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  1. Hey fellas! Had a fun story and couldn't think of anyone better to share it with. I'm working a gig down in Miami right now and part of my job has been selecting music for the live event. One particular part involved an old retired race car driver and the director asked for something to play when he came onstage. So I showed him "Super Sonic Racing" from Sonic R and he loved it and now it's in the show. I've also managed to get "Live and Learn" into the second half of the show, as well as some music from Mass Effect and Legend of Zelda. So I'm totally representing our Sonic Jams to hundreds of uninitiated listeners. Few people in my physical life would appreciate this. But I figured maybe you guys would Later gents (and ladies, if any of the latter ever decide to join us)
  2. I hope we get some variety with this Monopoly set. I was really disappointed with how repetitive the pieces were in the Sonic Chess set: Why would Gold Rings be pawns? Why would a Chaos Emerald be a bishop? They're inanimate objects o_0 Four Knuckles and Tails? Two Sonics and Amys? So Lazy. We could have had Sonic & Pals vs Eggman and pals. Chao pawns vs Motobug pawns. So much potential. I hope more thought is put into the Monopoly game. I would really like to pick that up if it was cool enough
  3. I've seen 13 different Jazwares Generations statues. Five in my local TRU, TWO in the NYC Time Square TRU, and SIX in a TRU in the north Bronx. Every. Single. One. Was. Damaged. o_0 They all had the crack in the Modern Sonic's stomach you mentioned. 75% of them also had Classic Sonic twisted sideways. About 50% were stwisted so bad that his feet were broken off the little watery-looking stand that he's connected with. And that's not even mentioning the expected poor paint jobs, which were ever present here as well. To me, that's really sad. I rarely complain about these guys and considering the cheap price tag, I don't mind waiting a little while to find a nice 3 inch fig with a good paint job. But such blatant quality control problems like that are depressing. How commemorative can the statue be, if they can't even keep it in one piece o_0 *sigh* Anyway, Lee! how bout a Classic Knuckles and Fang/Nack comic pack in honor of STT's re-release? I'd be down with that. And yea Clover. Why are their plushes so hideous o_0
  4. Also, Clover, I wanted to praise your satirical posts, which seem to go all but unnoticed (or perhaps politely ignored). They make me LOL. You've made one fan at least
  5. Heard the news about Charmy! Seemed like a good time to drop back in and say hello Does anyone think my wish for a larger Vector will come true with this Team Chaotix release? Or do you think we'll be stuck with the same? Not that I don't love the one I have, one that was actually to scale would be awesome It's true that the new announcements seem limited so far, but then again, there were no promotions for Wave and Storm before they were releasesd, so there's still a chance we''ll get more in 2012. Also, I got Wave and Storm for my birthday recently from a friend who ordered them online. My Wave has the discolored torso (subtle but still present). And I can see that the reason for it is that her torso is white molded plastic painted purple (as opposed to her head and arms which are purple molded plastic). There's even very obvious parts under her arms and near her waist where she's not painted completely enough and the white plastic clearly shows through. Not sure why they wouldn't just use a purple plastic mold for her torso and paint on her shirt, but whatever. Anyone else have that problem? I haven't opened mine. Hoping to find a better one later on and replace it. I opened my Storm and he's great (white socks) but I'll be buying another to make a Bark the Polar Bear out of I really wish Archie wouldn't release their comics early to some retailers and not others. It's been happening a lot the last few months and my comic shop always gets them on their SHCEDULED release date (tomorrow in the case of this issue). It sucks that I can't even avoid spoilers when I read a book the DAY its released o_0 I'm a big Muppets fan myself Clover. Tonner has Kermit and Ms Piggy actually! I've met a few Muppeteers on my travels in the production field. I wish Muppets would just replace all CG characters in EVERYTHING. That would make me a happy camper Oh and in regards to Meccano, those "Spykee" robots on their site (while still shitty) seem to suggest that they have a few different styles of product. Hopefully those Sonic playsets won't look as "metallic" as they're other products tend to be, since it really wouldn't be appropriate for Green Hill to have nuts and bolts all over it In any event, we have these fantasic papercrafts that keep coming out. Working on Marble Garden now (slowly but surely) and can't wait to get the Chemical Plant one (i'm looking at you, Strap ). Hope everyone is well. Hopefully we'll get a few more surprises from ToyFair soon
  6. Two 15th Anniversary Statues, the Target 5" Jazwares, the Generations Ring, a Swarovski Hedgehog, two Sonics from a Japanese Gumball machine, and a little Sonic I made out of clay while I was hanging out in my girlfriends ceramics class The Generations Statue My Jazwares 10" Metal Sonic and Flocked Sonic My Resaurus Trio And my Sonic Shot Glasses (in an attempt to give my room some semblance of adulthood, despite the fact that I never really drink) Hope ya'll enjoyed the tour now. Come again soon EDIT: Just noticed in the Generations Statue image, for any who are wondering: that bong-looking object is not used for smoking marijuana. It's a souvenir a friend brought me from Egypt. It doesn't function, so it wouldn't work if I wanted it to (which I don't) Also, my Light-Up Metal Sonic back order was just switched to confirmed, so I'll have to make some room for that and the Light-up Knux soon. And if that new Tails looks as cool as it's silhouette does, my wallet will be crying very shortly
  7. And here's some more close-ups SILVER & TEAM ROSE HIDDEN PALACE GREEN HILL ZONE And that pretty much covers my 3" Jazwares display. I'll be a dreaded TRIPLE poster in a moment to show off some (but not nearly all) of the other Sonic stuff floating around my room.
  8. I would LOVE Snively and Naugus figures! Unfortunately, as you said, it's probably never gonna happen. Swatbots might have a slightly better chance, since they appeared in Sonic Chronicles, though I think Jazwares said that game is in the "not eligible" pile, which would mean no Shade the Echidna either. Sigh . . . Anyways, I promised I'd post pics of my Jazwares collection weeks ago and never got around to it. I haven't made any changes to my unfinished Julie-Su custom and my Nega needs some touching up, but they're both here for you're viewing pleasure. Enjoy THE FULL CAST CLASSIC & RIDERS & SASASR SUPER TRANSFORMATIONS (Shiney Paint Shadow and Silver in the back) THE VILLAINS EDIT: Sorry about that uploading fiasco, for anyone who sat through that. I was reaching my photo limit. More to come . . .
  9. Hey Clover!!! Yeah Tonner has some cool stuff. I probably never would have gotten into them either if it wasn't for my girlfriend. But I got some good prices on the first few I picked up through her, and then of course I felt like I had to finish certain collections (like the Firefly line for example) and ended up paying full for the more rare dolls in the line. I've got about 6 now (three Firefly, two Marvel, one DC), my girlfriend has about 4. And I'll probably take it easy with those from now on. The one exception being the Firefly Inara Tonner Doll. If anyone comes across one of those I will throw much moneys at you to have it Other than that, the F4F Knuckles is the first really expensive statue I've ever ordered. I usually cap off around $50 or $60 per figure (Kotobukaya's Boushijo line of Marvel girls are in that range and the Mass Effect girls will soon follow). But for the most part, my room consists of things in the range of Jazwares or McFarlane figs that I can get for under $20 On the topic of non-Sonic figs, has anyone heard any updates on those Samus statues that were posted here a while back? The full suit and zero suit versions? Tell Superchaos I said Happy Holidays! And the same to everyone else (sorry I'm late!). But there's still the New Year, so have a happy one of those
  10. I haven't put any of these guys on my christmas list, for the same reason I usually don't order them on Ebay. I like to see that the paint jobs are okay before I take 'em home, since painting outside the lines seems to be a common occurrence with Jazwares I mostly put dvds and video games and things that aren't "collectables" on my christmas list. Or if I do put a collectable, it's a more expensive one (like my previously mentioned Tonner dolls) since you're pretty much guaranteed a perfect figure when you pay that kinda money for them. But of course, asking for all that stuff frees up my wallet for the day I find a perfect Wave, Storm, and Free Riders Knux in my local TRU
  11. Those. Look. Great. I'm really glad that torso color problem was a fluke. As Clover said, because of Silver's lack of correction I wasn't expecting Storm to be fixed so soon, so I may have picked that one up as it was (glad I didn't, knowing what I know now). But I actually would have passed on Wave if she had shipped looking like that. I was starting to think Jaz was taking advantage of the "early adopters" by forcing us to buy two of everything for corrected paint jobs. But now I'm really excited. Wave and Storm both look great. Can't wait to add those to the collection. And holy crap HyperTails, making a Bark the Polar Bear out of Knuckles and Storm is a GREAT idea!! I like attempting customs that are more "mix and match" of existing figures than ones which require actual sculpting skills. I already have an extra knuckles floating around, so I might pick up an extra Storm and do the same Also: Clover! Glad to have you back. I've never been amongst the re-release crowd myself (still quite happy with my first wave 3" Sonic) so I think you'll settle into a happy medium with this new outlook And who says you can't focus on your films while still filling your shelf with Sonic toys? My girlfriend is working at this company called Tonner Dolls which makes high-end 13" to 20" licensed dolls (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Marvel, DC, etc) and she's gotten me to dabble in that as well. Seeing as they go for $200 - $300 each, my Jazwares Sonic habit has become the least of my worries o_0
  12. Those are some AWESOME finds, SuperSawnyc! So glad we're finally seeing Wave. Though is it me or does the color of her torso not match her head and arms? Hopefully that's not the case with the final product. Also, did anyone notice that Toywiz's picture of Storm has WHITE SOCKS, instead of the grey ones that have been popping up most places. I wonder if that's already been corrected since the initial release (What color are the socks on your Storm, Lee?) As for that commemorative statue. I will TOTALLY get that, despite going through all the trouble of attaining the UK Statue. I like the more dynamic pose of this one better actually. Hopefully the paint job is a bit higher quality than their regular figures since it's a "Statue" and not just an "action figure" Sorry I haven't posted any photos of my display (and customs) for those who were asking. Not only have I not had the time, but I can't find my camera (and my camera phone won't do it justice). I'll get them up here when I can though
  13. I'm worried about Wave as well. Why is it that the female characters seem to be the hardest to acquire? I can almost see them double-packing Wave with Storm AFTER Storm's solo release, forcing us to double buy Storm to get Wave (like they did with Classic Sonic and Classic Amy). But hopefully it's just a slight delay and we'll see her soon (at least Toywiz has her listed as a single pack). I've been wondering about the Generations DLC since they day I ordered it. My gut tells me that would be international, but I could be wrong. I won't know until Christmas when I get a new XBOX (the video chip is dead in mine, so I can't navigate menus or see ANYTHING, though I can still hear stuff). The statue and documentary were more important to me than the mini-game DLC so I won't be enraged if it doesn't work. But it'd be nice if it did I put Generations in my XBOX and I could hear that it wouldn't play (again no video). The DVD Documentary however DID play in my Region-1 DVD players, so that was cool I was going to wait until Julie-Su was done and than post pictures of my whole collection. I haven't had a chance to work on her in weeks though, so I might just snap a picture of everyone (with Julie unfinished) and post it up here this weekend, so you guys can take a peak. I put together the GHZ and Hidden Palace Papercrafts so I'll snap a pic of my shelf (including Nega) soon and throw it up here for you
  14. Oh man! Storm looks awesome! I'm always so excited to see pictures of the figures, but then they always look identical to the game, so I'm not sure why I'm always surprised by how good they look Super, I usually hit up a TRU once or twice a week and haven't seen any of these. But then, I STILL haven't found Classic Amy either, so my region seems to be slacking lately o_0 Oh yeah, I'm back by the way Still haven't played Generations, so SPOILER warnings if anyone cares to touch on the game would be much appreciated I got my collectors edition "Generations" and I'm in love with the Bonus stuff. Still can't play the game on account of it being region-2 (that and my Xbox being broken) but hopefully both of those problems will be remedied come Christmas time I hope we see Wave soon. One of my fears was Jazwares losing their license (perish the thought) before they could complete Team Babylon. Glad these are coming out around the same time, so that particular fear has been quelled Anyways, good to be back. Glad to see you all again
  15. Are those Silver's boots on Knuckles body? Man, I tried that, but they wouldn't fit? Silver's scale is too awful to fit on my Knuckles so I used Jet the Hawk's boots instead. I started Shade last night, and made the chest and boots, next is the head which I'm dreading. Your figure looks great right now, bit more paint and finishing off the figure and it'll look sweeeet. Oh any chance you could post a picture of your Eggman Nega? Yes, those are Silver's boots on Knuckles body. I had to take a knife and make the holes in Silver's shoes bigger to get Knuckles legs into them. They fit nicely now (still a little snug ) I don't have a picture of my finished Nega, but my girlfriend snapped this pic while I was still working on him. His entire jacket is a layer of clay over his original jacket, with the extended coat tails and all that: After this picture was taken, I painted the white of his jacket yellow, repainted his cuffs to match that brighter yellow, painted over the white lines on his shoes, added all the yellow lines to his shoes and upper arms, and extended the white line of his chest down his stomach and around to his lower back. My girlfriend also sculpted a visor that looked a bit less like Eggman's standard goggles, which we then glued to his head Whenever I snap a picture of the finished version, I'll post that as well. In other news, I haven't read any posts beyond Hypertails' response to my own post. That's because I heard there was a spoiler for Generations floating about. Hopefully it hasn't popped up here, but I'm not taking any chances. Once you know something, you can't UNKNOW it. So as painful as it will be, I'll be avoiding this forum and ALL sonic-related sites until I get the game for Christmas and find out the story for myself o_0 So this is not goodbye forever, as we just experienced with some of our friends. Just goodbye for now, as a precaution to avoid spoilers. If any of my facebook friends from here think it'd be safe for me to return, just drop me a line over there (announcing that the coast is clear) and maybe I'll stop back in. Otherwise, see you all in 2012
  16. I'm a huge fan of Shade too, AND I think Chronicles is one of the best Sonic games we've had in years. Even if the people at Bioware were solely in charge of writing SCRIPTS for Sonic games, I think the quality of the series overall would improve immensely That said, I still haven't given up hope that we might one day get a Shade figure. What I HAVE given up hope on, is ever getting any comic characters, which is why I started making a custom of Julie-Su a while back. She's only my second custom (after a Dr. Nega that I made), but I tried using Crayola Molding Magic to sculpt her belt, shirt, and er . . . "chest". That stuff dried pretty well on it's own. This is how it looks so far: I only work on her very sporadically, so even though I started her months ago, it's been weeks since I did any more work on her. Obviously you can see that she needs another coat of paint (especially on her legs) and I haven't sculpted her bangs yet or added any of her little mechanical details (besides the basic color on her primary robotic dread and arm). But you can at least get a rough idea of how the Crayola Molding stuff held up
  17. I feel like we're all breaking up! This is so sad I know I'm a noob relative to some of the originators of this thread, but it's definitely been fun checking in with you guys here. Clover, I'll surely still see you on Facebook, and I look forward to your movie endeavors As far as my take on all this, I'll admit Jazwares has it's flaws. But it's not like I haven't seen headless figures from McFarlane toys, who I'm also a fan of. In the end, Jazwares has given me figures I've wanted since I was a kid that I think look better than any other attempt made by previous toy companies. I assume there's a digital sculpting process with these things, and say what you will about that, but if it makes my toys look like they jumped out of the game, I'm all for it Horrible scripting and voice acting aside, I love Sonic's supporting cast, and there's still dozens of great characters I'll be sticking around to see Jazwares dish out. It'll be a bit more lonely having less of you guys to talk about them with. My poor girlfriend is gonna have to carry that burden now and I'm sure she thanks you for it But it's been fun. If you guys ever lapse back into this hobby, stop back in See you guys later!
  18. You've just explained EXACTLY what I do, lol. Sorry for double post! >< You sir are a genius (which sounds self-complimenting since I thought of it as well, but the genius comes from actually DOING it). We should all get into it. Lucrative business. If you keep busy enough that becomes a job in itself! Of course, if we all start doing it we lose all our potential customers . . . forget I said anything
  19. Yeah, if you can get it for $165 from Australia, I'd say go for that. I ordered from an Australia-based site a while back for roughly that price. But as for the link you first showed (if you go that route) keep in mind that the price shown is in Euro. So that's closer to $350 in useless American money I'm actually with you Omni. I VERY rarely use XBOX live. I'm really not into multiplayer games, so it seemed dumb to pay the money for a wireless receiver. Once or twice a year, I'll bring my 360 downstairs near the modem and plug in to download any DLC or demos for series I really enjoy, but otherwise, I'm also among the rare XBOXers who keeps to himself Also, I always justify insane purchases like this with that "investment" argument. But I can't keep from opening it once it's in my hands o_0 Maybe I should buy two of everything, sell the boxed one a year later for double the cost to make back all my money for both, while still keeping one. That'd be the smart way to go about it. But who has the time? Ya know, even though apparently it's not as big in the US, there's WAY more product for Sonic than there ever was when I was a kid. I've been wishing for Sonic toys for YEARS, and here you are at the supposed "low point" in his popularity and there's stuff all over! If you had been there during the height of his popularity, you'd just be playin' the games back then AND now, rather than just playin' 'em now! The only difference between then and now is PRODUCT! Alexx is quite correct Super. It's true, there was something nice about seeing Sonic ads in the mall as a kid and people ACTUALLY thinking he was cool. It made you feel cooler by association. But in terms of collectibles, this is the era to be in. My sister recently counted over 20 occurrences of Sonic in my room (not including his supporting cast), and I'd say around 17 of those occurrences are products that were made POST-Sonic Adventure. So we've lost our integrity, but at least we have more toys . . . I'm fine with that
  20. Yeah, I've always gotten the impression that Sonic was bigger in Europe than he was in the states. Summer of Sonic is always in Europe, and there's even the Sonic Themed Hotel Room in Alton Towers. I could never see that stuff happening over here, unfortunately o_0 Which is why I ordered a CE Generations from a retailer over there We can't really complain I suppose, since we seem to get all the toys so much sooner. All's fair in love and Sonic
  21. Wow. That's nuts. I'm glad I pre-ordered mine when it was first announced o_0 Although of course, being the owner of an XBOX in New York, I probably won't be able to use most of the items. But at least I'll have it. "Cup half full" and all that
  22. Happy 22nd Raithos! I got you and Comet beat: come January, I'll be 26. Once you reach half a century, it all blurs together though And what are you doing with all those Supers!? Yikes! Also, cool AoStH customs, Hyper. I especially like Grounder. I've been very tempted to contact WakeAngel about purchasing a Nack custom, considering it seems less and less likely he'll get a real figure as time goes on (and Wake makes some nice stuff). His Nack seems to fit pretty well with the Jazwares figs. But I'd be pissed if I payed for a fig and it arrived broken. Especially one that would be so hard to replace o_0
  23. Haha, that's awesome man! I forgot you were there! Have fun for all of us!
  24. I feel like I'm the only one who liked the original release of Modern 3" Sonic. He's got the bulkier knee joints, but in my experience he stands much better than the newer release. My newer Sonic is sitting in a closet somewhere, while my original is still front and center on the counter Sidenote: One of our old Sonic Level pronunciation questions may have been answered. At about 20:22 in this video, Sega's Aaron Weber refers to the Sonic 3 level as "Hydrawcity". So there's one we know how to say http://www.sonicstadium.org/2011/10/cnets-sonic-generations-video-preview-shows-lots-of-new-gameplay-footage/
  25. I suppose you're right, Super I mean, are there more practical things I could be spending my money on? Sure. But nothing quite as satisfying as a 10" Knuckles on a block of glowing Lava Reef Zone Now, if F4F ends up going ahead with their hinted Nack/Fang statue (http://www.facebook....31732&qa_ref=qd) , than I will be SO happy to have these three guys adorning my shelves.
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