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  1. Hey guys, I just stopped off at my local TRU after over a WEEK of not visiting there (which WOULD be an achievement, if I hadn't visited the Manhattan TRU multiple times in the interim). Both have a LOT of the new 5" Classic and Modern Sonics and my local TRU had four of the new 5" Super Packs. I passed on all since there were paint issues on nearly all of them but I also noticed the new lighter paint on 5" Classic Sonic. I hope future releases of 3" Classic Sonic use that shade of blue, cuz I feel like the current paint job is actually TOO bright. As for me, I'm content with my improperly colored 5" Classic Sonic from a few weeks ago Also, my TRU just got an insane amount of Jet the Hawks, which is about the only 3" they're stocking right now But most of interest I think, was something I noticed at my local TRU. There were a lot of empty pegs and it looks like the last week has had a lot of preparation for something on the Sonic shelf. The stickers are already up for what's to fill those spots and here's what it says: Sonic Anniversary Posers Sonic Anniversary 12" Plush Sonic Anniversary Comic 2-Pack Sonic Anniversary 3-Pack Sonic Anniversary Tin with Figure Sonic Anniversary Dr. Ivo Hopefully the 2-pack is Sonic/Amy and not the lame repackage of Silver/Shadow (maybe it's both). I assume the 3-pack is Eggman/Egg Fighters, since the other one specifies Ivo (which I imagine is the Egg Robo pack). Also, I'm interested to see what the figure with the tin looks like. I didn't notice any stickers for the basic 3" Badnik packs or anything like that though. There was about 3 pegs each for each of these stickers and they weren't there last weekend, so hopefully that means we'll be seeing some serious unloading of new figs soon. Hooray!
  2. Haha, in our society, I'm sure it's entirely possible I just went back and read my first sentence and I can see how that could have seemed like a reappearance of Joe. Sorry to get your hopes up Hopefully his absence means he's hard at work getting us some awesome new figs
  3. OOh and in regards to the RIDERS news, I'm SO excited that we'll finally be getting Wave AND Storm. I'll probably pass on the Riders Tails and Riders Knux, but I'm glad they'll be coming out as well. Toywiz always marks up their prices, so I'm sure those won't be the final prices. Although, I would totally be willing to pay a higher price for Storm if it meant his scale was correct. I know he's not as tall as Big or Eggman, but he's got a good extra foot on him and I hope that's represented in his figure (unlike Vector). I'd be willing to buy him and Wave in a comic pack or some kind of diarama pack to cover the costs of that if need be. Actually, in general I'd rather pay more money for better figures. I agree with Clover, that this Sonic line seems to always have a "first run" where they see what goes wrong and work out the kinks later. Sucks for us hardcore Jazheads who always go for the first releases. Maybe they're trying to replicate the Anti-Success of Next Gen Sonic by focusing on release dates over quality control In any case, it looks like we'll have a good season coming up after this long draught we've had, with Wave, Storm, the rest of the Anniversary figures, and hopefully Charmy and Rouge on the horizon, I think they'll have us busy for awhile Yeah, I double posted. So sue me.
  4. Hey guys! I dropped off for a bit there. Work's been a bit crazy. But I'm back with the DL on Classic Tails that some of you asked for. In regards to his height, he's not taller than classic Sonic. From afar, he looks about the same height, but if you look closely, that's a bit of an illusion that is probably attributed to how HUGE his ears are. Comparing from the tops of their heads, Classic Sonic is slightly taller, but because Classic Tails has such big ears, the tips of his ears about line-up with the top of Classic Sonic's head. So he's not SMALLER like he's supposed to be, but at least he's not bigger His color is much closer to the first release of ASR Tails. He's not quite as pale as that release, but definitely much paler than most Modern Tails figures. His Tails have a different sculpt that look great but don't work quite as well for balancing as the Modern Tails' tails. But if you lean him back slightly you get a perfect balance and a pretty adorable pose from the little guy. I'm noticing now, looking at them all how HUGE the classic heads are compared to the modern heads. Classic Tails' head looks almost twice the size of Modern Tails' head. But that's always been the case I suppose. I give it high scores all around. Definitely much better than my Classic Sonic, which I drilled a hole into so I could put him on an extra base I had. He still falls down (but my peg hole might be slightly too big). I really hope future releases of Classic Sonic add a peg hole, cuz I'm so unhappy with that figure, as much as I'd like to love it o_0 Checked quite a few TRU's and Targets on my way back up from the city today. Still no sign of Silver, Knuckles, or Eggman at any of them. Hopefully soon . . .
  5. Oooooh good question. I picked him up at a Target on my way down to NYC and I'm staying there for work all week, so I only have Classic Tails to keep me company while the rest of the 3 inchers watch over my room upstate. As soon as I get home on Saturday I'll do a side-by-side comparison. From memory, I'd say they're about the same size. But I'll give you a definite answer this weekend
  6. I was thinking that earlier too. A TRU exclusive that's available on other websites first. Quite silly. I called three TRU's near me and they both told me to call in Thursday to see if the figures came in. I don't know if that's just a general day when they get new stock, or if they actually expect Sonic stuff, but I thought it was interesting. Finally found a Classic Tails at a Target today. I was starting to doubt the existence of 3" figures outside of Gamestop. Classic Tails is great (and can stand unlike Classic Sonic, thanks to his tails) and Grabber is NOT articulated, but so far I think he's the best looking badnik I've got
  7. Well, every Target I stopped at said they have carried the 3 inchers, but they were all sold out by the time I got there. All I could find was 5" Classic Sonic. Which I couldn't keep from buying, cuz he was just so cute. So there's my first official 5" Jazwares figure That Chemical Plant video was great. I also liked the new music. I didn't play Color, so I could be wrong here, but have we ever played as Modern Sonic underwater before? That part of the video caught my attention and I can't remember ever playing as Modern Sonic in an underwater environment. Not sure though I also enjoyed the Classic Version of the City Escape music a lot. I know I mentioned enjoying it before, but it stood out even more this time around.
  8. I still haven't found Egg Pawn/Knuckles, Iblis/Silver, Eggman/Egg Fighters, or Classic Tails/Grabber. So far still only Gamestop is carrying the figures around me and none of them have these ones. TRU still has nothing at all. I'm gonna pass a few Targets on my way down to the Bronx tomorrow and I'm gonna hit up everyone I pass on the hunt for these illusive figures. I wonder when we'll be seeing pics of Classic Amy, Classic Robotnik, and the Egg Robos I'd never buy a Jazwares figure online again, regardless of price. It's too easy to get one with a shoddy paint job. And for $65? Definitely not worth the risk. But I'll be waiting for Classic Super Sonic in 3" anyway
  9. You're right!! It does!! That's awesome! It's amazing that no one has noticed (or at least brought this up) sooner It's much easier to find a standing pose for him now that I can adjust his blades. I have him set up on top of Metal Sonic's tank in the Eggman/Metal diorama, so turning his blade gives him some stability he didn't have before
  10. I was looking at those picture links and realized, if you like at the eyes on the original designs and the eyes on the re-designs, it's clear which ones Jazwares is using as reference, so they probably were never intended to look like the blue-faced version. Their paint job still is nowhere near perfect, but it's not as far off as you'd think looking at the ORIGINAL Motobug designs
  11. Yeah, I guess they're not THAT far off from the redesigns, but if you compare them to the more colorful originals, you definitely see the difference. Again, while I don't mind them as they are, I think people should complain. I mean, complaining got them to re-release Super Sonic without eyeliner, right? They seem receptive to criticism (though you think they'd pay a little more attention to detail the first time around after their issues with fans in the past). I guess they figure the people who care about the redone paint will buy the re-release and they'll make twice the $ o_0 I also have the sinking feeling they were rushed into this line by SEGA though. I dunno, the delay on characters like Charmy (who has apparently been finished for some time now) and the lack of promo photos suggests that this snuck up on them. Maybe they're doing what they can now under their current restrictions and they plan to go back later to fix things up.
  12. Really? That sucks. Yeah, I mean I can only see Grabber as large as the picture shows it, since I haven't come across one in person yet. But the point where the legs meet the body (I guess it would be considered the spider's shoulders) looks like it has a little joint like the shoulder joint on Tails, only a bit smaller. I saw a picture of someone's self-painted Motobug and it looked very cool. I wouldn't trust myself to get it right. Or take the time buying the supplies needed. More paint would be cool, but I won't loose sleep over it
  13. Yeah it looks like they've started putting the 3" Tails Racer back on the shelves. I think they stopped it because the legs kept popping off the old one. I never had that problem myself, but I assume the ones out now have had that fixed
  14. Speaking of darker Tails, my local TRU finally started getting All-Star Racing Tails in stock again and he's the darker orange as well. The original release of ASR Tails was MUCH lighter orange than the single card 3". I'm glad I got the older release. I like his more pastel color better than the darker orange
  15. I'll admit, the releases thus far have been a bit disappointing in the sense that I essentially had to pay $10 (the standard TRU & Gamestop price for a single 3 incher) for an unarticulated piece of plastic shaped like Spinner (and Sandworm AND Mono Beetle) since I already owned the actual figures they came with. Which isn't to say I'm not happy with my purchases, but I can totally see where the complaints are coming from. That being said, and as I've mentioned earlier, it seems like this first "wave" consisted of the lamest of the bunch (the unarticulated barely painted prop badniks). When Classic Tails and the Knuckles re-release arrive on shelves, it seems we'll be receiving a fully articulated and fully painted Egg Pawn and what appears to be a very articulated Grabber. And we'll be getting these GOOD badnik figures for the price of ONE figure. In the case of Egg Pawn, throw Knuckles away if you want, he was basically a freebee. And in the case of Grabber, you got him AND the new Classic Tails sculpt for the price of one. THAT's pretty awesome. And the Egg Fighter and Egg Robo packs may please in a similar fashion. I don't know their exact pricing yet, but if its the same as the Eggman/Metal or Big/Froggy packs, it will be like getting THREE figures for the price of TWO. I won't bother defending what looks like a crap Iblis Biter that should also be hitting shelves soon. But I think in general things should be looking up from here. The best is yet to come, as they say EDIT: Have we been told what the "Sonic with Collector Base" will consist of? I've heard that it's Classic Sonic in a Fire Shield (which I would definitely buy) and I've also heard that it's Classic Sonic with a Base that can also hold the other Classic Figures (which I would only buy if the base had a Green Hill pattern or something). But I haven't heard definitively what's in that box. Does anyone else have any clues?
  16. Woah!!! This is amazing! They said there would be Classic Super, but I never expected it with the first wave of Anniversary figs! Modern Super looks like a totally new sculpt. Spines come out wider, open hands, and it looks like the circle on his stomach is larger. First thing I noticed though . . . Classic Super has elbow joints!!! On one hand, that's GREAT because it means the classic figs CAN have elbow joints. On the other hand, why don't the Classic Sonic's on shelves now have them, if it's obviously doable, based on this pic. Anyways, I'm psyched. The rest of the wave better hit soon, so I can fill the empty spots on my shelf. I just packed some stuff in the attic to make sure there was room for everything! EDIT: Just realized these are 5 inchers. No hope for 3" elbows then :'(
  17. Hmm, Youtube won't let me because it says "request already sent". Maybe you can send a request instead I got another Target employee on the phone who read off which ones they had, and it was the same as Gamestop. Another Target even further away, won't be getting any until Friday. So for my area, it's still just Gamestop o_0
  18. HAHAHA! Awesome review! I also just stumbled upon Clover's review of NextGen Sonic. That was GREAT! I friended / subscribed to both of you guys with all 3 of my youtube accounts (techaspike, PEHfinale, GoodIntentionsFilms) Yeah for anyone who hasn't found ANY figures yet, I'd say check your local Gamestops, because I checked four different ones and they were all fully stocked (albeit with the same four figures, but at least it's something). No where else I checked had anything yet. Apparently Target is selling the 3 inchers for the intended $6.99. But since it would cost me way more than $3 in gas to GET to the nearest Target, I did't mind paying the $9.99 for them at Gamestop. Besides, it's the same amount of price gauging Toys R Us has been partaking in, so we should be used to it by now Have fun at camp, Super EDIT: A Target 30 minutes away from me says they have figures, but seems incapable of specifying which ones. Should I risk an hour long adventure to find out if they have Silver and Knux? Uggg.
  19. Time for a triple post (how sad). I didn't know until recently that the hands of the Egg Fighters are their own separate robot (called the Little Fighters). Do you think Jazwares has made the Egg Fighter hands removable? It'd be a stretch, but it'd be pretty cool. Based on the pictures floating around the net, I could see them being removable (with the head of the Little Fighter being in the wrist of the larger bot)
  20. Onto the new figures! I wasn't expecting these to crop up while I was away, but here we are! Got my TWO flocked SDCC Sonic's in the mail. Opened one and kept the other boxed. It is kinda lame that the box is nearly identical to the regular 10 inch figure, but I still think it looks great on display. It is actually the only unopened figure in my entire collection right now, (Sonic or otherwise) and that's because I had a second to open up. I'm happy with them though. Great figures. And it looks like TRU.com is still selling them for some reason, so people can still jump on that The day after I returned to New York, was dedicated to hunting down any available 3" Sonic figs (as well as some of McFarlane's newest Halo toy line). Me and my G/F hit up the local TRU (no Sonic and overpriced Halo), Wal-Mart (nothing at all), and FOUR different gamestops. All the gamestops had the same four figures (Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Modern Tails, & Shadow with their respective badniks). Haven't been able to find any of the other figs that have popped up on ebay (Egg pawn, Egg Fighters, etc). But here's my assessment so far: While Motobug could use a bit more paint, I LOVE his sculpt. He's probably my fave. And while I said I wouldn't buy an incomplete Sandworm, seeing it in the store changed my mind. I'm glad they at least made Sandworm's base into something that made sense. I like that he's coming out of that little contraption and I placed him in the Eggman/Metal Sonic diorama, so that it seems like the trap door leads somewhere. Again this one could use some more paint and COULD have been cooler with a full figure sculpt, but I'm happy with it. Great sculpt once again. The Gun Beatle and Spinner look pretty spot-on, so no complaints there from me. My main complaints are actually with Classic Sonic. His sculpt is FANTASTIC, but his lack of elbow joints is so0o0o limiting. His paint job looks less matted than the modern figures, so I think he looks too "toy"-ish. And the right foot on mine won't turn, forcing me to turn his leg at the hip, which makes it harder to lean him forward, which means he always falls onto his back. Also, no hole for a base in his foot really sucks. I'm not fuming over this, because I know I'll have to buy another one to get Amy anyway, but I really hope that figure doesn't have all the same problems (though it likely will). Maybe they'll release badniks with corrected paint jobs down the road (like they did with Super Sonic). I'd love a badnik pack so I can get doubles of the current badniks without having to get thirds of the characters themselves. And I definitely hope the pictures floating around of the Iblis Biter are deceiving. That looks like crap. NOTHING like the actual creature: Why bother making such a pointless figure if you're not even going to make it look like the character. Yikes o_0 Lack of bases for all of the figures is very lame, particularly since Motobug and Spinner can't stand very well on their own. I swapped out my old Tails and Shadow with the new ones, but I'm keeping my original Modern Sonic (which stands better than the new one). I put all the new figs on the old bases and I'm going to give the inferior doubles to my little cousin. I don't mind if a figure with giant feet like Espio doesn't have a stand, but when a giant-headed fig like Classic Sonic has relatively tiny feet, bases should be included. Or even just a peg hole, so I could put him on an extra base. I really hope this is fixed with the Amy 2-pack. Has anyone seen Knux/Eggpawn, Classic Tails/Grabber, Iblis/Silver, or Eggman/Egg Fighter anywhere yet besides Ebay? I like to check the paint before I buy, so I don't like ordering these things online. I hope they come out soon and aren't part of a delayed second wave o_0 Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that the four figures that WERE released all came with non-articulated badniks (Motobug, Sandworm, Gun Beetle, and Spinner)? Based on the pictures, it looks like Egg Pawn, Egg Fighter, and Grabber are all articulated. Possibly the Iblis Biter too, if it's jaw moves. I wonder if there's any particular reason why the "simpler" figures were put out first. Essentially the only new articulated figure that came out was Classic Sonic (the rest being unmoving props or re-releases). I wonder if there's some sort of delay getting these done over at Jazwares? And yes, I saw both of these confirmations on their facebook wall as well. Can't find the Metal Sonic one, but I did bookmark the Classic Super Sonic one. And with that, I think I'm all caught up. Sorry if my retread of the past week bored anyone to death. I just missed talking to you guys EDIT: Someone on Jaz's facebook wall claims to have found a Silver figure at their Target. My nearest Target is almost an hour away, so I hope the whole wave hits TRU soon o_0
  21. Hey everyone! I'm back from Maine! I've been reading along with you guys on a borrowed iPad, but those things are so hard to type on that my responses were limited. I missed a LOT though! Everything happened while I was away. I'm gonna try to recapture all the thoughts I had reading the news on here, while being as concise as possible. Here goes! Clover! Yes, they had four re-released Clear Espios at my local TRU. They're much "pinker" than the first release (which had a more purple hue). The new pink one I bought had very bendy plastic though. It seems to warp in the wrong ways and won't stand up right. And of course, now my TRU is out of them. So be careful picking this one up, though I do like having the two varied camouflage colors! And I am indeed an LotR fan! In fact the life-size Legolas you speak of is the exact one that I lost during my flood years ago. I still have Aragorn and Smeagol though. They're accompanied by Master Chief & the Rookie (from Halo) and quite a few X-Men, so i never got around to replacing old pointy ears As far as production, I've usually been the lead creative force in everything we've done, which is why a lot of it was influenced by video games. But while I was working on those projects I cobbled together a nice team of actors and crew that have their own interests and so we've branched out to make things that are more of a common ground between us. Which was weird for me, but hopefully it means we can reach a wider audience. My Sonic projects never quite exploded anyway. Advertising the things I make has never been one of my strong suits cuz I'm too busy moving on to the next idea. But we'll see how it all goes from here! And there are NEVER too many emotes . Actually there apparently are, since TNI said I had too many and had to remove some before I posted. So I took out yours. Apologies I'm glad you're liking Teerz of Christ so far Clover! Take your time of course (we knew a feature film on youtube would be a tough sell) but I can't wait to hear what you think! We love criticism (and also praise). There's a link to my last Sonic-related creation in my signature too, which is also feature length, if you're even bored enough to check that out. Though I think we've learned a lot since making that one, so despite my love for the content, ToC is probably the superior product But actually, in reference to the Asperger's convo that I missed out on, a few fans of our last Sonic-film have told us that they Aspergers. I've never been tested for it, so I wouldn't know personally, but I wonder if there's a connection between Asperger's and the blue blur . . . If this is the case, I'd say people with Aspergers are the lucky one's. Never understood why drinking champagne in a suit and tie should be the natural progression from playing video games and collecting toys. If that's maturity, then I don't want it I just got my little cousin hooked on Sonic through All-Stars Racing, Sonic Adventure, and the Generations demo. He had never heard of Sonic before and now he's hooked. I told him I'd give him some Jazwares figs (since I'd be replacing some to acquire the badniks anyway) and he's super excited for that now. It's nice to share with the world I'm gonna be a dirty double poster and put this post up now, since this was around when the new figures started appearing, so I'll create a clean thematic break with a second post! I missed all you guys! See you again in the next post!
  22. Can anyone tell what the deal is with Tails and the Sandworm? It looks like te Sandworm isn't even a complete figure, but more of a bust with a blue base. Lack of elbow joints is a bit disappointing, but a figure that is only HALF a figure would be way past uncool. I already have Tails and ASR Tails, and if this Sandworm isn't a complete worm, I will absolutely be passing on that one o_0 Motobug looks pretty cool in that image, but pics of seen of Spina make it look like a cheap plastic accessory. I hope I haven't gotten my hopes up with what the badniks were gonna look like :/ I'm in Maine now, so I haven't gotten to see my (TWO) flocked Sonic's. Sucks that we don't get that cool looking box. Hoping my sister brought the boxes inside the house for me but either way, but I won't get to see them until this coming Monday PS. Sorry about your cat Super!
  23. Hey sorry to be a dirty double poster, but while we're on the topic of filmmaking, I just finished a new feature length comedy that I've uploaded to YouTube. I'd love if you guys checked it out sometime! And let me know if we're funny or not! Here it is: It's not Sonic-related this time (unfortunately). It's a satirical story about the world's greatest Christian Rock band: "Teerz of Christ". I play the socially awkward Bass Player Nathan Incarnate:
  24. Maybe we can take joint custody. I'll get the little guy on weekends, and you can take care of him during the week For the record, I DID end up ordering a second one last night. At first my suggestion to buy another made my girlfriend think I had passed on into an unhealthy level of collecting. But I eventually convinced her that it could be in an investment since I COULD sell it on ebay. "Could" being the operative word in that sentence of course So when I get back from Maine next weekend, I should have two fuzzy blue guys waiting for me We are apparently kindred spirits Clover. The only thing that's kept me from buying the re-releases so far is that I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy them anyway to get the badniks in August. The only re-release I've gotten so far was Clear Espio. I justified that because the new release is more pink than purple and so I called it a different "phase" of Espio's camouflage. That caused a few raised eyebrows from the sane non-nerds in the room But yes my current room is pretty small and I hope to have a bigger room in the house I eventually get, designated just for all my stuff to be displayed (my girlfriend likes this idea because it infers no toys in our bedroom, though I have by no means guarenteed anything like that ) Yeah, my parents buying me toys has ended long ago, unfortunately. Since high school I've actually been pretty much on my own in that regard, though they've always helped me in other areas (ie: a house to live in) so I guess in many ways that facilitates me being able to spend my own money on pieces of plastic I'm sorry to hear about your flood man. That's happened to me too (I lost a Lord of the Rings display). I'm glad I got too tall for the basement and had to move upstairs cuz floods can seriously ruin a collectors day. I hope you didn't lose too much! o_0 On a more lighthearted note, it appears our life goals are similar. I want to be a filmmaker too! And I've always thought about moving to California. Me and my girlfriend think we might do it one day, because (as you said) that's where the work is. It's a big step though, crossing the country and leaving everyone behind. For now, there are enough jobs in NYC to keep me going until we get up the guts to move out there. But it's cool to meet a like-minded filmmaker. One day maybe we'll make something together! And than when we make millions off of whatever we create, we can buy Jazwares figs for everyone at TNI! Woohoo!!!
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