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  1. Yes the comics definitely kept me afloat through the pre-Sonic Adventure draught as well Lee, though for me it was Archie Sonic, since my 9-14 year old self had no idea how to buy comics from oversees. And I made my own little Sonic comics too, which had a bit or Archie influence. TECHA & SPiKE were actually two of the characters I created for the comic when I was in middle school. Haven't drawn them in about a decade now, but the names have stuck around But its true, SA2 was like an interactive movie, which is what was so great about it. Getting to see the story from all those different perspectives too. That was some great stuff. And if you are a fan of interactive movies, than I could not be happier for you that you now own Mass Effect 2. The characters are so amazing and the choices you have to make in the game are gut-wrenching. I really hope you enjoy it. But yes, it could last you 40-60 hours, depending on how much time you dedicate to mining planets for plutonium Have fun with that though. I'm excited for you
  2. My console list was not quite as extensive as Ninians I got: Atari (sadly, this one has passed on) Nintendo Entertainment System (also passed on) Sega Genesis (a little sick, but still good) Sega 32x (also a little sick) ---------------And the rest are running strong!--------------- Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast XBOX XBOX360 Game Boy Color Game.com NeoGeo Pocket Color ---------------And my sister frequently lets me borrow her--------------- Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS And they all still put a smile on my face
  3. Oh and in reagards to Jersey Shore (another "small world" instance) that character "Vinny" that SuperVintendo mentioned actually went to my college, which was 10 minutes away from SuperChaos' hometown. Weird. Also, while I DID know that Zeta was made of Dreamcasts, I DIDN'T know that Robotnik kept one in his Unleashed Egg-pod. Awesome stuff
  4. LeeSeymore, your breakdown rocks. I ALSO bought a 32x JUST for "Knuckles Chaotix". I didn't know about it at the time though (no internet, as you mentioned) but got it years later (probably during the Dreamcast era). Chaotix is actually the ONLY game I own for it. Fighter's Megamix was awesome. It's funny that you mentioned Bean and Bark because I can't remember how I discovered that they were Sonic characters either. Although I know I did because every time I ended up in an arcade I would search for a "Sonic Fighters" machine in hopes of expanding on the little sample I got from Fighters Megamix. How excited I was when they included it on "Gems Collection." I borrowed my sisters Gamecube the day that game came out to finally take it for a spin Sonic R totally dominated my Saturn era as well. I feel like that game gets a bad rap nowadays, but I thought it was great. That and NiGHTS. And Burning Rangers. That game blew my mind. Probably jump started by sci-fi obsession actually And I had all those Dreamcast games too! Still do actually. I still have all my systems and all their games lined up chronologically on one side of my room. My own personal arcade Sad that Dreamcast didn't get enough attention. It had a really great library of games. I had a Game Boy back in the day and loved that too. The original Pokemon and Link's Awakening. Oh man. I never got a GBA so I've unfortunately missed out on the Sonic Advance series. But I never knew about the "bastard" uproar. Whether it's her bouncing breasts or her sassy attitude, leave it to Rouge to cause controversey in the Sonic-verse. She's awesome I did however borrow my sister's DS so that I could play Dark Brotherhood. I LOVE Mass Effect so when I heard bioware was working on Sonic I was sold! And I normally hate turn-based fighting games, but that game was one of the best Sonic games I ever played (especially in recent years). The story was out of this world (literally). Absolutely amazing and totally underrated. And on the XBOX front, Halo did rock. Though if you were into Halo for the story and haven't tried out it's sci-fi brethren MASS EFFECT 1 & 2, I would highly recomend it. Arguably the best 2 games I've ever played. It'll change your life And no worries LeeSeymore. Always love a walk dowm memory lane
  5. YES! Sega systems all the way. Yeah I after the Atari, I went from Genesis to Saturn to Dreamcast. Then when I had no other Sega options, I picked the new guy in town: XBOX. I know it's kinda silly, but at the time I was blaming the appearance of PS1 for the death of Sega, so I refused to buy a Sony system. But I always had a little place in my heart for the Nintendo guys too (as my signature suggests). Just not as big a place as I had for Sonic But yeah, don't let the haters get to you. Brush 'em off and they'll move along eventually. Pougkeepsie though, that's crazy. I went to college about 10 minutes away from Poughkeepsie, at SUNY New Paltz. And even before that I was taking trips up there from my hometown to the Dragon's Den comic and game shop with my friends. What a small Sonic world we live in
  6. And Superchaos, I totally hear you on the Jersey Shore front. As an Italian, with many friends who live in NJ, I'm offended on two levels by how borish and ignorant those two demographics are represented. But then again, they DO exist so I guess it's no one's fault but their own. Hopefully people don't think we're all like that though. We'll just have to prove them wrong Oh and I just googled Nintendo World, cuz I had somehow never heard of it before. OMG I can't believe I've never stopped by there. More of a Sega guy myself, but I'll definitely have to take a trip over there one day
  7. Hey LeeSeymore! I actually live about an hour north of NYC, but I work in the city and stay at my girlfriend's house in the bronx most weekdays, so I get to take advantage of the fun NYC TRU It is probably the coolest Toys R Us I've ever seen (maybe in the world) as far as it's layout. There's always 10 billion things to look at as you walk through. The Willy Wonka Candy Shop! The Ferris Wheel! The giant T-Rex. Fun stuff. Lately, I mostly just head straight downstairs to the video game department where they keep their "collectibles" though. But it's awesome to meet a fellow Sonic and Turtles fan from across the way! Sorry it's so difficult to get them over there though! I thought it was hard enough here. But maybe with Jazwares new team-up with TOMY, it'll be a little easier for you when the next wave comes through And Superchaos, the Sonic display has actually gotten much better at Times Square! They have a whole display bay just dedicated to Jazwares Sonic Toys and than almost 1/2 of the bay next to that has more! Unfortunately, they're generally lacking in the 3.75" figures, which are the only ones I collect. But they have lots of 5" Sonic Colors, Sonic Unleashed, and Black Night figures. Also a LOT of the 1.5" racers. They have a few 3" Knuckles w/ Quad Racers and some of the Big/Froggy & Eggman/Metal packs too, but unfortunately I already have those. I don't know if the lack of 3" is really their fault though, since the Toys R Us in my home town has very few as well. A few racing Knuckles and one or two Chaotix Comic Packs. Maybe Jazwares isn't sending them out as much for some reason? But credit where it's due, I would not have a 3" Jet the Hawk if it wasn't for the Times Square TRU. I bought him the one time I saw him and I haven't seen him there or anywhere else since! I think people forget about that figure a lot. He's really awesome. He looks perfect. Hope they make Wave and Storm too! And if they do, I hope Storm is roughly the size of Big the Cat, cuz he towers over the other Rogues in all their Riders promo art
  8. Hell, I'd take out a loan to buy Jazwares toys on the spot. Seriously though, I stop by the Times Square TRU after work probably twice a week and than usually hit up the one near my house in upstate New York on the weekend, just in hopes of seeing something new (or at least something I haven't yet found, like the Super Pack or Sega Racing Tails). If Jazwares put out a new figure once a week, I would absolutely buy each and every one. Oh and love the avatar BleachXVizard! I'm wearing a shirt with the same logo on it right now!
  9. Those SOAP shoes seem to be pretty difficult to find unless you order them through the website though (at least around me). I went through 3 pairs when I was in high school (after SA2 came out). First pair, I had to drive an hour to get. By the time I was ready for the 2nd pair, even that place had stopped carrying them and my subsequent pairs had to be found online. I've stopped wearing them since then, just because price and availability was getting tough. But I still look back on those days fondly
  10. I am all about the 3 inch scale. That's the only one I buy (though I do have 10" Metal Sonic and might by the fuzzy 10" Sonic too when that comes out). But 3 3/4 inch is where it's at. They look awesome. They seem to have less top-heavy issues. And their small enough that when I have hundreds, I can pose them all together on my shelf! Plus Joe seems to have a special place in his heart for the 3 3/4 inch and has said he wants to make as many characters as possible in that scale. A sonic toy line with amazing sculpts and such a variety of characters? SOLD! And Superchaos, I can't find the Super pack anywhere either. I have the Super Shadow single pack (though its the only one I haven't opened yet). If they release the other supers single I'll just buy those, but otherwise I would like those emeralds (especially with corrected colors). Although similarly, I also haven't been able to find the Sega Racing Tails with the Airplane ANYWHERE! And it can't be ordered on TRU's website, just like the super pack. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. Yes, I am in America and I had in fact heard about Millar writing for the Fleetway books, though I sort of forgot about it. I may or may not have some of his issues now. I probably have about 25 scattered issues of that series so far but I wanted to wait until I had a decent amount before I started reading them. But I am looking forward to see Millar's take on Sonic. It's funny because he's usually very violent and inappropriate in his Marvel comics so I'm interested to see him writing what was generally considered a kids book. Big fan of the Ultimates though. And lets not forget his famous Civil War mini
  12. I'm holding off on Colors in the hopes that it comes out for the 360 (my sister owns the Wii and I'd rather not have to borrow her system again to play it). So I haven't gotten to play through with the new actors. But I have checked them out on youtube and what I heard was a vast improvement over the previous voice actors. Which is good because they've sounded horrible for most of their speaking lives. I think people who complain about Sonic's annoying supporting cast are actually complaining about the horrible dialogue and voice acting. If they were well-written and sounded cool, there would be no argument over their awesomeness. If there's any one positive to the otherwise disconnected medium of comic books, it's that you didn't have to hear Vector's obnoxious voice. I also noticed that in Dark Brotherhood for the DS. Even BIG THE CAT was a likeable character. All it takes it some good writing And some good (or nonexistent) voice acting
  13. Unrelated side-note: The accountant at my job just showed me that he downloaded Sonic 2 to his blackberry after hearing me talk about the series so much. He's a bit older (late 30s) and hasn't quite gotten used to the controls yet. But he says he'll practice, cuz he wants to be a "Sonic-head" like me. Perhaps a bit simple and ripe with the potential to be twisted into an insult. But it had a nice ring to it when he said it
  14. Ya' know, I think you might have hit the nail on the head there. There's nothing like actually BEING a character, as you can in a video game. And comics in general are hardly a mainstream medium anyway. So that's probably a huge part of the divide. Sonic Comics were my gateway drug as a kid, but I've grown into an all around comics geek and I never realized that, say Spider-Man, definitely has the same division of movie fans and comic fans. And the comic fans tend to be the smaller but more rabid group, because with comics it might take 6 months to get a complete story arc, so there's a lot of dedication involved. Interesting stuff. I like your thinking. Can you tell I majored in film with a concentration in media analysis? lolz But yes, I appreciate Amy's youth in the games. I just think it stinks that she's their prime representation of the female role. Rouge is 18, and arguably independent, but she's also walking sex-appeal and that's not the best role model for girls either. Blaze is a pretty good female role model, but unfortunately she barely ever makes a prominent appearance o_0
  15. Hey to each their own, man I have the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" on DVD as well and watched it before school, as a kid. But SatAM was my jam I would wake up at like 6am on a weekend to watch that show. While I would never wake up that early for a show today, it is the one that holds up the most for me as an adult. Sure it's got its essential cheesy kid parts like any cartoon, but the political turmoil and strong female characters seemed so ahead of its time. Obviously I didn't take note of this as a 6-year old, but I must have been attracted to that kind of storytelling on some level even then. And in comparison, from the opinion of someone who's near the age that I could have a daughter of my own soon (though not too soon, I hope), whiney lovesick puppy-dog Amy who will only fight for the heart of her man, is such a poor role model for young girls and I do wish they'd make her grow up into a stronger character like Sally had been. I mean there was Sonic and there was his intelligent ass-kicking girlfriend who led a small army against an evil dictator JUST BCEAUSE SHE CAN. That's badass no matter how you look at it Sonic doesn't have to be just for boys after all And while I have no problem with you considering Archie's characters artificial upon a thorough analysis of them, the fact that you only own two issues means you may not have had the chance to see all their depth. Having played nearly every game and read nearly every comic, I feel like its the comic characters I'll be able to relate to decades down the road. But that's just me. What the hell do I know
  16. Oh yeah, I didn't think you were calling us old, I just automatically assumed I was on the older side of the forum But yeah, I feel like the comics were more essential to the older crowd for two reasons. One is, the old games didn't have dialogue, so the comics sort of fleshed out things that could nowadays be covered by a cutscene. The second is that there was a good couple of years where there really just were no NEW sonic games. I mean yeah, we got Sonic Jam (compilation) and Sonic R (racing) but there was really no ACTUAL Sonic platformers on the Sega Saturn and the comics were there to fill that void for the kids from the early 90s who were dying for some new material. After that, I think the comic sort of grew with it's audience. And while the art definitely influenced Sonic's new look in the games, the storylines of the newer games tended towards the younger crowds and there slowly became a divide between the comics and the games. Archie seems to have been actively trying to bridge that gap lately and a part of me hopes that works so all this debate about which version is better can finally cease. Though I hope its not at the expense of some great Archie concepts and characters, since in the end, Sega is gonna make the call o_0 Rant ended
  17. Wow. This was amazing. Thanks for replaying my life. Also glad to see I'm not the oldest one here babbling on about Sonic Toys and Sonic Comics (I'm 25, so my story is the same, except mine started when I was 5). I remember how amazing it was when Sonic Adventure was announced. My mom let me go in late to school on 9/9/99 so I could buy the Dreamcast and SA the minute it was released. I couldn't affort a VMU on my weekly allowance and you couldn't skip the cutscenes, so I rewatched Sonic jumping across Station Square 3 times a day, with a huge smile on my face. And the Chaotix return in Sonic Heroes. How happy I was. Too bad about Mighty and the shitty voice acting, but we've been forced to deal with the latter since SA anyway. I was an Archie collector since Sonic #13 (and hunted down most but not all of the ones before that). Got autographs from Penders and Spaz and hung out with Gallagher and Manak at a comic convention (we drew Sonic doodles for each other). I started hunting down the Fleetway books, but the cost of those things from oversees has made that a very slow process Memmories. My only disagreement would be about Shadow's game. While it may be the "Empire Strikes Back" of the series as far as dark undertones, ESB was also the BEST of the two Star Wars Trilogies and that can hardly be said about the overly convoluted plot and clunky controls of Shadow the Hedgehog. But yes, thank you for the walk down memory lane. AND THANK JAZWARES FOR BRINGING IT BACK WITH CHAOTIX TOYS! On a side note, does anyone think we wouldn't have minded the Werehog levels of Unleashed if they had been playable as Knuckles, instead of the gimicky werehog? The gameplay would have suited Rad Red pretty well, I think. With a few adjustments of course
  18. I think "Jazheads" is only in reference to the fans of the toys. Which certainly applies to everyone in THIS forum, but doesn't apply to those who don't buy action figures. So this, as well, is not all-encompassing. But I don't think it's intended to be
  19. Duh, we're Freedom Fighters! While I understand Superchaos' reason for this NOT being our name, I wholeheartedly appreciate this suggestion
  20. Wow, in 20 years, I've never stopped to think about the fact that there really isn't a name for Sonic fans. Interesting, since he seems to have a pretty dedicated following. But yeah, maybe we can come up with one and start a phenomenon! Fan-nicks is pretty good And I do REALLY like SuperChaos' shield idea. Putting a sonic figure in a fire shield or a bubble shield is just one more excuse to have multiple sonic's running around my shelf. I stumbled onto that video yesterday and it made me really wish I could have been at the convention. I have two big questions if you get the chance to write back and I've heard this asked before so it should be relavent to all your fans: 1) Is there any plan to release maybe something along the lines of a badniks box set, so that fans who already own certain main characters can get the badniks without having to rebuy more sonics and shadows? 2) You mentioned in your interview that the toys shown there were slated for Fall 2011. Are there any other Sonic figures we'll be seeing before the fall that WEREN'T shown here? Maybe the previously discussed Rouge, Blaze, Charmy, and (if I may be so bold) MIGHTY and NACK figures? Or at least an upcoming announcement of something to hold us over until the fall? Thanks for checking in and for watching out for us Joe! I will buy as many 3 & 3/4" figures as you dish out so keep 'em coming! And its nice to see a fellow Sonic fan finally take charge
  21. Thanks for all the kind welcomes! But yes, it was definitely the Vector / Espio pack that renewed my lost faith in Sonic figures. Those space suits. Ugg. I took one look and walked away Also agree that chip would have to be an accessory. Which is still no guarentee that I wouldn't just throw him out and keep whataver characer he came with. I am in love with all things Sonic INCLUDING Sonic Unleashed, which many didn't care for. But that little guy is the most annoying creature ever and I will not have him on my shelf. Then again, do I have the heart to throw out a beautifully sculpted Jazwares Sonic Toy? Probably not
  22. Hey, long time stalker of this forum, first time writer I too am SUPER excited about the new announcements. However, a part of me is slightly dissapointed to have not heard about the new characters previously hinted at (Rouge, Blaze, etc). For me (though I agree with everyone that the sculpts are great) it was the supporting cast that got me into this toy line. When I saw Espio and Vector on a shelf a few months back, I was hooked and I went back and found all the more prominent characters. Since Resaurus kicked off legitamite Sonic toys, I found myself always buying Sonic/Tails/Knuckles from each company that got the rights to make them. Occasionally you'd get the 2nd tier Shadow/Amy/Eggman figures but all in all I was getting sick of having 6 different versions of the same 3-6 characters. The variety is what makes this line so amazing. I'm psyched for these classic remakes of the big 5, even more psyched for the new badniks (particularly EggRobo), but I hope they don't forget about the rest of the animal cast. And some Archie comic characters like Sally, Bunny, & Geoffrey would only make the toyline even more unique. I for one, would buy every single character, whether it be Sega or Archie Except Chip. I won't buy a Chip toy
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