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  1. I love the classics 1.0 seeeker & MP Seeker mold. So If hasbro ever releases the MP Seeker mold in thundercracker colors,I'll buy it.
  2. Warning!!! 3 of my Walmarts had nothing DOTM stocked on shelves/pegs yet at 5:00 am est. don't head out super early your gonna find nothing DOTM stocked on shelves/pegs/endcaps I left my house at around 4:33 am EST & drove to my local walmart that's 45 miles away round trip. I arrived at the Walmart at around 5:00 am EST. I grabbed a shopping cart & headed towards the toy aisle. To my utter surprise,their was no DOTM toys stocked on the store shelves/pegs yet. their was nothing stocked on the end cap. I walked all around the toy department checking other aisles & other end caps. GUESS WHAT NOTHING. ANOTHER SURPRISE,no space was cleared out in the TF section for the newer DOTM toys. no end caps were cleared out. no stickers/labels were placed on the shelves/pegs yet. I did noticed about 50+ store employees running around with pallet jack with wooden skids attached to them. apparently all departments were getting stocked & not the toy department. I then asked a store employee to locate me a manager so I can talk to see & see what was going on. A manager showed up 2 minutes later saying the following: The manager told me the DOTM toys were in the back stock room. he said the toys can't be put out yet because the toys have to get scanned before they can arrive on the sales toy floor. I then asked the manager when all this was going to happen. the managr told me the following: were waiting for the 8:00 am manager to arrive to take charge of this,scan everything in,set up the shelves/pegs/end caps. put label prices on the shelves/pegs. a crew to assist the manager & so forth. I'm no rocket scientist. but It's probably going to take the walmart managers & crew at least a couple of hours to clear out the space,clear out the end caps, print sticker labels for the shelves. scan all the DOTM toys in,stock the shelves. my guess is if their waiting for the manager at 8:00 am to arrive. they'll first take a coffee break,eat come donuts/bagels, have a meeting. then head towards the back stock room around 9:00 am. the time they ripp open the brown assortmnt boxes & scan evetything in,that could take easily a hour. my guess is they'll be another crew clearing shelves/pegs/end caps while the other crew is in the back stock room. Then various crews have to pend up to one hours plus placing stickers labels & promo signs on the shelves/pegs/end caps. then all the crew members & manager will stock the shelves/pegs/end caps. depnding how slow/fast they are,this whole process can easily take over 3 hours to accomplish. the DOTM toys will most likely be ready for customers to buy around 11:00 am. After hearing all this I figured perhaps this store was slow,behind,didn't have a full night crew & so forth. I then asked the manager for the other 2 walmart stores that were both 30 miles away from each other. I called the other 2 walmarts & they told me the same exact story the first walmart night crew manager told me. I then got a bit upset & told the manager off on the phone. I asked him if their was any hidden agenda in not placing the DOTM toys on shelves/pegs/end caps at 12:01 am on may 16,2011. he said no,either he was clueless or didn't want to give out company information. I then got more upset & told the manager on the phone. what's the point in being a 24 hour store if your not going to take advantage of the 12:01 Sreet release dates. I told the guy,why wouldn't walmart want to get the jump on its competitors like target,kmart by having the dotm toys on sale at 12:01 am. THE MANAGER TOLD ME OTHER SECTIONS ARE HIGHER PRIORITY & TOYS ARE LOW PRIORITY. after hearing that I told him these TF movie toys sell out & makes stores high profit like the starwars episode 1 thru 3 movie toys. why exactly isn't a higher seller toy like the TF movie verse toys not high priority. the manager was clueless again. I then told the walmart manager on the phone. was this all done to thwart the scalpers/collectors efforts at arriving early,buying all the DOTM toys & leaving nothing later in the day for parents/kids. He said no but he was clueless. I then got more upset & told the manager on the phone. why didn't you guys at the very least clear out the space needed to place the DOTM toys on. why were no sticker labels placed on the shelves/pegs/end caps caps yet. I told him,you guys had litteraly 6 weeks to prepare & clear out space as the DOTM stock piles were sitting in the back stoxk rooms for 6 weeks. I then told the walmart manager on the phone,thanks for your time,good bye. MY PERSONAL OPINION ON THIS MANNER. their must have been some sort of wamart company meeting. to thwart the scalpers/collectors efforts from buying up all the DOTM toys early in the morning & leaving nothing for the parents/kids. APPARENTLY CHAIN STORES THINKS ALL COLLECTORS/FANS BUY STUFF TO SELL ON EBAY. This decision to put the new DOTM toys on shelves at 11:00 am or later was most likely done to give everyone a fair chance at arriving to the store & buying the toys. I wondering if this is a regional,state or nationwide walmart DOTM toy release problem. I suspose feedback from those going to walmart super early in the morning is needed in this thread. NOW i'm wondering what target & kmart will do. regarding putting DOTM toys on shelves/pegs/end caps today on may 16,2011. My target hates scalpers/collectors/fans. so sometimes they'll stock street release stuff on shelves a day or 2 afterwards. my target likes to stock toys on shelves on Tuesday around 12:00 pm up to 2:00 pm. they stock the shelves late in the day to thwart the early scalpers/ collectors efforts from buying up everything early in the morning. they do this so everyone can get a fair chance to buy the toys. Who even knows what kmart will do regarding putting DOTM toys on shelves/pegs/end caps on may 16,2011. as their more behind the game compared to walmart & target. since target & kmart close at around 10:00pm. will these 2 stores stock the DOTM toys on pegs/shelves/end caps the night before?? or stock everything later in the may 16 day like walmart? EITHER way,call the retail stores on the phone & ask them if the DOTM toys are stocked on the shelves/pegs/end caps yet. don't waste your gas & time & run into the situation I did at 5:00am EST AT my walmart today
  3. What if the Economy got so bad,that Hasbro was forced to merge the TF & G.I Joe toy lines into one entity to help them sell better in stores. what would your fan reaction be? positive,negative? Personally from the way I see the situation,it's already being done in the media & toy lines. Various Transformers toy lines are now including 2 to 3 inch sized G.I Joe designed human figures. examaples the $29.99 HA & some DOTM toys. Getting G.I Joe vechicles that transform into sentinet transformers robots would be various TF fans dreams come thru. having these toys come with 2-3 inch G.I Joe humans would be another dream for some. As far as the media side of things goes. in the micheal bay movies & IDW comics were currently getting army guys who are getting starring core characters persona's. So from my stand point. what the difference if the current core cast of army guys in the micheal bay TF movies & IDW get swapped out for G.I Joe starring core cast of humans. would anyone really care if spike in IDW got swapped out for DUKE from G.I joe. What if the humans kids in the TF cartoons got swapped out with younger rookie G.I Joe members,who were in the first stages starts of their JOE careers. The only real problem I can see is the cobra element entering into the equation. I honestly don't like the Cobra bad guys because their superfiscial bad guys that would never exist in real life situations. when was the last time a evil real world dictator was seen wearing a metal face plate helmet? or how about having real world crazy ninja villians. physco twins? a mad scientist who did cross dna experiments merging humans with animals or monsters? the whole cobra snake cult.Baroness,Serpentor,etc... I suspose the merger might work if the COBRA element got cancelled out & didn't exist. or if the COBRA element got a bit more realistic,tweaked & had less members. example: G.I Joe extreme having that bad guy pose a a diplomat/dictator & then turn into a bad guy for his personal agenda. Maybe if they played up the realistic factor of the middle east evil dictators & gave some of them Cobra members names. like cobra commander being the evil dictator from Libya. having Destro being a evil dictator from the middle east that had his family generations own almost all the oil in the middle east. the Baroness who is suspose to be a USA spy agent but crosses sides to to cobra & pretends to be good to usa officials. Dr mind bender instead of being a bio-chemist. dr mind bender would be a guy who can create advanced military machines & bombs for the evil sides. Sorry,I just don't see the Cobra from the 1980's cartoon/comics nor the cobra team from G.I Joe renegades merging well with transformers in todays era. I can envision various ( like 1 or 2 on each faction dide) sentinent transformers robots dying in battle on earth & having their sparks extinguished. It would be kinda cool to have the Joes & Cobra's pilot those sparkless TF bodies as their battle armor suits. their could be human entries/occuppancy into the robots in the car modes like HA has & human entry/occupancy in the robot chest cavity. SIMILIAR TO THAT 1986 SEASON 3 TF G-1 "ONLY HUMAN" cartoon episode. I don't think i'd be a fan nor want exo-suits type "avatar movie" robots type transformers.
  4. Please check out,My DOTM Masterforce Overlord,Leader sized toy idea. Overlord: a updated homage new mold based off the character/toy designs from the Japanese Takara Masterforce 1988 toyline/cartoon series. packaging,both voyager sized toys will be packaged together & sold in a leader sized box+price point. A voyager sized black long nose stealth jet similar in design to the 1988 masterforce overlord black jet. A Voyager sized teal green/blue tank design similar in design to the 1988 materforce overlord tank design. Keeping true to the 1988 materforce overlord neither vechicle will have a separate/individual robot mode. each voyager sized vechicle will have a animal alt mode. I'd envision the black stealth jet would be able to transform into a T-rex/ brontosauras type dinosaur. while the tank would be able to transform into a lion. they'll be a combined mode like the 1988 masterforce overlord has. both the tank & jet will combine to form a huge robot. i'd envision the combined process will be similar to the energon 2-in-1 voyager combiners. the black jet will form the upper robot mode,while the tank forms the lower robot. The main reason I decided to add a animal alt mode. was because I figured the kids would find a jet or tank with no individual robot mode booring. just trying to make the original concept more exciting for the kids. they'll be 2 mini-con that are included with this figure. they'll be a few mini-con ports on the toys. they'll be 2 mini-con ports on the left & right upper chest of the combined overlord robot mode. for each mionicon to attach to like breast plates. similar to what armada tidalwaves minicon does. I'm not certain if I want both minicons to have vechicle or animal alt modes. either way both minicons will combine to form a gun for the combiner robot overlord to hold in his hand. repaint idea for overlord: Starscream & megatron combine to form galvatron. autobot recolor idea for overlord: sky & lynx combine to form skylynx
  5. I'm not asking to create a sigular shelf & places various TF toy lines on the same shelf then call it the updated G-1 homage display shelf. Obviously various TF toy lines are going to be designed differently. that doesn't mean those molds should count less as updated G-1 homages because they don't mix in with classics/generations/rts. animated blurr & animated arcee look like decent G-1 updated homagesx regardless is they look like classic styled toys. botcon cyclonus looks like a decent G-1 updated cyclonus toy. cybertron metroplex looks like a decent G-1 updated metroplex. energon scorponok looks like a decent G-1 updated scorponok.
  6. Does G-1 updated homage new molds count less/not at all in AEC,animated, movie verse compared to homages in Classics/generations/RTS? Does it have to be in the fan catered TF toy lines to count like Universe, Classics,generations,RTS. Do you not count or count less all the G-1 updated homages from Rid,AEC,Animated,Movie verse,Prime,Titanium 6 inch,Alternators,etc... Personally I count all TF toy lines as having some decent G-1 updated homage new molds. It makes ZERO SENSE to just count the fan catered TF toy lines. Because classics,generations & RTS appear to also be in a SEPERATE ALTERNATE TF UNIVERSE/REALITY. their clearly not in the 1980's G-1 same universe/reality. Personally I think various other TF toy lines created a great number of decent G-1 updated homage new molds that deserve to get acknowledged & not partial acknowledgement that fairs less than classics/generations/RTS. The TF toys that I feel deserve full acknowledgement of updated G-1 homage new molds is as follows: Rid super sized Ultra Magnus,Titanium 6 inch new mold G-1 Ultra magnus. Titanium 6 inch rodimus prime. Titanium 6 inch scourge. Armada supreme sized Unicron,Cybertron leader sized Metroplex. Energon Ultra sized Scorponok. Animated Arcee. Cybertron voyager sized MTMTE Cybertron mode seeker jet toy mold. Animated Wreckgar,alternators prowl,alternators rodimus,alternators ravage,etc....
  7. I'm a adult TF fan who prefer my TF toys to look more adult designed & aimed for a higher age buying level. that's why I love the masterpiece TF toy line is my favorite TF toy line ever. If I had my way,all takara/hasbro would release is 8 to 10 new mold masterpiece TF toys per year & that it. in the ultra/leader 8 to 9.5 size level. I'd rather buy 8 to 10 superp perfection toys than 30 awful/short cuts/ inferior TF toys. FOR ME IT'S ALL ABOUT QUALITY & NOT QUANITY WHEN I BUY TF TOYS. Lets all pretend/dis-regard the fact stores won't carry 8 to 10 MP TF toys per year. due to shelf space,price tags,no media promoting the toys & the fact the high price makes e'm move a bit slower on the store shelves. Before you say,YEA or nay,Here's a top 20 list of Masterpiece Transformers toys you would be able to buy in stores within a 2 year time frame period. (1) Galvatron,based off the 1986 cartoon/movie designs. with a laser canon alt mode. Around the same robot height 9.4 inches tall to be in scale with MP Rodimus. (2) Soundwave, looks like the 1984 toy in both modes. 8 inches tall in robot mode,to be similar height to the MP seekers. comes with some cassetes & all his weapons/batteries. (3) Star saber,voyager or ultra sized (4) victorleo,voyager or ultra sized,combines with starsabre in both robot & super sonic jet mode (5) Shockwave,in size scale with MP Grimlock in robot mode,since both were rivals in the comics. looks like the 1985 shockwave toy/cartoon characters in both modes. (6) Masterforce overlord,2 voyager sized tank+stealt long jet that form a super robot known as overlord. comes with accessories & power masters. (7) Masterpiece Sixshot,some realistic styled alt modes,around 9.5 inches in robot height. can get recolored/remolded into other characters like Rid megatron,greatshot brave shadowmaru. (8) 1986 Predacons,5 deluxe sized MP toys,eithe released as a gift set or all sold seperatly. or sold both ways (9) 1984 Devestator,six deluxe or basic sized toys,released as a gift set or sold seperatly or sold both ways. (10) Masterpiece Blitzwing,2 realistic army tank & jet modes. 8 inches tall in height. (11) Quickswitch,some realitic alt modes. 8 inches tall in robot mode. (12) Masterpiece Cyclonus,uiltra 8 to 8.5 inches tall in robot height. looks exactly like the 1986 cartoon/movie cyclonus in both modes & color. (13) Masterpiece fortress maximus,around 14 inches in robot height. double headmaster toy with accessories. (14) Masterpiece Blaster,a realistic boom box,around 7 to 7.5 inches tall in robot mode. (15) G-1 styled megatron,the entire riffle gun with extensions that transforms into a robot mode megatron. like the 1986 cartoon/movie showed. around 8 to 8.5 inches tall in robot mode. (16) Masterpiece Metroplex,around 11 inches tall in robot mode. instead of a rolling aircraft carrier on wheels,I prefer a water based aircraft carrier alt mode similar in design to armada tidalwave. (17) Masterpiece Generation 2 big breen 1993 Megatron toy. around 8.5 to 9 inches tall in robot mode. (18) Masterpiece PMOP/Super ginrai. No it won't be in scale thus biggger than MP-01 Convoy. getting a almost 2 foot toy isn't my cup of tea. This PMOP MP toys would stand around 10 inches tall in combined mode. the smaller/regular cab/bot would be voyager size. the trailer would be a suit of armor. the smaller cab/bot would look more like 1984 optimus toy than that god/awful turn around robot mode the PMOP toy came it. (19) Masterpiece Ultra magnus,that looks & feels like the Titanium 6 inch G-1 new mold toy. around 8 to 9 inches tall in robot mode. no trailer armor,I want a one piece transformtion like the cartoon/movie showed. (20) Masterpiece Diatulas,8 Inches tall in robot mode. (21) Masterpiece Deathsauras. around 8.5 to 9 inches tall in robot mode.
  8. it looks like some weird insect type star ship. most likely shockwaves starship.
  9. Takara has never created a newer MOLD MP TF toy so fast. usually it takes around a year to 18+months. I highly doubt were getting a new mold MP TF toy 6+months after MP-09 Rodimus Prime. at best it might be a recolor with newer weapons based off the MP Rodimus prime toy. as takara is known to release recolors of a previous new mold,then they release a new mold MP TF toy a year to 18+months after the new mold MP TF toy. While Takara did release a few movie verse MP TF toys in Rotf With a different number & letter format. perhaps takara will be releasing hasbro's ultimate DOTM/TF3 optimus prime that combines with the trailer. perhaps their just calling this toy MP-10. iF IT'S A New mold MP TF toy,then I want the following:(1) G-1 styled galvatron that transforms into a laser canon & looks like the 1986 movie/season 3 cartoon design. (2)Sixshot,realistic alt modes & super poseable. (3) Predaking,4 deluxe & one voyager sized razorclaw sized super poseable animal/bots,that combine to form a 12-14 inch sized super poseable predaking gestalt toy.
  10. Debate!!! Which Transformers alternate Universe/reality,had the warriors with the highest power levels & which was the most epic as far as destruction & Choas is concerned. The Transformers alternate/reality universe contenders are as follows: Generation one cartoon series universe,which consist of the USA 4 seasons,then the various japanese exclusive G-1 cartoons like headmasters,masterforce,victory,zone,battle stars,operation combination. beastwars,beastwars 2nd,beastwars neo & beastmachines. Generation one marvel TF comics universe. which consist of G-1 & G-2 Generation one DW TF comic Generation one IDW TF comic TFCR/RID cartoon universe Armada,energon,Cybertron cartoon universe. Animated cartoon universe Micheal bay live action TF movie verse. Here's my 2 cents on this thread. I think the G-1 cartoon universe clearly wins,With the AEC cartoon universe coming in at a close second. WHY Does The G-1 cartoon universe win? Because the transformers kept getting stronger,bigger & more power as the various different series progressed. the "master" technology made the transformers extremly powerful. in battle stars/return of convoy Starconvoy was bigger than a gestalt & had a rare but powerful enew energy inside him that made him invinceable. super megatron was the strongest decepticon warrior ever created. the destruction & Choas in the G-1 cartoon universe spanned from unicron destroying everything in the movie. to planet cybertron getting destroyed in the headmasters cartoon series. to earth nearly getting destroyed in master force. battle stars/return of convoy was the final show down battle where both convoy & megatron were rebuilt & empowered by new energy & made invincable. flash forward 500 years & we get beastwars,where the predacons try to re- write history thanks to G-1 megatron's golden disk. beastwars 2nd takes place around the year 2500 where the maximals & predacons battle it out on almost dead planet called Gaeia which is later revealed to be the earth. beastwars neo was all about trying to capture unicrons energy into capsules & revive unicron. unicron in BWneo almost came back to life & destroyed cybertron. beastmachines show megatron creating a virus & wiping out the life forms on cybertron. BM shows megatron & primal fighting it out to restore cybertron. the end of BM showed cybertron refotmated into a techno-organic planet. Here's how I rate the other Transformers universes: AEC,Armada,energon & Cybertron rates second because as follows: the minicons in armada were powerful batteries that powered up the transformers & un-locked secret weapons. unicron was in armada & caused choas & destruction. Energon also had unicron which was used to either create or destroy stuff. energon had warriors from armada that upgraded into newer powerful forms like liking up or just getting powerful new bodies.cybertron showed the warriors with the highest power levels,strenght & size. the power was in the cyber keys & absorbing the power from unicron & primus. the choas.destruction & pressure to complete the mission before the unicron black hole sucked everything up & destroyed it was at all time powerful levels. Rid & Animated weren't as epic & the warriors power levels weren't that high compared to other transformers universes. no unicron,no primus. nothing big got destroyed. the earth & cybertron received very little battle inflicted damage. the warriors just weren't that powerful compared to other transformers universes. at best these transformers were of average strenght. the battles while epic just couldn't compare to the epicness of the other transformers universes Micheal bay live action movie verse: Dare I say this universe has the WEAKEST warriors,with the WEAKEST last stand final battle fights. their is nothin epic in these battles. the warriors & few & rather tiny in size compared to the transformers warriors in other transfomers universes. dare I also say these transformers are the most amateur & un-skilled of all the transformers universes out their. AS FAR AS COMICS TF UNIVERSES GOES: nothing will ever beat marvel as far as having the most epic battles & final epic show down battles. the warriors in marvel were greater in number & extremly powerful. DW is perhaps the weakest TF comic universe. while IDW appears to take second place thanks to strong warriors introduced in the comics like Overlord,Galvatron,cyclonus & scourge. a lot more epic,more powerful battles happened in IDW than DW.
  11. Are you are completist or a pick & choose type of TF toy buyer? When I say completist,I am not referring to owning every single TF toy from 1984 all the way thru 2011. I am referring to being a completist of a entire yearly TF toy line worth of toys. examples: Animated,energon,cybertron,botcon,movie verse,etc... Personally,I don't like buying stuff I hate/loate just out of being a completist. I prefer to be very picky & pick & choose what TF toys I buy. based off my unique taste & preferences.
  12. and the eventual swindle repaint with new head using the TF3/DOTM deluxe sized Rollbar toy mold
  13. Lets all dream big,what surprise characters/toys would "YOU" like to see in TF3/DOTM. whether they be movie or non-movie toys/characters. This is a fun thread & a un-realistic type thread,so don't hold back the ideas. DOTM/TF3 leader sized Sixshot DOTM/TF3 Leader or supreme sized Tidalwave,you know the character/toys that were suspose to be in the TF2/ROTF movie/toy line but got taken out at the last minute for Devestator. DOTM/TF3 Voyager or leader sized Rodimus Prime. I envision optimus prime dying & giving the matrix & leadership of the autobots to hotrod. who then powers up into rodimus prime thanks to the matrix being inserted into his inner chest cavity. DOTM/TF3 cybertronian mode shockwave laser gun alt mode,voyager size will do just fine. DOTM/TF3 Voyager size Cyclonus that looks like the 1986 cartoon/toy designs of cyclonus. DOTM/TF3 Galvatron,must look like the 1986 cartoon/toy designs of galvatron with the laser canon alt mode DOTM/TF3 Blitzwing,voyager or leader size scale DOTM/TF3 Trypticon,leader or supreme size. a T-REX that transforms into a robot mode & then splits open to form a attack base/jail/city. DOTM/TF3 combiners like predaking,dinobots,menasor. basically With the predacons,I want 4 deluxe limbs & one voyager sized core leader razorclaw. dinobots 4 deluxes limbs & one core leader grimlock. stunticons 4 basic sized limbs & one deluxe sized core leader menasor. a few liscensed cars & realistic styled military vechicles that only transform into animal alt modes. I really want to only see deluxes & definately some voyager sized toys. dare I dream of a skylynx,where the space shuttle transforms into a dragon,then the cargo bay transforms into a lynx,then they both combine to form a super beast & super alt mode. DOTM/TF3, IDW G-1 on-going Styled/designed, tripple changer Broadside. voyager sized. DOTM/TF3 Ultra magnus,basically just take the leader sized toy from TF2 OR TF1 paint it white,then give it a car carrier trailer that can transform into a suit of armor. ofcause this toy would be considered & sell at the ultimate price point. DOTM/TF3 Voyager sized apeface DOTM/TF3 voyager sized Snapdragon DOTM/TF3 Voyager sized Doubledealer DOTM/TF3 Voyager or leader sized Quickswitch DOTM/TF3 Voyager sized Deathsauras DOTM/TF3 Voyager sized starsabre & voyager sized victoryleo,they'd combine to form a leader sized robot. DOTM/TF3 leader sized Masterfore Overlord,2 voyager vechicles that form a leaderv sized robot mode. DOTM/TF3 voyager sized Diatulas.
  14. How sad,the TF line created for collectors/veterans can't get the toy size scales right. nor is it backed by a high spending toy budget. If I had my way,I would have done the following classics 1.0,2.0,genetations & RTS toys in the following size scales/price points. Classics 2.0 galvatron,Ultra size Classics 2.0 Cyclonus,voyager or ultra size Generations Scourge,Voyager size Classics 1.0 astrotrain voyager size classics 2.0 tankor/octane voyager size. Classics 2.0 powerglide basic or deluxe size classics 2.0 onslaught deluxe size classics 2.0 silverbolt deluxe size Generations thunderwing voyager or ultra size. classics 1.0 grimlock,voyager size. doesn't make sense for it to be ultra size since the MP Grimlock to is around ultra size scale. Energon Rodimus Prime,voyager size,yeah I know it's not a classics styled toy.
  15. Thus far,how do "you" rate the Hub network's programs,schedules & so forth. I honestly think the Hub network hit a few home runs as far as their animated cartoons goes. their is a even 50/50 mixture of educational cartoons mixed in evenly with the action packed cartoons. ofcause with anything their is always room for improvement. like getting more highly rated & watched educational cartoons on the hub. like rotating the TF & G.I Joe cartoons out with various other older TF & G.I Joe cartoons. like getting more action cartoons on the hub like pokemon,power rangers,yugui-o,gundam,DBZ & so forth. THE ANIMATION ON THE HUB NETWORK SEEMS TO BE THEIR STRONEST THING ON THE HUB. Sadly,I think the Hub Network is doing poorly & hitting all strikes with their live action programs. like all those 1970's & 1980's sitcoms & those outdated newly made board games shows. The live action sitcoms on the hub have to be the most outdated,un- watched & un-demanded. It kinda feels like Hasbro bid on & got all the sitcoms that the other networks didn't want to bid on or were getting rid of because they were awful. Happy days has to be one of the most repeated & repeated & repeated sitcom that everyone has watched over & over. if something gets that run thru the mill,the majority get sick of it & wind up not liking it anymore. another negative is the show is so outdated by todays family standards. Doggie howser MD & the wonder years. while they may have been decent shows when they were running brand new shows every week/year. these 2 shows didn't lend themselves that great in the re-runs cycle. these 2 shows were nothing special & never got high weekly ratting when they were running newer episodes each week. these 2 shows don't have & never will have a loyal fan base. these 2 shows were considered outdated & booring even when they were running newer episodes way back then. Batman 1960/1970's live action show,really,was this show given away for free to hasbro for the hub network. this has got to be one of the lowest budget shows that aired way back then. the show has nothing positive going for it. the show is very corny, dorky, outdated,bad acting,cheap props,cheap back grounds,horrible dialogue & plots. villians who are grown men & act like their brains got run over by a train. Family ties,this show was outdated,superficial & un-realistic even by 1980's standards. this was one of the most corniest shows ever from the 1980's. this show didn't lend itself that great in the re-runs cycle. due to it being a huge outdated booring-fest. Lavern & Shirley,this show is not only outdated it's extremly depressing. nothing is more depressing than watching 2 grown women in their late 30's act like their in their early 20's. it's kinda depressing watching late 30's aged women chase after guys,get yelled at by their fathers,work in sweat shops,getting paid minium wage & the last episode not improving their lives that much. Honey I shrunk the kids,the TV Show/sitcom. talk about a obsecure show from way out from left field. most didn't even know this show existed & aired on TV/Cable years ago. IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE,THE HUB COULD HAVE BOUGHT THE TEMPORARY BROADCAST rights to the following older sitcoms tv shows like as follows: the incredible hulk,the bionic man,the bionic women,the six million dollar man,the a-team,different strokes,facts of life,Wonder women. the greatest american hero,21 jump street,andy griffith show,roseane,alf. I honestly think a better move for Hasbro for the hub,is to get the broadcast rights to some of the extremly popular & highly watched/rated 1990's & years 2000's sitcom TV shows. instead of digging deep back into the 1970's & 1980's. at the very least getting some shows/sitcoms from the 1990's & years 2000's won't be that outdated thus by defalt less corny. I really dis-like the live action kids board game shows on the hub network. this is just so late 1980's/early 1990's outdated. trying to compete with the success of double dare makes zero sense. because double dare eventually got kicked off the nework due to it being too repeative,outdated & completly un-watchable. I REALIZE HASBRO/HUB IS TRYING TO COMPETE WITH CN'S BOARD GAMES KIDS SHOWS. these shows are wasting precious time slots & just dragging the whole hub network down. A few of my suggestions: grow up the nework a bit with the kids programs. have a action block for 2 hours in the after noon & a anime block for 3 hours at night. the action block in the afternoon could show programs similar to yugi-o gundam,DBZ,Pokemon,TF Prime,G.I joe renegades. the late night anime block could show cutting edge japanese animated shows like cow boy beebop,gundam,& various other shows. Having only my little pony & strawberry shortcakes for the girls cartoons on the hub network seems a bit un-fair. as these 2 girl cartoons are clearly aimed at girls from ages 2-6 years of age. their isn't any girls cartoons on the hub for girls ages 7 thru 13+ years of age I think having a few more extremly popular older female girls cartoons on the hub,would make more girls tune into the hub,thus more rattings. the following shows would be great for the hub: sailor moon,barbie,brats,winx club.
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