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  1. I am a bad bad man. I've been good to steer clear of these uber-expensive statues. I have so many Sonics that it hasn't been too hard. But when I saw Knuckles, with the glowing lava. My god. So I just ordered it. And I ended up ordering the Light Up Metal Sonic as well (though it says "Wait List" so I'm not sure what that means). Long story short, I've clearly gone mad o_0 In other news, that deluxe pack looks cool. I have all of those figs, so I won't be getting it, but it's a nice package I'm still waiting to find a Classic Amy comic pack though!
  2. That's really cool I wonder if that was part of Jazwares' plan. Make 3" figures that come with emeralds scaled to the 5" figures, to try to get us to pick up both lines. Those sneaky devils
  3. Well, if I've learned anything from fandom, it's that optional items will still piss them off somehow. Dunno how, but fans can be pretty unpredictable at times. Well...maybe not that much. I mean, you can ALWAYS predict that people are going to get angry about something. You just don't know what until it happens... Yeah, I've heard some people going NUTS about things as random as the color of the soles of Sonic's shoes. People are ridiculous. And yeah, it always annoyed me when Sega tried to appease people who hate on optional bonuses. And Sonic Colors using Sonic clones for multiplayer instead of his supporting cast (because some people don't like them). That's really dumb. It's been tradition since Sonic 2 for multiplayer to involve supporting characters from the series. People really have to get over their OCD hangups and just accept that these games are for everybody, not just their 5 year old early-1990s selves o_0
  4. Says the guy who beat the demo in how many seconds?
  5. Really? How do you know????? This has made my day!!!! Here's your confirmation, Hyper Tails http://www.sonicstadium.org/2011/10/jazwares-sonic-20th-anniversary-figures-coming-to-the-uk-later-this-week/
  6. Yes, obviously Gamma and Omega should get priority. But MKII would be amazing as well. I would totally buy Zero and all the other brothers too Is it true that Jazwares needs the 3D model data to make a character? Does that mean that these things are sculpted by a machine? No complaints of course, because they're the best sculpts I've ever seen, so i don't care how they're sculpted. But I wonder if there's enough 3D model data of the supporting E-100 characters for Jazwares to ever make them.
  7. My hunt was less than successful (though admittedly, I already have most of the line and was just looking for Amy). No Amy packs anywhere. All the stores I stopped at had just gotten in new shipments too. Mostly just more badnik packs, though my local store just got in their first shipment of 10" Classic Sonic (and some more 10" Moderns to go with it). HyperTails, I can't believe it's taking them THAT long to get those figures to you guys. That's so ridiculous. I'd be completely with you, ordering to get them as soon as I could. I for one was actually really annoyed when I saw TRU's buy 2 get 1 free sale, since at that point, I had already gotten the entire 3 inch line (besides Classic Amy). So sometimes it sucks to be an early adopter of things o_0 Raithos, that is a lot of Super Sonics. And SuperChaos, while the voyage was unsuccessful, it's the journey that matters most That's a lie. I want my toys And lets get some E-100 robots Jazwares!
  8. That is very true. There are a few very polite and civil kids on that wall and the melodramatic ones make them (and I suppose even us) look bad. Have you seen any of the Classic Amy packs, HyperTails? I haven't found any myself. Personally, I'd rather wait months to buy in stores than order on ebay. Too expensive on ebay and I like to check the paint jobs before I buy. But if they are in stores already than I am pumped! I'm going to visit my girlfriend upstate tonight, so I might have to hit up all the TRUs on the way there
  9. HAHAHA! That's hysterical. And all evidence would point to that, yes. Is it mean to call melodramatic 2nd graders idiots? Perhaps. But if we're completely honest, they do it to themselves. I mean, what are we supposed to do, take them seriously? That's just silly
  10. Yes, the Target near my girlfriend's school (in New York) has also gotten the updated 5" figures. I'm kinda glad I got the darker Classic Sonic from them. He seems more special to me Not to go all 4chan and talk about other forums, but did anyone see the little kid drama on Jazwares' facebook page? Some kid just allegedly deleted his facebook because he was tired of people asking about Rouge and Charmy on Jazwares' wall o_0 It sucks for Jazwares that their official facebook page has become a little kid soap opera. Poor Jazwares. No wonder they rarely write on there anymore.
  11. Yeah, I thought that was what happened with Tails in the hub world, but than thought maybe I imagined it These gameplay trailers are getting me psyched. I pre-ordered the region 2 Collector's Edition Box Set from Australia already. Which of course, probably won't play in a Region 1 XBOX, but I just couldn't control myself As far as actually playing the game though, my 360 crapped out, and I probably won't get a new one until Christmas. If (or when) I confirm that my Collectors Edition Generations won't play in an America XBOX, I'll add the US edition to my Christmas list, so I can actually play the game. Which means, my wait to actually play Generations will be a bit longer than everyone elses. But I'll have some cool bonuses to hold me over, so I'll be fine Side note: My local TRU got a new shipment of 5" Sonics and it looks like they fixed the crooked eyeballs on the modern version. It could use a bit more touching up, but it's definitely a step up from the first wave that came into my store Not that I was planning to buy that anyway. Where is my Classic 3" Amy? That's what's got me pumped
  12. My vote would be that it stays, as a reminder of our noble leader
  13. I actually bought two of the Egg Robo packs for a similar reason. I've set up three of them with the other badniks in front of the Eggman / Metal Sonic diorama to be part of Robotnik's badnik army. Then I set the fourth one up with the Classic Figures, so that when Classic Knuckles hits my shelf he'll have his own arch enemy to face off with
  14. HA! That's a smart seller. Being thrown around on a keychain, I say that figure will last about 3 days before it falls apart And I have noticed that the 3" Sonic looks better in the Collector's Tin package, than he does in the Motobug package. All the motobug-packed Sonic's I've seen (including my own) seemed to be littered with mold lines. But the Tin-packed Sonic's seem much smoother (though still not perfect). Hopefully the Amy-packed Sonic will be spot-on, since I'll of course be buying the Amy pack
  15. Sorry I haven't read your post yet Comet (I will soon) but I just wanted to share this with you all. CLASSIC KNUCKLES IS ON HIS WAY: http://www.facebook.com/Jazwares/posts/276185952405496?notif_t=feed_comment I told you guys not to lose hope
  16. Agreed. One of the best characters in the series, hands down. I have my Resaurus Gamma set up with all my Jazwares figs (instead of my other Resaurus figs) cuz he's scaled almost perfectly and looks great with the group. But a Jazwares version would probably be awesome as well
  17. Haha, YES the Lblis. I still wonder if they are actually that uninformed about the character's name or if they're actively trying to avoid writing the name of an Islamic Devil on the package of their toys. Perhaps we'll never know Can't wait to find this Amy pack. I like how they cut the plastic of the packaging in the shape of the STANDS that they will surely be denying us once again. Fingers crossed that this pack remedies that. The Shadow/Silver pack had stands, much to my surprise I am so excited for Wave and Storm and I will be even more excited when we get a firm release date on Rouge, Blaze, and Charmy. I actually am playing Sonic Rush Adventure for my first time right now after buying a 3DS (my first handheld since the Gameboy Color). And I am really enjoying Marine. I like her accent and her craziness. Of course, the fact that this isn't being coupled with a horrendous voice actor surely helps. It's much easier to like Sonic characters when they speak in text. But yes, I would absolutely buy a Marine figure. And a Cream figure to complete my TEAM ROSE. Chris and Elise I absolutely would NOT. And as much as I dislike Chip and badmouth him all the time, I'd probably still buy him to keep alongside my Werehog Haha, I love and appreciate when people acknowledge their lack of research. And that is not sarcasm. It makes it so much easier to trust people when they differentiate between what they think and what they know. I wish the people on Jazwares' facebook page would do the same. But yeah, I do feel like Sonic could hold his own against the Poke crowds. And while I would be happy with the modern cast, my hope is that they are eventually all made so that the classic characters like Nack and Mighty can get a shot in plastic form I haven't given up hope on Classic Knuckles yet either. I would be amazed if he doesn't make an appearance in the game. I also imagine Gamma and TIkal will be appearing in some way and maybe we'll get a second wave of Generations figures made up of the still unrevealed guest stars.
  18. Yes, in my mind it would take years to make a complete collection, considering how many great characters there are wandering around in the Sonic series (along with a few bad ones ) Most other Sonic Toy lines have consisted of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Robotnik, and Big the Cat (one line included Rouge and Cream as well). After that, they'd stop (or make stupid variants of those same characters). For someone who just watched Sonic X, maybe that would be considered complete. But for those who have been waiting for Metal Sonic, the Chaotix, the Babylon Rogues, the badniks, the Super forms, the . . . um . . . Iblis Biter? Jazwares has by far the most complete line. But as I said, in my mind, there's still so much more to go. They've barely made any female characters (Rouge, Cream, Blaze, Marine, Shade) and they are limited in the Classic designs they can use, but I have hope that Jazwares will retain this license long enough to fill my entire shelf with Sonic's supporting cast. That's my dream anyway. In 20 years, they've come closer than anyone else
  19. It's going to be hard, but I'm going to fight the urge to buy that adorable 10" Classic Sonic. I didn't pick up the 10" Modern Sonic and I was very happy with that decision since I would much rather have the flocked version (which I inevitably bought two of). I would love if they made a flocked version of this guy. As it stands, I feel like he'd be out of place with my other 10 inchers, looking more like Metal Sonic than his fleshy fuzzy Modern counterpart Anyone think a flocked 10" Classic Sonic will ever happen? Also, has the 3" Classic Amy comic pack appeared on ebay yet? I'm not sure if I should be scouring TRU's yet, cuz so far the only picture I've seen of her was from Jazwares own website
  20. Good luck on your next endeavor, Joe. I hope your successor at Jazwares does as much for us as you have. He's got some big shoes to fill
  21. Yeah I just wrapped on a show that was working us to death! If I could get 5 hours of sleep a night, it was a lot, so my free time was insanely limited. I peeked in here from time to time, but I never had a chance to write. I wonder where Clover's been off to. As far as NYCC, I was about to order the tickets and than me and my girlfriend decided we were gonna skip it and save up for next years San Diego Comic Con, which is supposedly even bigger. Plus we've wanted to check out Cali together for awhile. So that's our current plan. No NYCC for us this year I hadn't thought about Jazwares' license expiring. That's a horrible thought. Although I imagine, since they seem to be selling better than any company prior, that Sega would very likely consider extending the license as long as it's profitable. I personally hope Jazwares hangs onto this line for as long as it takes to make everybody (except Space Armor Sonic). As far as that Classic Collectors set: very cool indeed. I'll obviously pass since I have 3 of the 4 (and I'm sure the Amy comic pack will be cheaper). Hopefully they make a similar pack for the badniks that were originally packaged with these figures. THAT I would definitely pick up. But this is cool for anyone who hasn't gotten these figs yet. I hope it doesn't mean this is all we'll be seeing from the Classic line. Jazwares did say on their facebook that they would be making a Classic Metal Sonic, which suggests there could be others beyond this. Hopefully Knuckles is among them (I'd like a Classic Knux vs an Egg Robo on my counter). But moving on back to producing the modern cast of Adventure, Heroes, and Rush would also make me quite happy EDIT: Also, do you guys think they'll ever make a flocked version of the new 10" classic Sonic? I was very glad I held off on the 10" modern, and I might just wait on the classic as well in hopes of getting a fuzzy one down the road
  22. Hey guys! I'm back again! Boy did I miss this place! I'm SO excited that the Classic Amy pack is finally popping up. I found the Egg Robo and Egg Fighter packs a few weeks back (and Classic Super Sonic and the badnik packs before that) so I've had no reason to go to TRU for awhile. It's left a hole in my life. Now I have something new to hunt for. I hope the paint is fixed on Sonic as well. And that he doesn't have as many mold lines. And (not gonna happen) he has a peg hole. Still really unhappy with my current Classic Sonic. But luckily they get a second chance to please with this pack. While I didn't plan on it, I ended up buying the Shadow/Silver comic pack. The glossy paint does look really cool and I figured why not. I got two Egg Robo packs (really disappointed in their lack of articulation, or ability to hold their guns, or their ability to stand) and one Egg Fighter pack (VERY surprised that they have six points of articulation! And in that tiny HEAD!) Howz every one else doing on their figure hunts? I made my first custom figure last week. Turned my old modern Eggman into Nega. Came out okay. I bought two Knuckles, so I could have two Egg Pawns and I was gonna turn one into Julie-Su from the comics (cuz she'll never get a figure, unfortunately). I was wondering if anyone who makes customs could give me a pointer or two. Since Julie doesn't have spikes on her hands, I was thinking of popping off the hands on Knux and swapping them out with the hands of my extra Tails. I'm kind of afraid to break it though (cuz then I won't have any more extra Knux to customize). Does anyone know if it's possible to do that, or what the safest way to swap those out would be? Beebop and Rocksteady from the old 90s Ninja Turtles cartoon popped up in Sonic Universe a few issues back as well. I don't think there's any meaning behind the cameos besides the artist and writer slipping in little easter eggs of other things they're into. Spaz used to do that all the time on the old covers he did for the series in the late 90s. Cool to see the Red Angry bird though. I haven't gotten that issue yet. Hopefully this coming week
  23. I can't find the specs anywhere, so I figured I'd ask: Does anyone know what the scale is for the Power Suit figure? I really don't mind that one is posable and one isn't, since the Zero Suit statue is already in a great pose. But I'd like it a lot more if the two were both in 1/8 scale with each other. If they are, my purchase for both is locked in Either way, I might pick up both of these. As Superchaos said, I haven't played a lot of Metroid, but I've always had a great respect for the character. On a Sonic note (though also relating to scale) does anyone else think the Egg Robos and Egg Fighters look a bit short? I was always under the impression that Egg Robos were the same height as Robotnik, and that the Egg Fighters were even taller. I even think the stock photos we saw in February depicted them as such. I know Jazwares hasn't gotten the scales perfect with this line (Tails and Vector to name a few) but if I'm paying for a 3-pack of figures, I'd want them to be complete figures. The other tiny and unarticulated badniks (which are basically freebies) are understandable. But I was expecting a fully functional figure for the Egg Robos. I'll reserve final judgement until I see them in person, but based on the photos, I'm a bit disappointed o_0 And Clover, in regards to your question, I think my main goal when watching a review is to see what's up with the figure. But if the reviewer is a good enough actor to pull off a character, I don't see why that couldn't add to the experience
  24. Very cool display man. Yeah, it never hurts to ask. I've done that quite a few times at Gamestop and ended up taking home some cool displays. My girlfriend has since asked me to stop before every corner of my house is filled Passed by a TRU near her place today that I never knew about. Went in and they had more Anniversary stuff than I've seen anywhere so far. Repackaged Super Posers, plushes, the 5 inchers we've all been seeing around, and even the 3 inchers that I've so far only seen at Targets. They had one Knuckles/Egg Pawn and two Silver/Iblis as well, so I finally picked those up. The Egg Pawn is pretty awesome. He's only articulated in his shoulders but you can get a few cool poses out of him. I'll probably pick up a second one whenever I come across another. Haven't opened up Silver yet, but the Iblis doesn't looks quite as bad as I thought it would. It still doesn't look like it's made of lava, but he's got a decent pose. Doesn't look like his jaw is articulated as some have suggested. I'll let you know for sure when I open it up. Might not be til next week. Got a a crazy work week coming up. But I'll see you guys on the weekend! Happy Figure Hunting!
  25. The new 5" sculpt is awesome and if it wasn't for all the paint errors on the ones I saw, I might have caved in and bought one. Now that you've mentioned the eyes though, I can't unsee them and I'm very glad I didn't pick it up. Maybe one day they'll make a 5" Sonic so perfect that I'll make another non-3 inch exception for my collection. This new one is close, but it's not there yet
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