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  1. They were great in Seasons 1 and 2. Saved the Autobots enough times. As for Season 3, well that's another story..... @hmmm@
  2. I agree. It really depends on the figure itself. Sometimes it woudn't matter, sometimes it will.
  3. Hard to say, really. Right now most people will say no. But then again, most people said no to ever having a Transformer movie again so it's really hard to say. One thing's for sure, a LOT will depend on how well the movie does. Even still it would be hard for them to do a G1 mainline as their target audience will have no idea of what's going on. Doing two simultanious shows is out of the question. So the best thing would be perhaps a rehash of G1. Start from scratch and make it the main line. That or an OVA which would be directed towards the older fans.
  4. Damnit no! One of my prized pieces in my collection is my misb Target Master Hot Rod. I know, value wise it's not going to go down much, but still. Anyways I think that it's not a bad move by Takara. Remember they still aren't doing extremely well so this is a fairly cheap way of making a few extra dollars. They have been as of late releasing molds that they previously had not so that does cost them more money to do.
  5. Thundercracker as he never seemed too interested or devoted to the war. Skids, out of jealousy for never getting the screen time he wanted. @smilepunch@
  6. I don't like the weapon colour on either Battle Ravage or Jaguar. Battle Ravage's is too light. As for Jaguar, it's too dark a green for my liking.
  7. Plus Sharpnel was shown later in the movie. But that could or most likely is an error, as the film wasn't animated in the order it was shown.
  8. I actually prefer the Takara colouring over the Hasbro version. Sure it may be a little bright in the picture, but i'm really hoping that it's just the flash from the camera or the lighting and it's not as bright as it appears.
  9. Always go with a price in mind. If you don't, that's when you start paying more then what you would like and end up regretting the purchase. The best way to stick to a budget is...and I know this isn't the safest method, but just carry cash. No credit cards, no debit cards. (well unless you go to your bank prior to going to the convention and setting your debit card limit to a specific amount) This will help you to not overspend and probably encourge you to talk down prices to as low as you can.
  10. Starscream = one of the greatest characters in Transformers EVER! Sure he foiled some of Megatron's plans. Sure he probably caused the Decepticons to lose a few times. Sure he had the biggest ego ever. But damnit, without him, G1 Transformers wouldn't have been as fun as it was.
  11. I think the amount of figures that they said they would release was just a ball park figure or that was the amount they were originally committed to doing. Afterall they said they would release that amount of figures before smokescreen was even released. However i'm sure if sales are good, they will do more then just 6 or 10 if they can.
  12. teruo313


    With names, it's very much if you don't use it, you lose it. They haven't used many of the G1 names and thus other companies were able to pick them up. I dont' remember how many Orson said they were going to release, but I doubt that it's definite, rather just a ball park figure, which could go up or down depending on sales, ability to pick up liscences from companies etc etc.
  13. I'd say the War and Peace series was the best. To me atleast it was the most exciting to read because there were so many characters being introduced and I found it interesting to see how they were bridging post and pre movie characters together. Plus all the little fan nods they put in, like the rub symbols or the Wreckers. The first series was alright, but it wasn't anything special and Megatron seemed very uncharacteristic. Trying to convince Prime to join him? They've been at war for so many years, I don't think a mere, "see how the humans hate us...lets get together" speach would work. They are afterall fighting over Cybertron, not Earth.
  14. hmm.. right. That slipped my mind. Plus Vector Sigma did say "Before Cybertron was, I was" in the Key to Vector Sigma episode. eh... I tried to forget most of that episode. Don't get me wrong animation was great, but Unicron being created by that little gremlin?? @hmmm@
  15. Since the Quints built Cybertron, I guess they built Vector Sigma to basically be the core computer of their "factory" and eventually programmed him to give the robots personalities.
  16. Although i'm not saying that I like the Hasbro packaging, because I honestly feel that it could have been made more attractive. I say keep that one sealed and open up Takara. Unless someone actually picks it up, nobody is going to know that the Takara one was opened. If future value is a concern, just ask yourself one thing. Are you really going to sell him?? I mean I collect MISB stuff, but when it comes to certain figures like MP Prime, I have to open it since I know there is no way that I would ever sell it.
  17. I think the episode your referring to was "Day of the Machines" I'm not sure, but If I remember correctly he used his gun mode to sneak into a guitar case or something like that. Then the guard took the case with him into the lost and found where soundwave was waiting. So he wasn't actually the size of a real hand gun.
  18. If he's going to be done I say Tank for Binaltech and Gun for Master Piece. Technically a MP Megatron in gun mold wouldn't be unrealistic because in the show he never shrank down to the size of a gun that a human could carry/fire. Hence he would be more show accurate then a Megatron gun that was of human proportion.
  19. The mold is great, but it shouldn't be used for Ramjet. We already have a "Dirge" and soon to be a red Thrust using the Armada Thrust mold. Why not make Ramjet using that mold and have him coloured like his G1 incarnation. Complete the cone heads! I know, people are going to say we already have too many versions of the Armada Thrust mold. Well if they did use it for Ramjet, then maybe Sunstorm could have been given the Armada Starscream/Skywarp mold instead. Sunstorm would look pretty impresive in that mold.
  20. I've noticed the different Autobot bases too. Maybe they were given financing by the government to build a base in return for helping to control crime. Since in that episode you're referring too, I believe the reason why they were there was to track down an auto theft ring. At the time they didn't know the Decepticons were behind it.
  21. I would love to go to botcon, Peter Cullen is there! But don't think I can persuade my girlfriend to go since we're already taking a vacation this year.
  22. Not really. But I do enjoy looking at pics people have taken as it sometimes helps me in deciding if i'm going to buy it. What really gets me spending my money is when people post where they got the toy! Cause once I read it, i'm out the door.
  23. I honestly don't think he should be a MP figure or even a BT figure. There are a lot more guys that are more deserving of a MP or BT then him. However, I wouldn't mind seeing him in Energon though.
  24. Smokesceen, because he isn't just any ordinary Imperza, he's a WRC!!! Plus the WRC Imperza is my second favourite rally car, next to the Lancer Evolution.
  25. Personally I think that the best match would be a MD player. Either the portable ones, or the small home system ones. That way you could have rumble, frenzy etc etc as the MD's. This would be alot easier to engineer then say a cd player and it would stay true to an updated version of soundwave.
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