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  1. I believe it's just Sonic Boom that will have it's merch done by TOMY. Jazwares still seems to have the regular Sonic license and has promoted new stuff on their facebook page in the last week (like 5" Black Knight Silver). Unfortunately, they also confirmed that Rouge and Classic Knuckles are both canceled, which totally stinks. It seems we've reached the limit of supporting characters that they are willing to take a risk on making They're saying it's the distributors fault, basically implying that TRU won't stock a Rouge figure, so they can't spend money making one. In any event, I'd be surprised to hear of any 3" announcements that aren't a re-release or repackaging of existing characters, because if Rouge can't sell, I can't think of any other characters who are more likely to sell than her o_O
  2. I'm taking the "wait and see" approach on the new show. At first the new look rubbed me the wrong way, but if it's gonna be a separate continuity anyway, then why the heck not change things around? Anyone going to New York Comic Con this weekend? Maybe Jazwares will have a booth and finally show something off . . . but probably not
  3. Hey guys and gals! I just found this posted today on the Bubmleking forum. My initial thought was that it was an elaborate photoshop, but they seem to be treating it as legit on bumbleking: I do hope it's real, as I'd love to add a Burning Blaze to my collection. And since this basically amounts to a repackaged repaint, it would be kinda silly for Jazwares NOT to do it
  4. That would be awesome, though I'm sure they'd rather force us to buy three different vehicle packs, to get all the forms of a single vehicle o_0
  5. While we're at it, here's my F4F Large Scale Classic Statues that I keep up in my loft: Lights On: And Lights Off: Besides my aforementioned Resaurus figs and quite a few plush (including my favorite Nack the Weasle plush!), that's basically all my Sonic-related stuff. Not including the large chunk of Sonic figs that my fiance politely asked me to put in the attic or sell. Seems she thinks the amount shown here is more than sufficient
  6. Next up is Team Rose (ish) and some of my vehicles, as well as my Eggman Nega custom in the background Knux and my custom Julie-Su, guarding the Master Emerald (a paperweight) on the Hidden Palace papercraft with the Super Hedgehogs and Invisible Espios (both shades of purple) for back up Eggman in his lab, with plenty of badniks to keep him company. I bought two Egg Robo packs, and turned my extra Classic Robotnik into a gold statue. Figured that was something Eggman would have in his lab Also my Resaurus Gamma, since he's pretty much to scale with the Jaz figures. I keep my Resaurus Sonic/Tails/Knuckles on a different shelf with my 5" Jazwares Classic Sonic. And to round it all out, the Classic characters on the Green Hill Zone papercraft I also have plenty of doubles of course, but I keep those all in a closet for future customs. I'm slowly working on a "Bark the Polar Bear" out of a Knuckles head and a Storm body, but we'll see how that goes My fiance and I are looking to move into a new place and I'm actively making sure that it has some more room to display these guys in a way that's less cluttered
  7. My Jazwares Sonic display counter is kinda set up in a weird way where it's hard to see everything in one picture, so I snapped a few: I keep Sonic, Tails, Silver, Blaze, and the Chaotix on the top floor of my Marble Garden Papercraft And I keep Shadow, Dooms Eye, Werehog, and some of my baddies down on the lower level of the Marble Garden (Knux on his Land Breaker is back there behind it as well as the 10" Flocked Sonic) Then we got Team Babylon To be Continued due to photo limit . . .
  8. Finally some shots of the new Transformed Vehicles. Sonic and Shadow in their jets: And I don't know exactly what these are, but they're kind of . . . squishy looking. I hope this isn't what they were referring to when they announced Classic Knuckles way back: And some plushies (Super Sonic hiding in the back?): I'll probably pass on all this stuff unfortunately. No new 3 inch characters, no purchase from me
  9. This is the last day of Toy Fair and I have been bored to tears so far with new announcements. I've seen a total of ONE new toy announcement from all the toy lines I collect. Hopefully everyone's holding back for the last day. I was so excited to see something new
  10. I have a good feeling we might see Rouge at ToyFair as well. Whenever someone asks about Rouge on Jazwares' facebook page they respond with something along the lines of "stay tuned for updates soon", whereas when people ask for "female mortal kombat figures" they've tended to respond with a much less optimistic "thanks for the suggestion". That seems like a subtle hint to me, but then I'm not really an MK fan, so maybe my perception is biased
  11. I'm an "unlock everything" kinda guy myself I haven't gotten very far into the game, but so far I'm loving it. I like the challenge. Feels like I'm really earning the unlockables! If you liked the first one, I would definitely say it's a step up Also, happy belated holidays everyone! I didn't get too much Sonic this year. Besides Transformed, my sister got me Sonic Monopoly and a Sonic wall scroll set (with Knuckles, Tails, Robotnik, Green Hill scenery, and Sonic in various poses). Also got some DVDs, two X-Men statue busts (Gambit and Emma Frost), and a Boba Fett bathrobe. I was in nerd heaven! In Jazzy Sonic news, my TRU still didn't get any new stuff in after I found Charmy and Amy / Hammer. But I was in NYC for New Years and stopped by the TRU there, where I found Blaze and Shadow / Doom's Eye (as well as all the other accessory figures besides Silver, though I didn't buy any of those). The paint apps on most of them were really bad. The red paint on my Blaze's bindi is a little messed up, but I can fix that and the other two Blaze's they had there had very clumpy-looking paint all over her torso. The Sonic and Shadow I got were totally screwed up, paint-wise but I have enough of those two that it didn't matter at all. Dooms Eye looked great!
  12. I like that you swapped out Amy's new left "grip" hand with the old version's "peace sign" hand. I initially did the same when I found the new version in TRU, but ended up going with a double-gripped Hammer-swing pose instead Blaze looks awesome. Still haven't seen her (or any accessory packs besides Amy) yet. I'll probably pick up Shadow with Doom's Eye as well
  13. Yeah the one they're showing there only looks slightly bigger than the emeralds from the super pack. I think I'll stick with my paper weight. It fits nicely in the Hidden Palace papercraft
  14. They certainly do. I was surprised myself. I stopped by my local TRU on black friday and they had the flocked figures, but not the Chaotix. Then I stopped by a TRU near my fiance's parents' house in Bronx, NY and they had nothing. Then I stopped by my local one again this morning and they had two Chaotix packs. No sign of Blaze or any of the accessory releases, but Charmy was the one I wanted most so it was a nice surprise As they leak in, I hope to pick up Blaze and Amy with her Hammer. I was planning on passing with most of the other Accessory figures (I bought a "master emerald" at an art supply store that suits me just fine) but that Doom's Eye is way cooler than a gun, so I might be suckered into buying Shadow again as well o_0
  15. I picked up the Chaotix pack at my local TRU today. My plan was to not open it and wait and see if they released one with Charmy's shoulder pads painted later on (and then exchange it). But, I'm looking at the figure and it's not just a matter of the shoulder pads being unpainted. There aren't even any sculpted pads there. It's basically just Classic Sonic's arms. While I wouldn't have been surprised by a repainted re-release, I would be VERY surprised if they actually released a version with a new arm sculpt. So I might just open this pack and be done with it. I also got the little flocked things. Really thought I'd be able to resist those, but they were just too darn cute
  16. Wow, that's pretty disgusting. I can see why they didn't go out of their way to announce this figure o_0 I hope Charmy doesn't look like this! I was very unsure about rebuying 5 other figures for a Classic Metal to begin with. After seeing those pictures, it's a no brainer. We really should make it known how dissapointed we are I really hope they release a better version of this down the road (preferably with less rebuys packaged in as well). I wonder if they're not announcing these or releasing them in the main stores because they KNOW how mad the fans will be. They just quietly rush these unfinished messes into the outlet stores for black friday to trick unsuspecting parents and grandparents into buying them for their kids . . . very sneaky
  17. Awesome find, Super! I believe this is the first time we're seeing Charmy as anything more than box art. I think he looks great! I wonder what the status is on Blaze and Rouge . . . we saw Blaze sculpt so long ago and then nothing else. Those flocked figures look sort of cute as well. I'm a sucker for a good flock, so we'll see if I can fight the urge when they show up on the shelves Toys R Us lists their flocked Jazwares set as containing Sonic, Amy, Eggman, and Metal Sonic. Of course, Knuckles and Shadow makes a lot more sense as flocked figures, but I wonder if there will be multiple flocked variety packs . . .
  18. Sounds like a "call to arms" to me! Not sure if these have been mentioned here before, but someone just posted this link on Jaz's facebook page: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12894330&moduleName=Character+Theme FLOCKED 1 inch figures of Sonic, Amy, Eggman, and . . . Metal Sonic? Of all the characters they could flock, the last one seems an odd choice. But intriguing nonetheless Also I couldn't get the picture of your intended tattoo to load, Super. How are things moving along with that?
  19. I haven't heard about this panel (more info please!), on their facebook page a few months back, the Jazwares-bot . . . thing . . . admitted that it was less about "rights" and more about what they thought would sell well. So if they thought the Archie characters would sell, they would consider making them. I'm in the camp of those who would absolutely LOVE some archie characters. As some of you know, I've already turned an extra Knuckles into a Julie-Su
  20. Nice! What's the tattoo gonna look like?
  21. I noticed that Jazwares didn't say Rouge name at all. Though, I would care less about Rouge, I'm just happy that Blaze figure is still coming. I think something with Rouge figure happened, and they are working on making her less "inappropriate", maybe? Wild guess. I was thinking the same thing, and I REALLY hope that's not the case. One primary reason I've loved Jazwares' Sonic line is because, despite its flaws, they make some of the most game-accurate figures. If they alter Rouge's game appearance to appease some whiney parents who are going to complain that their child has a toy with breasts, I will be quite perturbed o_0
  22. Hey fellas! So I noticed that two TRUs near me had cleaned up their sonic section and left some pegs open with date-stickers on the end, which in the past has always meant new Jazwares toys were on the way. But yesterday I went in and found the pegs full of NON-jazwares Sonic flashlights o_0 http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://trus.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pTRU1-12095074reg.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp%3FproductId%3D12539451&usg=__vp615qDjJ08ZPozojepQ-OgykGA=&h=220&w=220&sz=19&hl=en&start=1&zoom=1&tbnid=b8HycrxRrI6MbM:&tbnh=107&tbnw=107&ei=iI9HUP_rE6Xs0gHcuIGQCQ&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsonic%2Bthe%2Bhedgehog%2Bflashlight%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dsafari%26sa%3DX%26rls%3Den%26tbm%3Disch%26prmd%3Divns&itbs=1 Besides that one, there were these lamp-esque things that look like Sonic statues, but when you push down on them they light up. There was Sonic with a light-up gold ring, Shadow with a light up green emerald, and Silver with the design on his glove lighting up. All very poorly painted and looking like they would fall apart in a matter of minutes. Anyone else seen these? Now that the TRU pegs have been filled with this junk, I'm worried that Charmy, Blaze, and Rouge are still a ways off
  23. Hey Alex! Yeah, it was really cool actually! I was a little worried, cuz I brought my girlfriend and I thought she'd have a nerd overload But they had free food and alcohol and Crush40's performance was awesome and it was actually a really cool set up all around. Lots of free stuff too. Shirts and hats and Chao keychains I also met Jun Senoue and when I told him he inspired me to teach myself guitar 11 years ago, he reached into his pocket and gave me his guitar pic! I'll upload some pictures when I get back to NY next week, but there were some cool announcements too. They showed a clip of Sonic himself appearing in Disney's new "Wreck-It Ralph" movie (and he actually spoke, in what sounded like his real voice actor). Also, Wreck-It Ralph is going to be a playable racer in "Transformed". They showed clips of NiGHTS and Reala gameplay for Transformed as well I have videos of all that, but I'm sure Sonic Stadium will have theirs uploaded long before I get back to the east coast Anyways, hope everyone's doing well. It's been quiet around here, but I'm sure we'll start seeing some new stuff in August. Later guys!
  24. Hey fellas (and ladies, if we have any), I just arrived in San Diego late yesterday. Couldn't lock down tickets to comic-con, but i DID get tickets to Sonic Boom tonight. Anyone else planning on being there?
  25. I'm definitely going to be picking up the new All-Stars Racing. It looks awesome. I'm hoping the boat segments play like Hydro Thunder. Sonic, Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and Hydro Thunder . . . brings me back to the Dreamcast days As for Ep.II, the "collector" in me still refuses to pay for games that are DL-only (though I've made a few exceptions for DLC add-ons for Mass Effect). If they release all of Sonic 4 together on a disc eventually, I'll pick it up. Until then, I'll pass. That Nendodroid Sonic is adorable and I love all of his accessories. But I think I've reached a point where any more Sonic's in my room is starting to get ridiculous. I've actually packed a few away into the attic to make some room for Marvel and Mass Effect stuff. I'll absolutely be buying every member of Sonic's supporting cast that is released in Jazware's 3" scale (and probably any vehicles too) but any more of Sonic HIMSELF I may be holding back on . . . *sees F4F's new Modern Sonic Statue* . . . God Damn it . . . Oh and to Mr. Amaro, thanks for the heads up. I submitted two questions on Fwoosh's facebook and they said they'd try to work it into the interview. Now does anyone have any idea where to find the interview?
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