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  1. Oh man Clover, picturing the SDCC logo on the box might have pushed me over the edge. I think I might order a second one now o_0 Thing is, I won't have room to display the boxed one, so it might end up in my attic. But at least I'll have it. Oooooh, the wohs of being a collector . . . Who'm I kidding, it's awesome
  2. I completely agree with you Comet. On a normal day, I only buy the 3" scale and for all the same reasons you mentioned. The only exception to that rule so far is the 10" Metal Sonic, which was a Christmas gift from a friend of mine (actually, THIS was my first Jazwares figure!). But there's just something really cool about a figure that can be soft (as I imagine Sonic would be) without it having to be a plush (which for me never LOOK as cool). So I'm psyched to sit this guy next to my shiney metal, but after that, I'll be back to strictly 3 inchers and I too will be buying every single one As for his box Clover, if it's in my house, I will have no self-control and I will absolutely open it up I was VERY close to ordering two, so that I could keep one in the box and put one on my shelf (seeing as I don't have the regular 10"). At the last minute, I decided only to order one Flocked, but I'm not 100% sure that I won't change my mind and go back to order another in the next two days o_0 If it was any standard Jazfig, I probably wouldn't be giving it so much thought, but the fact that I feel like this will be much harder to find later on makes me think I should strongly consider buying another . . .
  3. San Diego Comic Con started today and goes on until Sunday. I think there's still a decent chance we'll get some new news and maybe some shots of what's to come in August. I just ordered the comic con exclusive Flocked 10" Sonic from Toys R Us.com. Apparently you can only order it while the convention is going on so everyone who wants it should check out TRU.com soon!
  4. Ha, you're nuts! I can barely imagine shaving off another 5 seconds (and my right thumb is killing me). But 10? You must truly be the master of all that is Sonic gaming I wouldn't go crazy trying to get to NYC's TRU yet. I was there last week and it was pretty empty in the Sonic section. Most TRU's I've been in lately haven't had much on their displays. Maybe Jazwares is holding off on shipping for now? But I'm sure once the new figs hit, NYC TRU will have a nice selection cuz they were pretty consistent when the last wave came out
  5. I just loaded up the demo and it's still working for me, even though it says while it's loading that it will expire on July 12th. I assume it'll shut off sometime soon though :'( I have a similar scenario coming up. My girlfriend and I are going up to Maine with my family next weekend and getting back August 2nd. Hopefully they'll be a fun surprise from Jazwares when I return to my local TRU soon after EDIT: Now that the end of the demo is nigh, has anyone come close to Superchaos' record time in the new Green Hill? The closest I got was 55.29 seconds
  6. Haha, Superchaos you rock! And also you have a good eye (or a skill with the DVR) cuz I couldn't even find myself when I watched the first episode. Those credits just fly by. Thanks for looking out for me though Lee, I'm not familiar with Boomer the Turtle. Was he supposed to be in the games or comics? Or tv show? Or something else? That's the thing that's always bothered by the most about the Chaotix revival, Polar. The fact that Mighty was absent in Heroes never really bothered me, cuz they could always bring him back in some other way and there's no reason why the whole Chaotix Crew would HAVE to stay together and not go their separate ways since we last saw them. But the fact that Knuckles doesn't recognize them, I find really annoying. He could have just said "hi" and left it at that. Anyone who cared about their relationship could hunt down Chaotix and anyone who didn't care probably wouldn't notice anyway. It just seems dumb to me that they'd ignore the relationship between these characters so bluntly. No one ever asks how Sonic and Tails met and demands a recap of Sonic 2 for Game Gear before they'll play Sonic Colors. So why would it be so crazy to have Knuckles recognize characters that starred in his only game? o_0 Sorry bout that. Rant over I too hope Sonic Retro comes back online soon. I need to stare at that high-res flocked Sonic they got on their news page And I hope everyone's playing Generations today cuz I believe the demo will be leaving us in a few hours :'( Oh and Larry, love your use of Gorramit. My girlfriend and I have started (unintentionally) cursing in that way. Also Frack has been invading our vocabulary as we work our way through Season 3 of BSG
  7. HAHAHA! Touché good sir. Well played. But yeah, I know I personally had never heard of Jazwares before they got the Sonic license. But then I would never have claimed to be a Toy Company expert so who am I to say? It does seem like they announce a new license every few months lately though. Good for them. Hopefully they nail the others the way they've been nailing Sonic. Did that sound weird? o_0
  8. Was that a real Jeopardy question?! That's awesome! And Empire, Jazwares has been WAY quiet lately. They've almost stopped writing on their own facebook wall completely. Though when they do pop in, they often make comments about how insanely busy things are over there. I'd guess they're getting ready to ship us our new toys, so they can't keep up with emails and stuff
  9. It's true, when you're playing the games, the songs are just a part of the experience. Very different from just listening to the soundtrack. When I'm playing, I almost don't notice the music as a separate entity. It's all one multi-layered masterpiece
  10. o0o0o0o I love it I'm glad they tried something a little different with the vocals. An auto tuned remix would have seemed lazy to me, so I'm really glad they took the time to record something new. And if I want to hear the old version, I'll just listen to the old version. I like that this changes things up a bit
  11. Ooooh I have a Sonic Lanyard too. Maybe that should be our TNI identifiers for NYCC. Take note of that, people And that is very interesting that a 5 year old had those old McDonalds figures. I haven't seen one outside of my own house (besides ebay) since like 1996 Maybe the kid's dad is one of us and passed it along
  12. Haha, the McDonald's Toys! Nice! I have those too! I also have Robotnik, but it looks like an animal chewed off half his beard, so I don't keep him in the shelf. My cousin had the Tails one when we were kids, but I never got that one. Were there any others released back than, or was it just those four! And Alex, don't get in trouble with your aunt, but if we cross paths at NYCC that'd be totally cool I'm sure any of us from this forum will happen upon each other anyway if there's any Sonic items there, since we'll all be drawn to that booth by our nature I don't have a smart phone, so I won't be able to update anything here while I'm at the con. We should come up with a system to recognize each other in the insanity of people that will surely dominate the Javitz center that day. EVERYONE WEAR THEIR SONIC SLIPPERS TO NYCC!! In regards to the comic babble, those Mephiles/Werehog/etc cameos in Lockdown were great. And I sympathize with Lee as he tries to hunt down the old issues. I have most from when I was a kid (I think I'm missing numbers 6-12, 14, & 16 of the main series but I've read the archives). I actually started re-reading the series from the beginning (only using the archives when necessary since they don't print the stories in chronological order which is annoying). But I realized along the way that I never got "Princess Sally #2", which of course has never been collected in a graphic novel. So I had to drop $40 to get one on ebay (imagine my girlfriend's concern when she saw a $40 receipt for a "PRINCESS Sally" comic book o_0). But I got it in the mail today and now I'm ready to keep trucking through the series As much as some people dislike Sally, I think her mini-series may be the point in which the comic series started towards it's slightly more serious tone, so I'm digging it now a lot more than I was for the first 15 or so issues I agree Werehog might make a cameo in Generations and I'd be cool with it. Honestly I'd like to see as many characters as possible, even if they are just in the hub worlds (and yes a rendered HD Nack the Weasel may just send me into a coma). But ya' know what else I'd like (not necessarily in Generations, but maybe later on)? Letting people play as the supporting cast just as a "sprite" change. People get annoyed when they have to play as slow-ass Robotnik in a mech, but what if they just swapped out the Sonic character with a Tails character or an Espio character that had the same move set (with maybe one extra move)? I think that'd be cool. I think that's why no one minded Tails and Knuckles in the old games, because playing as them didn't really alter the gameplay so much. It would allow people who LIKE the cast to play as them, while those who DON'T can just select Sonic instead. WIN-WIN! August is getting closer. I can't wait. I understand the surprise factor of finding them in stores, but I also just don't want to wait that long to see the new line. I hope we get something to hold us over til the release
  13. I MUST have fuzzy Sonic As I've said ad nauseum by now, I only get the 3 inchers, but the 10 inch Metal was my one exception so far. Flocked Sonic would be my second. It looks awesome I hope it's at NYCC too. Me and my girlfriend will most likely be there, cuz we had a lot of fun last year (after a 2 year hiatus prior to that). We might even go all out and make it the first convention that we dress up for As far as the Black Knight, I had belatedly received Zelda Twilight Princess as a gift just before Black Knight came out, so I figured if I was going to play as a character with a sword, I'd stick with the character who was known for it. Sonic with a Sword just sounded like another gimmick to me. Admittedly, so was the Werehog and I enjoyed Unleashed, so I can't really say much about S&tBK since I never played it myself Hey, do you think the Werehog will appear in Generations?
  14. TSSZ actually suggests that that story MAY not have been true: http://www.tssznews.com/2011/06/29/update-sega-mexico-rep-rebuffs-sonic-remarks/ Or someone's trying to cover their information leak
  15. I'm not being sympathetic just to "stand up for Jazwares". The lack of knee joints just really doesn't bother me. I honestly probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if it hadn't been brought up by someone else. I'm not saying any of your points aren't valid, because it's simply your opinion. For me personally it's just a non-issue
  16. That's true, I actually have all of McFarlane's LOST figures who have no articulation, and I love those. But I also have a lot of McFarlane's HALO figures, which are articulated without really affecting the look of the figure. When it comes down to it though, it's always the detail that makes McFarlanes figs and statues so great. Before finding Espio and Vector, I actually made a pact with myself for a few years to only buy figures by McFarlane, as a way to limit my purchases, without ever being disappointed. Now, I've been forced to expand that rule to McFarlane AND Jazwares though
  17. Yeah, I think McFarlane has hit a pretty solid middle ground with their figures. I totally prefer aesthetics to articulation, but at the same time I don't like being stuck with ONE pose that is not of my choosing. Because of that, I prefer articulation, though never at the expense of aesthetic. Personally, I also like the "muscle-y" look of Jazwares' current Sonic figs, but I could understand why they'd want to avoid that with the classic models. As it stands, I rarely use knee joints on the current figures. I keep them all standing straight up with minor bending to counter balance issues. So no knees on Classic Sonic definitely won't keep me from picking one up (or in fact picking TWO up, so I can get Motobug and Classic Amy o_0)
  18. I'm not totally sure on what the rarest figure I have is. I have Resaurus Gamma/Sonic/Tails/Knuckles. I have two 15th anniversary statues (the one that came with Next Gen Sonic and another larger one on a Silver base #450 of 2500). I also have the Toy Island Eggman, which someone told me was rare, but I don't know if that's true. I'm actually gonna throw my Toy Island figs on Ebay to make some room for more Jazwares figus. I have Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Eggman/Big/Froggy. I already sold my Megabot Toy Island collection. But I can only fit so many in this place
  19. Ahah, that is VERY good to know! I would have been very annoyed if I dragged everything downstairs and was told to come back next week o_0 Alright, well no worries. Sonic knows we love him. He'll wait a week for us. Alternatively, maybe you can find one of those "free month of gold" cards that they always give away with games (like Halo) so you can get at it today?
  20. ALSO, I know I'm a dirty double poster, but I felt like this deserved it's own little spot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Don't know where I'd be without you
  21. That's CRAZY. I would have no idea to begin with any sort of hacking like that. But that is totally cool that you can customize the game like that. I've always wanted another "Sonic Fighters" type game with better game play and a larger roster (characters new and old!) Also, AWESOME pic! This is really cool looking, on par with that Sally we were looking at not long ago. See, if this guy/girl can make such a nice rendition of Nack/Fang, surely Jazwares can give us something shiney cool Do we need Gold to play this game? I haven't seen that anywhere. My XBOX is nowhere near my router, so I have to bring the whole thing downstairs and rehook everything whenever I want to download something. If I can download this without Gold, than it's totally worth the trouble. If not, I am very disappoint o_0
  22. Wait brawl can be hacked to change the voices? o_0
  23. HAHAHA! Yes, Shadow's new voice did sound a bit forced. Almost as if he was trying too hard to sound like the previous guy. I'm sure he'll get more comfortable with it as time goes on. And yes, Amy as Minnie Mouse is migraine-inducing. Never thought I'd wish for the old Amy, but I absolutely DO Rouge and Knuckles, I think, sound the most different and that did take some getting used to. But once I sat down and listened to it, I just really enjoyed their deliveries a lot. Rouge's new actress is how I always pictured the White Queen from the X-Men sounding and I always thought the two characters were very similar. It is more feminine, but she also sounds more intimidating. So I was sold Sonic sounds different too, but I kinda like that Sonic has sounded less and less like Steve Urkel over the years. No offense to Mr. White of course (I'm re-watching his old Satam adventures lately and loving them) but I like this slightly cooler-sounding Sonic Also from the clips I've heard, the dialogue has gotten MUCH better. I heard one in particular from Free Riders where Storm said "Let's end this food . . . I mean feud." A line which could very well be cringe-worthy by itself. But then Wave mocked his ability to fumble a "monosyllabic word" and made the whole thing awesome. It's that level of self-awareness that really sells it I think And yes, props to MJ, but he's got nuthin' on Sonic's sneaks
  24. Oh man, I hope Google does something! That would be so cool! It is indeed nice to know that people might ACTUALLY be interested in what you feel like ranting about. I think I may have a bit less self-control then you do Clover, because I know very few Sonic-lovers in person and yet, if I'm close enough friends with someone, it won't stop me from giving them some much unwanted info about the blue blur. My closest friends and my family and girlfriend obviously don't care what Naoto's inspiration for Sonic's shoes were. But they're nice enough to pretend they do (sometimes ). And every once in awhile they'll find something of interest. My friend John got a kick out of the fact that Big the Cat and Duke Nukem were the same voice actor As far as voices are concerned, I have't played Colors (no Wii) or Free Riders (no Kinect), so my knowledge of the new cast is limited to stuff I've seen on youTube. But from what I've heard they are pretty great. I do look back fondly on the original SA cast. But if I really had to compare what voices seemed more appropriate, I'd say the newest cast works best. With a few exceptions (Amy and maybe Vector). Rouge's new voice is awesome! First time I felt like someone nailed it. Wave sounds great. Jet has always sounded ridiculous, so no huge change there. But all in all (from the little I've heard) I think they've taken a big step in the right direction. I'd be content with these noobs sticking around for awhile
  25. Yeah I forgot how much better Vector's voice was in Heroes, cuz I got so used to his 4kids voice. I wish that guy had been allowed to stick around a bit longer. I think he would have done the character pretty well But it's true, now that 4kids is out of the picture, it might be a bit easier to make Sonic's friends likable to the masses
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