray or Mighty anywhere in that vid. Anyone else have any luck?)
  19. o0o0o0o0o0o. That. Is. Awesome.
  20. I agreeee Patrick Spaziante is one of my favorite artists and this is one of the few books where he's drawing the interiors as well (he usually just stays on covers) so I'll definitely be getting these books. I'm interested to see what the 4th and final cover is going to look like. I assume it will be "Sonic & Knuckles" themed, since that was the fourth game. But that design would be very different from the other three since the game just had a logo on it and no actual character art.
  21. Oh man, I hope we don't have to wait until San Diego CC. That's not 'til the end of July. At that point, why bother But yeah, I think the comic you're thinking of is the upcoming arc of the regular ongoing series: "Sonic the Hedgehog" #s 226-229. The arc is called "Sonic Genesis". ***SPOILER ALERT FOR ISSUE 225*** At the end of issue #225, Robotnik activated some device that caused the world to turn WHITE, while Sonic, Sally, and Ixis Naugus were trying to take him down. The theory is, he caused some sort of time travel event. But of course, we won't know all the details til #226 hits shelves EDIT: Stumbled upon a high-res version of chapter 4, so I figured I'd throw it in here for the sake of completeness
  22. Me too. We still don't even definitively know which era the Knuckles Figure is going to be from or what the Sonic in the fireball packaging is going to come with. I wonder why SEGA is waiting so long to approve the photos for these guys o_0
  23. Jazwares just announced that Poptropica pics would be up on their site soon. And obviously Mortal Kombat photos have already been released. Sonic's gotta be next, right? Right? o_0
  24. Aww, man that totally sucks! o_0 My dogs are NEVER in my room, unless I'm there with them (and they're not as agile as cats anyway). But I feel for you man. I remember having baby sisters go at my comic books when I was younger. Not fun stuff
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